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Kia Sedona problems



  • After reading all the complaints about the front end sounding like something is loose, I took my 2002 sedone Ex to the dealer stating the same on 4-24-03. They never took the van out for a drive. The mechanic said he felt all the undercarrage areas and felt nothing loose. I insisted that their was noise. Dealer said they would call Kia and open a case file. That was on the 24th of April. Received a customer sevice copy in the mail on 4-29-03 that read...called Dan P. on his voicemail and called Lou P. Field spec. who stated normal charistic of vehicle vibration. Logged on to Kia and saw no case file. Dealer "atlantic kia" of Islip NY is pulling one over on owners. Has anyone had their bushing or struts replaced because of vibrations?
  • sisu145sisu145 Posts: 22
    I have had this convesation with my dealer.
    Bob Rohrman Kia of Waukegan, Il. As of 3 weeks ago, Kia was sending him every bushing in the front end of a Sedona and he was going to change them out one at a time till he found the problem. I have to call him today about the recall bolts, (didn't have them in stock) and will report back.
  • moosekmoosek Posts: 7
    Hi - I've had my EX with leather, ABS, sunroof and rear spoiler for 3 days. By the way, we leased it - agreed upon sales price was 20332, residual 9577 - monthly payment is 269 - I think we got a reasonable deal.

    My previous vehicle was a 2000 ford expedition which I drove for 3 years and never had so much as a single second of thought regarding whether or not there was anything wrong with it. So, uh, maybe my expectations are a little out of whack.

    Here are my questions - I'm hoping someone can shed some light on them:

    1) The van emits a really really "hot" smell after it's been running - yet the temperature gauges aren't at all in the high area. At first I thought it was just because it was brand new but - now I'm this normal??? If so, after how many miles should it disappear?

    2) Today, my THIRD day driving it, and after only putting 90 miles on it total I suddenly heard a weird noise - it was sort of high pitched and at first I thought it was in the song I was listening to. Then, as I braked, it got really loud - I hit the mute button on the radio and heard this high pitched sound that almost sounded like a horn as I pressed on the brake pedal. It sort of freaked me out - there was an overall odd hum and squeal to the engine too so I pulled over - tried moving into and out of Park, Drive, Reverse etc. - but it didn't go away so I shut the engine off altogether. When I restarted it - the noise was gone......but now I'm worried there's a problem....any ideas??!!

    3) After #2 episode above - I noticed that my sunroof started malfunctioning. The sunroof has two options, open all the way, or "tilt" - My problem is that, if you open it all the way, then close it, then try to hit the "tilt" button - it won't work. You can press that button over and over and over and over and nothing happens. After a few minutes - it will finally "tilt" - ditto going in the opposite direction from tilt to fully open. I'm starting to worry I have an electrical problem. Anyone else have sunroof problems??

    4) I cannot believe how weak the keyless entry remote is. I have to be standing - no - almost leaning up against the vehicle for it to unlock the door. Then, I have to continue to hit the button maybe 8 or 10 times for it to unlock the other doors. My Ford used to lock or unlock through WALLS! - I could literally stand inside my house and check to see if my doors were locked by hitting the button enough times to make the horn honk. I would also do the same thing from the street level of my parking garage at work with my Ford on the 4th floor! I'm really unhappy with this crappy keyless system. What's the point if you have to be standing next to the dang door anyway? Might as well just get your key out and do it the old fashioned way! Again, I'm wondering if this is normal and maybe my expectations are just too high because of my previous experience. Oh, one more keyless entry question - is the horn supposed to honk at you every stinkin' time you close a door and the van is locked? major annoyance.....
  • mrwallacemrwallace Posts: 69
    We have a '03 Ex with 4,200 miles. Have had zero problems.

    Your questions:
    1) Ours had a similar smell. It diminished over time. Hopefully, your smell will as well.
    2) Don't have a cue on that one.
    3) Definitely, something wrong with the sunroof.
    4) Our remote will unlock the car from inside the house at a distance of 30 feet. Your problem sounds similar to problems associated with the 2002s. I forget the exact solution whether it was fresh batteries (should be fresh on a new car) or a better grounding plate.

    Did not quite understand your last complaint. On ours, if you have doors open when you lock the vehicle, it will honk when the final door is closed (assuming all doors are making complete contact.) What I was not clear on was if you have more than one door open does it honk after each door closes or only on the final one.

    Our only "problem" (knock on wood) has been the fake chrome ring around the 6" speaker on the driver door. There is a piece of clear plastic over the top of it, and that has snagged. I am not sure whether it happened on its own or whether my shoe tore it getting in or out.

    Sorry that you are having these problems - we have really enjoyed ours.
  • t65t65 Posts: 9
    On my new 2003 Carnival (european version of the Sedona) with 2.9 CRDI diesel engine I just had the same experience as with your #2 issue.

    It appeared after having covered about 1600 miles and really scared me. Switched off the engine and restarted again. No problem and it hasn’t happened again. Completed my trip and I am now at 3200 miles and nothing wrong. I plan to stop by the Dealer’s work shop and talk with their Chief Mechanic.

    Anyway, because of the pulsating feeling I got when pressing the brake panel, I just have the impression that the ABS unit went nuts but their was no malfunctioning light coming up on the dashboard when it happened.
  • rajahsmomrajahsmom Posts: 10
    I have a 2002 EX with ALL the options (we bought it Feb.24, 2002)it has 17,000 miles on it and we just noticed the same kind of small rust spots on our bottom hood area as well....we weren't so lucky's at the dealer we bought it from and they say it isn't covered under warranty because it was most likely caused by rocks. I've been busy searching all over the net for a site like this one. I'm going to go in tomorrow with my husband and see what more I can find out about it.
  • joedavjoedav Posts: 6

      i just purchased a new kia sedona ex with leather and sunroof and had a strange experience. the first one i bought and within 24 hours there was an oil leak in my driveway and no lights were on when i went back in to the vehicle. i immediately called the dealership and after a few hours they told me the cylendar in the engine was cracked and it was a manufacture defect. i demanded a new van with the same options and they finally agreed to put me into a new one. i had only owned the van for about 12 hours and 50 miles. ok i thought this is a one in a million chance and they thought so too and now a week later i hear a weird noise when i go over bumps and am not sure what it is. i complained to kia and opened a case to let them know that i feel very unsure with my new purchase and i felt like if i did not push it with my dealership they would have let me stay with the first van and had the repairs on a new vehicle that was 12 hours old. I guess my question is are there known problems with noises on the sedona ex 2003. i am going to listen again and check the seats and the abs system but i am disgusted already. i was driving a 2000 dodge caravan that ran good i just did not get power when i bought it. so i decided to trade it in. i need someone to make me feel better. thanks in advance.....JoeDav
  • joedavjoedav Posts: 6
    hi i own a 2003 kia sedona 7 days old and i am hearing a squeaking sound like a spring coming from the front drivers side. has anyone else had this problem
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Only weird noise from back of my 2003 Kia van is generated by my kids.

    Recommend check motion, not in motion...turn on/off a/c, try to isolate each system to see if it is fan/electrical related, or suspension.

    BTW, believe I'm having A/C fan noise from front end when compressor kicks in. Anyone else?
  • The only time I have had a weird noise in the back was when a seat was not completely latched, and when there was a paper tube between the seat belt and door. Both times it was my fault.

    My fully loaded 2002 EX is now 6 months old and has 6k miles. The only "problem" I have is the ash tray does not always stay closed. Occasionally when I go over a speed bump to fast it opens up. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Other than that I LOVE my van.
  • rajahsmomrajahsmom Posts: 10
    Yep, we hear sqeaky noises too...thought they were from the 3rd row seats, but with both of those out we still hear the sqeaking coming from the back somewhere!
  • rajahsmomrajahsmom Posts: 10
    Our van has been in the shop since Monday and this is now Thursday and we have been stuck with the terrible 1999 Sephia that doesn't like to start as a loaner...we got a call this morning to inform us that they found a nail in out tire and plugged it for us without asking permission and they say they plugged it because they don't have the equiptment to patch it---sure I think they just want us to have to buy new tires when that one blows out...this means we will now have to take it to Firestone so they can remove the plug and patch the tire so we don't get tire seperation! They also put in a new air filter without asking which my husband says he could've done for cheaper! They quoted the rust damage at $300 and said it isn't covered under warranty becuase they think rocks chipped the paint allowing rust to form!!! Can you believe that?? Ok, then why is it that our 1995 Mirage has chipped paint, but no rust??? Why would an 8 year old car not have rust, but a ONE year old van does??!!??
  • rajahsmomrajahsmom Posts: 10
    Ofcourse we aren't going to pay one red cent for something that I believe should be under warranty...we are going down there today and I am going to discuss this with them IN PERSON....hopefully there will be a lot of potential buyers there to hear what I have to say and then I can run them out!
    If I have to I will go to another dealer..there's a new one that opened about 30 mins. from us.
  • rajahsmomrajahsmom Posts: 10
    We just got home from the dealer...we now notice rust spots on the back near the license plate as others have noticed...the guy at first tried to tell us it was caused by rocks chipping the paint, but after looking more closely he noticed that the rust spots are tiny-like pin points so he told us he can get the back covered under waranty and that the front MIGHT be fixable and he will take care of the costs. It better be fixable and we better not have to pay for the tire that they plugged, it's not FLAT and he is going to have the Mr. Tire people patch that and he will again pick up the tab...good. We will now have a loaner for another week! They gave us a 2000 Sportage with 100,500 miles on it! Wow! That's a lot for a three year old car.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Glad you are getting some service from your dealer. You should be appreciative for getting a loaner vehicle. Kia dealers are under no obligation to do this, so your dealer is extending some kindness there.
  • joedavjoedav Posts: 6
    i hear the problems with the rust on the vehicle in the 2000 ex models. i just purcahesed a 2003 ex sedona and was wondering if anyone knows if this was corrected for the 03 model or should i watch out for this?
  • bnhbucksbnhbucks Posts: 74
    Joeday - I don't know if this problem has been fixed on 2003. It seems that is only happening on 2002 - That is what mine is.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    WRT concern over plugged tire, it is your preferrence. Some folks just happier with patch vice plug...some folks offer both (cut plug off inside, then grind and patch.

    I've probably put on 1500-2000 patches over the years when I worked for my father. Tires differ greatly in their ability to hold them. Michelins used to be very hard to patch, as they had a very thin liner.

    BTW,if you use the tire goo (green stuff) or inflate a flat can to recover from a roadside flat, virtually NO tire repair place will do anything but plug your hole. Patches won't stick well, and they don't want the liability.

    I found that out the hard way after deciding to use the emergency inflate a flat can I keep for the Mrs. to repair a flat on my truck one rainy night late when I found out I had a flat. On further reflection, wish I'd know that in advance...I might have still crawled under the truck. I plugged the hole myself, and it has held for 3 yrs now. (Knock on wood). Goodyear original equipment tire on a Ford F150. No idea how the Korean tires hold plugs.
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    Sorry you got a " Bum" unit! I have 19,000 miles on my 2002 and I am delighted with it. Read my post on upping highway milage to 25 MPG. Also be assured many have been getting great service from the Sedona. A close Friend at Church has 60,000 miles on his # 2002 van. He too has had no mechanical problems with it. Worth noting neither i nor my friend have ABS option or tracion control or sunroof, or the remote locking feature.

    Also - be reminded that most of the electronic systems are not KIA specifi items. The standard cruise control module is clearly marked " DELHPI Electronics".

    Be usre to raise your tire pressure if you have to KUMHO tires , to 40-44 PSI. This is the reccomended pressure from the sidewall of the tire. I have been doing that for a year now and it has helped greatly.

    Enjoy your van and relax, your going to have smooth sailing now.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    The tire pressure molded on the sidewall is the MAXIMUM pressure that the particular tire is rated for. It is not the pressure to set the tire at. Follow the manufacturers recommendation. They establish tire ratings to most effectively balance wear, handling and comfort.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    And that "ideal" pressure should be noted on a label in your glove box or on the door pillar.

    Steve, Host
  • t65t65 Posts: 9
    You recall the high pitched sound you reported? It just happened to me for the second time. Like the first time I stopped the engine and restarted it to have it disappear.
    I have now covered some 3800 miles with the car. On this occasion the sound was not so intense as the first time though. Don't know yet what is causing it.
    Do you have an update?
  • jondawn61jondawn61 Posts: 2
    OK anyone who can help with this. I have the 2003 Kia Sedona EX model. I have had it for about 6 weeks, put 888 miles on it & I kept hearing this weird humming noise when I was driving. It happened sporadically. Then today, I left a store, started it up & as I went down the road it happened again only REALLY loud this time. I am taking it in for service tomorrow, but has anyone else had this??? I feel like maybe I made a mistake buying this. I has a 1994 Nissan Quest & never had one problem!
  • joedavjoedav Posts: 6
    hi i own a sedona ex 03 and have had it for 2 weeks and i brought it in to the dealer because the third row seats are making a rattle and loud squeaky noise when i am driving. The dealer lubricated the seat parts but now two days later it is back. Has anyone had this problem and what was the fix for it. please let me know
  • mrwallacemrwallace Posts: 69
    Are you sure that they are properly locked into the floor mounts?
  • t65t65 Posts: 9
    I am pretty sure the noise you are referring to is the same moosek and myself reported earlier. See the previous messages #191, #193 & #210.

    The car seems to be functioning correctly when it appears but I am worried too. Haven’t got an answer yet. Whenever you get back from the Dealer and they have sorted out the problem please let us know by posting a message. Thanks!
  • moosekmoosek Posts: 7
    I just had this happen again this morning! Haven't had a problem since my original experience with this about 10 days ago. I came to peruse this board in preparation to call the dealer.

    This morning's incident went like this: I had just left my house and was taking my 4yo to preschool. I had not left the neighborhood and had only traveled about 1 mile. Was turning out of our neighborhood (uncontrolled intersection onto a busy street) after making the turn proceeded about a block when I noticed the noise, also noticed I lost a significant amount of braking power. I could still brake and could still stop the car but had to push the pedal alllll the way to the floor to do it. Also noticed the noise was constant but worsened as the brake pedal was depressed. Only thing I could do was stop dead in the middle of the street and turn the car off and restart. It was fine after that.

    I spent some time in my parking garage at work trying to duplicate this problem. Even tried slamming on the brakes - nope - couldn't get it to do it. In both of my incidents I was in residential neighborhoods at uncontrolled intersections - stopped to "look both ways" then inching forward, then stopping again as I saw an approaching vehicle, then proceeding after it passed. I was going less than 5mph in both cases. THis is a driving scenario I'm in more times than I can count in one day - I'm am VERY worried.

    PLEASE - post here after you've talked to or visited your dealer - also, be sure to update here if it happens again. I'll let you know what my dealer does/says.
  • moosekmoosek Posts: 7
    An update to my previous post - found this on the NHTSA recall web site - I don't know if it is the cause of my problem but, it is important information and want all '03 Sedona owners to know:

    Make: KIA
    Model: SEDONA
    Year: 2003
    Recall Number: 03V158000
  • t65t65 Posts: 9
    Great work!!

    I am 100% sure the problem we are experiencing is exactly the one described in the recall. I will go to my Dealer this evening and talk about the problem. I hope they are as good informed as you people are in the U.S. Unfortunately I am dealing with a country where safety of persons is not a major concern.

    I will bring a print of the NHTSA recall data taken from their website with me in case they do not know the issue (yet). Hopefully somebody at their place will understand the English language though. That is not so obvious over here (Italy).

    Thanks for your posting!
  • jondawn61jondawn61 Posts: 2
    Well I took it to the dealer & they told me exactly what you posted about the reprogramming error, so they reprogrammed the ABS. The brakes feel perfectly fine. Later on I was driving again & heard the noise, it was as distinctive & loud as the day before, but there definitely is a noise. The dealer said to make a journal of the noise, such as what speed I was going, if I was on the brake or gas, highway or local etc...They told me they inspected everything & the van is deemed safe to drive. As far as this noise, I don't know what to do, a brand new van should not make any funny noises!! Please keep me posted on the situation. Thanks!
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