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Kia Sedona problems



  • martibmartib Posts: 11
    Just thought I'd add the latest problem with my 2002 sedona. I am bringing it back in for the second time to have the rear tailgate painted for the same rust problem as many of you have had. I have also lost the cruise control, and will have them look at the front struts as there seems to be some serious noise coming from the front passenger side and I have some vibration coming form the front end as well.
  • sprinklessprinkles Posts: 2
    i've got a 2003 sedona.from reading what others are saying, guess i'm not the only one who has a lemon. my problem has been an on going oil leak that the dealership along w/kia can't seem to fix even after tearing the engine and transmission out so many times that i've lost count. now everything rattles. needless to say i'm filing lemon law. so far kia is looking over the records & is suppose to give me a new van w/out needing a lawyer, we'll see if that happens.after reading this board, i think i'll get my money back & BUY AMERICAN. you get what you pay for,it's cheaper than most vans & has a lot of things standard but i think i'll take good mechanics over cup holders. guess i should of known this was coming seeing that i bought a black van w/13 miles on it, it's been such bad luck , not to mention the other van we test drove had the battery die while we were test driving it.
  • sprinklessprinkles Posts: 2
    if you read my last message, i just did a search of" oil leak "here and can you believe my last message, which was the first time i ever posted a message here, was the 13th message posted on oil leaks! told you guys, bad luck. that was too weird!
  • heathncheathnc Posts: 1
    We bought our Sedona 12/01 and I LOVE IT! Loaded with leather, sunroof, etc., & esp. the shift on the console -it's the best. The ONLY problem I have with it seems electrical - my radio assembly will turn off on its own - at any time. Also, auto. door locks will cease to work sometimes. Seems electrical. Have taken it to dealer twice and of course it works then and they can't simulate the problem. I have now learned about the reset pinhole thing and will try that but assume it's more widespread as it's affecting door locks. Seems petty, but with the radio/cd/dvd on all the time, very annoying when it decides not to work - or when the locks don't want to work in the pouring rain. I seem to be very lucky otherwise!!!
  • seeley5060seeley5060 Posts: 25
    I have a 2002 sedona EX. The front end sounds like it's going to fall apart. Had it into the dealer many times and they say it's a normal sound. It wasn't there when new. The suspension was tight when new, now it feels like a strut or bushing is bad or broken. Have a case file with KIA and service mgr. and field Rep went for a test drive and blew me off stating it's normal. Does anybody else have the same problem with their vans? Only 17K on van.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It sounds like you need an opinion from an independent mechanic.

    Steve, Host
  • Our 02 LX had the front struts and strut plates replaced early on - I was told that it was a common issue with the Sedona, at least with the 02.
  • jlnjln Posts: 1
    I need to relate my recent and ongoing situation with my brand new Sedona and am wondering if anyone has had a similiar experience or any other input.
    We bought the van ine last week of March
    . ABout 2-3 weeks ago I started to notice when it got to 50mph it would hesitate and then slam into gear around 60mph. Basically between 50-60mph it would hesitate alot and shift back and forth.After a day or two of this it would sometimes hesitate when accelerating from a stop. Then it would hesitate at various speeds but always at 50mph. We have a tight schedule so we of course made plans to bring it in as soon as possible. Last tuesday(5/17) we brought it in, the night before as I was coming home from
    work the check engine light came on. I thought this was a humorous coincindece seeing as though I was going to bring it in the next day.
    So tuesday it was dropped off and they called thursday to say it was ready. The problem was a cylinder 2 misfire and they said it was corrected. Picked it up thursday,got about a mile away and the engine light came back on and it was doing the same thing.
    Dropped it back off on friday.They called yesterday and said it was ready(monday 5/24)
    They replaced the cylinder, ignition coil and a gasket, also put the ngk sparkplugs on.
    We pick it up tuesday and sure enough not a mile away the light comes on. I knew it was going to happen because we were in traffic and it was skipping(?) as it was idling.I brought it back aqnd it did the same for the service manager as he brought it into the garage.
    I will say this for the dealership. I'm driving a rental van that they are paying for and if my van is not done (which I expect) I will be taking the rental on vaction for 11 days and they'll be paying for it. They also gave us a loaner the first weekend we were without the van. I did of course have to tell them how ridiculous it is for a van with 2500 miles on it to be having this problem in the first place.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone? What was the outcome or is it ongoing? I'd love to hear from someone. Right now I have no faith in my new van.
  • theolus1theolus1 Posts: 8
    I have read several posts regarding the mooing - moaning from the right rear side of the sedona. I have a 03 sedona. I have had it for 8 months now. Overall very satisfied, but in the last month or so this sound has started to occur. It ranges from a moan to a what sounds like a high performance motorcycle accelerating. The AC usually is on, but not always when this noise occurs. Last night my wife came home and says she heard a knocking noise coming from the same area. Has anyone found a answer to this problem? I called the dealer and have an appointment tomorrow. I told them the problem and they say they have never heard of this problem. From what I have read in this forum, there is a TSB (at least in Canada) regarding this problem. If anyone has gotten this problem fixed, please post and let me know if the expansion valve is the answer. It would be nice to have some recent info to give to the dealer.
  • arjay1arjay1 Posts: 172
    Our 2002 has the same noise. Our dealer knew exactly what it was and said that Kia was aware of it and even had a fix for it. This was last summer so my memory is a little hazy. They changed a bracket under the hood on the passenger side to reroute an a/c hose. They said the hose would vibrate against the firewall or wheel well. However, I still hear the noise sometimes.
    Just my opinion, I would be really suspect of a dealer that claims to know nothing of this. Our dealer knew exactly what it was.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Kia is aware of the a/c vibration least the dealer (Pence) I went to in Richmond, VA is. My 2003 had it after about 300 miles on it. I took it in 2x in conjunction with regular service and was told "no fix yet". Finally I pressed last time and they swapped the lower a/c hose. Wife says it didn't fix it, but quieted it a bit. Only time it is really noticeable is at slow speeds/idle...then it is VERY loud. The a/c works 4.0 though.

    I suggest we all bombard Kia with consumer complaints. If the dealers know the problem is there, and it has been noted in every year, they need to get a TSB to quiet the thing down.
  • theolus1theolus1 Posts: 8
    I did suspect the dealer was not entirely honest when they said they had heard nothing about the noise (Power Kia, Salem, OR )I took it in to them and they wanted to make another appointment and keep it for a day to see if they Could "recreate" the problem. I then called Beaverton Kia and they knew immediately what the problem was and said they would order a new expansion valve just from my description of the problem. No questions asked. They will call me when the part is in and set up an appointment. I was very impressed with their response. Just goes to show you, not all dealers offer the same level of service. If everything goes well with the repair, they have all of my business in the future.
  • poohbearpoohbear Posts: 1
    My husband and I bought our 03' Sedona approx. 8 months ago with 11 miles on it. About 4 months ago, we took it back with little problems that added up. They were things like: The front passenger light did not work,one of the cup holders were broken ( but never used), the right passenger's seat belt kept sticking, the rear left back seat would not eject, the brakes squeaked, the air conditioner was not cooling enough, and the transmission was not shifting properly. They supposedly "fixed" all these problems. Four months later (now) we are taking it back to the dealership again with the transmission still not shifting right, the brakes are squeaking again, the right passenger seat belt is still sticking, and now our tire shop is telling us that we have BAD TIRES on the van due to mis-alignment! Kia told us that it is the responsibility of KUMHO. KUMHO said that it is the responsibility of Kia, because they were the last ones to rotate, balance, and align the tires. Have anyone else had problems with the Kia's being mis-aligned through the dealership?
    Please let us know asap. Thanks
  • myfloresmyflores Posts: 2
    We currently have our Sedona at the dealership for the 5th time for break problems. We have had the ABS systems fixed once and then replaced once, and still the problem continues. We get a shuttering noise and vibration when breaking. This does not happen all the time and we can not predict when or why it happens. The recently filed the paperwork of the Lemon Law. Kia America is having a field tech look at it currently. At this point we don't hold out much hope, everything we bring it to the shop we get it back a few days later saying that the problem is fixed but then a few days later the problem will happen again. This problem started accuring shortly after we purchased the car and we have been dealing with it for close to a year now. has anyone else experienced a similar problem. We are ready to be done with Kia.
  • myfloresmyflores Posts: 2
    I was very interested to read what you wrote about your Sedona, we too have a shuttering problem and vibration in our breaks, we also get a loud grinding sound. We have been told that it was the ABS system and it was replaced, however that did not fix the problem, currently our sedona is in the shop and having the control box replaced as now they believe that is the problem. I would be very interested to know what has happened with your Sedona?
  • I'm having three problems with my otherwise much-loved 2002 Sedona.

    1)The AC doesn't cool very quickly or well, which is a MAJOR problem here in San Antonio, where warm/hot is just about the only weather we have . . . oh, add "humid" to that.

    2)This is just annoying: the doors frequently lock themselves when I'm loading things into the back end of the vehicle, even if the keys are lying on the bumper or just inside. Took this to the dealer during my first 6 months, and of course they couldn't replicate the problem.

    3)MOST ANNOYING: The ceiling material at the back, where the tailgate opens, is coming loose. I now have about a 1-inch gap that's a good 18 inches long, and its getting worse. Bought this van 18 months ago, so I'm really ticked about this!

    If any of you have had to deal with these problems, and have suggestions, I'm VERY interested!
  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    We had a wiring issue in the driver door that caused symptoms similar to what you describe, but not for the radio.

    We're just about to pass 20K on our 02. Everything is holding up very well, though the (loose) front end klunking and AC groan are an annoyance. It isn't worth the effort to take it in for service.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    we have had none of the problems mentioned in post #451. Our 2002 EX is nearing 38,000 miles and it has been nearly trouble-free in comparison to most other folks, it seems.
  • theolus1theolus1 Posts: 8
    I have not experienced problem one or three, but there is an explanation for number two. When the doors are unlocked using the remote, the doors will automatically relock in thirty seconds if one of the passenger doors are not opened. I would suppose this is a security feature(?) in case the remote accidently unlocks the doors.
  • theolus1theolus1 Posts: 8
    I had the rear expansion valve replaced last weekend. Seems to have eliminated the noise. It has been very hot and we have used the AC daily. So far so good- no more mooing...
  • markbmarkb Posts: 1
    My 2002 Sedona has been a decent vehicle despite my slight disappointment with the fuel economy. But when I washed the van this past weekend I discovered many "pin-prick" sized specks of rust on the rear tailgate and on the rear quarter panels. I'm now fearing what the Japanese car owners faced in the early 80's. Has anyone seen these small specks on their vans and if so did the dealer correct the problem under warranty?

    The other concern is the loud air conditioner compressor. It groans if the van idles at a traffic light or in the driveway until I accelerate then it quiets. Is this typical of the Kia vehicles? The dealer tells me yes.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.
  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    Yes, it does. Sitting at a traffic light with the radio at less than 10 indicated volume is tantamount to white noise h-e-double-hockey sticks. (I've been told this is a family show.) I see two fixes now - remounting one of the AC hose lines on the right fender, and replacing the rear expansion valve.

    I was unable last year to get the dealer to "hear" the problem.

    Not sure what the true fix is.
  • kiapartskiaparts Posts: 13
    1st.. The A/C take to dealer have them check high pressure a/c line. Have been having problems them. Part number 1k52y-61463b.

    2nd.. Have them check the door lock actuators, have never seen on sedona but have seen on Optima.

    3rd... Take to dealer and have them order a new headliner. Have seen a couple separate at the lift gate.
  • rnclemrnclem Posts: 3
    The Locking problem is an actual feature. The Van will relock the doors after about a minute if all you open is the tailgate. It prevents a person from forgetting to relock their doors when they drop off packages when they are parked and still need to shop some more. Several vehicles on the market today do this.
  • My '02 Sedona has just been taken in to the dealer to service the A/C. Only warm air blows out. This is our 2nd summer with the vehicle. Last summer we brought it in for the same thing and the dealer (another location) told us that the freon was charged up to where it should be and that "we were used to the old r-12 systems which blow colder air than the newer r-134a system". When I had picked it up last year, it was not a particularly warm day and I accepted what they had said. Now I get no change in temp out of the air ducts weather the A/C is on or off. Once in a while the A/C would work, however...and work well when it was working! I sense that this is an electrical issue (bad relay, loose/faulty compressor connection) -vs- a mechanical one. I will let you know of the result.
  • Just got back from the dealer. The A/C needed r134a. It was low and the compressor was not kicking in. It is now fully charged and leak dye was also installed. It is obviously coming out somewhere!!! Cooling beautifully...for the moment.
  • bott07bott07 Posts: 1
    I have been a very happy Sedona owner for the last year or so. I thought that I had escaped the stress cracking windshield problems that so many others have had. Well guess what?? No eascape, just a longer delay. The windshield is now being replaced at my (and my insurance company's) expense. Our dealer ran the old pen in the crack scam and said we were the victim of a rock hitting the windshield. If so this was the tiniest rock in the history of mankind. This "boulder" that hit the windshield produced an area on the glass crack about the size of the pen he used to gouge out the glass. The Kia rep did the same thing. This was the Pomoco Kia dealership in Hampton Va. So... the moral of this story is buyer beware. The glass is either half-empty or half-full, but if Kia made the glass can bet your a$$ the liquid leaked out a stress crack!!!
  • bnhbucksbnhbucks Posts: 74
    Dear Fellow Sedona owners,

    It has been awhile since I have been on here, but I just wanted to provide a brief update on my 02 Sedona. We currently have 24,000 on it. I took the van into the dealership last Thursday for several problems - most notably the rust around the chrome bar over the license plate This is the second time I have done this and our dealer repaired and repainted it last time - about 1 1/2 years ago. The problem resurfaced again. I also had them fix a stuttering window on the drivers side and that same window had serious wind-noise in the upper left-hand corner. The passenger side foglight was also out. and lastly the air control behind the driver's head had broken and was falling out of the ceiling.

    The long and short is the repaired the rust on the tailgate by repainting it again and totally replacing the chrome piece. I was told that Kia had a solution for the problem now (apparently they did not the previous time - which was obvious once the rust returned). They also replaced the bulb in the fog light, fixed the driver's side window and repaired the broken air-control behind the drivers head.

    Everything was covered under warranty, save for an air filter and rotation of tires. My total cost was $17.00 and the loss of our van for one week - the real delay was in the body repair. I just picked it up this morning. They kept me well informed throughout the process too.

    Dealer was Clarke Kia in Hudson, OH.
  • xafxafxafxaf Posts: 2
    almost two years of driving (35k) and no major problems

    did the windsheild once

    rust on front and back twice (put in gasket the second time)

    and one problem i haven't seen posted here, I have just replaced my fourth rim. the aluminum finish on the rims looked like it was peeling off, very weird.

    All issues have been covered under warranty.

    gas mileage has been 16/17 in town, 23 to 26 on the highway (cruise set at 70mph)

    Considering my brother in law just replaced the transmission in his Grand Caravan (2 months old, with about 5k on it), I'm pretty sure I got the better van.
  • rcwiiircwiii Posts: 7
    I have a 2004 Sedona EX with the overhead trip computer. When I first left the dealer an filled up it said I had 300 miles to empty or something of that nature. When I hit just under half a tank I filled up but the DTE kept counting down from 150 or so. Well now I'm down to about half a tank again and at half a tank it displays --- . The manual says it displays --- when it is less than 30 miles to empty. Anybody esle basically had it not sense when you filled up??? or is ther something I'm supposed to do to reset the DTE meter?
    I'll probably fill up again tomorrow as I'm taking a short road trip so maybe it will fix it.
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