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Infiniti G35 Tires and Wheels



  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I believe this would be a mistake. "Winter" tires use a different technology then they used years ago for "snow" tires. It's all about compound (and tread design) vs. large mud type cleats they used in the 60's and 70's.

    You need winter tires on all four corners. As others pointed out, you're asking for handling problems, (likely unexpected handling problems), with winter tires only on the rear.

  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    Thank you all for feedback. The car is leased and will only be going through it for 2 winters and thus the thought. The funny thing is the dealer himsef suggested two rear only tires! I ordered two, but will add two more I guess. First snow day in MI today! :(
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Good Luck! My current ride is an AWD but my last car was rear drive. I had four snows and the car was perfect all winter. I would regularly pass FWD cars with all season rubber. I also felt safe with the handling and especially the braking. Remember to remove the snows before it gets too hot outside. They will self destruct (not blow out but just wear extremely quickly) if they get too hot.
  • I will probably be getting a new car in the next month or two and the G35 6MT coupe is high on the list. I live in northern Indiana, so driving in snow is required. Based on what I have read winter tires will be a must for the G35. I know that I should go with 17” wheels on all four corners for the winter tires, but I do have a practical question: will all four wheels fit into the G35 coupe when it comes time to have them changed? Also, how difficult is it to maneuver the wheels into the car if they do fit? I am not exactly a weightlifter and I will be doing this by myself.

    I currently have a 4WD 1998 Explorer XLT with 120K miles. It still runs very well and has been very reliable. Since I won’t get much on trade-in I suppose keeping the Explorer for use in bad weather is an option. Two cars for one person just seems a little indulgent though (not to mention extra insurance and registration).

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • I have a 2005 coupe. I have a set of winter tires (Dunlop MP3) mounted on 18" rims. My regular rims are part of the sport tune and are 19". I cannot under any circumstances fit a set of four wheels and rims into the coupe.

    I have an arrangement with the local Discount Tire to pick up my wheels and tires during the week (by pickup truck) and then they deliver them when the change is done.

    I bought the four tires and four wheels from Discount, and they have changed them 2X so far with the pickup and delivery, and they do not charge me anything for the service. :D:D

    They have made a customer for life. :)
  • Hi raizelgs. Thanks for your response. I was pretty sure from looking at the G35 coupe that it was impossible to fit the rims with tires into the car but I thought I would get the true story from someone who owns one. It seems like you have a great deal going with Discount Tire. I guess I have more homework to do and see what the local tire dealser can do before I make a decision. I love the looks and handling of the G35 coupe. I just have to decide if the fun driving is worth the twice per year wheel change, not to mention the additional cost of an extra set of tires and wheels.

    Practical vs. fun, there’s always a tradeoff. I’ve been driving practical for the last 7 years and I’d like to have something fun (if it’s not too impractical). :P
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I just bought the winter tires and had them mounted on the stock wheels for the first year. In the spring I ordered a nice set of aftermarket wheels that I put my summer treads on. Breaks up the expense.

    I also used Discount Tire. They didn't pick up my tires and wheels so I have to make two trips, with two tires and wheels each trip. You might get 4 in the car if you put them on the shelf and on the front passenger seat, (they put them in clean plastic bags).
    Though I have not tried it and can’t say for sure.

  • Give in to fun. It's not that much of a hassle (cost was another story), and you will be rewarded every morning when you go into your garage and see the coupe there. It forces me to smile. :D

  • rwardrward Posts: 5
    Hi everyone,
    I am moving from Tucson AZ to St. Louis later this month. I am pretty concerned about driving in snow and need help. I have even contemplated selling car to get an all wheel drive vehicle. Only snow driving in my life has been when going skiing and then always with chains on the car.

    Read through this discussion and wonder why the need for two sets of rims. Can't they just replace all four tires at once and store the tires for the summer? Is there such a thing as all weather tires that will really work all year? Do I even need to even worry about this in St. louis, it's not Minnesota after all. What tires models should I consider? Are there tire stores that store your tires for the winter?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I have an 06 6MT sedan and live in Michigan. I have not even installed mine yet, for we have not had snow this season! Anyway, based on my experience with my previous car (Volvo T5) snow tires will make a world of difference for you vs. all season ones. I bought 4 snow tires only for my 6MT. Again, there will be probably 3-5 days in St. louis that will give you hell if you do not have them on, other than that you should be OK with what you have.
  • Second set of rims is for convenience and to protect original rims. Changing tires constantly raises the possibility of damaging a $400 rim. :cry: Using a second set of winter rims that you can get for 150-200 each gives you convenience. Also, snow tires are better if they are not as wide as the original tires (you get better traction with a narrower footprint in the snow).

    It is not mandatory, just convenient. As far as storing for the summer, tire dealers around here won't do that (here is Detroit metro area).
  • I've been reading this thread, but can't find a previous answer to these questions. I am a complete neophyte about all of this.
    1. Previous poster asked whether to stagger winter tires. I have the same question although our local tire mechanic suggested Dunlops M3 sized 215 55/17 and 222 55/17. Maybe that's not quite right, it was a bad cell phone connection. Is this necessary? Tirerack recommended just the 225/55 17 on all four.
    2. Our local tire guy also recommended Nokians. I can't find anything about these tires on infinities. Comments? We live in metro NE area with a lot of slush, dry pavements, not a lot of deep snow. I'm particularly paranoid about hydroplanning since that once happened to me with another car.
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    If you've got a two year lease, the original tires probably would be fine for slush & light snow, especially with the clutch, until time to return the car-just slow down.
    I'd go with the Nokkias- I had a set years ago on an Accord and they were unstoppable. With the manual trans and these tires, you should be able to climb up the side of a house!
    Use same size as your original tires at all four corners.
    You would be better off mounting the snows on their own set of wheels as opposed to switching wheels 2x a year.
    A word of caution-my Inf. dealer has a sign in the service dept: "We refuse to remove, mount, balance or service any aftermarket wheels". I wouldn't want to test that policy, as it may be their right to refuse. Check with your dealer if you are going to have your car serviced there. Of course, Inf. wheels cost $300 apiece...
    Save your money until next year, as winter seems to be AWOL this year.
    As for the hydroplaning-slow down!. A State Trooper once told me that in inclement weather, the posted speed limit is almost always too fast for conditions.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    Unless it's free or under warranty, I generally avoid dealerships for routine service. Exception might be an oil change at Nissan which is cheaper than 'Inf'.
    For most running gear stuff, brakes, tires, brakes, alignment, etc. etc. I go to a well experienced and trained mechanic with a fully equipped shop. The difference in personal service is huge as is the knowledge I gain in talking to him.
    This mechanic does after-market stuff including setups for AutoX, lowering, for Nissans, Minis, bimmers, Vettes, etc. as well as the normal factory stuff.
  • I actually called the service manager at the dealership and he made your initial recommendation--use what I've got. So although I was about to go ahead with the Nokkias, I cancelled. If it ever really snows hard here this season, I'll take the Outback for peace of mind. I should get the Nokkias for that! Maybe they'll compensate for the lousy brakes, which I didn't think were bad at all until I drove G. Thanks for your input.
  • Interesting article on winter/all season/summer tires at Car and Driver. l

  • rward,

    I wouldn't be too concern about driving with your current g35 in st louis on all season tires, esp given it will only be an issue a few days a year. I live in MN and haven't had any issues with my g coupe. I have a set of snows in the garage and haven't bothered to mount them this year. Just takes some skill to get going from a stop on a hill. Don't get me wrong snows make a big difference, but not like you are doomed without them. If you do go snows, it's best to get a set of wheels for them if for no other reason than it costs you $100 each time you flip them. They will pay for themselves quickly.

    Good luck!
  • I have the 2005 g35 Sedan with the 18" 235/45/18 tires. I am upgrading to new summer tires and the Tire Rack rep. recommended I go with the slightly taller/wider 245/45/18 size to get better high performance choices.

    Has anyone with the Sedan w/18" wheel package (w/auto or 6MT) tried going up to 245 size and were their any issues/problems with it?
    For snows I ended up going down to slightly shorter 225/45/18's which worked out fine - just wanted to see if anyone can verify that the slightly larger size for summer tires wouldn't cause an issue.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I have 245/45/18's on 8" wide wheels. Used them last summer and will put them on again after the winter. No problems at all! I went with General Exclaim UHP tires. 10000 miles so far and they still look new.
  • My summer tires are still new. I need your expert thoughts when it comes to changing them. I’m thinking of modifying the profile while keeping the original rims to:
    Front: 225/45-18
    Rear: 255/40-18

    I’ve used this to calculate the tire sizes:
    Has anyone done that? What do you guys think?

    Of course, regarding winter, I’m thinking of getting 18x7.5 wheels with set of four: 245/45-18 from TireRack.
  • Thanks, sounds good! I'm staying with the stock 18" wheels - but their 7.5 width still meets the minimum width spec for the Dunlop Sport Maxx's) so I think I'll be all set.
  • amitnis1amitnis1 Posts: 14
    I was looking for an entry level luxury coupe and decided to go with the G35 one. I live in NE and the dealer was very adamant that I should go with the AWD sedan version if I want to drive the car all year long. He argues that any G35 coupe including one with automatic transmission and snow tires will be out of use for at least 2 months a year in the NE weather.

    Is this correct? Is the only G35 relevant for 365 days drive in NE is the AWD one?

    If not and a coupe with snow tires will do the trick then wich tires should I buy? What should be the cost?

  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    Not 100% the same, but relevant... I drive a 330Ci year round in S.E. PA. I'm sure we get less snow than you do, but we still get some good ones. I live on lightly travelled state-road and it gets low priority from plows. I've yet to get stuck. The biggest problem I face, and I'm sure the G35 would have the same problem, is lack of ground clearance. When the snow gets above 5-6", the front end starts to plow. When that happens, the rear wants to come around. DSC says "nope" and the car starts to slow down. When going up hill, this can cause the car to come to a complete stop... not good. However, by turning DSC off, I've always been able to get where I want.

    As for tires, I used 225/45 WinterSport M2's initially and last year changed to 205/50 WinterSport M3's. The narrower tire is MUCH better in the snow but considerably worse when playing on dry roads. I'm pretty sure if I still have the car when the next set is needed, I'll go back to 225s on each corner.

    Hope this helps!
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I live in the Detroit Area and the automatic coupe with Dunlop M2s is fine in the winter. Slightly less relevant to your question is one of style. The coupe is such a better looking car than the sedan. Don't buy something that will leave you beating yourself up every time you see a coupe if that is what you really want.

    The coupe is not different than any other two wheel drive car in the snow if you have good tires.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    I paid $500 for a wheel/tire protection plan for '07 Sport Model. These are $800 rims (from what I was told) and almost $200 tires. The plan covers wheel damage (excludes curbing them, though) and tire hazard replacement. Was this a ripoff? Has anyone ever heard of someone getting a bent rim from a pot hole? I never damaged a rim, but have had plenty of flat tires where they couldn't do a patch.

    I have 30 days to cancel and am considering it.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Here's a link I found on the internet for the company that sells the warranty.

    Tire must have 3/32 of an inch left on tread to qualify. Anyone have an idea of what that translates to in the life of a preformance tire?
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I have had serious wheel damage in the past from potholes. It cost me for two expensive wheels. :( I also purchased the insurance, and I am not sure if it is worth it, but it sure gives you piece of mind. :D

    There are many frost heave potholes where I live, and I thought it a reasonable investment.

    You are correct about the curbing, since I did some minor damage hitting a curb, and the insurance would not pay for the repair.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Do you have the same insurance plan as the one stated above? When you put in the claim for the wheels that you had curbed, did you admit to hitting a curb? My policy excludes damage from curbs.
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    Policy sounds the same. I do not think I paid that much, but I'm not sure. (It's buried in the monthly payment).

    With the price of any one wheel or tire being close to the whole cost of the insurance, it is worth the piece of mind. As I said in my previous note, I have had wheels ruined from pothole or road damage in the past.

    Yes I told them I had curbed the wheel. The damage was really minor, and I just had to pay $50 to have a repair guy grind it out and repaint. You cannot tell the wheel was damaged.

  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Has anyone researched what the alternatives are available for replacing the oringal summer tires on the Sport Model with all season tires. I haven't been able to find anything that fits the original rims (except for a single model of winter tires) or the original stock tires.

    Looks like I'll have to buy a set of rims and tires. Any recommendations on those choices?
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I personally would not waste my money. I own a 2006 sedan 6MT with sport summer tires (235/45 18s) in Michigan. I bought similar sized winter tires only (50 series) USED from ebay and have been using them through this past winter with absolutely no problem. They performed perfectly through MI winter. I plan to swap the summer tires back on in a week or two. Keep in mind I leased my car and have no plans on keeping it after the 2yr lease ends, thus the decision to buy used winter tires.
  • I'm in the same boat as you. I have been looking for Winter/All Season tires too.

    From what I have heard, looks like unfortunately, we have to buy a set of wheels and tires for winter..if you really want to protect your rims from the process of swapping summer and winter tires.

    Another alternative is to put on All Season tires. However, I couldn't find the right tires sizes for all season..

    I did some reasearch and don't take my word on this:
    - All Season:
    235/50-18 (Front)
    255/45-18 (Rear)

    - All Season:
    245/45-18 (Front)
    255/40-18 (Rear)

    so i'm going to add another voice to your post. Any Recommendations out there ?

  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    I was at the dealer yesterday and asked Parts Dept Guy about all season alternatives for the Sport Model. He could not find any in the references that he had, but he admitted it was not comprehensive.

    It's interesting to me that Infiniti did not take this situation into account. I think there's more than a few of us who have purchased a Sport Model (or the Sports wheel package) that live in a climate that doesn't fit the recommended conditions of summer tires year round. Does anyone agree with this position?

    I know that purchasing a second set of wheels in a different size is an option, but shouldn't I at least have the choice of replacing the stock tires with all season tires?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I bought the Wheel/Tire package.

    The package covers wheels and tires, but also offers full road-side assistance for anything, like dead batteries, running out of gas, etc and also includes towing up to 150 miles.
    I use AAA but I admit, I sometimes let it expire accidentally. This is just added piece of mind.

    They wanted $795.
    I told him he was nuts, and that I knew what people were paying.
    He immediately came down to $395, which I accepted.

    There's a $50- deductible on any tire/wheel replacement, regardless of wear, and it's coverage for 60 months, unlimited miles.

    Sounded like a good deal, so I took it.
    (politely declined everything else) :)
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    "politely declined everything else"

    First of all, congrats on your car, we all know you have waited a while for it.
    You constantly reminded us of it ;)
    Hope you have fun drivin it. A few questions for a new owner

    1) what other options did they try to offer you with the car

    2) why did it have 11-13 mile on it already, did the sale guy take it out on a test drive?

    3)sounds like you were at the dealer for a long time inspecting the car. what things did you look for or recommend one absolutely do when picking up their new car?

    enjoy your ride
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    :confuse: :confuse: Interesting...sounds like you paid $395 for just the coverage for the wheel issues, since you already have full road side assistance in your basic warranty that comes with the car.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Other options included the Interior/Exterior protection package, which is nothing more than a lousy coat of wax on the exterior, assuming they even put it on. The interior gets Scothgaurd.
    I take car detailing very seriously and found no need for this at all.

    They also offered extended warranties, but I have declined for now. I have 6 months to decide before the price goes up and they would not budge from the $2,400 pricetag for the 7/100,000 plan.
    Also, there was a deductible and only certain things were covered.
    "Oh, you broke the fluggle... we only cover the bolt that holds the fluggle"
    I'll search around and find something that better suits my needs.

    They offered Lo-Jack... for $900!
    Yeah, it pages you when the car is stolen, causing your little extra fob to beep... 15 minutes after it's stolen. They say that Lo-Jack doesn't want you to get notified too early, causing you to mingle with the thieves.
    I'm thinking more on the lines of a Viper system, which will beep and/or call me the second the car is started, and also includes a GPS tracking system for pinpointing the car.
    Same price installed, and offers far better protection.

    I opted for the Wheel/Tire package cause it's just piece of mind. Not for me, but the wife asked me to get it. She's hit potholes and ruined two wheels in the past years and felt I should get it.
    I'll pay $395 to avoid her from saying "I told you so" down the road, if it's ever needed!
    The wheels are $800 a piece and the tires are $200.
    Tire coverage is complete replacement, regardless of wear.
    $400- was not expensive, if it's needed even once.
    The roadside coverage will continue even after my car's warranty has passed, and it's just extra piece of mind.

    I had 11 miles on the car because these cars are tested at the factory.
    There's a letter included in the car's glovebox that explains exactly why the 11 miles are there.

    I brought a list of items to check upon delivery, but the salesguy had a full checklist of items as well.
    I had my wife and 4 yr old with me, so I was a little rushed as well.
    I failed to notice until this morning, that I didn't get my splash guards though.... calling the dealer today.
  • Did you ever find any info on this? I am getting ready to buy a Sport model, and I live in NJ. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to drive on the summer tires year round, but I'm also don't know if I need a full on set of winter tires. Luckily I have a second car, so I can park it if I have to, but I'm sure I won't want to do that.
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    Thanks for the quick response. Although all that extra stuff would be nice,I dont think that it will be for me. I might spring for the 3m film though as it seems that it is something that really protects ones investment. the other warranties like you mentioned, give you the peice of mind that your covered should anthing go wrong.

    hate to hear about those splash guards, that means other unwanted trip to the dealership. at least when you get there, it will be in STYLE.
  • How much did the 3M film cost? That's something I'm definitely interested in. How's it holding up? A friend of mine got it put on his Volvo about a year ago and had to take it off after only about 3 months.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    His was either not installed correctly, or was not 3M.
    Lot's of people use the term "3M" almost like saying "Band-Aid" but are talking about other products which do not compare to the same quality.
    Cough-Avery Dennison-Cough

    3M carries a 5 yr warranty for peeling, cracking, discoloration, etc.

    I also made sure my install guy at the dealer was 3M certified.
    You can do that through 3M's website.

    He did an absolutely awesome job.

    Local places wanted $795 for just the hood/fender/mirror kit.
    I got the dealer to agree on the entire front end, including the bumper/lower spoiler section, front fenders, mirrors and extended coverage of the hood for $695.

    I had to wait several extra days when the car was in, cause the installer was on vacation.
    It was worth the wait... awesome install job.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    After discussion with a knowledgible friend on the All Season Tire issue, I've pretty confident that it's a non-issue. The reason is that you can put on tires that are slightly different sizes than the OEM tires as long as they fit on the rims and you don't mess up the overall diameter of the wheel+tire. You also have to make sure that the tire is not too wide for the wheel well. I still have to research the exact tires that are available that will fit. For example, I can probably put the same size tire as the wider OEM rear tire on the front. As I recall, there were multiple choices in all season tires in this size. I still have to confirm that it's exceptable for the rim width and that it fits the wheel wells. Has anyone tried this?

    Has anyone successfully used alternative sizes to the original tires on the Sedan Sport with the 18 inch wheels?

    Regarding your question about driving year round in NJ on Summer tires, I would not recommend it based on everything I've read and heard about summer tires. It's not just snow, it's also the cold temperature. I'm further south than you and I don't plan on keeping them year round.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Sounds like a great deal on the Wheel and tire protection plan. Based on your description it's much more comprehensive that the plan I got (and paid $100 more for). After reading over my agreement very carefully, I think there are too many restrictions and will likely get a refund within the 60 Day period. It's only a $25 cost to get a refund.

    Do you know the name of the company that provides your plan? You may want to read over the fine print on yours too. Does it say that they will only replace the wheel as a last resort if it cannot be repaired? How much will they reimburse you for towing? Mine says up to $50. One occurance in a 7 day period, hitting curbs is not covered, winter tires are not covered, only the original wheels are covered, etc, etc,
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I bought same size (235's) winter tires off ebay but 50 series vs. OEM 45s....I replaced the OEM summer tires on my 6MT with them for the winter season here in MI. They have performed perfectly through the snow and now the warmer temps we are starting to have. Soon I will go back to summer tires.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'll need to check the paperwork as I don't recall the name of the company.
    Yes, the wheel is only replaced as a last resort, like being bent. If the wheel is repairable, that is what will be done... I'm okay with that.

    As for towing, I don't yet know the little details, but we covered the big ones.
    150 miles towing per incident, and there is no limit of cost, just mileage.

    Only the original wheels and tires are covered.

    If I have a set of winter wheels/tires on for the winter, then or course, these would not be covered.

    I'll let you know the company when I get top the paperwork, which is in my glovebox, which is in my car, which is in my garage... LOL
  • micahzmicahz Posts: 1
    I think you were taken (sorry). The tires are say $200 each. You would need to blow two of them to come close to getting your money back. Other than curb rash, rims will not falter.
  • dgrahamrdgrahamr Posts: 20
    I've read mixed things about the all-weathers that ship with the G35x. I want to have all weather tires. Given that, how do the stock tires rates -- terrible, just okay, or decent? If I should replace them, any suggestions for a good performance versus price tradeoff? I want to have all weather tires no matter what, so no need to try to convince me to have summers and winters.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I believe the G35x (AWD) does come with all season weather anyway. And it being AWD, you should have no problem with it in the winter. I have a 6MT (RWD) with snow tires in the winter (Michigan) and perfectly happy with their performance. AWD with OEM All Season should do you good...
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    That may be an over-statement.
    The package is $795... I paid half that.

    Where I live.. (NE).. we have some road issues.
    I driven SUVs and trucks in my past, so wheels have never been an issue for me.
    My wife on the other hand, has bent 2 wheels in as many years, just driving through back roads.
    We know how to watch for killer potholes, but if it's raining, they're full of water and impossible to detect.

    If I hit a pothole and damage a wheel, this has paid for itself.
    If I never need it, then at least purchasing it made my wife happy, and that's enough for me.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Anyone know the average cost to repair a rim, and how often a bent or damaged rim can be repaired vs. a replacement rim?
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