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Toyota Tacoma Real World MPG Numbers



  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    First tank of regular gas - well, 2/3 regular, the rest was premium - got 21.83 MPG

    2005 DC LB, 4x4, Auto - mixed local highway and city. Florida


    p.s. Gas has come down here a ton in the last week. Regular was up in the 3.10 to 3.20 range just a week ago, down to 2.60 to 2.70.
  • 3tacoma3tacoma Posts: 15
    05, Double Cab, 4x4, Short Bed

    13,400 miles

    19.4 average

    Best mileage 23.9 (100% Highway)
    Worst mileage 15.9 (100% City)
    87 Octane Only
    My tank has never seen Premium or +. Whoever is putting premium or plus in their tank at the current prices must be retarted.
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    I may be retarded, or simply curious, but I can spell it right.


  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    The Mazda B3000 that the Tacoma is replacing ran significantly better on premium by the way, the Tacoma did not seem nearly as sensitive to the lower octane...

    The B3000 goes away Tuesday.


    I am going to miss it - 117,000 miles of minimal trouble...

  • Ok I finally hit the 18mpg mark that was driving so slow that I could barely stay awake. :sick:
    Keep it under 2200rpm about 60mph. Just do think I can get use to that, so I better get to work and not be playing on this computer.
  • Hello,

    I purchased a new 4 banger 2005 5-speed stick tacoma in July '05 and started out getting a solid 25 mpg on rural roads and highways (typically 2000-2500 rpm). Trips up and down Mass. Pike gave close to 27 mpg. After about 3,500 miles mpg started dropping to below 23 mpg and last tank yesterday (at ~5,500 miles) indicated about 21-22 mpg.

    Do you folks know what gives? One station here does run 10% ethanol in the regular graded gas I run but I was using before, during earlier, higher mileage intervals. I thought mileage might improve after "break in". I have been driving it like a granny with light loads and meticulous shifting. etc.

    Not sure why good mpg's declining??

    Thanks for the real interesting forum here!

    Aloha (wayward islander now living in western MA)

    Aloha (wayward islander now living in western MA
  • "I purchased a new 4 banger 2005 5-speed stick tacoma in July '05 and started out getting a solid 25 mpg on rural roads and highways (typically 2000-2500 rpm). Trips up and down Mass. Pike gave close to 27 mpg. After about 3,500 miles mpg started dropping to below 23 mpg and last tank yesterday (at ~5,500 miles) indicated about 21-22 mpg."

    The Northeastern regional gas blends are back? After the Gulf coast got creamed, regional blends were suspended. My mileage noticably increased with better gas.

    If your driving habits haven't changed, and you've actually established that the truck doesn't have a problem, I'll bet it's the gas. Have you checked your tire pressure as the temperature dropped?

    21-22 does sound a bit low, however. My TRD V6 4x4 6speed gets ~20 on highway runs, and ~17 in-town.
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Damn, like a ghost town in here..perfect for Halloween!

    I have an Off-Road 4x4 / V6 / 6M. Have about 10,600 mi. on the truck. He broken in just fine!! If I run highway only, I can pull maybe 20 mpg. Mix in some city drivin' w/ that (50/50), gonna be about 17/18. Don't wanna talk about all city. I probably could do better, but my foot won't let me!! I don't record every fill, just every so often for a guide.

    I knew was I was gettin' when I bought this truck. Funny thing, it gets the same mileage as my old Nissan p/u with the Z24 twin spark engine.( no jab @ Nissan here)

    That technology for ya!
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    I have noticed that my taco gets about 20mpg going home for holidays going up hill, although it doesn't seem like up hill, but then on the way back i get 23mpg so i came to the conclusion that it is up/downhill, for example going there it takes me 1/2 tank to go 155 miles but on the way back it only takes me 1/3 tank to go the same amount of miles( I get gas at the same station everytime) but still love my taco after 12000 miles :)
  • woofwoof Posts: 27
    I'm waiting for my '06 PreRunner V6 and am curious about what the MPG will be. This will be my 4th Toyota; one thing that I've noticed with the first three is that they take a long time to break in. Gas mileage goes up over time. So far, measured values:
    '03 RAV: 24 to 31 MPG (2wd)
    '95 T100: 20 to 25 MPG--better than rating; I note that the older vehicles often beat their ratings (3.4 V6 2wd)
    '87 Truck, 22R engine: 27 to 31 MPG (2wd)
    and now some non-Toyotas that amaze me:
    '05 Chevy Silverado with 4.8 V8: 21MPG (2wd) this is better than the 4.7 V8 in the Tundra which is lighter and smaller, go figure. The push rod V8, with less moving parts appears to be more efficient.
    '02 VW TDi: 47 to 51 MPG, I love it!
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    My Tacoma Double Cab, 4x4, Long bed has so far (only have under 3000 miles on it) been pretty consistent at 21.5 mpg in mostly semi-city traffic.

    Just this afternoon I filled up after going 391.5 miles with 18.17 gallons - it was my first time to see the gas light come on.

    To the community - where does your light come on, in terms of gallons left?

  • ctrlctrl Posts: 4
    4 Cylinder 05 Prerunner 5 speed manual 2wd 9200ml constantly 26-28mpg on 87 octane.
  • woofwoof Posts: 27
    Sounds like the 4 cylinders really do great on gas...
    I'm anxious to hear more about the 4.0 V6. What grade of fuel are you using? I understand that Toyota says to use Premium for best performance--is this necessary? Does it affect mileage?

    (I'm especially curious as my '05 Chevy Silverado V8 is getting 19 - 22 MPG on regular. And this big boy weighs around 5000 lbs, much more than a Tacoma, probably even more than a Tundra.)
  • I have a 2005 Tacoma 4X4 double cab V6 6 speed manual tran, TRD sport truck. Have 6300 miles, drive mostly in the city and average only 15 mpg. Took a recent trip and on highway 70mph, with cruise set still only got 15 mpg. Curious as to why milage did not increase, used regular/hi-test gas no difference. Pulled a 8 ft flat bed trailer hauling motorcycle on trip back. Gas mileage dropped to 12-13mpg. Owned a 89 toyota truck and 02 tacoma both 4X4 extra cabs v6 standards with cruise set and 70 mph always average 20-23mpg.
  • Out of curiosity, what tire pressure are you running, on what tires?

  • 35 psi on BFG All Terrain 265/70/R17
  • I have a 05 Tacoma TRD off road package #2 w 6 speed manual/ 6 cylinder. Love the truck but I'm only getting ~ 17 highway and ~15-16 mixed.

    At 65 mph in 6th I'm turning right approximately 2500 RPM, and I'm curious to know if that is typical for those with other drivetrains - TRD sport and/or automatic.

    It seems to me that the final drive ratio could be tweaked to reduce the RPM at cruising speed and increase MPG significantly. My reasoning is that the motor is barely being taxed at 65 MPH and, it seems, it could easily carry the same load at around 2000 RPM or less, which I suspect would increase MPG to 20+ (as advertised).

    So if people with other drive trains would post their RPM/MPH we could look at the results and see if tweaking the final drive ratio is a reasonable way to maximize MPG.


  • Dcraig, my 6spd Dcab TRD Sport turns 2500 at 70. My gears and even the diameter of my 17" tires are the same as your 16" tires, interesting... Is your truck new? my mileage sucked when new. Now I get sticker or better w/ no problem. I also use full syn oil. The auto turns at least 200 rpm less at highway speed due to its higher final gear. Over 65 the auto pulls 1-2 mpg better, below that I think its up to driving habits.
  • Hello All, I'm new to the board. I've looked around these discussions concerning the fuel mileage folks are experiencing with the 4.7L V8 Tundra Crew Cab and haven't found anything specific to my question, so here goes...

    I'll soon (within the week) be buying an 05 Tundra Crew Cab with the V8. Does anyone own this model and have some real fuel mileage data they'd care to share?

    Thanks in advance
  • Thanks for replying. After reading your post I took a closer look and at 65 it's just below 25, closer to 24. At 70 it's 2500 so it looks like the final drive ratio is the same. My truck is a few months old, just coming up on 5,000 miles.

    About when did you start noticing gains in mileage? The local service rep told me I should see it by 10,000 miles. I've only noticed a slight improvement in highway mileage, I think it was due to the shell.


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