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Infiniti G35 Tires and Wheels



  • I'm still shopping for replacements for the 215/55R17 OEM Goodyear RS-A on my G35 auto sedan. I was about to go with Goodyear Reponse Edge ($160) when I ran across the Yoko AS430 ($121) TireRack didn't have any survey results on either. Has anyone out there got an experience with either or suggestions? Thanks.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    If all season is not required, check out the General Exclaim UHP tire. Excellent handling and excellent tread life. Tire Rack has them.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    I have a question.. should you ONLY be replacing the rear tires?
    I've heard it's not desirable to even have different tread patterns, front to rear.
    I am about to face the same thing on my coupe in the near future, and considering the Avons.
    But my stock rears will be worn out a few thousand before the front, I'm sure.
  • I'm getting some conflicting information and was wondering if anybody knows the answer. After doing some research decided to replace my original Bridgestone Turonza's (probably mispelled) with the Goodyear Assurance TripleTreads for the size 215/55/17. Goodyear's website and Tirerack indicate these tires are made in this size, but I've had two Goodyear dealers and Sears tell me they don't. Anyone know who doesn't know what they are talking about?
  • I just purchased a 2004 G35x with a new set of Yoko Avid V4S rubber. Consumer Reports recently rated them highly and I can say that in the few hundred miles of dry to wet to a little snow mixed pavement conditions I have experienced they have performed well. I'm still getting used to the car & AWD characterisitics, so I can't comment much more. I came from a 1999 C230 Kompressor sedan with either Michelin MXV4+ for winter or Dunlop Sport SP5000s during summer. My other vehicle is a 1999 Suburban riding on Michelin LTX M/S all seasons.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    I just put on Avon High Performance AllSeason. Very nice tire.
    I have the 18" wheel pkg, and I can't see any great difference in overall performance. They don't have the crispness of the stock Pilots but they are grippy none the less.
    TireRack is the major distributor. They have excellent reviews from owners and a good road test against some heavy competition.
    A treadwear rating of 360 (over the 180 Pilots) a softer and quieter ride. Probably meet a good 99% of my objectives for an all season tire.
    Unless you need ultimate summer tires, I can highly recommened these.
  • Can anybody suggest a good tire for my G35. The size is 205/65R16. I had Bridgestone Turanza EL42 tires before and they were a nightmare in rain and light snow. Right now I'm leaning towards the Michelin HydroEdge but I heard they are noisy.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    Check out the Avons at Tirerack. Seriously good all weather tires that still deliver good performance, plus decent mileage and are quiet.
    Yokohama Avids are another good choice. Even longer treadlife and softer ride, not quite the handler of Avons, but a very good tire. You can get these at many tire dealers.
  • Much to my surprise, the wheel lock on my right rear was missing. I had the other 4 bolted on, but the lock was not there! Dont know if it broke loose or someone actually unbolted it. I briefly head over to Infiniti and order a new set, $34. I asked specifically if this lock is a different pattern, and was told that it was.

    It wasnt. I can easily use the old lock on the new lock lugs and the new on the old ones. What is the point of the locks if anyone can purchase a set and unlock anyone elses? Is this a normal thing? Any other locks outside the dealer that is a better buy?
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    I have never heard of that before! MagLocks I think are the biggest supplier. I know when I got mine (installed by a dealer or on my own) I had to send in a form to Maglock to register my coded key.
    I had assumed, like you, each one is different. I mean what are the odds that two would be the same at the same location?
    very strange indeed! But if there are 2 the same there may be more and maybe that's why you have one missing.. interested in what you find out. Also, did you ask the dealer why they are the same? Maybe they sold you a master key.
  • MagLocks are pretty much OEM for most vehicles. I called Infiniti to tell them of my dilemma, and sure enough, they were a bit skeptical as well. I drove back and showed them that indeed, the key for the new locks worked on both the old and new bolts. Same for the old key. They, too, were under the impression, at least they led me to believe, that each key is unique. I suggested that maybe there are a limited amount of types per size, and was assured that was not true.

    I called Pep Boys as well, and they also believe that the MagLocks should be unique per set. Either I was the recipient of a freak accident, or the dealer or Mags need some splainin' to do.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    If interested in the real answer you need to contact the manufacturer, giving them the code numbers for both locks explaining the situation.
  • Thanks.

    I did read that info on the page you linked, where it states it enables them infinite amount of lock patterns. I have emailed McGard to see what their take on it is.
  • Response from a McGard rep states that though McGard offers hundreds of lock and key combos, they are not guaranteed to be unique.

    So the implication that since these are serialized they are unique is false.

    I asked how many patterns are there per lug size and am awaiting a reply.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    How interesting. Somehow I thought that would be the case but 'regionally' seems strange 2 should be the same in such close proximity.
  • Ok I have a 2005 Infiniti G35 with the 19" rims and thus have the staggered tires - 225 in the front and 245 in the rear. Need to get snow tires and am planning on buying a set of 17" rims but my question is do I have to keep the staggering? Seems to be harder to find snow tires in the 245 size...

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I use winter tires and in fact just fitted them this holiday weekend. (Central Ohio)

    I am using the stock 17 inch wheels for my winter tires, (have aftermarket wheels and tires for summer).

    I found staggered winter tires from Bridgestone:

    Blizzak LM22s
    Front 225x50x17
    Rear 235x50x17

    They are wearing well, (second winter and still look new).
    Taller and narrower are better for winter weather thus the 50 series size. As a side effect, these will ride a bit softer than your 19s and you may be able to get to work without spilling your coffee in the morning. :surprise:

    Excellent grip on the cold asphalt and good traction in the snow. I'm very satisfied but be sure to take them off when the temps come back up in the spring. They are not efficient when the pavement warms up and may give you some squiggle when you breach triple digits on the open road. :blush:

  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I just got my 2006 6MT Sedan with 235/45 18s. I do plan on getting only two (2) Snow tires for the rear to get me through Michigan winter. Any suggestions. I assume it is OK to replace only the rear. And, if I do so, I plan on getting a 50 or even a 60 series for the rear rather than the stock 45s...any problem with that. (I plan on getting them used and thus the 50 or 60 series choice - more available in the market).

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,573
    My put, having spent quite a few winters below zero, is that stopping & steering are at least as important as getting going in the first place.

    With cold-temperature tires only on the drive axle, you'll certainly start better than you would have otherwise.

    You'll stop 50% better and steer no better than if you'd done nothing.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    It's actually dangerous to only put two snow tires on. The rears will grab so much better than the fronts that the car will be a handful to drive. It will understeer like crazy. The reverse would happen with snows on the front of a front-drive car. With a $30K+ investment, an additional $250 for front snows is surely worth it.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I believe this would be a mistake. "Winter" tires use a different technology then they used years ago for "snow" tires. It's all about compound (and tread design) vs. large mud type cleats they used in the 60's and 70's.

    You need winter tires on all four corners. As others pointed out, you're asking for handling problems, (likely unexpected handling problems), with winter tires only on the rear.

  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    Thank you all for feedback. The car is leased and will only be going through it for 2 winters and thus the thought. The funny thing is the dealer himsef suggested two rear only tires! I ordered two, but will add two more I guess. First snow day in MI today! :(
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Good Luck! My current ride is an AWD but my last car was rear drive. I had four snows and the car was perfect all winter. I would regularly pass FWD cars with all season rubber. I also felt safe with the handling and especially the braking. Remember to remove the snows before it gets too hot outside. They will self destruct (not blow out but just wear extremely quickly) if they get too hot.
  • I will probably be getting a new car in the next month or two and the G35 6MT coupe is high on the list. I live in northern Indiana, so driving in snow is required. Based on what I have read winter tires will be a must for the G35. I know that I should go with 17” wheels on all four corners for the winter tires, but I do have a practical question: will all four wheels fit into the G35 coupe when it comes time to have them changed? Also, how difficult is it to maneuver the wheels into the car if they do fit? I am not exactly a weightlifter and I will be doing this by myself.

    I currently have a 4WD 1998 Explorer XLT with 120K miles. It still runs very well and has been very reliable. Since I won’t get much on trade-in I suppose keeping the Explorer for use in bad weather is an option. Two cars for one person just seems a little indulgent though (not to mention extra insurance and registration).

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • I have a 2005 coupe. I have a set of winter tires (Dunlop MP3) mounted on 18" rims. My regular rims are part of the sport tune and are 19". I cannot under any circumstances fit a set of four wheels and rims into the coupe.

    I have an arrangement with the local Discount Tire to pick up my wheels and tires during the week (by pickup truck) and then they deliver them when the change is done.

    I bought the four tires and four wheels from Discount, and they have changed them 2X so far with the pickup and delivery, and they do not charge me anything for the service. :D :D

    They have made a customer for life. :)
  • Hi raizelgs. Thanks for your response. I was pretty sure from looking at the G35 coupe that it was impossible to fit the rims with tires into the car but I thought I would get the true story from someone who owns one. It seems like you have a great deal going with Discount Tire. I guess I have more homework to do and see what the local tire dealser can do before I make a decision. I love the looks and handling of the G35 coupe. I just have to decide if the fun driving is worth the twice per year wheel change, not to mention the additional cost of an extra set of tires and wheels.

    Practical vs. fun, there’s always a tradeoff. I’ve been driving practical for the last 7 years and I’d like to have something fun (if it’s not too impractical). :P
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I just bought the winter tires and had them mounted on the stock wheels for the first year. In the spring I ordered a nice set of aftermarket wheels that I put my summer treads on. Breaks up the expense.

    I also used Discount Tire. They didn't pick up my tires and wheels so I have to make two trips, with two tires and wheels each trip. You might get 4 in the car if you put them on the shelf and on the front passenger seat, (they put them in clean plastic bags).
    Though I have not tried it and can’t say for sure.

  • Give in to fun. It's not that much of a hassle (cost was another story), and you will be rewarded every morning when you go into your garage and see the coupe there. It forces me to smile. :D

  • rwardrward Posts: 5
    Hi everyone,
    I am moving from Tucson AZ to St. Louis later this month. I am pretty concerned about driving in snow and need help. I have even contemplated selling car to get an all wheel drive vehicle. Only snow driving in my life has been when going skiing and then always with chains on the car.

    Read through this discussion and wonder why the need for two sets of rims. Can't they just replace all four tires at once and store the tires for the summer? Is there such a thing as all weather tires that will really work all year? Do I even need to even worry about this in St. louis, it's not Minnesota after all. What tires models should I consider? Are there tire stores that store your tires for the winter?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I have an 06 6MT sedan and live in Michigan. I have not even installed mine yet, for we have not had snow this season! Anyway, based on my experience with my previous car (Volvo T5) snow tires will make a world of difference for you vs. all season ones. I bought 4 snow tires only for my 6MT. Again, there will be probably 3-5 days in St. louis that will give you hell if you do not have them on, other than that you should be OK with what you have.
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