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Kia Sedona problems



  • wynnewynne Posts: 1
    I had no idea how many problems there were with this minivan. I own a 2002 Ex loaded. I bought it new and within a year, replaced the battery. In 2004, my problems really started. One of the handles on the sliding doors broke off, then the alternator went out and the lumbar switch was staying on. Oh yeah, I also had to replace the tires at 29,000 miles.
    I know several other people who own the exact same van and they have had no problems. I just thought I had a lemon. However it is now gone because it caught on fire at 1:00am in my garage. Insurance said it was an electrical fire that started behind the steering column. It had barely been driven that day, only to take kids to school and pick them up, and had been sitting in the garage since 4:00pm. Please if anyone has heard of this happening to anyone else let me know!!
  • jcrider2jcrider2 Posts: 46
    I had the Air Bag light come on, the drivers seat belt was the problem. The dealer had a belt of different color which he installed until the proper color came in and the next time I went for a oil change he swaped it out. Then at 45000 miles the check engine light came on and checking the computer It showed plug misfiring. My van had the 20000 mile plugs so had them changed to the 60000 mile plugs At 53000 mile everything is doing ok now. My van is a 2002 also.
  • laydewlflaydewlf Posts: 3
    I just had the tranny in my 2002 Sedona replaced at 37000 miles. they did the work on warranty, but i wouldn't think it should have gone out with only that many miles on it.
  • laydewlflaydewlf Posts: 3
    maybe i should contact those dealerships for proof it happens. my dealership is saying that a rock must have hit it at some other time and then suddenly the crack appeared while sitting in my drive. im taking it to another dealership 2 hours away to get a second opinion.
  • alamid69alamid69 Posts: 59
    The first crack actually happened while i was driving. It actually startled me 'cause it was a loud popping sound. After a few minutes i saw a crack creeping up. At first, i thought i was hit by a rock. But there was no car in front of me.

    The dealers should know that this is a Sedona problem by now. Good luck.
  • wastrelwastrel Posts: 10
    purchased July/28/03 150km - milage is posted on van milage board; not all
    switched to 50% synthetic at 23,700km=17,063mi
    will post milage see if different
    material coming out of drivers door, installed new panel usual wait for part.
    power steering line blew off -40c replaced clamp, fluid: next day service
    leaking oil filter after service; replaced filter oil
    throttle stuck at 4000rpms; towed in roadside from driveway; thawed out cable,lock deicer,lubed with hs 2000: same day
    second row passenger seat release cable missing from day 1
    3rd row seats wouldn't release; in 3 times working fine now: no explanation
    annoying habit of not providing documentation of fixes ie seat cable
    retired & usually can drive other van;
    NOTE: inconvienances; but the throttle,oil filter, & power steering wouldn't have been: if they happen on the road.
    normal complaints:milage,steering vague,heater isn't, as hot as aerostar.
    would recommend so far, touch wood; only 24,700km=15438mi
  • Purchased this leftover 2004 last month (2/05). It has all the bells and whistles that Kia offers. I am overall satisfied with my purchase. I only received one remote and the dealer said that they had other remotes on order and I should receive the other one the following week. Here I am three weeks later and still no remote. (no big deal) I just recently used the rear windshield wiper and tried to clean it with wiper fluid. Well the liquid just ran down the back window like someone just poured it out of the bottle. Has anyone else had this problem or is this normal? I also hear a grinding noise from the rear around the bumper (i think) when I first start driving and it eventually goes away. Finally one night when I was driving to work, I heard a clicking noise from the passenger side. I haven't heard it since that night. I was hesitant on buying this minivan because of the gas mileage, I have been averaging 17 - 19 mpg during mixed driving. Not much better than the 12 I was getting with my Ford Excursion and worse than Betsy (1994 Mercury Villager 22 mpg) Please help me calm my buyer's remorse because I was going to buy a Honda.

    '04 Sedona
  • sisu145sisu145 Posts: 22
    I believe the wiper fluid dribble is normal. I have a 02 Ex and it does the same thing.I think it's designed to do that. Why? No idea.... You bought a good product. Take the money you saved from not buying the Honda and go on a nice vacation.Your Kia will serve your needs just as long as the Honda would. No buyer's remorse here.

  • kia1kia1 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Sedona is in the dealership right now. I have been hearing noises for quiet sometime. The sounds wee a low groaning from the right rear and a thupping sfrom the front left. At times the steering wheel would start shaking. I figured it was that I needed new tires, at 32K the tires were practically bald, and I replaced all four tires. The noises stopped for a week or so. Recently the van would make very loud noises when turning to the left, like a loud grinding sound. I brought it into a local mechanic and he informed me that the noises and problems were caused by the drive train. The damage was so significant he stated that the front left wheel was at real jeporady of falling off!!!
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    I also had the Kia windshield crack occur. I wish I had known this was a problem with the Kia. I thought it was a rock fracture, however there weren't any other vehicles on the road. My insurance company would not pay for replacement, only cost. My left passenger door is very difficult to open from the outside and the inside.
    Any one else had a drivetrain problem?
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    Relax about your purchase buddy. Your Kia is going to serve you for years to come. People are so frightened about all the Kia Bashing that when something actually needs repair on thier Sedona they panic.

    BTW, if you study the reports in the gas mileage threads you'll learn the Oddysey doesnt get better gas mileage in real world driving than the Sedona.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • jasonmwcjasonmwc Posts: 6
    I recently purchased a 2004 KIA Sedona LX and the A/C started making a noise when it is turned on and continues when running. It sounds like a bearing or something. It doesn't get louder when I drive, just wondering any body else had this problem or not. I have had no other problems with it. I am getting ready to move to Co and will see how it handles the Mountains.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Congrats on your purchase. Give it some time and you will likely find yourself enjoying and appreciating your Sedona for its overall quality.

    17-19 mpg is a LOT better than 12mpg! That is roughly 40-60% better fuel economy than 12mpg. The raw difference (5-7 mpg) may not seem all that large - although it does to me - but the percentages are what matters. You will be spending a LOT less on gas with your Sedona than with your Excursion. You likely would have spent even less with an Odyssey, but not a whole lot less.
  • I just went through the Lemon Law process to make kia buy back my sedona. They lost to me and made it one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had in 40 years. They fought me(the little guy) and after 5 months without my vehicle they were forced to buy it back but at a contrived price rather than at a fair market price(Kelly blue book). They took every legal Lemon Law time allotted possible even after they lost and made the offer. Lemon law allows them 45 days to pay the settled price and they took all of it thus keeping me from getting on with its replacement.

    I also have no faith in the Lemon Laws of at least Arizona if not the country. They will side with the dealers when ever possible. Something needs to be done to revamp that law instead of allowing the dealers to ravage the consumer. Shame on the legislators.

    Avoid Kia at all costs, they are less that admirable, inhumane, unreasonable and lack any customer service morals.

    Good luck Kia owners.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    Can you illustrate for us your problems that you had? I'd love to hear what you have to say aside from hating Kia.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • Well, again my 02 Kia Sedona with 37K miles was towed back to dealership last night. I think it will end up being a bad alternator, but may be something else also. They picked up and towed my Kia out of my driveway so I'm glad for that but, what makes me mad is my dealer nor Kia authorize use of loaner cars for warranty work (even when they keep car overnight).
    If my Kia breaks down this much under warranty, what is it going to do once it is out of warranty. Were debating about selling it and getting out.
    My previous post have been netrual about the car, but now I'm having serious thoughts.

    Has anyone else heard of so may problems with a brand new car?
    Do other Kia dealers give loaner cars for warranty work?

    We have had the coil pack cyl #6, rotors, tires, headliner, struts, battery, spare tire support have all been replaced.
    Under Recall the seat belt anchors and throttle cable have been replaced.
    I know things break but this is a little much.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    The dealer be bought ours at did give us a loaner XG350 when our Sedona was in for rotor replacement. Although we no longer go to this dealer because they are incompetant, they did at least try. The new dealer we use is fantastic. My wife had a check engine light come on a few weeks ago. The purchasing dealer said they couldnt fit us in for a few days....the new dealer said "Come on over" and replaced some emission component in 10 minutes.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • Thanks for the quick response Craig. I asked again when I went to the dealer today about loaner cars and they said that Kia made them stop the loaner car program. They do it for GMC, Buick, Pontiac but said Kia will not allow it.
    We bought the van due to a growing family and they see us cramming ourselves and carseats into our 93 Grand Am when leaving the van overnight for warranty work. Kia does have a great roadside program (twice that I have used it) but there lacking in other areas.
    I really trust our dealership (there isn't other Kia dealer in town), and we have been taking our 93 Grand Am there since 1995. That is one of the reasons we bought from them due to long history.
    We saved money compared to Chevy Venture, Dodge Caravan, and Ford Windstar but the money saved doesn't compare to our time and headache of running to dealership for so many repairs.
    Thanks for letting me complain.... I know my wife is tired of hearing it.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Married Man-

    Your dealer probably uses the same line on the other lines of cars when someone asks for a loaner, too. It seems like the decision to provide loaners is pretty much up to the dealer and what programs he/she participate in. He could always give you a "demonstrator" car for a few days, so he really doesn't have an excuse, esp since you bought the car there.

    RE your vehicle - sorry to hear you have the problems. A (minor) plus is that with a 2002 and those miles on any other van you'd be footing the bills for the repairs. Very minor plus, when the van is always in the shop. Have noticed that many of the vans with electrical complaints are 2002. Ditto struts.

    I have a 2003 with same miles, and it has only been in for the a/c whine and a rear washer bolt cover besides routine maintenance. Other than a knuckeheaded mechanic overtorquing the wheels (broke my wrench getting them off), no problems with 2 different dealers maintenance in different states.

    Hope your problems disappear soon!
  • 03sedona03sedona Posts: 2
    I have just purchased 03 sedona ex has 26,000 miles on it. I am a service writer for chevrolet so know enough about dealer processes to basically get what I want. Just sent the sedona to Kia for my first checklist of warranty items. Transmission fluid is dark colored was told this is normal??? Also have kind of a weak shift on 3-4 and even worse on 4-5, ANYONE??????? Terrible wind noise from l/f window also this same window makes loud pop after using auto down feature. Suspension is horrible....anyone know what are the options to fixing clanking noise from front struts. Has anyones been completely fixed? Cracked paint under top coat? Also noticed the left side tires ONLY have bad wear on inside edge? Just want to find out what to keep eyes out for and what should I get fixed before warranty runs out. Also if anyone knows has any insight or tips on maintenance items and a good suggestion for replacement tires.
  • I traded in a 02 Honda Odyssey LX that had to be fladbedded 90 miles to the dealer with a slipping transmission at 47K.

    Problems with 04 Kia EX? Best MPG I got with the Odyssey was 28mpg and averaged about 23MPG
    The Kia I get real excited when I get 20MPG which happens in the spring and fall when the ac or ac/defrost are not running.
    I really miss the space the Odyssey had. Can barely fit any groceries with the back seats in the Kia. Odyssey had a lot more space behind the front seats and second row. I really miss the Odyssey ride and cornering.

    I seem to have aquired the front strut thump with the Kia.

    Service has been exceptional so far. They have some program where the first 20 oil changes are about $9. Pleasant, prompt and reasonable so far.

    Would I buy it again? Tough call even though I haven't had hardly any problems with it. I wish the ride was smoother and it got about 20% better gas mileage and the resale values didn't hurt so bad.
  • 03sedona03sedona Posts: 2
    Well I got my van back! Had to ride with technician who couldnt find wind noise and window popping noise and of course the van wouldnt do it! When I asked the tech about the trans concern he said the fluid was very dirty looking(he said it was almost brown colored on a white rag) but didnt find a trans concern. I had them do trans flush and now fluid is pink and shifting concern is gone at least for now. They are going to paint the areas that are crackling but are using a touch up paint service? The biggest shocker of all they couldnt find anything wrong with suspension and dont know anything about it being a common problem....I need someones help on this one. Is there a TSB? On top of everything my van now has floormats covered in greasy footprints and two new dings on doors!!!!!!!!!!!
    This sucks.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    If you work for a dealer, then you should know how to work the greasy footprint and door ding complaints...go in and civily ask the service manager to come out to your car, ASAP after you discover it. A decent dealership will be concerned if they trashed your car.

    There are only 601 complaints on this board. (599 excluding yours) Recommend you sort through and book mark the suspension ones to give you a little more ammo. Shouldn't take that much time, and you'll have a lot of back ground on what you need.

    Is your window pop when the switch releases after the cycle? That is a common noise in all electric windows...I do recall one post on a pop that was resolved by a lubricant.

    Here is the Edmunds link to TSB's and recalls:

    No TSB's or recalls on the 2003 concerning struts. However, I recall 2 or 3 folks posting on having problems with it. Good luck in doing your research.
  • 2003 ex - First winter passes, and we have rust under the chrome front grill. The van had 12,000 kms (7500 miles). Dealership said the problem was from stone chips (van is city driven only). They reluctantly fix by re painting the effected area. Second winter has now passed, and guess what??? Rust again, exactly in the same area.

    Power steering has exploded last winter and again this winter. My driveway looks like crap now. Kia blamed poor hose clamps that break in the cold. But, if they know that, you would think they would replace them all at once. But no... one at a time. At least they are paying for the towing!

    Attitude and service quality sucks at the Regina, SK dealership. Would I buy another? Never! I don't think I would accept one if I won it!!
  • tnyetnye Posts: 1
    We have a 2003, and it has been in the shop for the A/C whine, Rattle in the backend (this turned out to be a suspension dampener), Front End alignment at 24k miles at which time they said we need new tires. We now have 29k miles and today, while my wife went into the grocery store, my son and I waited in the van with it in park, engine running, and A/C on, listening to the radio. All of a sudden, the radio crapped out, ABS light came on, and the left turn signal works intermittently. I drove home, and tried to start the van, and it won't turn over now at all, and 2 hours later, the engine is still hot.

    With all the issues I've had so far, the service dept. seems open to fixing, but I am now beginning to get a little worried with all the different issues that people are experiencing - especially the fire in the garage. I'll call it in tomorrow, but if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Thanks.
  • gazzybgazzyb Posts: 1
    i had the same problem with a grinding noise when turning full lock. if you look under the bonnet at the steering rack you will see a nuckle on the shaft if you get someone to turn the steering slowly check to see the shaft below the nuckle is not rubbing up against a powersteering pipe which is covered by a outer corrogatet pipe. if it is all that is required isto pull this pipe downover slightly. {not to hard as it is part of power steering
  • My wife and i are very excited about our new van. But we have had it for one day and the check engine light is on already! Am trying to stay optomistic. Anyone else have any feedback about the 2005? Thanks for any help that can be offered. Would like to hear from a satisfied customer also if one exists out there.
  • valemonvalemon Posts: 5
    I don't know what state you live in, but if I were you I would open that manual and read the Lemon Law for your state. I should have. In VA if you don't contact the 1-800 number in the back of the book within the first 18 months to report your troubles, then you have no case. I have had my car since 11/02 and spent more time in the shop than you can imagine. That funny check engine light thing? Oh yeah I know that one well. The one about it not starting, been there. The tires...that was a good one. The door handles, the power windows, oh and don't forget the latest recall on my van for the freezing up and taking off on its own. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the time I was driving down the highway and the car died! With my baby twins in the back. I maintained composure, didn't touch the wheel (for fear of locking up) and turned the key.. Thank God! It came back on. I am looking at Honda Elements now, hope to have one by Christmas. Lots of luck to you, but check out that law! I wouldn't have this stupid POS anymore if I didn't have to. :lemon:
  • jdfjdf Posts: 7
    Hello, my first post.
    I have 27K miles on my 2001 Kia Sedona. We have had ongoing problems not being able to shift out of park during SOME cold weather. This is an automatic and sometimes we have to wait up to 30 minutes to shift out of park. There is no set weather pattern that I can pin it down to. Usually late fall and most recently, early spring. In the deep cold of winter here in CT, I had no such problems. I took it to my dealer and let it sit out overnight for 3 days and they could not duplicate the problem. Ive recently videotaped this happening and emailed a copy to the dealer. Anyone else have such a problem or any possible solutions? Other than this, no other problems reported. Too many days late for work, however!!
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    2001, or 2002? (2002 first year here in states)

    Is your car parked on an incline? If so, many different vehicle shifters have problems. Try parking it on a level surface and see if that makes a difference. Also, try engaging your parking brake before putting it into park. (Keeps vehicle from rolling a little and putting pressure on the gears while in park). Sounds like some sort of brake interlock problem. (You have to step on the brake to start the vehicle. Maybe you have an intermittent short in that box ..will the vehicle start when you are having the shifting problem?)
  • jdfjdf Posts: 7
    Sorry 2002...Perfectly level driveway. Vehicle startes no problem. Cannot even depress button on shift lever all the way. Happened about 20 times since purchase. Only after vehicle engine temp dial rises above 1/4 (from zero) does it allow you to shift out of park. Like I said, sometimes up to 30 minutes of idle time. When it was zero to 10 below, no problem. Seems like only when its warm or mild during the say then a sudden drop overnight to early am cold does it occur. Pumping brake, depressing gas for high idle doesnt speed in the process either. I hope the video of it happening helps them since it didnt happen when it was there. The nearest Kia dealer is in the next state (RI), 35-40 minutes away. Maybe they'll tow it!
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