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Infiniti G35 Tires and Wheels



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    His was either not installed correctly, or was not 3M.
    Lot's of people use the term "3M" almost like saying "Band-Aid" but are talking about other products which do not compare to the same quality.
    Cough-Avery Dennison-Cough

    3M carries a 5 yr warranty for peeling, cracking, discoloration, etc.

    I also made sure my install guy at the dealer was 3M certified.
    You can do that through 3M's website.

    He did an absolutely awesome job.

    Local places wanted $795 for just the hood/fender/mirror kit.
    I got the dealer to agree on the entire front end, including the bumper/lower spoiler section, front fenders, mirrors and extended coverage of the hood for $695.

    I had to wait several extra days when the car was in, cause the installer was on vacation.
    It was worth the wait... awesome install job.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    After discussion with a knowledgible friend on the All Season Tire issue, I've pretty confident that it's a non-issue. The reason is that you can put on tires that are slightly different sizes than the OEM tires as long as they fit on the rims and you don't mess up the overall diameter of the wheel+tire. You also have to make sure that the tire is not too wide for the wheel well. I still have to research the exact tires that are available that will fit. For example, I can probably put the same size tire as the wider OEM rear tire on the front. As I recall, there were multiple choices in all season tires in this size. I still have to confirm that it's exceptable for the rim width and that it fits the wheel wells. Has anyone tried this?

    Has anyone successfully used alternative sizes to the original tires on the Sedan Sport with the 18 inch wheels?

    Regarding your question about driving year round in NJ on Summer tires, I would not recommend it based on everything I've read and heard about summer tires. It's not just snow, it's also the cold temperature. I'm further south than you and I don't plan on keeping them year round.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Sounds like a great deal on the Wheel and tire protection plan. Based on your description it's much more comprehensive that the plan I got (and paid $100 more for). After reading over my agreement very carefully, I think there are too many restrictions and will likely get a refund within the 60 Day period. It's only a $25 cost to get a refund.

    Do you know the name of the company that provides your plan? You may want to read over the fine print on yours too. Does it say that they will only replace the wheel as a last resort if it cannot be repaired? How much will they reimburse you for towing? Mine says up to $50. One occurance in a 7 day period, hitting curbs is not covered, winter tires are not covered, only the original wheels are covered, etc, etc,
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I bought same size (235's) winter tires off ebay but 50 series vs. OEM 45s....I replaced the OEM summer tires on my 6MT with them for the winter season here in MI. They have performed perfectly through the snow and now the warmer temps we are starting to have. Soon I will go back to summer tires.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'll need to check the paperwork as I don't recall the name of the company.
    Yes, the wheel is only replaced as a last resort, like being bent. If the wheel is repairable, that is what will be done... I'm okay with that.

    As for towing, I don't yet know the little details, but we covered the big ones.
    150 miles towing per incident, and there is no limit of cost, just mileage.

    Only the original wheels and tires are covered.

    If I have a set of winter wheels/tires on for the winter, then or course, these would not be covered.

    I'll let you know the company when I get top the paperwork, which is in my glovebox, which is in my car, which is in my garage... LOL
  • micahzmicahz Posts: 1
    I think you were taken (sorry). The tires are say $200 each. You would need to blow two of them to come close to getting your money back. Other than curb rash, rims will not falter.
  • dgrahamrdgrahamr Posts: 20
    I've read mixed things about the all-weathers that ship with the G35x. I want to have all weather tires. Given that, how do the stock tires rates -- terrible, just okay, or decent? If I should replace them, any suggestions for a good performance versus price tradeoff? I want to have all weather tires no matter what, so no need to try to convince me to have summers and winters.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I believe the G35x (AWD) does come with all season weather anyway. And it being AWD, you should have no problem with it in the winter. I have a 6MT (RWD) with snow tires in the winter (Michigan) and perfectly happy with their performance. AWD with OEM All Season should do you good...
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    That may be an over-statement.
    The package is $795... I paid half that.

    Where I live.. (NE).. we have some road issues.
    I driven SUVs and trucks in my past, so wheels have never been an issue for me.
    My wife on the other hand, has bent 2 wheels in as many years, just driving through back roads.
    We know how to watch for killer potholes, but if it's raining, they're full of water and impossible to detect.

    If I hit a pothole and damage a wheel, this has paid for itself.
    If I never need it, then at least purchasing it made my wife happy, and that's enough for me.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    Anyone know the average cost to repair a rim, and how often a bent or damaged rim can be repaired vs. a replacement rim?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,569
    How long is a stick?

    If you've got a bit of scuffing on the side, it's much different than hitting a pothole. Concerning said pothole, how fast, how deep, how sharp?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Bent steel rims can be fixed, somewhat.
    A bent Aluminum wheel, running out of true, needs to be replaced.
    The G wheels are $800 + $200- for the tire.

    Scuffs and scratches can be filled and repaired.
    This can be done for less than replacement cost, but it's not going to be 100%
  • flipsydeflipsyde Posts: 3
    I'm thinking of putting 20 inch rims on my 2005 G35 coupe. Does anyone have any recomendations for a sweet set of 20 inch rims and tires that would look great on this vehicle without compromising performance and additional road noise? Thanks.

  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Whats the difference? Do forged wheels give you better performance?
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Most bent or damaged aluminum wheels can be repaired. There are many firms out there that do it. I have had two rims repaired in the last two years (I live in NJ where the potholes can be huge), in fact an original 17" Infiniti wheel was repaired by the dealer. It cost $150 to repair. Check around before springing for a new wheel.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,307
    got my car a month ago, love it but i noticed since day one that the TPS system has continued to blink --well after one week i checked the tire pressure and guess what? 55 lbs of pressure--thank you dealer.. well i have adjusted the pressure to 35 and the TpS continues to blink.. why?? is there a fix how do i get this blinking light off my dash board.. :P
  • I have read in the forums that driving in snow is tricky, some people term it impossible too. :cry: .

    I am in Minneapolis and it snows a lot here (8 months a year). Being a great fan of manual transmissions, I really love the 6MT G35. But there is no AWD option in 6MT.

    So please clear this issue. Is driving in snow a real issue with this car?
  • I just purchased a 6MT and love it. I live in Chicago, and I plan to pick up a set of winter wheels and tires from Tirerack in the fall... likely Blizzaks. The tires on the 6MT are summer performance tires and I expect they will be unbearable in any snow/winter conditions. I factored this into my purchase decision. I am coming from a VW Passat 4motion with Bridgestone G009s which performed fabulously in winter (but was sluggish comparitively to the G) all other times of the year... I'd be interested in other opinions on winter wheels/tires for this car... thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you go to the group level by clicking here, you can use the "Search Infiniti G35" box for the word snow. You'll find lots of information, I promise! :)

    You'll see it on the right on the gray bar above the discussion list.
  • sec3sec3 Posts: 1
    I have a 05 G-35 coupe with 18 inch polished wheels, the bright is coming off in the corners of the wheels. anyone else having this problem?
  • g35xfung35xfun Posts: 7
    I recently purchased the 07 G35x and it comes with Goodyear Eagle RSA tires. Is this the typical standard tire?

    I've not heard very nice things about this tire, should I look for a better all-season tire to replace it? I know I definitely like better wet and snow performance given that I have Minnesota winters to deal with.

  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    Hi g35x fun: I have an 05 X with the same tires in MN. They are ok. I would run them till they are shot and then pursue a new tire. They aren't that bad...

    I am probably going to look at Nokian All season rubber this fall. Enjoy the car, we LOVE ours :D
  • storrk1storrk1 Posts: 17
    This website has been an incredibly resource...insisting on a sports sedan with manual transmission and all weather capability (I live in Chicago) has greatly limited my car options. I love the G but the tires of the G sport are enough to make me lean toward the Acura TL type S. That was until I just went on tirerack again. I think they now have an all weather tire for the G--Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season. I could have sworn they didn;t have a tire when I went onto the site a few weeks ago. Maybe its new? Check it out guys, am I dreaming??? Buying new rims and tires is a deal breaker for me with the G...but if its just tires...I'm open to it.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    People talk all the time about the necessity of buying tires and rims together. I own a 06 6MT sedan in Michigan. I bought 4 snow tires (used) from ebay for a total of about $130, and no damage to rims have been detected at all. Had the local shop install them in January for $40 and the car has performed PHENOMENALLY during the winter snow. It cut through the snow with ease and really never felt the disapointment of a RWD car during the winter season. I will reuse these tires again come next winter.
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    I just checked tirerack's website and you're right, they do now have an all-season tire for the 07 G35 Sport. Just type in the make, model, and year and then select "View matching front and rear tires", and there it is. They definitely didn't have them (in that size at least) when I looked a couple of months ago. I have a feeling it's a new tire because there are no reviews on their website. I'll start researching these now for this winter when I plan on putting on all seasons (and might just leave them on).
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Not to mention, the Acura TL type S is a horrorshow in the snow.
  • I've also checked out the Eagle F1s on Tire Rack. But there are 17" winter tire and wheel packages that you can get for about the same price as the Eagle F1s.

    Now I'm wondering which is better, dedicated sets for summer and winter, or one set of all seasons.

    Any thoughts?
  • Scottm123, I'm facing the same dilemma. But now hoping to get away with the all season Goodyear F1s. Haven't driven a RWD in 11 years, but did fine with all seasons on previous RWDs. And did some really crazy things on RWDs in my youth. But those cars weren't GSport 6MTs with all that torque and hp.

    I live in Brooklyn, where they do plow the roads. So deep snow is not something I'll face. Nevertheless, I am tempted to go to 17" rims with 225/55/17 Dunlop M3s, just to be

    But it looks to me that the Goodyears alone are quite a bit cheaper than going with new 17" wheels and tires.

    So maybe I'll get the Goodyears and save on new wheels and the $260 for the tire pressure sensors. If I run into problems with the snow, then I'll go for the Dunlops on new 17s or Blizzaks on the 18s.

    Keep in mind that having multiple sets of tires reduces tread wear on the tires you're not using; so, in the long run, the total tire cost is less than it appears.
  • The 17" winter tires AND wheels can be had at about the same price as the Goodyears alone, if you skip the tire pressure sensors. The car will be fine without the sensors, but keep in mind that the the tire pressure monitor light will be on, and you will have to manually monitor your tire pressure.

    I have no problems with those two caveats, but I guess that's a decision you have to make on your own.
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I change my wheels and tires for the winter. I do not put in the tire pressure monitors in my winter tires. The tire pressure monitor light did NOT :) come on at all during the winter when the wheel monitors were out.

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