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Audi allroad Suspension Questions



  • smwkobismwkobi Posts: 2
    I replaced my right drivers side airbag on my 2001 Allroad 4 months ago for about $900. Now passenger side has a leak. I've been told that there is a back order for the bags that could be up to 6 months. I was also told that there are 15 people ahead of me in Denver to recieve the bags. Audi needs to recall this part and replace them for free. Obviously, a major problem with all Allroads. So I now have a car that will have to sit in the garage for up to 6 months because the part is not available. Nice Audi. German engeneering is obviously highly flawed.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,360
    Well that sucks big time! I wonder if a call to Audi national headquarters can speed this up for you? Call Customer Relations, ask to speak to a Supervisor, and tell him/her your predicament. I'd also fax a number of auto dealers' parts departments and inquire if there's one bag lying on a shelf somewhere. I bet there is and I bet they'll ship it to you.

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  • Audi Charlotte did not have the bags and kept saying they would be in "in a few days". I called Flow Audi in Greensboro. They were also out but dropped shipped them two-day to me from a dealer in Virginia (not sure what dealer). Then on day of receipt the Flow Audi guy called me to make sure I received the parts. Wow.

    As for the replacement procedures… we used the highest settings (4), placed in jack mode, and got to work. The key for us was to "carefully" remove the air supply from the bag early in the process. Doing so relieved pressure on the front suspension components and greatly simplified the change out.

    Also, note the need for a star wrench to remove the top six or so top bolts. The install kit includes the replacement star bolts. If you don’t have the star driver, try NAPA (Advance Auto did not have that driver, btw).
  • ar04ar04 Posts: 2
    Seems like my 04 Allroad has the same problems...since I have owned the car and after multiple road force balances, alignments new tires etc I am still getting a vibration @ +45mph. Dealership says that my tires are possibly out of round. An Audi tech says that the way the driveshaft is mounted directly to the chassis you will always feel vibrations??? The whole car vibrates...need help!
  • dlaustindlaustin Posts: 23
    My '01 Allroad does not vibrate at any speed - it's very smooth. That was not always the case. The original tires were the problem from day 1.

    The "allroad" tires, no matter the brand, are terrible and I can say nothing good about them. They vibrate, wear terribly and steer pitifully. I don't know if your car has those tires mounted. If so, get rid of them. I'm using Bridgestones now. Have had good success with Conti CV95, also.

    Vibrations can be caused by all kinds of things. One source could be your front outer CV joints. They may need to be repacked with the appropriate grease. After 50,000-60,000 miles, the boots for the CV joints cracked on my car. This can cause a greasy mess and result in vibrations throughout the car. I cannot comment about the inner CV joints on this car - probably less susceptible to problems. By the way, in the distant past vibrations caused by the CV joints were eliminated by replacement of the CV joints. More recently, just repacking and a new boot will do the trick in all but rare instances.

    Also, I have to assume that cracked rubber bushings (common after 40,000-50,000 miles)on the front suspension near the shocks could be a source of the problem.

    Am flying blind - hope this helps.
  • ar04ar04 Posts: 2
    Audi dealership yesterday tested my brand new Nokian WRV tires for deflection and imbalance and said that all 4 tires exceeded the specified level of road force deflection (3 tires approx 40lb and the 4th 16lb). They said that they like to get around 12-15lb. They said they have had good results from the Pirelli "allroad" tire...because the compound is soft(200)...but did admit that they wear quickly 10-12K.I tend to agree with you about the allroad tires.

    They did do a complementary 15 point inspection...not sure if they would pick up a cracked CV boot with that.

    I'll check the bushing on the front suspension.
    I just hope it's the tires. It's scary when you are on a first name basis with all the guys at the dealership
  • dlaustindlaustin Posts: 23
    Regarding tires for the allroad, I cannot comment on the Nokian tires - no experience. I have had experience with the Pirelli allroad tires. All I will tell you in this reply is "Don't use them or any other "allroad" tire!" My recommendations still hold. Based on my current experience, I recommend the Bridgestone Turanza LS-V 225/55R17 97V tires. I had excellent experience with the Continental CV95's. Also, I highly recommend inflating the tires to 35 psi all around. I cannot remember how many miles I got out of the Conti's, but all the miles were "happy" miles with no vibration or wear problems. However, having said that, I think I would go with the Turanza's. By the way, I get my tires from and have them mounted locally.

    Again, check the CV joint boots carefully for cracks with a strong light. Again, use a strong light to check for bushing cracks - they can be pretty subtle in appearance.

    Good luck.
  • pcsinpspcsinps Posts: 3
    After my 25,ooo mile break job I quickly developed a rattle in the left front end. Like others my allroad lowered itself after shutting off, I wasn't sure what was going on until it got so bad that the front end started jumping around like a mexican jumping bean. Finally I had to shut off ESP put in level two, the only level air pressure would hold steady, and take it down to the dealer. I was told left air bag broken. Ok it was fixed but now my backend is .6" higher than my front and I know I'm not in level one with the front end. I called Audi cust serv. they referred me to a dealer, but I'd like to know from other owners how far off the wheel level 1-4 should be, and if that measurement is from the top of the tire to inside the wheelwell. I hate they way the car handles and corners and hi-speeds. I take my wagon in every 6 thou. miles do a rotate bal and align and run nitro instead of air-ToyoProxies). Kind of doing some grunt work just in case the dealer says i'm within Audi specs...LOL Thanks
  • tonybttonybt Posts: 1
    Left front drops significantly only when car (2003 allroad/ 117,000 miles) left in 2nd level or 1st level and only when car is shut off. I ususually drive in level 3. When car is in 3 level all seems OK with no drop at all even when car shut off. What does this mean? I'm trying to decide if I should bring car in for repair or just sell it, or just continue to drive in level 3. Help!
  • pcsinpspcsinps Posts: 3
    Take it in. Left side seems to be a problem with all of us who have experienced like problems. You have a leak in airbag also have them check the hydraulic motor. Make sure you read the owners manual I think it's page 26 on the hydraulic system.
  • dlaustindlaustin Posts: 23

    In case you have not read my previous filings:

    You have a leak in your front air spring(s). I doubt that there is any problem with your air pump. Use the soapy water test I outlined previously to confirm the problem. It is a very simple test and doesn't take much time.

    A very good source for the air springs is

    Even with the air spring changeout, I have decided to drive around town and overnight park in level 3 because I am convinced there is less stress on the air springs at this level. I'm confident the air springs will last a lot longer doing this.

    Hard to believe your allroad has 117,000 miles and this is the first front air spring change. If so, you are a very lucky man indeed.
  • What it means is don't drive over 48 MPH. Order two shocks, two install kits, get the star tool that fits the parts kit head bolts, and find a friend with an air wrench, jack and stands. It took us 5 hours to do one, and 90 minutes to do the second.. if you remove the air line on the bag once you have it on stands the suspension arms are under much less tension and easier to work with. Mine went at 105k and I think i was lucky to go that long.
  • I have an 01 Allroad with 82,000 miles on it. I have had both front air bags replaced in the last few months as well as three of the suspension control arms. The front passenger side of the car sits about an inch lower then the left when left in the second (normal driving) position, as well as the car will lower it self down to the (low) postion periodically when left for a while. Is either of these a concern?
  • I just totaled my 2002 Allroad 2.7 with 55,000 miles. No suspension problems (thank you Lord!). I am considering a 2004 Allroad 4.2. I had one dealer mention that the 4.2 has a reputation for suspention problems due to it's extra weight. Does anyone know of this reputation? I loved my 2.7 so I have no problem getting another one. I just thought the extra 50HP would kinda be cool.

  • jamhbjamhb Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Audi Allroad with 55,000 miles. The Air Bag Suspension will not raise the car any more. It started happening on and off, and now the car stays below level 1 all the time. What can I do short of taking the car in to the dealer?
  • barlibarli Posts: 1
    I saw this blog when I was searching for answers to my air suspension issues. Did anyone figure out the root cause of the problem with leveling? I have also replaced the driver's side air bladder for $1000, but I still have intermittent problems re leveling esp during colder temps. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank You.
  • Wow! Lots of air bag (my dealer calls them "air springs") problems. I read on another forum that you should clean the dirt and stuff off the outside of the air springs once or twice a year, as long-term rubbing of creases with sediment of any type can wear holes.

    I replaced my LF AS under warranty a year and a half ago and the RF just went out (I had to pay this time). Had I known about this AS cleaning, they may have lasted longer.

    I have a 2001, and it's coming up on 100K (I bought it used five years ago with 60K on it). I'm selling it because, after the 90K servicing and this latest AS (they also had to replace my tie rod ends which brought it up to approx. $1200), I can't afford the constant parts-replacing I've been doing, esp. now that I'm out of warranty. I LOVE the car... when it works. :sick:
  • jchewjchew Posts: 4
    I believe I have the answer to most people problem with air suspension but will have to test my theory out on a bad air bag. I believe the problem lies in the air release valve. On my car it will work sometimes and at other times will leak past the valve. I need to take a bad one apart and troubleshoot further. If it were a blown bag it would leak all the time not once in a while. If anyone has replaced there air shocks and would like to donate them to me for experimenting email me at so I can arrange to have them shipped. Thanks John
  • I think you are wasting your time. Both of mine leaked in levels 1 or 2, but not 3 or 4. How do I know this? I used soapy water on the boots and set my car at each level and watched the resulting soap bubbles. Bubbles appear instantly at levels 1 and 2, but no bubbles on 3 and 4. The bubbles appear where the boots are folded over. When the boots are more or less straight, no bubbles. Also, the air leaded out overnight when parked at levels 1 and 2, but not 3 or 4. Obviously, as the leak gets worse, the leaking will worsen until leaking occurs at all levels. I addressed this much, much earlier in the thread.

  • jchewjchew Posts: 4
    Well I broke down and ordered a front air spring cost $620 with install kit. I received it and found that there is no release valve at the top like I was told. After careful study of how this air spring works, I have come to the conclusion that my intermittent air leak is coming from a $2 seal at the top of this shock and not a valve problem since there is no valve on the shock. It makes sense now that I can see how the seal relates to the shock. It would leak more often when it was cold because the seal would shrink. What really bothers me is that no one has figured this out by now there must be thousands of these failures over the last 7 years and yet when I goggled the problem I found no mention of replacing the $2 seal before replacing a $600 air spring. So to everyone with a simular problem try the seal first before you spend $600 plus labor per corner. Also I would recommend raising the car to highest level once a month and spraying water to clean out any sand or dirt from around the base of the air spring. It seems if sand or grit gets between the rubber and the steal shaft it will wear a hole into the air bags. I think the life expectance of the air shock is around 10 years if kept clean in this manner but the seal will fail around 5-6years first. :D
  • jchewjchew Posts: 4
    I am now ordering 3 more sets of seals to replace all four corners. I will let you guys know if it is sucessful in two weeks.
  • Glad I I'll still get alerts from this site. A $2 seal is a lot better than springing $600 bucks. I love my 05, and was painfully considering getting rid of it this month. After reading your message, I decided not too! Thanks for the tip on cleaning too. Maybe we need to make our dealer aware of these tips, so those of us who don't/can't do it ourselves, don't get gouged at repair time. I am.
  • I wish the problem were the $2.00 seals, but I am confident your Audi is no different from the other Audis and your bladders leak, as I mentioned in previous posts. If you use the soapy water method I outlined previously, you would see exactly where the leaks appear and at what level setting. I am very confident your seals do not leak and never will, if installed properly. Replace your bladders!
  • neweynewey Posts: 1
    Hi, can anyone give me some advice? the problems started when the battery went flat for no apparent reason. The AA were called jacked the car up (not in jack mode) and then decided to tow it to garage. New battery installed. Some days later i heard a squeaking noise drivers side wheel and then a few days later the suspension warning light came on and stayed on. The noise got worse and eventually was so loud it sounded as if my exhaust was dragging along the floor! Took it to garage and they replaced the drivers side rear lower arm and lubricated the suspension lift pump. Next morning warning light back on and suspension not working just staying on level 1, this got worse and eventually I felt as if the car was below level 1, but don't know if this is possible. Read manual and the info on this website and put the car into 'jack' mode and then back out and this seemed to improve height of car back to level 1 (suspension levels still not working), but warning light still on and the squeaking sound came back?! Pumped up all tyres which were all very low and driving back fromt he garage the indicators stopped working. Are these all individul problems or does anyone think it could all stem from the flat battery. The car is now back in the garage and they are trying to source re-conditioned suspension kits for me. Would really appreciate any feedback. Thankyou
  • d4bjd0d4bjd0 Posts: 3
    I've gone through this as well. Now my left front is leaking. Where did you get your parts? Thanks!


    2001 Allroad
    - Turbo's $3,500
    - Cat's $1,200
    - O2 Sensors $600
    - Timing belt & Water pump $1,300
    - 1 airspring $600
    - Transmission $5,400
    - Other misc stuff = Repairs total overall about $13,500
    ...I'm in the hole DEEP!
  • I have been reading audi air spring #53. Where can I purchase front left air spring for 2001 audi allroad at a good deal. Im having similar problems with my audi and found the discussion helpful. please email any help. Thank you. :mad:
  • dlaustindlaustin Posts: 23 is the best place for Audi parts. Talk with Craig.

  • skidreamskidream Posts: 1
    Hi, How did your 2$ seal worked out. Iv'e got the same problem on my Front Left suspension. Air seem to leek from Bottom. (I did the soap test). Let me know...

    THANK you in advance.

    From a fan of ALLROAD
  • bfugokbfugok Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Allroad that had the suspension pump that continued to run, become quite loud and then it failed to keep the car at level one. This all started while under warranty but it finally failed outside of warranty and we all know that Audi denied any coverage but they offered to do the work for $1500 for a new pump and installation. I am quite handy and looked into this pump and any type of replacement parts and I found a way to replace the pump for about $350 new if you have a bit of time and are a little handy. The pumps are not made by Audi, nor Continental as the label on the pump states. They are made by a company that makes the same pumps for Range Rover, BMW, Audi and Mercedes as well as others. The pumps are the same except for the exterior mounting plates and air hookups and wire plugs. These are minor. You can find the pump for a Mercedes for $300 on eBay or approx $425 in the internet. The mounting plates on either end of the pump are swapped out in about 30min (2 strange screws on one end, drilling out 4 small rivets on the other and replacing with 4 small screw/washer/nuts). The air hose inlet/overflow and output may be different depending on the model but metric nylon quick connect fittings are available at McMaster for about $3-$8 depending on how many you need. You also may need to swap out the Audi Wire plug connector, wire crimps and heat shrink tubing. I found out a good deal about these pumps and their specs. The pumps are all similar except for their brackets and connectors to your vechile. Oh, you also have to screw in your temp sensor to the new pump and plug it in. I spent a week learning about these pumps and taking it apart. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Interesting. I felt like maybe these pumps could be replaced a little less costly than the dealer! Thanks for the post. So, I have an 02' allroad with a noisy compressor. Can you tell me a little more about the type of pump you bought? Size? And I am curious to know how it is working out for you too... Thanks
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