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Kia Sedona problems



  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Most likely it is the result of the alt going to discharge. But the alt itself my not the be cause. The 120 amp fuse,the main fuse,if the cables to it are not tight,it will go to discharge resulting in you complaint,most likely. If all the circuits are good,i.e. wiring then most likely the alt is the issue and can be replaced under warranty provided its has less that 60K on it. If not,you will have to flip the bill.

    With the sumer months coming on this is when the owners of the vans that I outlined in a previous comment will see the issue. Even if you dont and your fall under the umbrella of the time frame I gave for alt update,use the complaint that I stated and you should be able to get it replaced under warranty. Remember if you dont make the complaint about dimming lights,or as the above person mentioned,alt and brake light coming on,then the alt will not be replaced. You have to make the complaint.

  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    Sorry that I took so long to respond to you, you could say I'm acting like Kia. You see, I was a little offended that you would doubt my claim. Even though it happened 3 weeks ago... it is still very fresh in mine and my two young children's minds. Not only was I a witness to the destruction of my vehicle along with thousands of dollars worth of property, but so were my three and six year olds along with about 20 other small children from the McDonalds play room. That is until a McDonald's employee evacuated the play room for fear of my Sedona exploding and thus shattering the glass of the play room. Fortunately for McDonald's the only glass shattered was from my 03 Sedona Ex. As to posting photos I most likely will in the very near future, but I warn you.... that they are not only informative, they are disturbing. Any family who owns a Sedona remember... this happened while the car was parked with no keys in it. Also, it has happened to someone else whose Sedona was parked in the garage in the middle of the night. Sedona drivers or should I say Sedona parkers beware. Hey Moms please think twice before you leaveyour kids in the car. I know most moms have strapped their kids in the car seat and started down the road only to remember that they forgot something in the house. You go back home turn the car off, leave the kids in the car, run into the house to retrieve the forgotten item. Please remember that it only took minutes to engulf my car ( and lets not forget the toxic smoke that also poured from the Sedona!) Also this car had twenty one thousand miles on it and was just inspected two months before hand. No fore warning of any problems and it ran perfectly.
  • pbudpbud Posts: 2
    The radio/AC mount on my 2003 Kia Sedona gets extremely hot. My first trip to service proved futile because the problem could not be reproduced although the service tech had seen this problem. He indicated that a part corrected the problem. My second trip to service again proved futile as the service tech said that it occurs when the radio is playing because the mount lacks insulation. It occurs when the radio is on or off. The mount feels as if the sun has been beating on it for hours and hours.

    Has anyone had this problem? If so, were and how was it corrected?

    Many thanks,

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    "Sedona Vans built BEFORE 2/28/03 have an updated alternator issued to improve charging system performance at idle. It IS NOT nor will it be considered a recall. Its not an safety issue."


    I've read your post a few times but am still confused about which Sedona build dates qualify for the new alternator. Ours is a 2002 EX bought in Feb 2002. Don't recall the exact build date but it is obviously before 2/28/03.

    Which Sedonas are eligible to have a new alternator installed-- those built BEFORE 2/28/03, or those built AFTER?

    I can't tell if your comment means that the pre-2/28/03 Sedonas already have the improved alternator (i.e. NOT eligible for replacement), or if they have an alternator that is too powerful/aggressive and drains the battery too quickly (i.e. eligible for replacement).
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    what do you mean by the 'mount?' Can you describe where that is?

    Our 2002 EX's stereo front faceplate becomes very warm after 1-2 hours continuous use. I have seen similar behavior before on other vehicles and I do not consider it a big cause for concern. Your situation may be something totally different, though. Our stereo definitely cools down when not in use.
  • pbudpbud Posts: 2
    The mount is the faceplate that lays on top of the lighter, knobs for the AC and heat, and the radio.

    The mount gets extremely hot, not just warm. In fact, the Kia tech mentioned that the mount is now a faded black color where it gets hot.

  • caldemcaldem Posts: 1
    Our Kia Sedona also recently caught on fire spontaneously. The keys were out and the engine started on its own! The car ignited in front of our 7 year olds school and began while my wife and daughter were still in the car. Luckily they got out, but they inhaled some of the toxic fumes. The fire department had to put the fire out. There were many children around when this happened and many people could have been hurt. The dealer has told us this is an insurance issue and not their responsibility. Jaywolf please contact me as many of the details are similar.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    This is getting more and more disturbing.

    How many different Town Hall members have reported a fire in their Sedona? Are we up to 3 or 4? I suppose I could search through the thread and check...
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    When did your Sedona catch on fire? Did you contact the nhtsa, I'm sure they are going to be very interested in hearing from you. They're looking to open an active investigation on the Sedona fires.
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    Under the circumstances, I understand your frustration.

    My earlier post suggesting a link to some photos and other supporting documentation only had two intended goals:

    1. To ferret out any possible anti-KIA trolling (which sad to say DOES happen in the anonymous world of the Internet for ALL car makers)


    2. (and more importantly..... ) To doubly emphasize the possible dangers of a hidden defect in the Sedona model line. Nothing says it like a picture! Your post (along with supporting photos and insurance investigation report) may be the catalyst to alerting others who have experienced this to go to this website and file a formal complaint:

    If an inordinate amount of similar complaints come streaming in, then the NHTSA will be forced to investigate. There's a current recall of nearly a million Ford trucks and SUVs for a similar spontaneous combustion scenario due to a faulty cruise control unit. Check that out here:

    Keep in mind that a good investigative report on the cause of the fire (which I'm sure your insurance company ordered) supporting a defect and not an errant dropped cigarette will be very useful in backing up your complaint.

    I'll admit I'm a new supporter of Hyun-KIA, but not to the point of sacrificing people in car fires!

    Please keep us posted here on this forum!


  • jenny93jenny93 Posts: 1
    Hello, new to the site, but I have been reading the posts and have been saying, "yeah, yeah, me too..." Especially for the rust on the tailgate by the license plate. We have a 2002 Sedona with 38000 miles and noticed the rusting about a month ago. We took it into the dealer to have the serpentine belt changed and pointed the rust out to them. They said we had to contact Kia directly. Haven't done that yet.
    We also had a few electrical problems and I am wondering if it is the alternator problem that has been discussed.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Contact Kia directly?! That's not how vehicle warranties work. What a load of b.s. It is the dealer's job to fix the problems. That is one reason why the dealer exists.

    What exactly did they say that you need to tell Kia? Is the dealer claiming that this is not covered under warranty? I''m pretty sure there was a TSB about this problem and dealers should be well aware of it.
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    Well, I've heard enough. One random fire could be passed off as a freak occurrence, however multiple fires on this list of only a small number of Sedona owners is telling. I can't believe Kia hasn't already issued a recall for this. Is it going to take a tragedy before this is taken seriously? Kia recently issued a recall on some rear axle problem that no one has mentioned as having on this list. Why aren't they dealing with what seems to be a much more serious, and seemingly common problem? Are they afraid to admit fault?

    I refuse to put my family at risk with something that seems Kia could easily fix by recalling the vans and replacing the electronic component that is causing these fires. Because of these concerns I am selling my '04 Sedona after only 12,000 trouble free miles.

    Part of my decision is based on 5 little crosses I see on the side of the road every morning on my way to work. A few years ago a different brand minivan burned there and 5 kids didn't make it out. My family will not befall the same fate if I have anything to say about it.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I understand your concern. I probably should be more concerned than I am so far. But what's to say the replacement for your Sedona won't be a fire risk, either?
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    If you need some cheap (ie: free) and easy webhosting for your Sedona fire pictures, go to: .

    I'm sure that many of us on here would appreciate seeing them.

    Btw, has your insurance company issued a report yet on the cause? One other person's insurance said that a fire started behind the steering wheel in the dashboard.

  • erikkleinerikklein Posts: 50
    I'm curious about something. This board has been around for almost 4 years and we're just starting to hear about fires now.

    Why could that be?

    Perhaps because it is only happening on late models??
    Perhaps it only happens after a certain amount of usage (years, mileage)??

    Can those who have information about such fires please post details of their vans (LX / EX, Options (ABS, etc) , Model Year, Date of Manufacture, Mileage, Outdoor conditions when fire occurred (hot/cold outside; using heat or A/C), etc.)?

    Thanks. I'm a bit worried too.
  • richardsonrichardson Posts: 92
    We have a 04 Sedona Ex with 14000 troublefree miles. Now I am also worried about a fire. I went to the government safety site and could find not one complaint about fires. If these are really happening to Sedona, why isn't anybody reporting them? Jim Richardson
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    I *was* able to find at least two entries under the 2003 Sedona electrical categories on the NHSTA website. The stories sound like the ones from this website, so I don't think that they represent additional events. It does however seem to lend credence to the submissions on Edmunds as far as them being "real".

    It will be interesting to see where all of this heads... if anywhere.

  • I was wondering if anyone had any more ideas on the raw gas smell?

    See my may post
  • keo829keo829 Posts: 3

    I have recently found this message board, wanted to know if anyone has heard or had a transmission replaced. I have a 04 sedona w/17000 miles on it and is being replaced today at dealer. My engine was also replaced in Jan/05 at 12000 miles. except for these two MAJOR problems I have no issues with the sedona.
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    Bluedevils comment is true, "But what's to say the replacement for your Sedona won't be a fire risk, either?" From my personal experience...KIA IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY! They do not stand behind their vehicles or 10 year warranty. True, they are not building Sedona's to catch on fire on purpose...yet their answer is "Inconclusive" therefore "Not" our responsibility. With today's technology I find it hard to be inconclusive. But I understand Kia's reasoning...let us screw the innocent consumer! Who cares if a handful of Sedona's catch on fire. Fires burn we "Kia" are free and clear. So what's a few disgruntled consumers...what can they do to the mighty Kia? Well saabturboid if you never buy Kia again...lets let Kia worry about that because obviously they are not worried about Sedona's that catch on fire.
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    we have/had a 2003 EX with 21,000 miles on it. The fire happened on a warm,rainy spring day. The van was parked close to an hour when the fire started. That day the CD player was used along with the wipers. I had no problems with the van, in truth, I loved my sedona. I thought I was driving an upscale cheap car by owning the EX. But now my opinion of the Sedona went from love to FEAR! Be afraid of Kia! I was just informed that my van was so badly burned that Kia is not responsible. Their inspector found the source of the fire to be inconclusive... therefore Kia will not own up to it. Be afraid, be very afraid... Kia recalls rear bearings because of 4 warranty claims, yet on this sight #584, #657, and #685 all have had fires that started in the steering area while parked. But remember, Kia is not responsible. I repeat be afraid!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    Well, if you are that "afraid" something about it. Consumer protection agency,BBB, whoever. Kia won't do anything unless they start to feel some pressure. A lawsuit is usually a good start. If the departed Kias remains are still available, hire a private mechanic to look at it.Who knows...YOU may save some lives...if the facts are on your side.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Okay,Seems like everyone is on the bashing bandwagon,from the last few post I have read. If you really dislike the car or any car for that matter,the best thing that I think alot of people would suggest is either start walking or get a bike. But then again those two things have risks in of thereself's. Now that I have either made a few mad or at least gotten your attention lets move on and address some of the above mentioned issues.

    1.I to the best of my memory never mentioned anything about the face plate around the radio getting hot because of usage. Lets take a sec and have a look at the van you own and also lets use a few terms that I am sure you know. Your van is one of the best examples of what a greenhouse effect is and what it can do. It has 8 peices of glasss attached to it and is one of the best generators of heat you could ever find. Of course things are going to get hot. Look at the windshield. It heats the dash and all of its components very well. The faceplate's leading upper edge is in contact with the sun in just about every situation.
    2. I have yet to see a single van brought into the dealership that has caught fire. I am not calling anyone a lier by any means. I have seen burned harness's before and damage as a result of a fire but it was created by the owners own ignorance. Lets explain that last comment for a minute. The power outlets are designed for very simple electrical things to be used. It is not meant to have a 5 pigtail adaptor hanging from it with 5 things that draw enough amps to make your local power company send you a bill. I have seen aftermarket add-ons cause more issues also. In my opinion,if it isnt a option from the manufacture,dont get it. Wiring harness's do not like things added to them that werent suppose to be there in the first place.

    3. The updated alternator is offered for one reason only. During idle the alt would not charge because it wasnt turning fast enough because the pully is to big,in some cases. Engine's engine compartment heat also plays a role in it also. That is why the issue is seen more in the summer months. It does not have a single thing to do with the electrical fire issues that people are chatting about.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Laptops,dont ya hate them,lol.

    The updated alt just has a smaller pully on it so that it will charge at idle. Thats it. Nothing special. I have mentioned how to complain about getting the updated version under warranty only so I will not go through that again.

    4. Rust around the liftgate or anywhere for that matter. If its under warranty it should be addressed without having to call anyone. If the dealership has a bodyshop,then they can fix it or have it subletted out to a bodyshop for repair. It isnt rocket science. If you arent satisfied call kia consumer affairs or ask to speak the DPSM,when he comes back to the dealership. He visits once a month.

    5. The warranty. Its a great warranty and if there is a issue,I am sure you arent telling use all the story. This is how the drivetrain warranty works basically. It is YOUR job to maintain YOUR car,not kia. If you dont do the maintaince on your vehicle as described in the owners manual and something goes wrong,its on you as the owner,not kia .Dont come in and complain the the motor has blown up because you as the owner didnt change the oil. I have seen it time and time again. The worse case was 32k on the engine and it still had the assembly line oil filter on it. Transmissions work in the same way,if you dont maintain it and something goes wrong,its not kia's fault,its YOURS. Every manufacture just about plays by the same rules as far as maintance goes. Do what you know your suppose to do when it comes to taking care of your vehicle and when a issue comes up chances are it will be taken care of without a single frown.

    5. Yes there is a recall on the rearwheel bearings. The reason is as follows. Some of the bearings just werent packed with enough grease in them and or moister had gotten in the bearing creating rust and in turn both situations would cause the bearings to begin to roar after wear began to take place. I have seen roaring bearings but have never seen a single wheel locked up because of bearing failure.

    Last but not least. I am just trying to shead some light on the situations that are above mentioned by people. Car is a car is a car .Everyone is going to have issues regardless of the manufacture. Some will freak out about them and others will take them in stride. if you think the high end dollar cars dont have issues your sadly mistaken. No car isperfect nor will it ever be.

  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    Hey Kiatech,

    This is not a situation to make light of. This isn't just a mechanical failure that can be an inconvenience; people can die. I don't think anyone here is saying that all Kia Sedona's are fire death traps. We just want to know why three members of this list have had their Sedona's burn, and all similarly I might add. It seems they all burned after being driven and then parked. Imagine if a van started on fire in an attached garage after it was parked and them proceeded to burn someones house down.

    If Kia stood up and took responsibility and admitted a certain component was defective in these vans, and then took the next logical step of a recall to inspect and/or replace said defective part, then I would keep my Sedona and have a lot more respect for the company. But, to claim the fire(s) are not their responsibility and wash their hands of the situation tells me they are more concerned about their public image than the safety of people riding in their vehicles.

    For those with burned Sedonas, I have a question. Were all of them '03s? Perhaps a certain batch of what ever component is causing this was bad? This may be limited to a certain production run that could easily be fixed/ replaced by Kia. The rest of us may be worrying for nothing, but for our own safety as long as Kia refuses to admit anything is wrong we can only assume the worst.

  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Three members in this forum have made the complaint according to what you just posted. Over 50 thousand of these vans have been sold in the USA alone. I never said that there was or wasnt a issue. I just made the statement of what I had seen. I think you are taking the wrong approach to my statements. I did say that all the issues I had seen were customer created. Not manufactured created. I can only tell you what I have seen and I will tell the truth about it also. If I knew there was a issue,after what i have posted in here you dont think I would let the forums know. I would.
    What I would suggest is the ones that did have the issue,post the dealership that the van was taken too.Post the pictures. Like I said,I have never seen one that has burned If the vans are burning to the ground I really do find it hard to beleive that no action is being taken. I for one would want it looked at.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    It is disappointing to me, but not surprising, that Kia is not admitting fault. It is much tougher, in today's litigious society, for a manufacturer to admit fault for a SERIOUS situation such as a fire hazard than to admit fault for something more minor like a wheel bearing problem - especially when no reports of injury have been received regarding the minor problem (I don't know if that's the case with the wheel bearing issue; I'm just trying to make a general point).

    If Kia came right out and admitted the fire hazard, they would have some serious lawsuits on their hands.

    To me, that's what it boils down to-- in today's society, the manufacturer feels it cannot afford to open such a large and potentially damaging can of worms - i.e., fire hazard. So they play dumb and say the cause of the fire was inconclusive.

    Folks, if this is happening to you - you need to take legal action. There's no other way to go about it. Hire an attorney. Get advice on how to proceed, i.e. refute the dealer's/Kia's claim that the cause was inconclusive. Get to the bottom of it.
  • ksex03ksex03 Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    I just found the rust around my gas tank where the gas tank cap screws in.
    My dealer tells me that it's o.k. to have rust around it and it won't hurt the van.
    It this true? Is it o.k. to have rust go into the gas tank like the dealer is saying?
    Did anyone have this issue?
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    I have a 2004 with 10,500 miles on it. Had it in about a month ago for road noise, a hum like tire noise. They ended up replacing the front right stub drive axle, and right rear hub bearing. That fixed it. They also addressed a check engine light which said Misfire in cylinder 5 (it did idle a little rough for a while).They replaced that spark plug. Now for the last few weeks I am seeing increased hesitation when I accelerate from a stop. When I hit the gas it either just bogs down for a few seconds and takes off, or bucks, then bogs down a couple cycles then takes off. This is a hazard pulling into traffic. Of course I took it to the dealer and it did this all the way there. But when they test drove it, it was fine. I re-checked and it was fine (no check engine light ever on this). I drove home and of course when I stopped at a light there, it did it again, and still does. I'm sure it has uneven acceleration even at speed, but it's just hard to notice, plus it will downshift which distracts from noticing the hesitation. Anybody else have this? I am suspecting a fuel system problem?
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