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Toyota Tacoma Real World MPG Numbers



  • theguytheguy Posts: 16
    Basicly acts as over drive less rpms when on the highway cruising in 6th thats why they got it there. Helps with fuel aswell. Also how new is your truck because if it is brand new give it some time to break in. You will always get the worst when its new. I hope that helps and I hope it improves for you I get mine tommorow 4by4 crew red loaded trd in stick and your numbers are scaring me i get those mpg with my 350 98 silverado.
  • nstg8rnstg8r Posts: 18
    Wow, I'm impressed at how much you guys are getting per gallon. I have 05 Tacoma 4x4 Access Cab 6spd TRD Sport Pk #2 and I'm only averaging 15 mpg. I guess I just might be driving too fast. By the way, I only use 91 octane, cant see why people would use 87 octane in this awesome 245 hp motor. Maybe if I go synthetic it might change for me. But not till 10,000k for me. I'm waiting for my seals and gaskets to settle in first.
  • Aloha this is hawaiianbob; I have a 1998 Ext. Cab V-6 190hp + and I average 25 to 27 MPG on the Freeway and in town. I try not to go over the Speed Limit as much as Possible. My Truck is a 4X2 with a Cover on the bed. tThid REALLY HELPS your gas Mileage. Here in Hawaii we PAY 2.27 JUST for 87 Octane!

    I think if you keep your foot off the gas a little you might get a little beter gas mileage. I also Hardly use 2nd Gear. I use 1ST, 3RD, 5TH, works Great, Pleanty of Power. Got only 54,000mi. on it so far.

  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    Here in Hawaii we PAY 2.27 JUST for 87 Octane!

    We pay that here in CT, as well. :cry:
  • swschultswschult Posts: 3
    FWIW: I have the 2005 double cab w/auto trans, 4x4, TRD package. EPA sticker is 17/21 MPG, and on a long trip I actually did get around 20-21 MPG. On short trips, I get about 15-17 MPG. So on balance, I'm not too far below the EPA estimates. I have 3,500 miles on it, and possibly the mileage will improve after full break-in.
  • theguytheguy Posts: 16
    Just got her 2005 double cab 6sp filled her up and boy shes a gas pig I drove 140 km and burned a quarter of a tank of gas. I will have to see what happens once it breaks in I hope it does better than this other than that i love the truck but man fuel prices are nuts and i drive 130 km to work every day we shall have to see. Also i was wonder can there realy be that much of a dif with gas i mean my 350 silverado does fine on reg and so does the tundra and there the same motor also the 8 cyl in the tundra is reg too doesnt make much sense to me. My only prob is its a small truck that drinks gas like a big one if i new this i would have bought a full size.
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    My numbers are good. I also drive alone, no load, and have a real light foot.
    Filled up three times, the tank was:
    Half full
    Quarter tank left
    I got 24, 26, and 27mpg. Maybe 75% freeway/Hiway, at most.
  • theguytheguy Posts: 16
    Is your truck a trd with a 6 and what kind of fuel are you using the numbers your puting up seem to good to be true especially if its a new truck. Please let me in on any of yoursecrets lol.
  • aloha This is Hawaiianbob; I have a 1998 4x2 Sr5 V6 3.4L close too 200HP with my Intake Mod. This is a 5 Sped EXT CAB. In Hawaii We use our Air all the time. My average for town and Freeway is 27+ MPH. I Never go over the Speed limit unles I Really Need to. I mostly Use 1st., 3rd, and 5th. The truck has enough torque even for passing on the freeway with out shifting to a lower gear. I have 54,000MI. on it and and I use MOBIL 1 5X30W. This 3.4 Really Goes like a V8. I also Upgrated to Bigger tires BG GOODRICH TA RADIALS WHITE LETTERS. I aldo got Stainless Wheel moldings, hood debuger and window debuggar. IALSO HAVE A TRICK FOR YOU GUYS: Try to PUT ON A TONNUE COVER, This Really increases the MPG, because of the Windflow off the cabin. I also have a few more things the Intale Modification Also LET THE ENGINE BREATH ALOT BETTER. MAY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST TRUELY BLESS ALL US TRUCK DRIVERS, INDEED. ALOHA Hawaiianbob GAS is $2.37 REG.
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    Not sure if you mean me, as Reg cab only comes with a 4 banger. Don't mean to get too serious on you... Mine's a bottom of the line 4x2 4AT, not a 4x4 or Prerunner.
    My 2001 in the same trim, with a manual tranny, over 78,000 miles got 26mpg in mixed driving, 28mpg with more freeway, and 24mpg with less (much less) freeway/hiway driving. The 2005 is much more vehicle! I was expecting 26mpg+ overall with the Vvti when I bought, so am happy so far.
    The seat back just above my left bun looks to have a bit of a fray already, don't know what would cause it, unless it was there right out of the gate. Also, the plastic on the top of the door panels looks to be easy to scratch. The 2001 seemed a bit better in those two areas, but too soon to tell.
    Back to the 2005, 1,150 miles, haven't seen 3,000 rpm's yet. Use 87 octane.
  • sillymesillyme Posts: 4
    On my 05 Tacoma reg. cab 2.7 5 speed I'm getting from 22 to 24 around town and on a highway trip i got just below 30 MPG. and the truck only has 1000 miles on it so far. Now if I could only find a way to slow the cold idle down! The darn thing goes to 2000 plus RPM when I start it. It does slow down after about a mile. The Dealer says its normal. Anyone else find this to be the case?
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    I have the same, except with an Automatic tranny. It goes to 1,800 - 2,000 on cold start, but goes to 800 rpm as soon as you put it in Reverse with the brake on. Stays there, or within 100 rpm or so, until I get to the end of the street, about 1/2 mile. Then like normal. Took off from work forward instead of reverse, and it also doesn't keep revving. As soon as it goes into gear it slows down. Will see what happens in Winter.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    2005 2.7L 5-speed manual 4x2 access cab and I two hate the cold start idle. If I leave it in first or second, it will take off. I basically have to use the clutch to modulate the speed or shift in, let it speed up, push in clutch and use brakes to slow back down. Annoying as I'm sure it is for emmissions control. Probably to warm up the cat. as fast as possible.

    Just an update, but on my same driving route as my previous updates, I got 22 MPG. Now just .5 to 1 MPG below what I was getting with my 5-door Focus hatchback. Still only around 3000 miles on the odometer. 87 octane gas as always.
  • deepred300deepred300 Posts: 15
    I've filled up three times so far.

    First tank was 1/3 highway (70 mph), 2/3 city. Averaged 18.5 mpg.

    Second tank was all city. Averaged 19.3 mpg.

    Third tank was 1/3 highway (70 - 75 mph), 2/3 city. Averaged 20.0 mpg.

    I live in St. Louis and we have a special EPA blend. I use 87 octane gas.

    I did put a hard cover on the truck sometime during the second tank.

    The TRD Sport has 17" wheels if that makes a difference. I also don't drive with a a heavy foot. I notice some people wondering why anyone would put 87 octane into a 240 hp truck. That explains why they are getting 15 - 16 mpg right there. Not the gas difference, but the way one drives. I enjoy the hp, but don't feel the need to drag race from red lights.

  • sillymesillyme Posts: 4
    I have a 05 reg. cab, 2.7 L 5 speed. I only have about 1300 miles on it and I'm getting about 24 mpg in the city and almost 30 hwy. on 87 gas. I just wish it didnt rev up so much when cold! Over 2000 rpm for the first 1/2 mile or so. Makes it a real adventure getting out of the driveway without running over someone! The dealer says its normal...
  • guidogguidog Posts: 8
    what do you mean by, "that explains why they are getting 15-16 mpg right there.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    my same info/route as my previous posts:

    Last fillup was 21.5 MPG. About 3,000 miles on the truck.
  • aztechianaztechian Posts: 31

    Here in Hawaii we PAY 2.27 JUST for 87 Octane!

    We pay that here in CT, as well.

    Wouldn't that be nice... San Diego is ~2.40
  • ronc2ronc2 Posts: 8
    2005 Impulse Red Access Cab
    Man Tranny
    87 Octane only
    5025 miles
    I was getting 18 when I first got it. Right after 2500 miles the GPM went to 20 and stayed there. My drive is 80 miles round trip to work with a mild mix of city driving. Now I am up to 22.5-23 MPG (after 4000 miles). It seems like it keeps getting better and better every time I fill up. Great truck. No chips or strange chirps just a nice shopping cart induced dent on rear access door, hoping to get it fixed. I was thinking of a cold air induction system, would that help the 2.7? If so where can I find one (or instructions to make my own? How about any other mods to kick up the MPG? Thanks...
  • badpig521badpig521 Posts: 5
    San Antonio, TX we are @ $1.88 for 87 Octane
  • aztechianaztechian Posts: 31
    Hmmm, I have the tow package... Think I'll get myself a tanker and drive to texas for gas :D
  • badpig521badpig521 Posts: 5
    Just like the weather, it will not last long.

    I just purchased my 2005 Prerunner May 9th. Auto w/ the 4.0 liter, so I have not been able to check the MPG just yet. It has to be better than the 97 Lincoln Town Car I traded in for it. :)
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    just filled up today, got 20.19 mpg using 89 using a/c much of the time since last filled up, 206 miles on 10.2 gallons, seems to be getting better each time i fill up, so it seems a/c bears no difference in the mileage at least my taco, has anybody see a big difference in the mpg using a/c?
  • neonwaterneonwater Posts: 4
    I have a 1994 PU, regular cab, 5-speed. I get 29.5 to 32mpg. I use an Amsoil air filter and the cat-back exhaust was replaced (due to rust) with 2.25 pipe and a Dynomax muffler. Nothing else is modified. To get 32mpg, I take it slow and coast when I can. Otherwise it's about 2/3 freeway driving at 70-80 mph. This is in southern California.
  • deepred300deepred300 Posts: 15
    >>>>what do you mean by, "that explains why they are getting 15-16 mpg right there.

    What I meant was that folks that purchase higher octane gas for the sole purpose of more horsepowe and jumping off the line are much more inclinded to get lower mileage.

    There is nothing wrong with that. And folks can purchase whatever octane they want.

    The point was just that driving style can play a major role in your gas mileage.

  • almkaalmka Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the gas issue resolved? I am dealing with the same thing. Lucky if I get 15 MPG. Tacoma double cab 6 cylinder. Just curious if there is a problem with the car and that is why the milage is poor.
  • boesman1boesman1 Posts: 47
    Just got my new 05 DC TRD SR5 long bed and I must say the MPG has been somewhat disappointing....coming in about 15 mixed city/hwy...hoping for improvement after break in period. Either way I rolled out of a Ford F250 5.4L which on a good day only got 10/11 MPG so I am still 50% ahead of the game and expecting better as time goes on...aside from that the truck is a real looker and I am overall happy with the choice ...I had left a deposit on a Ford Sport Trac loaded (adrenalin) and this truck blows it away in overall looks, function and design/build quality not to mention re-sale value 4 - 6 years out.
  • steveh427steveh427 Posts: 25
    Just went through my first tank of gas on my new Taco. Dealer filled it up on delivery and of course filled it full with 89 octane. Filled it up today and calculated 20.56 MPG! I drove about 65/35 Hwy/city. If mileage gets better as it breaks in, that'll be even better.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Has anybody tried one of those fuel magnet things that fits around your fuel line and supposedly "alligns" the molecules and makes the fuel burn better, which increases your MPG? I've seen some on Ebay, and most of the sellers of these products have positive feedback.

    I'm not into gimmicks, but I'm curious about this one. :confuse:
  • ardvarkardvark Posts: 4
    i saw on CNN or some other new show that those things are a gimmick --
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