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Toyota Tacoma Real World MPG Numbers



  • Manual states Minimum 87 Octane Required, 91 Octane Recommended. I will post a shot of the exact page later tonight. I've been meaning to do this for the Frontier versus Tacoma thread anyway, along with a picture of someone beating a dead horse with a stick...
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    These are the three pages I found in a quick search that specifically state the octane rating requirements for the 1GR-FE V6 engine that is one of the two '05+ model powerplant options for the Tacoma. The other listed engine, the 2TR-FE is the I4 model.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    outstanding post!!!
    Thanks allot......I assume you have an 05 Taco DC correct?
    I guess my next question would be.....has anybody done any comparisons as to performance and MPG differences in using 87 & 91 octane?
    I'm getting ready to retire from the Military and move back to South Dakota and am looking into getting a 06 Taco's snow country up there....I know there is only a few of us South Dakotan's around and would love to hear from anybody up in that neck of the woods...been 22 years since I lived!!! how time flies when your having fun!!!
    Thanks in advance to all that respond!!!!
  • '05 Access Cab V6 6 Speed Manual 4x4. I've been playing around with a mileage calculator spreadsheet I made and I am currently getting ~16MPG with 90% city driving (2400mi on the odo now). The last all highway trip I made was when the truck had less than 1000mi on the odo (had to go show her off to my dad 400 miles away...) and I maxed at 18.1MPG for a couple of tanks. Highway has probably gone up a bit now that she is more broken in, I know that city has. I was only getting ~14MPG city for the first 1500 or so miles. I have been tracking it and octane rating has made an extremely small difference in mileage, if any (small changes could just be how much I put my foot into it during that tank), over the last 3 months. If this behaves anything like any of the other Toyotas that I have seen or owned I expect the MPG numbers to continue to climb as the drive train breaks in even more.
  • dew60dew60 Posts: 1
    This includes myself - No one seems to be satisfied with their MPG in their Toy Tacoma. The question is WHAT CAN WE DO TO IMPROVE THE MPG of our V6 Tacoma?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    drop it down too 2000rpms and you will se close to 20mpgs,that what did in my Nissan, its not to bad once you get used to driving slow,or at least till gas comes down,its now $2.80 in NEW JERSEY.

  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    This tank - I went 280 miles on 12.6 gallons of premium. 22.2 MPG.

    2005 V6 DC, Tow Package, Dunlops, Warm temps, air conditioning.

    I seldom peak much over 2000 RPM - in town I get in a groove of going about 40 at about 1000 RPM.

    I have about 1600 miles on it.

  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Make sure your tires are aired up. I run my tires at 33 PSI. Low PSI will really kill your MPG.

    And a good wax job can make your truck move through the air a little easier. Don't forget to wax the windows too.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    On my Double Cab V6 4x4, I drove a 2800 mile road trip. I tried all different octanes. No difference in power, sound, or MPG, so now I only use low octane. I got up to 22 MPG per tank. 400 miles out of a tank.

    By the way, once the low fuel light came on I drove another 50 miles and still had 1.5 gallons in the tank.
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    When I filled up, our local station only had 87 octane - so this tank I just started on is a mix of premium and 87.

  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Here's a good article. Why use Premium when Regular will do?
  • Mine matches the window sticker.

    Did you read it before you bought it?
  • Wow, excellent post, I always wondered....

  • Because my 05 Tacoma runs harsh and pingy on regular. I have tried all fuel grades, its 89 or better for me. Maybe its cause I drive a manual and live in hilly area... If you dont notice a diff with 87 vs higher grades, then save yourself some $. Way I look at it, its 60 bucks to fill w/87 and a whopping $61.60 for mid grade. I'll pay the $1.60 for a better running engine.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    what type of MPG are you getting?
  • Check msg #31. Now with 10,500 miles, around sticker 16 City, 20 Highway. But over 21 mpg when staying around 60 mph. Mixed 18-19 mpg.
  • '05 V6 auto. SR5 towpkg 4WD DC SB w/shell, w/3700mi., 80 mi.(total) daily commute, 3/4 mountain roads 1/4 flat land. Started with premium now using mid and am considering reg on next tank. (Haven't noticed any dif between prem and mid except 10 cents per gal). I've been trying to keep accel.under 2000-2500rpm and my first tanks were 17.5mpg.and last few tanks were 18.3mpg. (one tank was 18.5). I raised my tire pressure to 45psi.(f+r) 'cause the recomended 29psi was killing me (and my tires) on the mountain roads. Increased inflation does give more "feel/bump" to the road but handling/cornering is WAY-WAY better and probably accounts for the 1mpg gain. Haven't been on any trips yet but am anxious to see if it's possible to get into the 20s. My friend has a '05 4cyl(2.7),,, 4WD, LB w/shell (tires/36f-32r/psi.) and got 25mpg on a recent trip.
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    Did you get the shell for it when it was new?

  • I'm looking at getting a 2006 Tacoma Pre-Runner with a 4 cylinder/5 speed regular cab. What kind of mileage are owners getting, and what type of driving and what kind of weather?

    I have a 94 Toyota pickup with a 4 cylinder and 5 speed. I get 30 mpg with 75% being freeway driving at about 70mph in Los Angeles area weather. Only mods are a Amsoil airfilter and cat-back exhaust 2.25" with a Dynaflow muffler. Everything else is stock-134,000 miles. My truck is rated 22/27 mpg. I see the 2006 Prerunner is 20/27. Thanks.
  • ergoonergoon Posts: 3
    Here in Houston, I have been told by 2 dealers that Toyota is not offering the 2.7l with the PreRunner due to the lack of demand. Very disappointing, it will be interesting to see if that changes now that gas is over $3/gallon.
  • A dealer near me has three PreRunners with the 2.7. The one I want has the SE options with air, chrome grill+ rear bumber, buck seats, slide rear window, body colored front bumper/flares and leather steering wheel/shifter. I was quoted $16254.
  • I had a hard time finding a 2005/06 2.7I Pre-runner access cab. I was particular and wanted a black one with manual tranny. Id been looking for some time, but was able to "order" one thru my credit union. It took 6 weeks or so, but I just picked it up. Still on the first tank of gas. I too was told about the "highly unlikelyhood" of finding this car, but was told by one dealer that Toyota "primed" the 2005's in 2003. He said priming is when they do all the market research and such to determine demand. So back in 2003, gas prices were somewhat normal. I imagine the 2.7i's will have a higher demand now.

    Before I had a 1996 4x2 4cyl regular cab Tacoma. The 4cyl 2006 isnt the most powerful thing. Added weight (prerunner and access cab) seem to pretty much wash the extra HP. But Im not a lead foot driver. I just wanted something that was cool like a truck, but smarter on gas as well. The sticker said 20cty-27hwy.
  • ergoonergoon Posts: 3
    That is the exact truck I am/was looking for. What part of the country are you in? I would not mind the wait if I could get someone to order it for me.
  • sg542sg542 Posts: 8
    I am currently considering upgrading to a 2006 Tacoma Access Cab 4x4 TRD V6 6sp., but the gas mileage is a real turn off at 16 mpg on the sticker. Would a K&N Cold Air intake make any kind of difference to the mpg numbers for this truck? I am currently running a 2000 Tacoma with the 2.7 4cyl. motor, and getting 21-23 mpg. If the new Tacoma got around 18-20 I would feel better about buying one. Any info on the benfits, or even if one is available, of a Cold Air intake for the new Tacoma's would be greatly appreaciated, Thanks
  • jeff31jeff31 Posts: 1
    Bought my 04 new in March of 04. Mileage has steadly but slowly increased. I'm running about 20.5 mpg now on my 4x4, V6, xtended cab, off road package. Driving is mixed, intown/hiway. I increased mileage about 1 to 1.5 mpg by switching to synthentic motor oil. (mobil one, supersyn) Also increased mpg by much more gentler acceleration. I try and get it to shift at 1800-1850...a real switch from how I "used" to drive.
  • I have an '05 Access Cab 4x4 TRD Off-Road V6 6 speed manual... Sticker said 16, but I am getting around 18mpg now with about 6000 miles on it....

    Hope this help.. You'll love the truck!!
  • Didn't get the shell from the dealer but right after I bought the Tacoma. Chose a Snug-top over a Leer even though the price was almost double ($2300). I had a Leer before on my old truck, and liked it, but thought the Snug-top was a better "Taco-shell". Did get a few extras though (racks and such) 'cause I plan on having it a while and doing multiple tasks. I was hoping I'd see improvement on mpg with the shell but didn't notice any change. Changed to regular on my last tankup and haven't noticed and change in performance. Does anyone know if a lower grade gas will affect the fuel injection system? I had a Vista wagon a while ago and after shelling out SOME bucks to clean up the injection system was told my usage of regular gas was the cause. (And this was a 4 banger!).
  • sg542sg542 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply, makes me feel more confident about the truck if your getting 18 after 6000 miles. How do you like the 6sp.? I test drove an auto, (dealer in my area didnt have a manual with TRD package I wanted yet), so I am curious as to whether other people like it. I was told by a dealer the auto tranny got better mpg than the 6sp. Is this true in real world driving? Thanks again everyone posting on this board, as it has been really helpful in making my decision.
  • Sticker on tho automatic is actually 1MPG better for both Highway and City... I knew I wanted a manual, so I didn't even test drive an automatic. When I picked it up, my salesman had just taken it to the gas station to fill it up for me and he commented that mine had a lot more get up and go than his automatic did...

    It did take me a long time to find exactly what I wanted, but it was worth the wait.

    The manual is great... The only thing I might try is the URD short shifter which shortens the shifts down approx. 44%....

    There are some posts on it in the other forum....

    Good luck, and happy truck hunting!!
  • "Low Grade" gas shouldn't be an issue in regards to fuel injectors. The problem is more with "cheap" gas than low grade. Places like Arco, Costco and no-name stations use gas with more fillers that, over time build up residues on the injectors - that causes a problem. Gas brands such as Shell, Chevron and Mobil use proprietary additives that tend to keep fuel systems cleaner.
    Of course, this is all over long periods of time - getting a tank of Arco won't ruin you, but using it all the time might.
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