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Kia Sedona problems



  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    Yesterday I read an article on fire problems that apparently Ford is having with some of their trucks/SUVs. Apparently in that case Ford has tracked it down to a cruise control switch that can malfunction. Even Ford has not recalled all vehicles with this switch, but only a few.

    Another statistic mentioned in the article surprised me. It said there are 100,000 non-accident related automotive fires every year. It didn't say whether that was just in the U.S., or world wide, but either case that is an astounding number.

    All of this has me a little unnerved and not sure what to think. In any case I am still going to sell my Sedona but until then it will be parked in my driveway and not in my garage just in case.

  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Production date of your vehicle .It can be found in the drivers door jam.
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    Kiatech... Yes we all know that one of Kia's selling points is a 10 year "powertrain" warranty, what about the Bumper to Bumper? Doesn't 21,000 miles and 15 months old fall under "Warranty"? Call me crazy, but I didn't think steering columns were one of your normal replaceable parts. Oh, I forgot, Kia can't be worried about defective parts that cause fires, because they can hide behind "inconclusive, therefore not our responsibility". My insurance company settled this in a blink of an eye. Why? Because their independent inspector found the fire source to be an electrical defect in the steering column. I was called by "Kevin" out of the New Jersey office first thing on Monday after the fire on a Friday. I was still is shock and pretty much cried during the interview. He point blank asked me what I wanted out of this in the end. He also informed my insurance company that they were looking to give me a replacement vehicle. Sorry but, you couldn't pay me to place my four kids into a Sedona again. I settled with insurance. In the end, I will get my deductible back. The only issue I have is the rental. Kia should pay for it. But silly me, they are not responsible for flames shooting out of the steering wheel area. I guess it must have been a "Gremlin". Hey Kiatech, next Sedona you service, maybe you should put in a trap, you may make history by catching a gremlin. (At least I didn't lose my sense of humor, only money and security!)
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Why you jumping all over kiatech? All he did was give information and his experience on the matter. By all means be mad at Kia...but take it easy on poor ole Kiatech. Seems like he is just trying to help you folks out.
  • veramaverama Posts: 2
    We got our 2005 Sedona in february 2005. It was been a great van, until recently. My wife told me that sometimes (maybe 2) when she turned it on, the engine would be accelerated and the Steering wheel was to hard to move. She turned it off and back on and everything was ok. We called the dealer and they told us if it happens again to take there. It didn't happen until a cuople of days ago, where because of the acceleration and the hard steering wheel she hit another car. It is a very dangerous problems since it could have been on the hwy or someone could have been hurt.
    Has anyone had a similar problem with their Sedona's. It is ramdom and very hard to reproduce. We need to know how many out there could be having similar issues.
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    Production Date 2/04, I bought it 8/04. Hope this helps.
  • mvegasmvegas Posts: 1
    av@meetingcontact []

    Go ahead and open the attached e-mail if you want to see photos of the results
    of the dashboard damage
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11

    A picture is worth a thousand words... My Sedona Fire is "real"
    go to ....

    It took this long to post the photos, because of my 03 Sedona I am out thousands, and I was looking for a way to post them for free. Thank god for webshots!

    As far as your comment, "It will be interesting to see where all of this heads... if anywhere." If you own a Sedona and have children, you should "head " to your nearest non-Kia dealer and get a minivan that doesn't catch on fire while parked.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    holy cow. nice photos. just an fyi, some of your descriptions were truncated - you may want to go back and update them.

    i am surprised at how much i was affected emotionally by your pictures.

    hearing people talk about how their sedonas caught fire, even though i'm a sedona owner, somehow it was just talk and did not seem that serious. seeing the pictures, i had this almost shaky feeling come over me.

    very sorry for the damage to your child's emotions and to the vehicle. hopefully owners can make enough noise to get kia to acknowledge the problem and correct whatever may be causing it.

    please keep us informed of your insurance company's progress with kia.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Scary pictures. As a few members mentioned before, I do hope you've contacted the nhtsa about this:

    ClaireS, Host
    Coupes & Convertibles | Vans & Minivans


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • momonthegomomonthego Posts: 14
    Honestly there is probably no car that is safe in your attached garage. You probably shouldn't park your mower in there either. But people do and they will likely continue to no matter what anyone here says. My friend had her Honda CRV catch fire in her garage and their house burned to the ground, even though her husband noticed the smoke, just before he was going to bed at midnight and got her and their daughter out, their house could not be saved. Even though there were lots of these CRV fires I don't think Honda ever took responsibility nor did they do a recall. I think they sent info out to techs about how to install the filter right or something, but that doesn't really help the guy who does his own oil changes. I hate to see people get in a panic over something like this. Fires happen to lots of vehicles as proven by this statistic mentioned previously... 100,000 non-accident related automotive fires every year. So the vehicle you go to may not be any more safe.
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    My previous response was deleted due to the fact that I published *links* to other forums. I forgot the "policy". Hopefully you saw the original before it was yanked.

    If not, here's the "Cliffs Notes" version:

    - Make your photo site a clearing house of your related communications with KIA, NHTSA, etc.

    - Offer your site up to host pics and info of other Sedona fire victims.

    - Post your site's URL on every automotive and family-based forum board on the web. I found over half a dozen with a quick Google search... you should be able to do the same. The KIA forum on Google Groups (USENET) (gee... can I say that in here?) has a person currently with a Sedona that had a battery explode and whack a lot of electronics/wiring under the hood. The van now has *major* electronic gremlins running around it, several which seem to be causing some unintended acceleration problems. The USENET poster, a guy named Paul, claims to have email addresses to honchos at Hyundai/KIA's Korean headquarters, and he's posted a website address that you can reach him at. Someone who read his posts forwarded the addresses to him, and I bet he'd be willing to pass along the favor.

    If that doesn't get you some kind of reaction from KIA, then nothing but a spanking from the NHTSA will get the job done!

    Good luck,

  • justmoi40justmoi40 Posts: 1
    I'm getting ready to go on a long driving trip. Has anyone ever had a clicking noise under thier Kia Sedona when turning? :cry:
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    2004 Sedona. Ok, well I take it back in tomorrow. When I hit the gas strongly from a stop it lurches, then hesistates a few seconds, then lurches again (repeats depending on how hard I had accelerated). Did not act like this before. Almost got hit twice pulling into intersections. Found one post from somewhere that said it was their ECM (emission control module?).
  • teamndteamnd Posts: 2
    Has anyone else experienced a low grade humming. It usually occurs after a turn while we are picking up speed. A short duration, maybe 3-5 seconds long?

    Secondly, Has anyone experienced problem with the internal lights not coming on while the switch is in the correct middle position?

    Finally, has anyone experienced a problem with the keyless entry and the car locking by itself. I understand the component exists when your back door is open but after a minute it is scheduled to lock for safety, but this occurs with no regularity nor consistency. Van will just lock up with out being activatied to lock?

  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255
    Hey JW:

    Did you ever follow-up on the thread on Google Groups (USENET) and contact 'Paul', the guy with the KIA HQ email list? If not, here's the form on his website where you can do that. Tell him that you saw his posts on USENET, and would like him to forward you the same addresses. Someone on the 'Net sent them to him, so I'd think he'd be interested in helping you out.

    If you read his most recent two posts below, it appears that by contacting Korea directly, he's getting some action. Why don't you do the same and let us know on here what happens.



    plitwack Jun 20, 6:31 am show options

    From: "plitwack" - Find messages by this author
    Date: 20 Jun 2005 03:31:19 -0700
    Local: Mon,Jun 20 2005 6:31 am
    Subject: Re: UPDATE - 1 week later re: Kia Battery Exploded - still VERY unsafe

    Thanks for your kind reply.

    Unfortunately Canada does NOT have similar Lemon Laws and the
    President's office has been involved since the day after the battery

    We are trying to avoid legal action as this fiasco has already drained
    us emotionally and financially. To be honest, I think that is what KIA
    wants ... for us to just go away. We will not.

    That is why we are writing to the Korean HQ directly. We have obtained
    some key email contacts there since my earlier post

    ... Paul


    plitwack Jun 22, 7:11 am show options

    From: "plitwack" - Find messages by this author
    Date: 22 Jun 2005 04:11:25 -0700
    Local: Wed,Jun 22 2005 7:11 am
    Subject: Re: UPDATE - 1 week later re: Kia Battery Exploded - still VERY unsafe

    UPDATE: June 21, 2005

    We have heard back from KIA Motors (Head Office in Korea) - they are
    very interested in helping us.
    So I'll hold further posts for a while to see how they can help.

    Thanks for your encouragement and interest.

    ... Paul
  • lizzrdlizzrd Posts: 1
    I have an '05 Sedona. I like the van! I have noticed on several occasions that the speedometer sometimes just quits working. This is accompanied by the backlight on the speedo going out also. This occurs several times per week and lasts for a minute to 5 minutes and happens at no particular time. Also, when this happens the cruise control stops working.

    The dealer can't find anything (that's if they even looked) since they took it for a short drive around the block and nothing happened.

    Anyone out there experiencing the same problem? If yes, was it fixed? How?

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    Got a video camera? If not, can you borrow one?

    Since this is happening several times a week according to your post, make a video tape with the date/time turned on, showing the described symptoms occurring multiple times.

    With that type of evidence available, I'd start pressing the dealer to simply replace the speedo and/or gauge cluster. It would at least be a starting place for them.

    Let us know what the final outcome is.

  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    It seems that the main source of problems recently stems from the steering wheel column. I'd have them take the column apart and check for chaffed wires. Certainly don't want to have a fire like the others have reported. The folks talking about fires all say they came from the steering column.
  • mysedonamysedona Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2002 Sedona and have just joined this forum. I am seeking information about what I considered to be horrendous gas mileage. It seems that under 20 is acceptable and the norm for this vehicle? While viewing the posts, I noticed the comments about front end noise and inside left tire wear. My Sedona suffers from these noises and the abnormal tire wear on the front left tire. I have replaced the front left tire and am getting an allignment tomorrow.
    We'll see how it goes.

    Meanwhile, in an effort toimporve what I thought was poor gas mileage, I am seeking advice on performing my own throttle body, fuel induction/injection cleaning to hopefully improve mileage. KIA wants $425 to perform the 60K service which includes those things, coolant flush and brake cleaning. I suspect I can perform most of those things, if not all, for a fraction of the cost, not including what my time is worth. I'm just not sure about throttle body cleaning. Can anyone suggest or describe how to go about perfoming this maintenance?


  • Sorry there John - I feel your pain. I have a 2003 that gets poor MPG as well. This van weighs almost 5,000 LBS, so I would not think cleaning the throttle body is going to do you any good. Remember that those good crash-test ratings have a lot to do with the immense weight of this vehicle.

    I had my 30K maintenance done and they stuck me for around $325 - what a rip. I will do myself (or have someone else do it) for the 60K.

    As far as MPG go, my only suggestion (and I have not tested this yet) is to remove all the seats in the van when it's only going to be you in the car. Those bad boys weigh around 60 LBS a piece - I know it's a pain to haul them out and store them, but that may be a quick way to save a little gas. I can't do this as I'm constantly transporting my 2 kids around (Child-safety seats are a pain in my you-know-where).

    Also, since you have a 2002, the original tires have probably been replaced. I noticed an increase in MPG without those Khomo tires (sorry for the spelling).

    I've had a few problems that you should be aware of - just don't freak out if these things happen to you:

    1) Gas pedal fell off - not while driving, but still!
    2) Two of the door handles broke - one pulled out, the other just broke.
    3) Driver-side map light burned out (make sure you replace this before 12,000 miles or they'll charge you 8+ dollars for this)
    4) Radio/CD Player shorted out.

    All of these were under warranty (except that stupid little map light).

    Hope this helps, and you get the answer to your throttle body question.

  • Hey Tom, I have a 2003 Sedona, and I hear this humming noise too - more of a "groan", like it's coming from the right side of the van somewhere. Mine does it after a turn or when I first apply the brake. It will continue to do this for a while, but not all the time.

    My wife thinks it's the rear windsheild washer pump, but I don't think that's it. Hopefully someone who knows of this problem will see our posts and offer some better insight. For a while there, I thought I was hearing things. Glad to see someone else is hearing the groaning.

    I would read the manual on the "lock-itself" problem. I know you can program the car to do different things with the keyless fob. Maybe yours was programmed differently than when it came from the factory. What year is your van?

    Let me know.

  • teamndteamnd Posts: 2
    We just brought the Van in for the recall on 04 and these two problems. The service tech beleives it is related to the power steering system...seems plausible, but he is unsure of how to fix it. He is contacting others to see if there is a system problem that is fixable.
    It could just as likely be something in the fuel pump or brake line assemby, but who is just bothersome.
    Your 'groan' discription is better and more accurate...they were unable to hear it since, as you know, ti never seems to occur on demand.

    I will keep you and everyone posted on what i find our via KIA

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Anybody had to replace the battery in your Sedona? Our 2002 has 52,000 miles and yesterday while engine was warm and running some errands around town, it clicked and sounded like it wouldn't start. Finally got it to turn over and start after waiting a couple minutes, but it did the same thing again this morning after sitting 10 hours in warm weather.

    I don't know if the battery is on its last legs or if it is some sort of issue.

    We need to make a dealer appointment soon for various warranty items, so I may add this to the list or I may just have a new battery installed this weekend.
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    I sympathize. The gas mileage of the Sedona is terrible, probably the worst of any minivan. I do have a few tips that should get you to 20mpg.

    - Inflate your tires to at least 38psi. The van won't ride as nice, but the higher air pressure in your tires stiffens them up so there is less rolling resistance.

    - Run 5w30 full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is more slippery than conventional oil and not only will it protect your engine better, but it allows less internal friction which will help gas mileage.

    - This one makes the biggest difference. Drive gingerly. Don't accelerate quickly from a stop, or accelerate quickly when trying to speed up. The slower you speed up the better. The 3.5L engine in the Sedona offers nice power but at a price. When ever you are using it to get up and go it is sucking a lot of gas to move the almost 5,000 pounds. I have noticed if I make a conscious effort to be light on the gas pedal I can eek 2 or more miles a gallon on average per tank. All of these steps have gotten me to 20mpg, a mileage that other vans start at. Oh well, hopefully the next Sedona will be lighter.

    - Chad
  • plitwackplitwack Posts: 1
    June 30, 2005

    Eight days ago, we heard back immediately from Kia Head office in Korea and were given the direct email and phone numbers of their key executives responsible for Kia operations in North America (US and Canada). We emailed them and received email 'read receipts' that same day. So we knew they had opened our email in their Inbox.

    As of yesterday when no reply had been received, we wrote our original contact, the KIA Director of Worldwide Communication to ask status.

    He was embarrassed his executives had not had to courtesy to reply that Kia company policy is to leave it in the hands of the local country. (aside: if this were true 8 days ago, why wouldn't they say so then??).

    We were given a Kia Head Office representative who resides here in Toronto and we left a voice mail this morning asking for assistance.

    Instead of him calling back, someone else did - specifically referring to the call we made him

    He was direct and curt, identifying himself as 'George' the Kia CAMVAP representative and said he was proud to be involved in the Kia decision process for our car from the beginning. (aside: I wouldn't be so proud ;-)

    His sole purpose seemed to be to read a prepared statement from the company that future communications with the company would only take place at a CAMVAP arbitration hearing. He was not prepared to answer any of my questions.

    CAMVAP is the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan - a Government sponsored program set up to help consumers resolve disputes with vehicle manufacturers in a way that is fair, fast, free and final.

    So that is our next step, by their choosing.

    If anybody reading this forum has experience in preparing for a CAMVAP hearing, please do help.

    Thanks and for our many Canadian and US readers celebrating July 1st and July 4th - have a good long weekend.

    ... Paul
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202

    You can pay Kia a few $ and get access to their Sedona mechanics manual at However, remember the 60 K service also includes a new timing chain/belt, as I recall. Good discussion on this previously, and it looks to be pretty hard for us shade tree mechanics. I'm sure Kiatech will weigh in here soon.

    Lots of impacters on gas mileage as stated...stop and go on a heavy vehicle is a killer. I store one of my seats using a bicycle hoist I purchased at Target...avail from others as well. Basically, it is set up on a window blinds hoist so I can raise it to the ceiling of the garage (finished garage) when I don't need it, and lower it/install when I do. I keep the seat stored in a large plastic bag while in the garage. Tire inflation is critical, as is make/type of tire, as already pointed out. The 60k service also includes new plugs.
  • Have not been on for a bit. Two points come to mind:

    1- Kiatech is giving us fantastic info...THANK YOU :D

    2- As to the fires...those pictures were very sobering.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202

    As I recall, the battery is excluded from the 5 yr warantee, just like light bulbs. I'm away from home on travel now, but I do remember a lot of discussion about Kia OEM batteries only lasting 1-2 yrs, so you did well.

    When mine goes out, I intend to get the biggest battery (cold cranking power) I can find that fits.

    FYI, I bought a trickle charger that desulfates a battery at Northern tools ~$45. If it works as advertised, it will remove the sulphur coating on the plates that kills the battery ultimately. I leave it attached to my pickup that only gets driven on the occasional weekend. Did it earlier this year. Sort of a test project. My OEM battery in my '97 Ford F150 (purchased in '96) is still going strong (max life is supposed to be ~5 yrs) so thought I'd see just how much life I can get out of it, just for fun...might be a sea story in there somewhere.

    v/r JC
  • wanteconwantecon Posts: 11
    Regarding problem #4, It won't matter which gas station you go to. The problem is in the design of the filler neck in the van. It is too long and the gas pump thus, senses it's filled far before it really is. My Sedona usually tops off about 4.5 gallons after the pump automatically shuts off. My real problem is the horrible mileage. Last tank was only 12.57 mpg. Rated for 16/23 . Have never gotten anywhere near 16 in the city. Usually arond 13 and highest on highway with very, very light foot on the gas pedal was 17.49 in the fall w/o running any AC. Just horrible numbers. Also, we will soon be having the warranty cover the second replacement of the WARPED front brake rotors. But mainly, the economy is horrible. My next door neighbors Ford Excursion is getting better mpg's. Very dissappointing, indeed.
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