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Kia Sedona problems



  • wanteconwantecon Posts: 11
    RESPONSE TO # 36 :Regarding problem #4, It won't matter which gas station you go to. The problem is in the design of the filler neck in the van. It is too long and the gas pump thus, senses it's filled far before it really is. My Sedona usually tops off about 4.5 gallons after the pump automatically shuts off. My real problem is the horrible mileage. Last tank was only 12.57 mpg. Rated for 16/23 . Have never gotten anywhere near 16 in the city. Usually arond 13 and highest on highway with very, very light foot on the gas pedal was 17.49 in the fall w/o running any AC. Just horrible numbers. Also, we will soon be having the warranty cover the second replacement of the WARPED front brake rotors. But mainly, the economy is horrible. My next door neighbors Ford Excursion is getting better mpg's. Very dissappointing, indeed.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202

    If you are on line I have a questions for wife reports both low beams don't work, but high beams and fog lights do. (2003 EX). Fuses check OK on swap out. My guess is that one bulb burned out and she didn't notice that, followed by the other. Just curious if you knew of something else it might be. We use the low beams all the time as driving lights. If I don't hear from you, I'll check the on-line manual. Just wanted to see if it might be a circuit. Headlights looked to be interesting challenge to change as I recall, but it has been awhile since I looked at them.

    Naturally, I'm away from home right now for a long business trip, and she just left on a 1000 mile trip this am to pick up our daughter tomorrow. Thanks for any insights you have.

    Have a good holiday weekend, all.
  • wtoddwtodd Posts: 1
    I have an 02 Sedona with 70K on it. It has been mostly trouble free. They did replace the front rotors at 18K miles. And I had the rust around the rear hatch problem. I have been getting around 15-18 mpg around town and 20-23 on the highway. We like the van so far adn hope we can continue having good service from it.
  • harysonharyson Posts: 2
    I just saw this on an 05 Sedona that I test drive. All of the gages would read zero and everything electric resets. (IE radio, cruise control etc.) I could make it happen every time with more electrical load on the system(radio, A?C on full, etc) It seems the battery was low on charge. I don't know if they have a string of faulty batteries or a recharge will fix it. In my case, I took the car back to the dealer, made them replace the battery and test drove it again with no problems.
    Good Luck
  • bwellbwell Posts: 1
    Dear Kiatech,

    I'm new to the forum, read the posts about alternator. I own a 02 Sedona, have had some problems and poor service as well. My Sedona started acting strange last Dec-Jan time frame where as the radio would just blank out, sort of like someone pulled the fuse. And within a half minute the car would just cut off - like someone turned the key off. If you tried to restart immediatey - would get nothing. If we let the car sit for a while something would reset and the car would start and run fine. We would have to reset the radio/clock. This has gone on for months, then one day the check engine light came on. And the electrical drop out would reoccur. I told my wife to get it to KIA.

    Anyway, took the car to KIA in May 05 and they found bad canister valve (check engine code), and replaced the radio but NO answer for the car cutting off. Car was just over 60k warranty - and they did the repairs at no cost.

    Yet, took car home and during next two months (may-june 05) car still acted goofy, radio cut out, engine cut out every once in a while. Then last week, it went really haywire. It was hot outside, 95 degrees, took a 40 minute trip with A/C on. On return trip home car started to act goofie again only worse. First radio blanked out, then A/C blower was oscillating, the air bag warning light came on, ABS warning light, then brake warning and finally battery warning. Car was running rough, I turned all electric off, opened windows and it limped home. Couldn't close power windows/sunroof at all. So obviouly it drained the battery. I waited about 4-5 hours, the battery bounced back and I was able to close windows. But car wouldn't start. Jumped it the next day, and it limped to dealer. Barely ran, same warnings came on. Car now has 65k, dealer says bad alternator AND won't cover it. I'm stuck w/ $500 repair. Called KIA national - they tried to help - but DPSM says he sees no link to previous 6-7 months of issue. Such b.s. I think the alternator was slowly dying since Jan and the hot day with the A/C running finally put it out of it's misery.

    can you offer any tips or anything that can help me deal with service manager who won't budge?

    regards, Bob
  • kallen479kallen479 Posts: 9

    This may not be the thread for this, but I have a question for you. We are interested in purchasing an '05 Sedona EX. We want one with a DVD system, but no sunroof (hard to find in the color we want). Is it possible for the dealer to install the same system as the facory's and does it work as good? Our local dealer told us they could install a DVD system (don't know if it's the same), but that it really wasn't that good and we'd be better off buying one from Wal Mart that hung over the seatback. However, I don't care for this solution.

    Also, does the sunroof push the DVD system far enough back that it is uncomfortable for an adult to watch in the second row? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • yapsteryapster Posts: 2
    My 2003 Kia Sedona caught on fire on June 21, 2005. I had moved my car across the street that morning for street cleaning and had gone back inside my house because I had been waiting for my son to get ready for school. The car engine was not running. I had been inside the house for @ 5 to 7 minutes, when a neighbor came to my house to tell me that smoke was coming from my car. I went to my car and found that there was fire coming up from the inside front driver side of the vehicle ( down by the area above the brake and gas pedals). The fire was put out by the fire department and luckily no one was hurt! The incident is still under investigation and I haven't yet notified Kia of the situation (though I will). I have been to another website that also mentioned @4-5 similar situations of fires in 2003 Kia Sedonas (! I am really annoyed over this whole thing!
  • cjc1959cjc1959 Posts: 1
    Has this problem been solved? We have expeirenced drive loss in our 03 Sedona also. The vehicle would vibrate and buck and lose all gears and motion, including Park!? We had it towed into the shop and when it came off the tow truck it was fine and ran like a top. It happened again yesterday and now I'm really worried. Had it towed to the dealer but haven't heard anything yet. Help please. CJ
  • On ours, it only happened the one time. The vehicle had reverse and park, just no forward gears. Had it towed to the dealer, and of course it worked perfectly for them. No problems since - probably a temporary electronic glitch. Doesn't sound like the same problem you are having, though.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202

    Just got back from having both low beam headlights replaced. (03 EX) Not unexpected as we run all the time with headlights on. ($25 each plus labor, $116 total)

    Thought you might like to know there is a TSB (049) May 2005 out for EX's for the rear hubs/bearings to check/replace. Right now these are out of stock, so you might want to get yours checked/replaced. I found it out on the service manual website ($79/yr to access BTW) although you can find it on the website for free.

    In regards to post 732/733, your rumble may be your air conditioning compressor. If it hasn't been replaced with a new one yet, the original unit seems to be noisy and usually fails at/near the end of warantee life. We noticed ours at 1200 miles, and the tech just ordered a new one at 42k. Still works good, though.

    Stay safe, all. r/JC

    Special KFX
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    Sorry to hear about your 03 Sedona ... I hope you have contacted . They have started a preliminary evaluation with only 5 fires. You will be #6. I think that the nhtsa is all over this because the fires start while parked. Just think of the potential damage a parked Sedona could do at a gas station! As to you being annoyed ... just wait until you start to deal with Kia. I am out close to $4,000.00. When I bought the car in Feb. 04 I thought I was getting a great deal. For $500 more I was able to get a 03 Ex instead of a base model 04. Look at what that $500 has cost me in the end. If I had been treated fairly, I would have had no issues with Kia. I would have been able to say, yes my Sedona was a problem, but look at how well Kia treated me and values me as a consumer. I can't say much for the way I was treated. I guess you could say my opinion on Kia is "Inconclusive", whatever that means.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Low hum on the right side,I am assuming intermittantly. If it does it while the ac is on,it is most likely going to be the rear ac unit expansion valve. Rear wheel bearings will either be faulty or not i.e. its either broke or its not. Next time it makes the noise see if the ac is in operation or not.
    Your lighting issue may be the switch itself. It controls the current to the lamps. Only way to verify is to be able to duplicate.
    Door locking issue. May be that the door handle rods are hanging up on the inside of the door panel and in turn the switches arent going to the fully closed or open position. In turn the door locks will seem to have a mind of there own at certain times. I have seen the door lock rods hang on the vapor barrier. Hope it helps.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Sounds like you may be a canidate for the alt update,if it hasnt been done yet which can be done while under warranty. If it has been done mostly likely a faulty battery.The battery lasted most likely 3+yrs,I wouldnt complain. There actually may even be alittle proration left on the battery for warranty to cover. Look into it. Doubtful that there is a starter issue but I have replaced a small number of them,in 4 model yrs. I think 3. Hope it helps.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    I personally would advise you to NOT attempt to put that timing belt on if you have never done one before. Not only is it a royal pain in the ****,but there is NO room for mistakes if ya get the cams out of time,there are four of them,the valves,all of them will bend. Then you can add another 2500$ to the bill of trying to save 400-500 bucks. The tensioner is hydralic also and will have to be compressed before reinstallation. AC has to be sucked down,radiator needs to be removed, Need more info? Just pay someone to do it. Thats my best advise. Hope it helps.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Thanks. I am on the board this morning to dig up the details you posted about how to get the alternator thing examined and replaced.

    Will I strengthen or weaken my chances of that free warranty repair by showing up with a fresh new battery? I'm ready to get new battery installed today since we will be driving the van this weekend. Planning to make appointment at dealer for sometime next week.

    This OEM battery lasted almost 3.5 years so I'm not all that disappointed.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Our dealer attempted to repair this problem, which included a full repaint of the hatch and them keeping our van for several days, but it didn't work and our 2002 EX now has significant 'bubbling' under the green paint around the chrome strip above the license plate region.

    The problem has gotten worse gradually over the past 6-12 months.

    Am I likely to get any static when returning to the dealer and expecting this to be corrected free under warranty? We're well under the 5 yrs / 60k miles, but I would hate for the dealer to say, 'this is not RUST-THROUGH so it isn't covered.' I don't expect that to happen, since they already acknowledged the problem by trying to fix it once before.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Did you consider trying to get them to cover the lights under warranty? How long have you had your van? I know lights don't last forever, but $116 for new lowbeams - ouch.

    Fortunately our 2002 EX still has the original bulbs all around.

    Is it tricky to replace a headlight on Sedona? I've done so on other vehicles without much trouble. Now that I ask the question, it seems this has been discussed here before -- perhaps quite a while ago?
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    The biggest issues with mileage is ones driving habits and also the enviroment that in which you drive it. Not to mention that if you are not filling the tank up,only putting in 10-20 bucks at a time you arent getting alot of gas so therefore you may actually think you are getting poor mileage. I have seen the senario so many times. 38psi,wouldnt waste my time. Standard psi is 35. Oil upgrade,wouldnt waste my time on that either. I would mathamatically check my mileage and then go from there. The above suggestions are good but I personally wouldnt go that far cause I know by changing driving habits I can increase or decrease my mileage to a degree that I also would notice a difference. Hope it helps.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Bulbs have no warranty,after 12/12 if i remember correctly. You can thank daytime running lamps for the extra usage on the elements of the bulb. Changing them,not hard or not easy. Unbolt the entire lamp assm,pull it out and then swap them out. Be careful of the bulb retainer inside the lenz. Break that and then you will have to purchase an entire new lamp assm cause the bulbs will fall out. Hope it helps.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    I would think you are exactly correct in regards to the bulb issue. I just posted a bulb replacement suggestion. Give it a go but take your time and be careful of the retainer. Break it,expensive buld reaplacement
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Read this very carefully, Did ALL and I mean ALL of your complaints end after the alt was replaced,except for the check engine light cause the alt would have no effect on the canister close valve? If so,request a copy of all your paperwork,consintrating on the work order before the alt was replaced making sure that ALL of your complaints are listed on it. If all your complaints are listed on the paperwork and the alt did in fact fix everything,take them to court,small claims court. Now blow there mind with this one. Tell them you want a copy of Tech Service Bulliten "Group Engine,Model Sedona,Number 010. That is the bulletin for the alt update. If they say they cant,remind them about the Freedom of Information Act or have it sapiena'd. Personally,I think ya got ripped off also. Good luck.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Agree that driving habits are the biggest determinant of fuel economy. However, I do feel that certain units within the same make/model somehow are more or less fuel-efficient than other units.

    E.g. my parents have a 2003 Sedona and they can never seem to get more than 20 mpg even on the highway. Our 2002 Sedona routinely yields us 22-24mpg on the highway. We live in the same area. If anything, my dad drives a bit slower than I do.

    Some reports of super-low fuel economy are hard to believe, but I do think that somehow -- perhaps due to proper or improper engine break-in -- certain units are more fuel-efficient than others.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    That can be either a port installed or dealer installed item. The item being a factory approved dvd player system. If. they are saying it isnt,the dealer is yanking your chain I bet. Hope it helps
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    That's what I was trying to tell him about the previous job. It is a job for the pros. You did a much better job.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Thanks 'tech! She had the dealer do it. She's in the midwest, I'm on the Left Coast for 5 wks...pretty standard thing - leave home for a cruise or temporary duty somewhere and the car problems start. We are real satisfied with our van. Other than the recall and some a/c noise problems, this is the first cost on anything with 40k miles, other than routine maint.

    For all: Even though they are called bumper to bumper warantees, if you read them, things like tires, batteries, light bulbs usually are 12/12 and may be prorated after that.
  • eat33eat33 Posts: 1
    The transmission in a 2004 Kia Sedona Van purchased in new in Louisiana failed and unbeknownst to the customer was replaced with a remanufactured transmission. In addition, this KIA Sedona van has been in the shop over 10 times in less than 18 months for various problems with the exterior, trim, interior, transmission, undercarriage, suspension, etc. This is a real LEMON.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Lets address the first issue,the transmission. Of course its going to be replaced with a brandnew "remanufactured kia transmission. They all are. Every manufacture of cars.The only way a "new" virgin trans will be installed is if one,its a new vehicle never been titled,meaning you are purchasing a item that is still literally new or if there are no remans to be gotten so therefore a new transmission will be installed. No biggy. SOP.
    10 times in 18 months your vehicle has been in the shop for what? More details please. You have a 10/100 drivetrain warranty,one of the best warrantys offered by any manufacture,a 6/60 warranty that will cover 99% of all the other misc.stuff. I would be willing to bet that all of your complaints were taken care of also,or we would be hearing about them also,in your post.
    Before you go "lemon" best learn what apply's before you go down that route.
    Everyone that owns any vehicle including myself could complain to the cows come home about any and everything if we wanted to. Its got a great warranty,use it to its max.
    No disrepect meant.
    Sincerley Kiatech
  • cbrucecbruce Posts: 1
    Yes. I have an '02 Sedona and just started having this acceleration problem in March. I have had the TPS adjusted twice and finally changed and the accelerator cable changed and it didn't help. Had the alternator changed as well. I have been in the shop 6 times since March '05. To make matters worse, it has now also started "shuddering" before the hesitation/lurching begins and my check engine light, which was coming on intermittently for a few seconds, has now stayed on for over a week. I have another appointment at the dealership tomorrow and I am printing out everyone's issues with this topic I can find to have it checked.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    tps changed,why?? Why was it replaced? They arent replaced just for the heck of it There is a service bulliten, Engine bulleten 005,it may apply it may not. Its basically is for hesitation on cold engine driveaway. Meaning get in the car,crank it up and go. No warm up period. Its effect vans are built prior to 11-19-01. I would look at that first to see if it applys. If not and or if so,do the software upgrade then procede as follows.
    After the above is done,if it applies,I would look at the throttle plate first to see if it needed cleaning,if so,I would have done that first. Then once that was done I would then look at base idle. If it then needed to be adjusted,I would adjust as needed if needed. These are NOT warranty issues by the way. This would be considered normal maintance.
    The throttle cable being replaced has NOTHING to do with your above complaint. Its a upgraded cable because there were issues with the exsisting cable in extremely cold climates when moisture was present. The cable freezing baiscally,if i remember correctly.
    If the check engine light is coming on most likely there is a dtc. It just doesnt come on for the heck of it,alittle humor there to lighten the situation at hand.
    Oh yea and by the way if ya didnt know you can thank uncle sam for all this also. Emmisions,arent they great. I will take a set of points,set of plugs and a two barrel carb anyday and get the fuel mileage most efi vehicles get today.
    Have fun,good luck and dont forget to thank the one that is trying to fix your car for you. We are a dieing breed. You think its tough now,wait till you see whats coming.
  • I have a 2002 Kia Sedona, second owner, bought van with 17000 miles, was told I had remaining manufacture warranty, turns out warranty only good for 60000 miles. My van has been in the shop more times than I can count, problems ranging from van will die and not restart in the middle of intersections to wipers not working at all. Most of the issues were resolved but the low fuel light still does not come on till the needle gets below E on empty. My passenger side door window barely goes up and down, takes forever to roo back up. My main problem now is the van will be going down the highway at about 70mph and the van will slam the transmission down to second gear by its self. No One can find the correct problem and fix it. And now we find out someone has taken the bulb out of the dash so the check engine light would not show, and no one has any idea what is wrong. CAN Someone please help? I am at a big loss with this one. thanks
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