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Kia Sedona problems



  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202

    Still sounds like your brake rotors are warped but, OK. A few complaints similar problems posted here.

    Other options might be:

    a. 1 or more tires with broken belts in them Run over anything like brushing a curb, or hit something in the road? If still no go, swap tires from front to back and see if it makes a difference

    Tire can have a broken belt and look fine...a buddy who is a much better mechanic than me disassembled his entire front end looking for a "thump" he thought was brake related. He aligned it, and replaced tie rods. We went for a drive and I suggested the broken belt. He thought I was nuts, but after a couple of more days he swapped front/back tires...thump moved. Replaced the tires and thump went away.

    Have seen this 5-6 times.

    b. Loose wheel (God forbid, I hope they put cotter pin back in after brake jobs, but I know 2 people who lost wheels due to this in last 2 yrs.)

    c. Master cylinder problems -highly unlikely, but have heard of uneven braking due to brake fluid porting problems...very rare, though. Would probably only happen if they contaminated the brake fluid during the brake job.
  • I returned The Kia to the dealer for the third time (for this problem) December 31st 2003 and was treated very disrespectful. In fact I brought a someone with me, that was in the Kia with me when this problem again occurred. When The service writer asked what was the problem, I said, I'll let him explain it to you. And the person with me expainled the vibration on his floorboard on the passenger side front seat position. At which point I was told "we cannot trust what he says, he is not a tech". The guy that was with me is the most honest man I know, he is my dad. At that point (third trip for this problem)I had it with them. Now I'm hot and ready to go. Then they wanted me to ride around with a tech to make sure that they could understand what I meant when I said vibration and shudder in the steering and floor boards. I've already done this with them once. I left the Kia and the key at the dealership. I think this might be an on going problem with the Sedonas and they either cannot, or do not know how to fix it. I thank you for your help. Remember this Kia still has less than 5000 miles on it and has had this problem from the beginning.
  • liljoeliljoe Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    You may find this comparison interesting:

    I traded a 1999 Toyota Sienna on a 2003 Sedona (purchased July 2003). I currently have 7000 miles on it and am basically satisfied.

    The Toyota should have been "bullet proof," right? Wrong! I had to have some serious work done on the steering (had noticeable torque steer too), the CD player quit and had to be replaced. The brakes squealed like a pig, the suspension was noisy, the sliding doors needed readjusting, had a lot of wind noise. Also, Sienna engines tend to slug (I ran Mobil 1 in mine and didn't experience that problem). The Sedona is quieter, has better steering, better low speed power, sliding doors work better. I'm getting a mile or two fewer miles per gallon in the Sedona (averaging 18 mpg). I have had some of the problems others have mentioned in these postings - driver seat noise, the "moan" in the rear A/C, bt my dealer in Tempe, AZ has been very responsive in addressing these problems. Bottom line - I'm much more satisfied with the Kia than I was with the Sienna. The warranty can't be beat!!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    thanks for the comparison. That is surprising to hear of such a troublesome Sienna. I tend to think of Toyota vehicles as being the most reliable brand overall.

    We are happy owners of a 2002 Sedona EX with 30k+ miles. It was interesting, and somewhat surprsing, to hear that you think the '03 Sedona is preferable to the '99 Sienna. However, if the professional reviews are to be believed, the redesigned '04 Sienna has taken a leap past the Sedona, and the rest of the minivan competition, in most categories. Hopefully Kia will address a few of the Sedona's shortcomings (lack of cargo room behind 3rd row seats, no traction control or side airbags available, etc.) in the next revision.
  • We are having a problem with a "ticking" noise. It is coming from the front right side of the engine. At first we thought it was coming from the bottom of the windshield but that's not it. It seems to be related to throttle movement. The dealer (best service department I've ever dealt with) replaced VIC Manifold thinking there may have been an air leak or something--they had seen a similar problem with another Sedona. Unfortunately, this did not fix the problem. The noise is really nothing more than a nuisance-the van is running fine. Our 2002 currently has 27,000 miles and 4 big trips under its belt. We have had no major problems. Every 6000 to 8000 miles I have the rear brakes serviced to extend the life of the front brake system. My wife loves this van and when she's happy I'm happy. I would (and do on a regular basis) highly recommend this vehicle.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    what do you mean by 'have the rear brakes serviced every 6000-8000' miles? Exactly what service are you having done - deglazing the rotors or something?

    Glad to hear you are happy with your Sedona. We enjoy our 2002 EX very much.

    Why not mention your dealer and location to give their service department a well-deserved plug.
  • We have the same ticking noise coming from the right side of the engine. We will have it looked at on our next trip to the dealer. Our 2003 EX has just under 11000 miles on it. These are the problems we have already had fixed, replaced expansion valve in rear A/C for the moaning noise, replaced drivers side window regulator, had the squeaky drivers seat fixed. These are all minor nuisances, and we are fairly pleased with the van.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    failsafe, what did the dealer do to fix your squeaky driver seat? In my experience, this is the sort of thing that a dealer usually can't/won't resolve.

    Our Sedona does not suffer this problem, but previous vehicles of ours have.
  • bester1bester1 Posts: 22
    I purchased an EX in June and had the Driver's seat replaced because it was so very squeaky. I explained to the dealership that $20,000 was a lot of money to spend on a new vehicle with this type of annoying problem. The mechanic agreed and a new seat was installed after about a three week wait.

    However, the fuse box cover on the driver's side floor continues to be a problem. I use duct tape to hold it on. A bit ridiculous but I guess that is life with a Kia.
  • The "rear brake service" I have done is simply having the shoes/emergency brake adjusted. I have read that because the van is quite heavy, a real load can be placed on the front brake system. I notice a real difference when I have the service done and it's probably more like every 7-10,000 miles. My wife is stopping and going all day every day so I think it helps. The dealer that we go to is Town Center Kia in Kennesaw, GA and I have been very happy with them. I also take my 98 Sephia to them.

    The ticking noise that I hear on our Sedona is not a constant noise. Sometimes the noise happens when I hit a bump but it mostly happens when the throttle is depressed or released. Again, I don't believe it's a serious problem, just a little annoying.
  • My drivers seat was fixed by a adjustment to the spring underneath the seat. The service Rep had ordered me a new seat but called after a few days and told me they had a Technical Service Bulletin for the seat. They removed the seat and made the adjustment.
  • We bought our 2003 Sedona in June of last year. From the start it has been a nightmare. It started with the sale of the vehicle and now with the service. We have just over 17000 miles on it and it is having its third transmission in a week put in tomorrow. Transmission started shifting erratically with about 7000 miles on it, took it to KIA and they said couldn't get it to do it when it was in the shop. Then at about 10000 miles noticed it was having trouble going into drive when first started, Again dealer couldn't get the problem to replicate. Finally had enough and took it back guess what new transmission being installed. I asked the manager what exactly had happened really couldn't get a straight answer was told the transmission was surging into gear on test drive and KIA's answer for this problem was a new transmission. Picked it up today found out they put a remanufactured transmission in it, asked why. They said that this is the way KIA handles it. Drove it less then 30 miles had to push it out of the road. Called the dealership back told them it was sitting in the middle of the road they told me to call the 1-800 number so "I" wouldn't have to pay for towing, go figure new trans with less then 30 miles on it and they can't call a tow truck to come and get it. Wrecker shows up and asks where I want it taken to, told him back to dealer he then asks what's wrong with it, when I tell him, he starts laughing hysterically, I asked him what was so funny, he says and I quote "KIA IS NOTED FOR IT'S TRANSMISSION TROUBLE". I have the same problem with the radio that I have seen here, it plays when it wants to they ordered a new one said it would be three weeks before it comes in. I have clear coat chipping off of the passenger side door. They won't repair it said it was caused by "ACID RAIN" and it wasn't covered under warranty. Go figure only spot on the whole vehicle that is affected by acid rain. The plating is coming off of the inside door handles, the passenger side middle seat won’t latch in any position but all the way back, the wind noise is getting worse the fuel mileage sucks (my full size Dodge truck with a 5.9 gets better gas mileage) need I go any further this has been the biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned. I am currently having yellow signs made to put on it and when I get it back it will be parked on the road in front of the dealership telling people NOT to by KIA.
  • "I asked him what was so funny, he says and I quote "KIA IS NOTED FOR IT'S TRANSMISSION TROUBLE"."

    I cannot agree with that statement; Otherwise, this board would be full of stories such as yours. Maybe that tow truck operator just likes to laugh hysterically! Seriously though, if the transmission problem does not get corrected, you may be a "lemon law" candidate.
  • km04km04 Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Kia Sedona...20,000kms on it so far. (we've had it almost a year)

    So far we've had the rotors replaced twice. Could there be an underlying problem or could it be just a fluke? I don't want to have to get the rotors replaced every 10,000kms.

    Thanks for any advice.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Perhaps they mounted Kia Sephia rotors on your Sedona by mistake?! Sorry, bad joke. The Sephias have a very well-known and big problem with brakes. I have not heard too many similar problems with Sedona brakes. Our U.S.-spec 2002 EX has almost 32,000 miles and the brakes are performing fine. Plenty of in-town driving. Based on prior brake inspections, the pads on our Sedona should last til 40-50k miles.
  • I purchased my 2003 Sedona EX in October 2002. It was a wonderful van for 4 1/2 months and has been a nightmare since. I have had the following work done:
    1. Replaced engine at 6500 miles
    2. 2-3 Oxygen sensors replaced
    3. Factory paint problems with clear coating - they repainted but did such a bad job that I would like for them to redo it.
    4. Replaced stereo because it stopped tracking the cd. I am having the same problem now but can't recreate it at the dealership and therefore they won't replace it.
    5. Power steering rack replaced
    6. 1 month after power streering rack, the power steering pump was replaced.
    7. I have had lots of work on the rear air expansion valve. The story on this is that is is a real problem for all. As of Dec. 2003, they are making a replacement fix in Seoul but won't be available for about 6-12 months in the states. In the meantime they wrapped it with insulating material to minimize the sound. That solved the problem for about 4 months. It is now singing its' heart out.
    8. Front A/C has had some work on it.
    9. Terrible time with the window staying fogged up. tried lots of things here and have resolved some.
    10. Problem with fuses being blown, rear light assemblies breaking free.

    Needless to say, I could never in a million years recommend this vehicle. I am meeting with the BBB arbitration on Monday, Feb 23rd to negotiate them buying back this vehicle under the lemon law.
  • 2003 Kia Sedona Minivan. The Check Engine Light keeps coming on. I have had it serviced for this problem 6 times. I have had the gas cap replaced 2 times. I am very careful to tighten the gas cap making sure it clicks at least three times. I do not overfill the gas tank. Yet the CEL keeps coming on (approximately once a month). I'm to the point now that I don't even take the van into the service center, I just drive around with the CEL on. What else could be the problem? The service center says it's from the gas tank/cap triggering the light. Can the sensor from the gas cap be turned off so that it doesn't set off the CEL?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    For some independent information, go to your Autozone auto parts store. They will pull the diagnostic codes from your computer for free. You don't get tons of detail about what each code means, but you will get a brief description/name. This may help you learn more about the problem than simply taking it back to the dealer.

    Also, you could press the dealer for more information.
  • cwofergcwoferg Posts: 78
    Let me see, where to start... I am glad I stumbled on to this web site. Boy can I add. I have a 2002 Sedona EX. I love the darn thing to death as far as capabilities, power and comfort, tows light cargo trailers with ease, but have had several problems with it. Like an idiot, I bought an absolute first run Sedona right when they first came out. I happily own a 1999 Hyundai Sonata, knew that Hyundai made the engine from the XG300 and 350, so I went with it. First thing, A/C. Wouldn't go on the front only. You had to turn on the rear A/C, then they both would work. Replaced controller head, still worked intermittently. Replaced controller head again, worked. Stopped blowing cold, compressor seized, replaced compressor. Shortly thereafter, new compressor seized, replaced compressor and dryer again. Had to do this again less than a month later. Now it works for the last four months (but it has been cold here in Southern Cali, so who knows!). Had a ticking noise that turned into a crunching noise up front (mostly accelerating through turns, replaced the drive axles, CV's, pretty much the whole shooting match up front. They replaced the radio because it was drawing my battery down. Had the brake chatter problem REALLY bad too, shook the van like an earthquake. They turned my rotors and they worked fine for about 40 miles, but they are doing it again. Here is the most fun one though. About two weeks ago, my tranny started to "chatter" as if it was slipping between third and fourth. Replaced tranny. When I went to pick it up, they said it is 100% better, but we are going to replace it again because "it isn't quite right". UNDERSTATEMENT. It is worse (I would kinda' like to see the definition for 100% in the dictionary they are using). When I accelerate moderate-hard up a hill, it feels like the tranny is going to drop, it chatters so bad. All of this, and I only have 28,500 miles on it!!I am now going through lemon law with it, will let you know how it goes. Going to get a Durango or Armada as I need to tow heavier things.
         Now all of this said, I STILL LOVE THE DARN THING and I WOULD RECOMMEND IT. You absolutely cannot match the van for value and features at the price (definitely get the EX, if for nothing else, for the captain's chairs to keep your kids from killing each other). And that warranty works! They don't mess with fixing bad parts, they replace at will!! I love the service, too. Just keep track of frequency of repairs and KEEP ALL of your repair orders.
         Sorry for writing a book! Now go ahead guys, let me have it!!
  • cwofergcwoferg Posts: 78
    We also found out this last time that the factory put in Champion Spark Plugs instead of the recommended NGKs. So they replaced them with the right plugs. Boy what a difference. I thought it was strong before. I was shocked at the difference, but I would have never known without them being changed out. Ask your service department (or look for yourself) and they will replace them.
  • cwofergcwoferg Posts: 78
    It is in the shop again!! The tranny is getting replaced. They are going to try to trun the rotors again (if that brings them to a "too thin" point, they will replace them, and, you guessed it, the A/C is acting up again! I will tell you, though, the service at Kia World in Murrieta, CA is outstanding! I got a replacement car because of the inconvenience of the two closely scheduled visits, they are going to completely clean the inside because they got a small grease smudge on the driver's mat last time, and they are going to give it a courtesy 128-point inspection as if it were turned in as a used vehicle. AND I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO ASK!
  • Hello, just found this site and glad I did. I bought myself a used 2002 Kia Sedona. I did a lot of research and decided I had to have one. I traded in my 1997 Ford Windstar for it. My windstar was having constant transmission problems, water pump problems, and clunking. I really love this Sedona! I have read almost ALL of these articles and I have one problem related to clicking. Last year, I shut off my van after parking in my driveway and there was a clicking sound. I noticed that the back lighting in my instrument gages were flashing with the clicking. Sounded like my flashers were on. I checked my flashers and that was off. When trying my flashers, they clicked faster than this clicking sound. I restarted the van and shut down. This worked. Later in the month, I started the van and it clicked with the parking indicator flashing and the back lighting flashing. Shut off the van and started it again to fix it. Today, I had it come back. Shutting off the van and restarting did not help. I was curious. Checked the tail lights, they were flashing too. But it is not flashers. Here I was driving down the road with my parking lights flashing, my green drive indicator flashing, my back lighting flashing and the clicking sound. Got to my destination and shut off the van. No more flashing. Taking it to the dealer does not help as it is a "cannot duplicate" problem and they have no experience with that kind of problem. Anyone else still awake after reading all this to tell me if they have had this problem and what they did to correct it?
  • briman2kbriman2k Posts: 20
    Does the van have a remote starter or alarm installed?
  • kiamomkiamom Posts: 2

    We have an 02 Sedona with 27,000 miles. Started hearing a very loud squell (sp?). Took it to the dealer, of course they couldn't hear it. Took it back several days later and they diagnosed a serpentine belt problem. We were told it has to be replaced and is NOT covered under warranty. It will cost 100.00 to replace.

    Has anyone experienced the same problem at such low miles? Did it cost as much as we were quoted or did you get it covered under warranty?


  • erikkleinerikklein Posts: 50
    Sounds somewhat familiar to the problem I had with my Olds Aurora ... except your problem stopped when you turned off the car (mine didn't ... I had to unhook the battery!).

    Mine turned out to be a short-circuit in the Blinker / Headlight control stalk off the steering wheel. I believe the clicking you are hearing is a "circuit breaker" of sorts that is used to manage power to this unit ... I had the same thing in my Aurora. The clicking indicates that the "circuit breaker" is preventing an electrical overload and when it kills the power, it pauses, and then returns the power, detects another overload, and the cycle continues.

    Just my opinion here ... but you should have that turn indicator / headlight stalk checked out.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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  • No remote starter or alarm installed. I have a Cobra door remote installed by the dealer.

    Reading further, I will have the stalk checked out.
  • steve30steve30 Posts: 1
    I've got a 2002 Sedona and with the exception of a few common problems that have all been discussed on this board, I'm pretty happy with it. However, yesterday I was driving and noticed a big crack in the windshield that seemed to start from the center at the bottom on it's own. After I got out and inspected the area looking for some reason, being a rock or where something hit, I found nothing, I could see no reason why it was cracking. Has anyone ever had this problem or am I just lucky?
  • alamid69alamid69 Posts: 59
    Just go to your nearest dealer and they'll replace it for you. Happened to me twice already.
  • martibmartib Posts: 11
    I had my windsheild replaced twice for the same thing. I was told it was somethign about a weld in thsi area. Mine started about 1/3fo the way in from the passanger side. On my third one and it has been fine for about 1 year. they are using a new windshield or soemthing like that.
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