Infiniti G35 Tires and Wheels

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Have a G35 Sedan 2003 and it is time to replace the two back tires. The Bridgestones that are OEM are a bit pricey. Was wondering 1) if anyone could suggest some good tires at a better price. Current price is $190.00 *ugh* 2) If I can have a different brand on the back than what is on the front?


  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    After being around the block several times on a set of summer wheels and tires I finally settled on a set of Speed Stars and Kumho's (SPTs).

    The problem now, (problems keep popping up), is the pressure monitors. I paid the big bucks and bought a set of 4 OE monitors from the dealer, ($400 no less). Now Tire Rack, who was willing to put my new pressure monitors in their wheels, says they won't fit. Something about the where the valve hole is on the Speed Star wheels. I tried to challenge them but they won't give on the installation and are sending my high priced pressure monitors back.

    I don't relish looking at a yellow low pressure warning light all summer long. I can stick a piece of black tape over that spot on the dash but that's a tacky fix, (pun intented).

    My question.....

    Has anyone tried or heard of installing a pressure monitor in a small tire and keeping it inflated to a pressure that satisfies the computer? You would have to store it in the car, perhaps in the spare tire area if there's room.

    It will depend (I think)....on whether the computer looks for a one or more "low pressure" signals or; looks for 4 proper pressure signals. Anyone know? In the first instance I think the trick might work; in the second, I don't think it will. I have not discussed this with the dealer yet but for the most part I find they don't seem to have much experience with customers that are making mods or thinking outside of the owners manual.


    Thanks all,

  • vgrinshpunvgrinshpun Member Posts: 36
    I am using set of winter tires without the pressure sensors for the second season, and tire pressure warning light does not come on. It appears that system is set up in such a way that in absence of the sensors the warning light is off.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    No kidding.... :-)

    Everyone has told me the warning light will come on if there are no monitors present. If I get the same result you have, my problem is solved.

    As I think about my "fix" I suggest the computer may be looking for a "low" signal and so I was trying to fool it with one sensor but actually, if it was looking for a "low" signal, then having no monitors would work as well, just as you have experienced. Interesting.

    Thanks for the response.

    I'll let you know what happens.

  • rjs3rjs3 Member Posts: 1
    I appreciate this message thread -- it saved me from spending $250 for a new sensor which broke while replacing a tire.
  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    I have aftermarket wheels/tires for the summer. What I'm finding is that the yellow low pressure indicator does not light immediately. So, for my commute and normal 50-100 mile trips, there's no worries. BUT, as soon as I drive further, say 150 miles plus, the low indicator comes on even if the tire pressures are OK. If I stop for a fill-up or other pit stop ;) , shut down the engine and then restart, the indicator stays off until I've drive some distance (it varies). Really, not a big deal, the light is not annoying.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297

    I have yet to fit my aftermarket wheels since I am trading cars. But I'll have a 2006 Coupe soon and will be putting the wider wheels/tires on. Since no monitors are installed in the aftermarket wheels, I'll let the board know if my light comes on or not.

  • bocatripbocatrip Member Posts: 194
    Go for the Avon 550 A/S from They are a fraction of the price and are great for rain. I got them for my car after changing the OEM Goodyear crappy tires twice. The dealer paid for them due to a defective flaw with the factory rims.
  • joeshanjoeshan Member Posts: 70
    04 35X.
    My RS-A's have 21,500 miles on them and need to be replaced. My local (Mavis Discount Tire) guy suggested Cooper Zeon Sport A/S high perfomance tires @129.00 each. They're supposedly quieter than the Goodyears and have a treadwear rating of 400, vs. the 260 of the Goodyears. I'm probably going to give them a shot.
    I've known the guy for years, and trust his judgement and experience. He would gladly sell me the Goodyears @180.00 each, but said that the Coopers were better based on customer feedback. He also suggested against going to another size tire (as did a Tire Rack rep) as that could screw up the VDC. I really do not want to get into "magazine" tires.
    Has anybody else tried these tires?
  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    I don't have experience with that particular Cooper tire, but a few of my friends run Coopers and swear by them. Sounds like they're worth a try.
  • joeshanjoeshan Member Posts: 70
    Thanks. I'm probably going to go for them. If for no other reason, Cooper is HQ'd in Findlay, OH-my wife grew up two towns away :)
  • joeshanjoeshan Member Posts: 70
    Well, I got the Coopers. I also got an alignment-it turns out the front was a little out of whack.
    The tires are okay. They are quieter than the RS-A's. Turn in doesn't seem to be as sharp, but otherwise they seem to be comparable regarding handling. I've only had them since Saturday; we'll see about the wet weather handling as it's going to rain tonight. I'll be driving to OH in a couple of weeks; I'll see how they are on the road.
  • csholst03csholst03 Member Posts: 20
    I replaced my 03 Sedan Goodyears with the Avon M550AS. The Goodyears were quiet, nice riding tires (I'm in Atlanta, with good road surfaces) but terrible grip in wet weather. The Avons are a great value, I have 15,000 miles on them now. They have great traction, I think better wet than dry. I upsized to P235/50 17 size, does not change speedometer reading and look better I think. However, they make more noise than the Goodyears, with 15,000 they growl a bit more than I like, but that may not bother you. I'd expect about 30,000 to 35,000 miles before I need a new set. I entertained the Goodyear F1's, they have good reviews on Tire Rack. I hear the Michelins Pilot sports are great but make a lot of noise and I don't like the noise.
  • my_g35_sedanmy_g35_sedan Member Posts: 2

    Can someone help me with how to figure out what tires can replace my current Goodyear Eagle GSD. These tires came stock when I purchased the tire and have already worn out (with only 25K miles). They are way too expensive and I can't figure out what a solid replacement would that costs less to give similiar performance and ride. Anyone have any help or ideas? Or, has anyone replaced their tires and if so, what did you buy and are you happy with them?

  • mnrep2mnrep2 Member Posts: 200
    See the post directly above yours. The Avons are a solid choice. I have heard very good things about Cooper tires as well. Yes , I know Cooper owns Avon... ;)
  • waiwai Member Posts: 325
    If you don't drive on the snow, Dunlop sport FM901 is the best bet for a limited budget, much better performance than the Avon or Coper.
  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    I just bought a set of General Exclaim UHP in 245/45/18 for my car. Have 1300 miles on them and so far they are great.
    I replaced a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3. These were really grippy but noisy. They also didn't last long. The Generals are a "Z" rated tire and listed at a wear rating of 380. They are much quieter than the Goodyears. They seem to stick pretty well at the speeds I drive. Tire Rack has them as well. Read the reviews of those tires that interest you, decide how much to spend and then pull the trigger.
  • kittenmeowkittenmeow Member Posts: 15
    The new set of Goodyear or Bridgestones will cost me over $600 with shipping. Does anyone know of a website or a place where I can get new tires at a discount? (Already looked at Costco and they don't carry anything other than Michelin).
    Thanks for your help.
  • raizelgsraizelgs Member Posts: 84

    What was the outcome of installing the aftermarket wheels without the monitors. Does the light come on? I've been switching my monitors back and forth between my winter and summer wheels, and I was going to buy a second set ($400) :cry: but may not, depending on your results. Thanks
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I could not trick the computer. With my summer wheels and tires on (without the sensors) I do get a tire pressure warning light. That's the bad news.

    The good news is that it is a yellow/amber light and so blends in with the other lights on the dash. It blinks off and on for a minute or two and then glows steadily.

    Frankly, I notice it occasionally when I start and it's blinking but that's about it. It's sits over to the left side and is out of my line of sight, which helps too.

    So, it's really not a problem.

    As for the sensors, they would not fit either of my choices for summer wear. I returned them to the dealer.

  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    What Roll said but in my case the low pressure warning light only comes on after extended highway travel. If I'm doing local travel, it does not light.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    That's interesting esfoad. My light comes on almost immediately. What year Coupe? Mine is a 2006.

  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    Mine's an '05 X sedan. Perhaps the systems are different? :surprise:
  • texag64texag64 Member Posts: 4
    Joe: ...was wondering how your Coopers reacted in wet weather.My '05 G35 sedan (non-sport) has approx 20,000 and needing new shoes. I've been unhappy with the Goodyear RS-A (P215/55R17)and would appreciate recommendations on a tire with more wet stickiness as well as longer tread life. I've had some bad hydroplaning with my OEMs. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with suggestions for affordable alternatives. I'm in the Houston TX area. Thanks
  • waiwai Member Posts: 325
    I changed from RSA 225/45R17 to Dunlop SP9000 which is night and day difference on my Jetta VR6. Now the new tire has 11,000 miles on it. I think I can get 28,000 miles on my aggressive driving style, it performs extremely well in heavy rain, high resistance in hydroplanning and quite sticky in the dry roads.
  • joeshanjoeshan Member Posts: 70
    Greetings. I've not had any problems with the Coopers in the wet, but I've got AWD, which I'm sure makes a difference, and they're quieter. But still, with the VDC, ABS & TC, I can't see hydroplaning being a problem. Of course, I slow down in the rain ;).
    If snow is not an issue for you, perhaps you should look into summer tires, as they may provide both wet and dry traction superior to all-season tires. The Tire Rack has favorable reviews of the Avon Tech 550 tires.
    I was also told by the Tire Rack rep that I should order OEM size tires, as larger tires might drive the VDC crazy and cause hydroplaning problems (plausible enough to be possible, but I'm skeptical). Happy shopping!
  • macman246macman246 Member Posts: 118
    I had the RS-A's for 21K miles on my '03.5 sedan. Even though they still had tread left, they were quite slippery when it rained and downright dangerous.

    I switched to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 1K miles ago and love them. They seem a bit noiser, and my fuel economy has gone down 1 mpg, but the grip and handling is outstanding rain or shine. I'm not seeing the "Slip" light nearly as often anymore. They also have a much higher treadwear rating than the RS-A's (not that it matters any since each manufacturer sets their own "standard"), so hopefully they'll last longer.

    The Avon's are also highly recommended by TireRack customers. After considering mounting/balancing/shipping/road hazard etc. costs, I had the Michelins installed at Costco ($60 off coupon at the time) since they were only a few bucks more than Avon's from TireRack.
  • kevin111kevin111 Member Posts: 991
    Have read on Tirerack, and talked with people at a couple of other tire shops, the new Kumhos are pretty good, and around $100 each.

    SPT - summer tires
    ASX - All season

  • texag64texag64 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks to all responding to my questions regarding tires for my G-sedan. Since Wai & Joe are way over in the northeast climes and thankfully I never encounter the white stuff I'll continue to look for the "perfect" summer shoe for my GiGi. Macman, would like Michelins but without a coupon they could be a little pricey for me. I'm still considering the Avons -- just like to deal with the local yokels.

    Joe, thanks for including the comment from TireRack about staying with OEM sizes. The local TireMax store is trying to sell me Hancook Ventus HRII H405 225/50R17. I hear they are made by Japenese Coopers which is probably fine. Just a wee bit weary of changing to 225/50 from 215/55. The price of $88.20 is nice but not if it messes with GiGI's VDC. Since I'm stuck at home recuping from a mild ticker attk I've got plenty of time to continue my research. Would appreciate additional comments/recommendations. Thanks again.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Ooh, do take care of that ticker ... best wishes.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I'm running SPT's on my summer wheels and have no complaints. Only have 5500 miles on them so can't comment on wear, although there is no real wear showing yet.

    I run 8.5s up front and 10's in the back so my sizes are a bit off the stock sizes.

    Roll 06 Coupe
  • texag64texag64 Member Posts: 4
    I'm still shopping for replacements for the 215/55R17 OEM Goodyear RS-A on my G35 auto sedan. I was about to go with Goodyear Reponse Edge ($160) when I ran across the Yoko AS430 ($121) TireRack didn't have any survey results on either. Has anyone out there got an experience with either or suggestions? Thanks.
  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    If all season is not required, check out the General Exclaim UHP tire. Excellent handling and excellent tread life. Tire Rack has them.
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    I have a question.. should you ONLY be replacing the rear tires?
    I've heard it's not desirable to even have different tread patterns, front to rear.
    I am about to face the same thing on my coupe in the near future, and considering the Avons.
    But my stock rears will be worn out a few thousand before the front, I'm sure.
  • boomzerboomzer Member Posts: 37
    I'm getting some conflicting information and was wondering if anybody knows the answer. After doing some research decided to replace my original Bridgestone Turonza's (probably mispelled) with the Goodyear Assurance TripleTreads for the size 215/55/17. Goodyear's website and Tirerack indicate these tires are made in this size, but I've had two Goodyear dealers and Sears tell me they don't. Anyone know who doesn't know what they are talking about?
  • audeng1audeng1 Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2004 G35x with a new set of Yoko Avid V4S rubber. Consumer Reports recently rated them highly and I can say that in the few hundred miles of dry to wet to a little snow mixed pavement conditions I have experienced they have performed well. I'm still getting used to the car & AWD characterisitics, so I can't comment much more. I came from a 1999 C230 Kompressor sedan with either Michelin MXV4+ for winter or Dunlop Sport SP5000s during summer. My other vehicle is a 1999 Suburban riding on Michelin LTX M/S all seasons.
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    I just put on Avon High Performance AllSeason. Very nice tire.
    I have the 18" wheel pkg, and I can't see any great difference in overall performance. They don't have the crispness of the stock Pilots but they are grippy none the less.
    TireRack is the major distributor. They have excellent reviews from owners and a good road test against some heavy competition.
    A treadwear rating of 360 (over the 180 Pilots) a softer and quieter ride. Probably meet a good 99% of my objectives for an all season tire.
    Unless you need ultimate summer tires, I can highly recommened these.
  • krishnabkrishnab Member Posts: 1
    Can anybody suggest a good tire for my G35. The size is 205/65R16. I had Bridgestone Turanza EL42 tires before and they were a nightmare in rain and light snow. Right now I'm leaning towards the Michelin HydroEdge but I heard they are noisy.
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    Check out the Avons at Tirerack. Seriously good all weather tires that still deliver good performance, plus decent mileage and are quiet.
    Yokohama Avids are another good choice. Even longer treadlife and softer ride, not quite the handler of Avons, but a very good tire. You can get these at many tire dealers.
  • njjulianonjjuliano Member Posts: 83
    Much to my surprise, the wheel lock on my right rear was missing. I had the other 4 bolted on, but the lock was not there! Dont know if it broke loose or someone actually unbolted it. I briefly head over to Infiniti and order a new set, $34. I asked specifically if this lock is a different pattern, and was told that it was.

    It wasnt. I can easily use the old lock on the new lock lugs and the new on the old ones. What is the point of the locks if anyone can purchase a set and unlock anyone elses? Is this a normal thing? Any other locks outside the dealer that is a better buy?
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    I have never heard of that before! MagLocks I think are the biggest supplier. I know when I got mine (installed by a dealer or on my own) I had to send in a form to Maglock to register my coded key.
    I had assumed, like you, each one is different. I mean what are the odds that two would be the same at the same location?
    very strange indeed! But if there are 2 the same there may be more and maybe that's why you have one missing.. interested in what you find out. Also, did you ask the dealer why they are the same? Maybe they sold you a master key.
  • njjulianonjjuliano Member Posts: 83
    MagLocks are pretty much OEM for most vehicles. I called Infiniti to tell them of my dilemma, and sure enough, they were a bit skeptical as well. I drove back and showed them that indeed, the key for the new locks worked on both the old and new bolts. Same for the old key. They, too, were under the impression, at least they led me to believe, that each key is unique. I suggested that maybe there are a limited amount of types per size, and was assured that was not true.

    I called Pep Boys as well, and they also believe that the MagLocks should be unique per set. Either I was the recipient of a freak accident, or the dealer or Mags need some splainin' to do.
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    If interested in the real answer you need to contact the manufacturer, giving them the code numbers for both locks explaining the situation.
  • njjulianonjjuliano Member Posts: 83

    I did read that info on the page you linked, where it states it enables them infinite amount of lock patterns. I have emailed McGard to see what their take on it is.
  • njjulianonjjuliano Member Posts: 83
    Response from a McGard rep states that though McGard offers hundreds of lock and key combos, they are not guaranteed to be unique.

    So the implication that since these are serialized they are unique is false.

    I asked how many patterns are there per lug size and am awaiting a reply.
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    How interesting. Somehow I thought that would be the case but 'regionally' seems strange 2 should be the same in such close proximity.
  • holtze1holtze1 Member Posts: 1
    Ok I have a 2005 Infiniti G35 with the 19" rims and thus have the staggered tires - 225 in the front and 245 in the rear. Need to get snow tires and am planning on buying a set of 17" rims but my question is do I have to keep the staggering? Seems to be harder to find snow tires in the 245 size...

  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I use winter tires and in fact just fitted them this holiday weekend. (Central Ohio)

    I am using the stock 17 inch wheels for my winter tires, (have aftermarket wheels and tires for summer).

    I found staggered winter tires from Bridgestone:

    Blizzak LM22s
    Front 225x50x17
    Rear 235x50x17

    They are wearing well, (second winter and still look new).
    Taller and narrower are better for winter weather thus the 50 series size. As a side effect, these will ride a bit softer than your 19s and you may be able to get to work without spilling your coffee in the morning. :surprise:

    Excellent grip on the cold asphalt and good traction in the snow. I'm very satisfied but be sure to take them off when the temps come back up in the spring. They are not efficient when the pavement warms up and may give you some squiggle when you breach triple digits on the open road. :blush:

  • paulo6paulo6 Member Posts: 94
    I just got my 2006 6MT Sedan with 235/45 18s. I do plan on getting only two (2) Snow tires for the rear to get me through Michigan winter. Any suggestions. I assume it is OK to replace only the rear. And, if I do so, I plan on getting a 50 or even a 60 series for the rear rather than the stock 45s...any problem with that. (I plan on getting them used and thus the 50 or 60 series choice - more available in the market).

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,433
    My put, having spent quite a few winters below zero, is that stopping & steering are at least as important as getting going in the first place.

    With cold-temperature tires only on the drive axle, you'll certainly start better than you would have otherwise.

    You'll stop 50% better and steer no better than if you'd done nothing.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    It's actually dangerous to only put two snow tires on. The rears will grab so much better than the fronts that the car will be a handful to drive. It will understeer like crazy. The reverse would happen with snows on the front of a front-drive car. With a $30K+ investment, an additional $250 for front snows is surely worth it.
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