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Toyota Tacoma Real World MPG Numbers



  • I checked out the site. I see where you are getting those MPG expectations from.

    They use imperial gallons to do the conversion:

    They have: 15.0 City/10.9 Highway Liters per 100 Km and translate that to 19/26 Miles per Imperial Gallon

    Conversion in US Gallons should be:

    100 KM * 1 Mile * 1 Liter
    15 Liters * 1.609 KM * 0.2642 Gallon
    = 15.683 City

    100 KM * 1 Mile * 1 Liter
    10.9 Liters * 1.609 KM * 0.2642 Gallon
    = 21.582 Highway

    So the question is, are you posting your MPG using US or imperial gallons?
  • Miles - 400.8
    US Gallons - 17.8
    Mileage - 22.51

    2005 Double cab 4x4, V6, Auto, Premium

    I have about 8,000 miles on it. I have a cap on it now. I live in the Florida panhandle.

  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    I'm looking at a new Taco Double cab, 2WD; do you guys run
    regular gas? I don't want a vehicle that requires premium or
    even mid-grade gas. My Dakota V8 runs great on regular.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    As you'll find in a number of strings, the 2005/2006 runs fine under most conditions on "regular" gasoline. I've burned 87 octane almost exclusively for 8900 miles.
    The timing will retune to get the most while avoiding knock regardless of octane you choose. The reference to the higher octane fuel in the literature is because it will retune due to the higher knock resistance and produce a bit more horsepower (or mpg if you don't demand everything it's got) if you use higher octane. However, I've not seen sufficient improvement in mpg to warrant the add'l cost per gallong for premium fuel.
  • Anybody know how I can get the codes from a 95 Tacoma. There is a small black diagnosis box on top of the engine. This is a V6 4WD. Thanks if you can help.

    ToyotaTom :shades:
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    This is my mileage for the first few tanks of gas:

    2006 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x2 V6 Auto
    TRD Offroad Package
    Tow Package
    Canvas cover over the bed

    50 mile round trip daily commute, Tampa, FL
    60/40 city/highway driving

    first tank / burned premium unleaded : 20.74 MPG
    second tank / burned regular unleaded : 21.54 MPG

    fasest on the highway was 70 mph at 2000 rpm.....
    no jack rabbit starts.....kept rpm's under 2000 most of the time......punched it a few times to merge or to pass grandma.....

    Not bad MPG so far....if it stays the same I'm a happy camper!
  • smokey888smokey888 Posts: 16
    Man, after reading some of your postings I must have did something very wrong. First of all, I admit to not having paid much attention to this thus-far and I haven't calculated my MPG much at all; but I thought I calculated 13.668 MPG on the open flat road and I about freaked.

    It was regular gas / IL
    I have a Taco Prerunner Acc Cab 4x2 V6, automatic
    2005 yr
    6500 miles running syn. oil (just recently).
    This run of 100 miles was mostly on cruse control but very
    flat road.

    I recall the tac was around 2.

    I have since looked into the size of my rear end, it appears to be (Gear Ratio) 3.727. The nice lady at Toyota very sternly told me, "any changes would be a modification and may void your warranty" -- I tried and tried to explain to her that I'm sure other size gear/ratio's are installed which only got a rerun of the above " ". Ha, Any way, I will check this mileage much closer over the next week or so and report back; but 13.668 an't to good folks. I immediately cleared all trip monitors in case I made a misstake and have about 60 miles on one now, when it gets to 100 (city driving this time) I'll check it again. Hopefully, I made some kind of error!!
  • I am looking to buy new Prerunner Acc Cab with a 4 cyl. 5-speed. What MPG can I expect? I know it only comes with a 4:10 rear end. That must hurt the mileage. I drive mostly hwy.
  • smokey888smokey888 Posts: 16
    '05 Taco V6 Auto 4x2 PreRn'r GAS MILAGE
    I think it's the 4.OL engine (it is a V6)

    Milage: 6500

    MPG: between 13.8 & 14.8 (18 on the sticker) and a good part of this was some distance driving.

    Is engine still breaking in?

    Besides do the usual change air filter, keep tires correct inflation; can't I sue?

    I was originally told to burn Regular, now the more expensive stuff - haven't done this yet or much of anything yet, except clean my shotguns.
  • ogre01ogre01 Posts: 15
    I have a '06 4.0L 4x2 DC LB PreRunner. I'm getting about 18.5 on mixed highway and city driving. Highway I cruise around 70 MPH but around town, occasionally, there are the quick accels from red lights to grab a needed lane or etc. When I did a pure highway drive, around 350 mile run, I get around 22 to 23 MPG. Able to get there with plenty left for some mixed driving before gassing up again. I do have a cab high truck topper but I got 22 even before that got put on though. My current total mileage is 3700 and all on regular.

    I've read about the truck computer learning your driving style, perhaps it's been set wrong and needs a reset? Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable people here will chime in to help you out.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Engine breakin- probably, though most of the improvement should be there by now. My 2004 4 cyl improved some all the way to 9k miles, but the bulk was in the first 7500.

    Lawsuit?- You can file suit for almost anything against almost anybody, but winning... that's another story. Possibly, a lawyer would have to advise you as to whether you have recourse beyond lemon laws. Even so, I think you would have to prove that the vehicle is defective or doesn't meet claims, and that the mfr and dealer were unable or unwilling to solve the problem(s).
    I don't know that your mileage (14.3 median) is so far off that an argument couldn't be made regarding driving style and conditions. Where you drive (terrain, wind, etc), the loads you carry, and how you drive make a big difference. My wife generally gets 2 to 4 mpg lower mpg than I do, depending on which vehicle and whether highway or city. (bigger difference in highway). She is not an agressive driver, but I've not been able to convince her that it is not necessary to have a foot on a pedal. She doesn't anticipate a signal turning red, or coast to a stop sign -she drives right up to it and stops. Like a lot of folks that learned to drive during the gas-crunch of the early 1970s, out of habit, I take my foot off the accelerator some distance from an intersection if I see the light is yellow or red, if I'm approaching a stop sign some distance away, or if it's a signal I'm familiar with and I see it's been green for a long time. I allow engine braking to deccelerate the vehicle, using the brakes only to assist and trigger the transmission logic that many new vehicles have. I actually accelerate more rapidly than my wife does. (In fact, accelerating too slowly can be more wastefull than moderate acceleration.) My double cab prerunner gets 17mpg in city running AC or defog most of the time. Highway I get 22/23. (towing my 1500 lb sailboat, which is a big wind drag, I get city mileage on the highway.)

    I'm not saying that you drive like my wife, but I'm saying that given these differences exist, you would have to show that they aren't the reason for your numbers being lower than you expect.

    If you're driving nothing but highway miles, and if you had records showing how the mileage you've achieved on other vehicles you owned have approached the EPA estimates for those vehicles, then you may have something. If you drive mostly in city or hilly terrain, carrying a lot of weight, or have a tendency to use your brakes a lot, your position is weaker.

    You might check the brakes to see if they are dragging more than they should, but that's a bit of a long shot.
    (Keep in mind that disc brakes always have the pads in close proximity to the disk, and generally rub slightly.)
  • smokey888smokey888 Posts: 16
    Just took the V6, 4x2, automatic out on the highway yesterday. Filled up at pump #10 (which is only pump I'm using to check this, I let pump click off then that's it, each time), didn't have any elephants loaded up, my trip was 153.8 miles, most all of it is flat with only a few mediocure hills. Does have one good 1/4 mile hill and there was one flat area of 5 miles where I pushed it up to 90mp/h just to vary the rpm's a bit; but the greater majority of at least a good 130 miles was flat and at about 60mph. Also, I bumped up the grade of fuel from regualar to the next grade up for 1/4th of tank. The results:

    15.25 miles per gallon (153.8 miles divided by 10.081gals) w/ 7000 miles on the engine.

    This open road running, except for about 20 miles of city driving in this run, most of it in cruse-control on open road. Only three stop lights the whole time each way, (6 total). Only pushed it up once, on the way there and had it at 90 less than 30 seconds, then coasted it back down to the 60 mark.

    This doesn't even meet the City Driving sticker of 18.

    I don't know. I'll run this tank down to near empty and will use the highest grade of fuel next time. I'm positive my friendly salesperson said regular.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    Just curious what is the curb weight of your Taco?
  • What kind of MPG are you getting with a 4 cyl. Prerunner, 5 spd.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    2005 TRD Off Road 4X4 4 door V6 6 speed manual. Just shy of 10K on the odometer. Have an average of right at 16. Have went as low as 13.2 (only 40 miles between fill up, so not real accurate) to highs of 18.5 and 18.8. Both highs were in the first 2 weeks I owned it, but were also the only times I have gone more than 20 miles from home. Probably safe to say that my city driving is close to 95%. I plan a trip of about 1050 each way next month, and hope to have my ScanGauge hooked up this week to monitor fuel usage during the trip. Gonna run the gammet from 60 to 90MPH (gotta love Montana) to see exactly where is best, but for the most part, if 60 is looking best, that is where I may be running due to gas prices. Well, maybe 70.... Considering the truck had under 1K on it the last time I did serious highway driving, hopefully I can beat 21 on this trip.
  • smokey888smokey888 Posts: 16
    "Just curious what is the curb weight of your Taco?"

    With or without the elephant in the back?

  • waiwai Posts: 327
  • Same truck as you, with 17k in 17 months. Low of 13.5 in dead winter -20 F temps, to several highs of 21 - 21.5 mpg on long summer trips. Overall, still about sticker of 16/20, little less in winter. Even 2 weeks back pulled 20 mpg on long mtn trip loaded with 1000 lbs of gear.

    Let us know your scan gauge results. Bet your mileage is best around 55-60. it starts to drop after 65, and moreso after 70 with the higher reving 6spd.
  • nienhnienh Posts: 3
    Somewhat on the same topic, but I am thinking about buying a 98 tacoma 4X4 2.7 5 speed regular cab. What kind of mileage can I expect? Also this truck has 31's on it. what size tire did it come with stock. How much will the 31's affect mileage?
  • nienhnienh Posts: 3
    Can anybody tell me what to expect in real world numbers for mileage on a 1998 tacoma 4X4 2.7 5 speed? It is a regular cab. It also has 31's on it.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    I missed mention of whether you have reg, access, or double cab, but assume it's reg or access.

    Your method of metering fuel (using the same pump to one click) is about as good as anyone can do without actually measuring the volume consumed with a totalizing flow meter.
    15.26 mpg would be correct (4 significant figs, rounded)

    I would say you should carefully document what you're getting, noting how you get it, etc. A few points to keep in mind:

    I hate to sound like a "speed prude" but "90mp/h just to vary the rpm's a bit" doesn't sound like conservative driving. Not to debate speed, but that's not consistent with the conservative driving style that will get you the best fuel economy. Wind drag is roughly proportional to the square of your speed. at 90mph vs 70, your wind drag is 65% higher. (Wind drag at 90 will be nearly double the drag at 65.) You note that it was only over a 5mile stretch (so only 3 1/4% of the dist driven), but a conservative driver may vary rpm at speeds from 30 to 70.
    (Don't shoot the msngr, I'm just giving you feedback.)

    Even so, if you have an access cab or reg cab, I would think you could have gotten better than 15.26mpg. But if you want to make your case, you'll have to show that even conservative driving will not get close. (You can bet EPA estimates don't include any 90mph, and are done near the most efficient acceleration rates.)

    Absent a ScanGage, try being as conservative as possible, and log the driving conditions, area, etc, as well as the details of your method of metering fuel.

    again, if you havent checked brakes etc, that may be a good thing to do.

    good luck
  • benzy1benzy1 Posts: 11
    I drove a 2000 2wd 4Runner with the same 2.7 liter 5-spd and got a consistant 20.5 to 21.0 mpg (Bay Area city/freeway driving). 24+ on the way back to Tahoe.

    I don't drive like a grandma either. This (IMO) is the major benefit of a 4cyl engine, that driver variables dont seem to effect gas mileage as they do with 6cyl engines. The 2.7 L is a rock, and still drove like the day I bought it 123K miles later.
  • smokey888smokey888 Posts: 16
    Well, as you can imagine, an awful lot of this depends on what he ate for breakfast which I'm sure you're extremely interested in the more finer details of this problem.

    Shall we delve into some of his varied eating habits? Why sure, I would love too said the racoon to the post. Lets say he ate 300lbs of freshly cut grass or in this case, un-cut would digest in almost the same manner but ... how about 8000lbs, I'm pretty sure that's what the registration said today that came with the new lic. plates.
  • smokey888smokey888 Posts: 16
    Thanks for the suggestions. Ha, about the 90MPH, I thought I explained that I only did this for a very short time -- less than 30 seconds at that speed. The reason I did it, is that my truck gets mainly city driving, well not even 'city', but more like a slow neighborhood for weeks at a time (except the two trips I checked milage on the open road as reported here) so , I really thought it would be good to bring it up to 90 for a short time, it has 7000 miles on it now, just to give the egine some stretching room. I have already been very conservative with this engine in the other 6997 miles.

    But ok, lets say this engine continues like this. Do I have any recourse of any kind, down to what else could they do mechanically to the engine.

    But I will start documentation and include some 100% pure conservative driving trips:)
  • zdmazdma Posts: 6
    I got same situation. My 05 Prerunner DD has 4000 miles. And my first calculation was 11~13 city MPG (on flat road, no-heavy-traffic small city).

    Same as you, I'm gonna check it again to make sure if I need to send it to dealer.
  • zdmazdma Posts: 6
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    My 2005 Tacoma D/C L/B 4X4 V6 5spd auto with 11,000 miles averages 20.3 mpg in mixed driving.(U.S. Gal.)
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    5/7/2006 I own a 2004 v6 Tacoma TRD auto and got 22.46mpg US in all around driving scenarios. I am running Amsoil severve gear 75w90 in axles and transfer case,changed over to Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 in engine,TRD freeflow air filter,and just recently changed spark plugs replaced stock with Denso Double Platinum(twin ground electrode laser platinum)these made a considerable difference in hill climbing power and smoooth drivability over stockers. I highly recommend them you can get them Underdog Racing Developement at the best reasonable price available bout $5 per plug,more than stockers less than Iridium they perform great. I hope all this performance isnt just a flash in the pan.
  • havokhavok Posts: 18
    When you guys drive in 2WD Mode do you get the same numbers as say a PreRunner 4x2? Do you see significant gas savings when driving 2WD vs 4WD, because I assume many of you mostly leave it in 2WD mode. I just don't want to regret not getting a 4WD later on.
  • bc02svtbc02svt Posts: 3
    I have an 06 Tacoma TRD ORd Double Cab 4 X 2. Just turned 4000 miles. Mileage is great! Never below 20 except when towing. Mostly 20.5 to 21. I read on Toyota forums that 6 speeds are not doing nearly as well......4x4's with 5 speed automatics are about 1mpg lower than mine, most likely due to the extra weight. Be sure to check your VIN # to avoid the "ticking" problem that has plagued the V6 in 05's and some early 06's. There is a TSB on this--noisy injectors which Toyota claims is due to faulty exhaust manifolds. They will replace them under warranty. Also check for "shaking or vibration" particularly around 20mph.
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