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Matrix Transmission Problems



  • lyncanlyncan Posts: 1
    I left the local Toyota dealer today w/ my hair on fire. My 04 Matrix xrs needs clutch/bearing work to the tune of $1200. The car has only $130K kilometeres (less than 80k miles!) About 90% of those miles are highway and or rural road driving & the car has been scrupulously maintained. My previous Hondas ran into the high 200K miles before I ever spent a nickel on transmission work. Until this, I had really been satisfied w/ this car. Now we'll see if Toyota is interested in keeping me satisfied by how they handle this. :(
  • I have a 2004 Corolla S with a 5-speed. The car just turned 91,000 miles. While driving on the interstate the other day the transmission locked up. I thought it might be the clutch.....but after removing the transmission from the car I was informed that the clutch was fine and my transmission was junk. I see that there are a ton of posts concerning this issue. I would like to be involved in any collaborative effort to get Toyota to acknowledge this issue and refund all of us the thousands of dollars that have been spent to repair our vehicles. Please feel free to contact me at grooveunion at gmail dot com with any avenues I can take to help resolve this issue.

    -Bryan Shepler
  • I have a 2008 Toyota Matrix. For the past 8 months it has started making a popping noise. It sounds like it is coming directly below the center of the engine. A popping noise occurs when the gas pedal is engaged coming out of park to drive or reverse. This is an automatic transmission.

    The dealer has looked at it numerous times and nothing is found. Has anyone had a similar experience and learned the source of this problem?
  • billm8billm8 Posts: 1
    Our 2003 with 124,000 miles on it is having the transmission and clutch replaced as we speak. As a long time Toyota fan I was shocked to have this major expense at a relatively low mileage. I expected 200,000 with few problems like our previous Camry. I would be delighted to join any action planned.
  • hiddot84hiddot84 Posts: 10
    My 2003 Toyota Matrix now on to my 3rd transmission with 168k has begun making a grinding noise when I press the accelerator more than half - way down. However, it doesn't do it all the time, but when it does make this grinding sound, it is very noticeable. Any suggestions or anybody have an idea of what it might be, please let me know? Also, has anybody begun a CLASS ACTION SUIT against toyota? Because I am getting ready to file with my attorney generals office to get this started. I believe we need to make a list of names, years of car, make/model, to get this in some sort of order if anybody wants to be in charge of this, please let me know?


  • ustooustoo Posts: 1
    Our '04 Matrix, which we've been satisfied with until now, completely blew this weekend on a road trip. we heard a grinding noise at 120km/h and within 10k to the next exit, it went from bad to worse. we couldn't even get it into reverse by the time the tow came. our extended warranty expired less than a month ago! we were under the 160,000 km at 155,000. needless to say we are unhappy - toyota really has done nothing to help us but drop us off at the gas station to wait hours until a ride could come for us, slapping us with a new transmission cost of $3500+ and we are so disappointed to have to eat this cost. the service guys acted as though this has never happened...but I'm seeing that lots have had this happen. I drove an Isuzu rodeo into 150,000 miles with nothing but regular oil changes....I never expected this from a so-called quality car!

    Please email if anything has happened out there with a class action suit. I'll file a complaint from that ODI link as well as car talk. Please get in touch - mshaw20 at gmail dot com.
  • njcornynjcorny Posts: 2
    We are from Edmonton and my son goes to school in Utah. He was driving to Colorado last week and his 04 Vibe started making a kind of whup whup noise which stopped when he pushed the clutch in. It has 208,000 km and we just made our last payment on it this month. (figures) It has been a fantastic car (mainly highway driven) and we have maintained it well. After reading on here and on Gen Vibe, I figured it was a transmission bearing, and when he took it to a mechanic on Monday, it was confirmed. The mechanic told him that he should drive it back to Utah and just let the transmission die since it would have to be replaced. He said that the bearing parts were throughout the tranny. I can't figure out how he would know that since he never took anything apart, and think that he just didn't want to work on the car. Fortunately my son is getting his car taken back to Utah on a trailer, but once he has it back there, will he need the complete transmission replaced? It still works fine - just has the bearing noise. I read about a third party bearing kit - will a transmission shop know about that? About how much will we be looking at for cost? Any opinions? There is no grinding - just the loud bearing noise.
  • canonlawcanonlaw Posts: 20
    Well, when i had the bearing failure, like many people, it is a grinding sound. I guess the bearing could fail it many ways. At any rate, go to a transmission specialist, not a regular mechanic. All they do all day is transmissions. Mine was $1800 USD for them to rebuild it. I would much rather have it rebuilt than to have it swapped with another one. You run the risk of having that problem come back, but at least with a rebuilt, they "hopefully" get a batch of good bearings. Some people have tranny after tranny fail, but I wonder if they are getting used or new transmissions with the same problem. I have put 40,000 miles on mine since being rebuilt at 65,000 and so far no issues. We will see though.

    I wouldn't drive it, even though it "seems" to run fine. To many stories of it just crashing, or locking up on the freeway all of a sudden, which sounds like a safety issue to me, but Toyota/Pontiac don't think so.
  • njcornynjcorny Posts: 2
    I called a Pontiac dealership and they told me that they have never replaced a Vibe transmission - but they said that almost all the Vibes they sell are automatics. So I called a Toyota dealership and the guy talked transmissions with me but he said he would look and see if there were any bulletins for the Matrix or Corolla manual transmissions and he said that there was not even one - but there were lots for the automatic transmission. So he really didn't have any advice to give me.
  • saltzpsaltzp Posts: 6
    Go to the website and file a complaint. It has to be worth it in the long run. My 2004 transmission failed after 3 years and 105k miles...mostly highway. $3800 later.....
  • saltzpsaltzp Posts: 6
    If someone starts a lawsuit...count me
  • saltzpsaltzp Posts: 6
    I am in NC also. count me
  • ruswickruswick Posts: 1

    I just read your comments and wanted to give you some info on my situation. I have a 08 matrix 5 speed, which is not fun to drive. My 3rd gear and reverse seems to stick sometimes, and a few months ago (around 20,000 mi) wy car started to make a single loud popping noise when I left my neighbor hood. It seem to happen more often when I just start the car, but has also happened in mid driving when I go over a bumb or turn but that is very rare. My father-in-law owns a toyota dealership (the reason I bought the car). I gave it to him to look at and they even had the regional toyota specialist look at it and they could not find out what it was. I told them to check the transmission, brakes, and motor mounts. The claimed that they did and found nothing, but it seems that if there was nothing wrong it would not make a loud [non-permissible content removed] noise. I have considered trading back in for a different car since they have no idea what it is.

    Let me know if you ever figure it out.

  • I appreciate all that you guys have written to warn me. As I was driving down the road besides hearing strange sounds as usual my car developed a high whining noise. I looked around to see if there were any emergency vehicles only to realize that it was coming from my car. After all I had read, I suspected what the problem might be, and sure enough within a mile it broke down. Not able to put it in 1st gear at all. It has 94,542 miles on it. Is there anyone out there who knows a good solution to this and/or who knows an attorney willing to file a class action suit on our behalf?
    Much gratitude,
  • ktannerktanner Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 mistake Oh I mean Matrix. Transmission number 3 just failed today. I was lucky when my first clutch failed 11,000 miles, and after much discussion they fixed free of charge. After 2 failed I was not going to let Toyota touch it went to private repair shop, They told me I wouldn't have any problem with their clutch. Well one year later here I am again. I am over 50 and have been driving standards for 25 year. I also got the same story- Driver error. It might be driver error but the one error I will never make again is to buy any kind of Toyota. By the way does anyone have hub cap left on car. All Matrix around here loose their hub caps. Well I would rather replace hub cap than Clutches
  • hiddot84hiddot84 Posts: 10
    Hello all. Anyone interested in filing a class-action lawsuit, I am in the process of contacting an attorney on Monday August 30, 2009, and I will be needing a list of names and addresses in order to make this happen. I will also give him all of these posted messages from the site and let it be known that Toyota has made a horrible mistake with their transmissions they are putting into these matrix'. All interested parties email their information so we can hopefully be reimbursed. Email address: Please put subject as Toyota Matrix Class-action Lawsuit.


    Mr. Roatsey
  • Someone emailed me about the Class - Action Law Suit today. Please re-send that if you would please. I accidentally deleted it out of my inbox and unable to retrieve it. Thanks for the re-send.

    Mr. Roatsey

    UPdate: STill compiling a list of names. I need a lot more if we want this to go forward. . . so please everyone that has ever had a problem with their transmission, please fwd me your info. so you can be in this class - action.

    Mr. Roatsey
  • Hello Mr. Roatsey,

    I would like to be involved with this lawsuit. I have a 2003 Matrix with a manual transmission. I am on my third transmission, which has recently died.

    I can be contacted at

  • Hello

    In April of 2008 my 03 Matrix had just reached the 100K miles (101k to be more exact) when the manual transmission went... no prior warnings much like your description.
    We had it replaced and spent upwards of $2,000.
    It's been fine since but it was, as for you, a HUGE disappointment coming from a Toyota....! plus, the risk involved on it failing while driving....
    Count me in as yet another outraged buyer interested in building a case.
    Did you get your $$$ back?

  • Hello Mr Roatsey,

    Count me in!

    Eugenia Porello
  • After being told @ 112K miles that the heat shields were lose but there was nothing wrong with the tranny, having been the victim of a hit and run while waiting for the tow truck when the transmission quit on the interstate and being REALLY ticked spending over $3,100 to replace the transmission, I'd be more than happy to get further information on a class-action lawsuit. Please count me in!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    As we generally do not permit the solicitation of lawsuit action in the forums, nor do we recommend the posting of email addresses (as noted in the post box - we can't stop anyone from mining it), please use the email address in your profile and make it "public" to other members if you wish to contact each other directly.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Same problem with my 2003 Matrix manual transmission going out at 84,000. They refused to take on any responsibility when I called Torrance. Count me in on class action.
    ted brodek, Atlanta
  • Seems you are cutting yourself out from a lot of fun!
  • Please include my car in any class actions with Toyota.
    I have a 2004 Matrix (5 speed manual) with 41K and the clutch has been getting worse over the last 6 months. The low gears do not seem to have as much slipping as the higher gears. Lately, the clutch will slip when you try to apply any acceleration on the roadway.
    I realize I need to take this in, but being unemployed makes we not want to hear what it may cost. It would be great if this forum can bring about results for the unfortunates’. Thanks.
    Otherwise, it has been a fun car to drive. I did wreak a tire on a spring pot hole (low profile tires) and found out how expensive these tires are!
  • I am a little disappointed in the lack of progress with the Toyota manual transmission dispute. I have done extensive research on - the NHTSA complaint website - and have found very few complaint entries concerning this issue whether it be with Corolla or Matrix vehicles. TOYOTA WILL DO NOTHING UNLESS WE ALL DO OUR RESPECTIVE DUTY CONCERNING FORMAL COMPLAINTS.

    Have you called Toyota at 1-800-331-4331 to file a complaint?

    Have you filed a complaint with

    I have received NOT ONE email correspondence concerning the supposed filing of a class-action law suit against Toyota after repeatedly emailing the person who said they were going to speak with an attorney weeks ago.

    I am willing to compile a legitimate list of names of Toyota owners with the same transmission issues and post them on the internet. I will create and host a website that will list these names including make, model and VIN numbers of the vehicles in question. Hopefully the negative publicity created by this website will force Toyota to do something about the transmission problem.....what do we have to loose at this point?

    If you'd like to be involved in this project please call me with your information:

    Bryan Shepler - 802-485-7761
  • marjomarjo Posts: 28
    I'm surprised as well. My first post was Oct 2007, #81. Now we're are up to message #345 and nothing has been accomplished. I am in Canada but still filed a complaint on the US NHTSA (the 4th one of 18 under powertrain:manual trans), ODI ID Number : 10208057. I would still love my $2000 back if possible! Still enjoying my Honda though. Got rid of that car but still have the VIN. It is also in the file number above.
  • A slipping clutch is not related to the problems people are having with transmission bearings. I don't think you could be part of a class action suit. Ignoring a slipping clutch could soon get you stranded.
  • feng1feng1 Posts: 1
    Our '05 Matrix clutch went out at 65K. Toyota not interested in doing anything. People should beware of their clutch. I found out the clutch was slipping under pressure while trying to get onto Highway 101 in CA and nearly getting run over by an 18-Wheeler - car stalled out. This is dangerous.
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