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Infiniti G35 Tires and Wheels



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Is this now the BMW forum?

    No... it's a discussion on how the AWD system between the BMW and the Infiniti may differ, which in hopes may explain why we cannot run staggered wheel sizes on the G.

    Why, have something to add? ;)
  • grebo007grebo007 Posts: 2
    Well I can tell you my exp. I had the Potenza's to start. 225/40/19 front and 245/40/19 rear. They lasted me about 22k. I am sure your tires are pretty loud by!! I then purchased the Mich PS2's. I paid $1700 total for all 4 tires. Ouch..!! I have put 18k on them so far and the tread is at 4/32..They don't make as much noise as the Potenza's but then again they did cost a lot more. I probably have about 4k left on them as well.. To be honest I wouldn't spend that kind of money anymore. It doesn't matter what tire you have, our g35 will eat them up..!!

    I am going to go with the Toyo's Proxes T1-r's or the Kumho's Ecsta spt.. The toyo's would cost about $1000 total and the Kumho's about $750 total. Either way the tires will be comparable..

    2005 g35 sport tune
  • madmarlinmadmarlin Posts: 29
    Thanks for the info. The problem I have with the 2007 G Sport is that the only tires which come in sizes to fit both the front and rear, at least as far as I have found, are the Potenzas or the GY Eagle F1's. I've had good luck with Toyo's on other cars, but they don't make a size to fit both front and rear. I'm leaning towards the GY's at this point. Not too much difference in price. If the GY's are anywhere close to the treadwear rating versus the Potenzas, I'll be happy. Just never know with that given the latitude the tire makers have with that.
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250

    Since this was getting beyond just the G35, I posted a follow up in the Ultimate AWD Sedan thread, post # 709 in

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Just read it... very good post.
    I'll have to watch that one.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • grebo007grebo007 Posts: 2
    What's your tire size?
  • madmarlinmadmarlin Posts: 29
    Fronts are 225-50-18 and rears are 245-45-18. Fronts are the ones that are a problem to find in other brands. Only seems to be the GY's and the Potenzas.
  • madmarlinmadmarlin Posts: 29
    Just put on the Eagle F1 AS tires yesterday. Will report back after putting some miles on them.
  • midwestg35midwestg35 Posts: 1
    I have 7k miles and 2 snowstorms on on the GY Eagle f1s. I love them. Summer tires do not work in the midwest. I have the sport so rotating is not an option. The original Bridgestones are on the front (22k total now, probably another 3 until new ones there). I paid $210 each intalled for the rears.
  • bucanolebucanole Posts: 18
    I'm leasing my 07 G35S sedan and was wondering about the tires as well. We are actually pretty low on miles (10K) so changing the tires is not an issue yet. I did buy the tire warranty though and was wondering how this works. I know they won't provide new tires for wear, but if damaged they would. If I change tires how will this play into the tire warranty. Will that hold up for the next set of Potenza's I have to purchase? Also is there a good link someone can provide to find out the full details of the tire warranty?
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I do not have a link, but if you bought the same warranty that I did from Infiniti, mine is a five-year warranty for damage to the wheels and tires. As long as you are the owner, you are covered for "equivalent" wheels and tires on the car. I just bought a new sent of tires, and checked carefully to see if they were covered. They are, so I was able to turn down the tire store's road hazard "extra cost" option on the tires.

    The policy also covers my winter tires, which are mounted on a separate set of wheels.
  • bucanolebucanole Posts: 18
    thanks Raiz. I'll have to look through my paperwork to see for sure.
  • darrinzramzdarrinzramz Posts: 24
    Hi my name is Darrin,and I have a G35 sedan 2004,I just purchased the Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS pole position tires they claim a 45,000mi warranty and are rated AA/A I live in Florida where we get alot of water.I'm having them installed Wednesday 5/28/2008.If your interested in finding out how well they will perform,contact me later in the year,also these tires seem to be a HOT item to get,I've noticed that they are on a NATIONAL back-order from alot of on-line tire companies selling them,I got lucky to get a pair in NY,sincerly Darrin :)
  • oldno07oldno07 Posts: 2
    I need a replecement wheel fror my 2006 G35 Coupe. I have the performance wheels and really like them. They are 18" staggered in size front to back. I need a front wheel only (P225/45/R18). Any suggestions?
  • jbarbellajbarbella Posts: 1
    What tires do you recommend for my G35 coupe? I have 19 inch rims and currently have Potenza's. Bridgestone was the original tires when I purchased the car. Should I stay with the Potenza or is there a more cost efficient tire out there?
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I just replaced my 19 inch Potenzas with Kumho Ecsta SPT's. There were much cheaper, `~900 f :) or a set of 4 and they are quieter then the Bridgestones.
  • I need advice on purchasing tires for my car. This will be my 3rd set of wheels sinc purchasing the car. The originals didn't last long. The 2nd set lasted for 2 years, but the ride was crappy. I want to get it right and pay a reasonable price. Please advise. My tire size should be 245/45R18. I'm in hotzona (Arizona) so you know we have extreme heat. I have 60k miles on my ride. Had an alignment 1 year after I purchased the 2nd set. When one of the tires blew out and AAA replaced with the douhgnut, I saw how terrible the tires wore out. The tread on the tired showed a very poor alignment. No wonder my car was shaking on the freeway. For now on, any time my wheels are balanced, I want to look at the inside of my tires to see if any wear and tear looks abnormal.

    I went online to Costco and they had 2 choices. Any recommendations?
  • loudog2loudog2 Posts: 83
    Yokohama s-drive, firestone firehawk, bridgestone potenza and turenza. A lot of people are getting the Falken 452's, but I don't know if they are in that size. There are a ton more. Did ou look at I looked. When you put the 245/45/18 size in there are 82 tires availible. But when I put your model year in that size was not an option. The only 18inch option was the 235/45/18's.
  • I had the faulken's but the dealer sold me 245/40ZR18. They did last 30k. But the ride was horrible and the alignment/rotation/balance did not fix it. I did not feel like I was driving in a luxury car at all. I read a couple of reviews on the Yokohama's and I think I'm going to try them out. I had them on my Honda which I kept past 300k miles. I was very pleased with the brand. So, why not try them one more time.

    But, am always open for suggestions.

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,664
    Go to and select tires for your car. Look at the UTOG rating for treadwear...anything over 400 is longer lasting. Performance tires are usually under 400.

    Good luck.

  • doug113xdoug113x Posts: 6
    Like many on here I have a limited choice for tire selection with the 07 G35 sedan sport package. The tire sizes are front 225/50-18 & rear 245/45-18. After looking on tirerack for available tires there are basicaly three choices. The OEM Bridgestones Ponteza. Performance was good, but I'm not to happy with the tread life. The next is the Goodyear Eagle F1 all weather, which from reading some posts, seem to be a good alternaitve to the Bridgestones. The last choice is the Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum. There are some reiviews on tirerack but none on a G35. As this is an all weather grand touring tire with a rating of 600 AA A. I'm assuming that you would give up some performance for tread life. Anyone have any experience with this(Kumho) or some more feedback on the Goodyear??
    Thanks in advance.
  • madmarlinmadmarlin Posts: 29
    I put on the Goodyears and have about 6k miles on them. I was very unhappy with the treadwear on the Potenzas and did not want to put them on again. The ride on the Goodyears is smooth. The one noticable difference is that the tires are a bit harder than the Potenzas. Road noise is up ever so slightly and the stiffness is somewhat elevated. With that said, I am happy with the tires. Grip is fine, ride is smooth and wet tractions is solid, which is important in Florida. They are not as quiet or "cushiony" as the Potenzas, but the sacrifice in those areas is relatively small and, in my mind, outweighed by the treadlife (should it live up to its promise). I'm only 6,000 miles in, so things can change, but I do not regret the change to the F1's at this juncture.
  • Thanks for your input. It's good to know that the F1's are a good tire. The F1 is probably the way I'll end up going unless I get some feedback on the Kumhos.
  • tszhfungtszhfung Posts: 12
    I also have an 07 G35 with 18" wheels. I will be putting on a set of Kumho LX today and will report back how they do.
  • Great. I'm really interested in what you think of them.

  • tszhfungtszhfung Posts: 12
    Got the Kumho on and drove the car 3 miles back to work. So far so good. The tire noise are all but gone. Much better than the worn out OEM. It's so much quieter and ride so much better than the OEMs. Cornering may not be as sharp as the OEMs but it's very minor.

    I will report back tomorrow after my 70 mile trip back home tonight.
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I have had a set of Kumho Ecsta's on my 2005 Coupe with Sport tuned suspension and 19" wheels. The tires are much quieter then the OEM Bridgestones and handling is apparently no different.

    I do not push the car hard, just a 50 mile commute each day. I have had the tires since April and have had no issues. They were significantly cheaper :) than Bridgestones or Goodyears.
  • Thanks to both the replies on the kumos. It's good to know that the tire noise is less than the OEM and that the performance difference is minor. Truth be told the only time I really get to do any fun driving is on the on and off ramps. Looking forward to the feed back after the 70 mile trip.

    Thanks again,
  • tszhfungtszhfung Posts: 12
    Two days of driving and 150 miles afterwards with the Kumho, the tires are MUCH quieter than the OEM, even when the OEMs were new. Ride is much improved and handling difference is there but minor by my definition. The turn-in is not as sharp and precise as the OEM and you loose a little bit of the steering feel while turning. On the other hand, you do not feel every little rock and pebble through the steering wheel either. It reminds me why bought this car in the first place, I wanted a luxury sedan, and it rides like one now.

    If you want a sports sedan, I suspect the Goodyear F1 may be more sporty than the Kumho. But for me, the Kumho being $150 cheaper for the whole set and treadwear being better (rating of 600 vs 420), I am thrilled with my purchase of Kumho so far.

    Let see how they perform after a couple thousand miles.
  • You should check out this site, it might help you guys with your car problems. [=
    Heres the link:

    Good luck!
  • After much deliberation, I'll be replacing the stock RE050As on my 07 G35S today with GY Eagle F1 A/S. The car is leased and I expect to give it up in 2 years for something new, so I didn't want to buy a dedicated winter tire/wheel package and then not be able to use them 2 years from now, if my next car didn't fit them or if tire technology changed and better tires came along. My major concern with the GY Eagles is noise and balancing--Tire Rack customer reviews paint a pretty ugly picture of how loud the tires can get, though at 17K miles, I am finding the RE050As to be far from quiet (much louder than they were when the car was new). After a minor rain storm in 39 degree weather this week, I came to understand how dangerous these summer tires would be in anything worse. Will let you know how the F1s perform, though from what I've read, they uniformly start out good, then get noisy even though performance remains. Kumho reviews are quite good--but going from a max performance summer tire to a grand tourer seems like giving up a lot in the performance department, which I don't want to do....
  • I need to replace my 215/55/17 tires (on an '03 G35 sedan). Based on reviews, my top choices are (all all-seasons in order):
    1) Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position
    2) Yokohama ADVAN S.4.
    3) BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S
    4) Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus
    These all come in 225/50/17 which seems to be a good replacement size.
    #s 1, 2, + 4 are $168-176. #3 is $129. (all fine)
    For warranties: #1's is 40K, #4's is 45K.
    All are rated highly by owners and in field tests.
    I would greatly appreciate any help in deciding between these tires. (#3 is cheaper, but I don't mind paying more if the others are worth it.)
    Thank you.
  • Help! I am just starting to shop around and not sure what is good for this car. Because its getting close to the holidays I really don't want to spend a lot of money. I have been quoted anywhere from $99/ tire which is Kelley brand (not sure how good they are), to 198. I believe is Bridgestone. I have Bridgestones on it right now. The size is P21555R17. Any input would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Denise
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    The good news was that I got a great price on a tire package from the largest regional tire distributor in the NE. The bad news is they damaged 3 rims on my 04 Coupe with the performance 18' wheel/tire option.

    After discussing this with the tire dealership manager, he committed to fixing the issue (scrapes and gouges, no bends or breaks), but with the wheel guy he uses in these instances whom I don't know from Adam. So I decided to get an arms length opinion and dropped by the Infinity Collision shop. The head guy looked at the rims and ironically an insurance adjuster from my auto carrier was there as well. Replacements: $880 each. Refurbished: $350 each. Was told the issue isn't so much the repair, but getting a quality repair that will last AND the rim colors and finish to match the remaining original on the car, tough to do and a commonly known dilemma. After the tire dealer gets a peek at the quote I got.......

    I now anticipate a war that will drag on if I rightly insist on the Infinity approach versus the tire dealer's rim guy.

    Has anyone had an issue with either the wheel refinish going South after a repair or a color/finish match? I drive cars cradle to grave, so I need another half dozen years out of the car. And I drive year round in the NE US, complete with road salts.

    I need to make a decision soon. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  • I had one instance where I damaged a rim (19") on my 05 coupe. I hit the curb near a drive-up bank. My dealer gave me a card for a guy that he uses, and he came to my work. He charged me $50 for the repair (grinding the edge smooth and repainting), and it has been fine

    If you get someone who knows what he is doing, a repair should be OK. On the other hand, since you didn't do the damage, why settle? In my case I had no one to blame but me. :cry: Good luck.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    Your wheel repair guy was able to grind off the curb scrapes on the edge of the rim and refinish the rim with the tire on the car? Do you know if the guy had to use some sort of metal or resin filler? How did the color match?

    My rims are gouged, with round depressions around the edge of the rims (top finish gone and indented) and with some more or less straight lines on a couple of the spokes. I can't imagine what the installer was thinking or doing because he got the fourth rim right. I was told by a car guy that mounting lower (45 and under) profile Z rated tires on alloys takes some knowledge and expertise, plus some special equipment guards, to prevent mangling the rims like mine were.

    I wonder what the long term results will be with a refinishing job?

  • It's been over a year so I don't remember exactly how he did the job. My memory is that he just ground the edges smooth and repainted.

    Your description of the damage to your wheels sounds like they should be replaced. I would go after the installers. I would think that their own insurance should cover damage that they do to a customer's car.

    When I bought a set of winter tires, the Discount Tire manager suggested that I get a second set of wheels so the tires did not have be mounted and dismounted twice a year. I remember him saying that it was easy to damage the wheels with those 19" low profile tires.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    Joe......It is difficult to give you advice because you didn't say what you needs or wants are out of the tires.

    Last week, after much research and angst, I bought the Bridgestone Potenza RE960 A/S Pole Position, not the cheapest of the bunch you listed. But they most closely matched what I wanted out of the tires. 225-45-ZR18 fronts and 245-45-ZR18 rears.

    My intention is to "get by" with my 04 G35 Coupe in a New England Winter without making an additional investment in a dedicated wheel/winter tire set. I will be adding 100 pounds of weight (secured) in the trunk at the first snow to give myself the best traction chance, then adjust from there. I did that with a RWD Camaro driven year round for 11 years in Chicago winters and didn't ever get stuck or impaled on a telephone pole or guard rail. The G coupe is RWD like your sedan.

    With the original Michelin Pilot Sports (Summer, same sizes) I got 30,000 miles (miracle), though they were cooked. One flake of snow with any Summer tire and the G Coupe should stayed parked. Oddly, the rain performance, even at the end of life, wasn't as bad as you might expect, though the tire noise was annoying. Never had the front tire cupping problem with these that others have reported.....go figure.

    I read about a billion rwd coupe and sedan posts on TireRack for the Bridgestones and the other A/S tires, especially on a G35. I was focusing in on the more utilitarian use I intend, year round driving. Fun to me is the ability to wring out the car when it's dry and have some peace of mind when it is not. The Bridgestones for ice, light snow, and heavy snow ranked a combined #2 among all purchasers if I remember correctly. Plus the Bridgestones' 40,000 mile warranty made the higher price palatable.

    A local tire distributor had the tires in stock and was willing to match TR pricing plus the shipping costs I would have incurred. Pre tax $199 each for the fronts and $216 for the rears. However, it will be TireRack for me for my purchases from now on. Rim damage in the mounting and alignment processes. With TireRack, you can dial in on a local installer you trust who knows what they are doing trying to get a short and stiff sidewalled high performance tire on alloys without damaging them. Some installers have rim protection accessories for this purpose.

    While I only have 150 miles on the tires, the compromise in dry performance of this AS tire versus the Summers wasn't as severe as I had anticipated. Heavy rain performance was a significant step up, in cornering, standing starts, and braking.

    I am certain my tire recommendation is somewhat premature. I'll update my opinions once we get some snow and I get braver with this new rubber.
  • The Pilot Sports are the best A/S performance tire available in my book. In the summer you'll swear they are track tires. In the winter you'll cruise to the ski resort knowing your grip is better than any "winter" tire out there. The rubber just rises to the occasion.

    I'm no Michelin fan-boy, but I've owned 4 sets to replace OEM tires on my BMW M3, VW Passat, and Infiniti G35S.

    Everytime I've been rewarded.
  • Also, when I briefly had to live in California Bay Area I originally bought the Pilot Sport A/S for my Passat for trips up to the Sierras in the winter. During the rest of the year (blue days, 68 degrees...) I routinely trounced Porsche Boxters, M3s, and S2000s coming down from the dry foothills with a mountain bike on my roof.

    Cornering on rails in a pedestrian sedan with a $7000 mountain bike on your roof makes all those sun-washed, polo collar, VC Blackberry Porsche drivers wonder what the heck is wrong with their car.... ((1) it's the cell phone (2) it's the tires) ...
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    font9a.......your post was 7 days late! :) You had better respond earlier next time because I already made the plunge with the UHP A/S Bridgestone Potenzas on my G35 Coupe.

    In addition, I just noticed that the Michelin PS now listed in TR are a "new" version of the Pilot Sport A/S, so one must assume they are even improved over the ones you have.

    The Michelins rank #1 with the Bridgestones right behind at #2. If Infinity had offered AWD on the G35 Coupe back in 2004, it would have been the first option I selected. Sadly, it wasn't; but back then the buzz was about the AWD sedan. My wife liked the automatic Coupe better. Automatic because driving in bumper to bumper traffic with the 6 speed would have been misery. And we didn't need to worry about rear passenger comfort. The only option we didn't get were the supercharged valve stem caps.

    While at a rim repair facility last week I saw a supercharged G35 Coupe in the shop with a functional hood scoop. That guy wasn't thinking "snow" like I was during this tire selection.
  • I want to replace my current tires with all seasons but can't find any for the front (225/40R19). Is it acceptable to put the same size (245/40R19) on all 4? I live in DC with mostly mild winters so I don't want to buy another set of winter tires and I'm looking for something I can use all year. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    Not sure about any problems running all 4 the same width, though I don't see why that would present any problems. Others more knowledgeable may want to jump in here.

    Did you try some of the on-line tire wholesalers? Tirerack has a few matched sets in an all season, 225 fronts and 245 rears. I have also found that my brick and mortar tire dealers will hunt them down for me if they carry the tire brand I am looking for.

    Just bought the Bridgestone Potenza RE 960 A/S Pole Position, replacing the OE Michelin Pilot summer tires on an 04 Coupe. 45 series on 18" rims, though.

    Another idea if availability is an issue is to upsize or downsize to a 45 or 35 series. The tire dealer can then tell you what tire width for the profile you choose that will closely match the correct tire diameter and rolling circumference so you don't wind up with a speedometer error. Personally, I wouldn't even mind the speedometer being off a couple of mph to get the tire I want, as long as I knew what the difference was.

    It always seems wonderful to get the lower profile tires (35 vs. 40 or 45, only to get sticker shock when you find out the size you want is rare and discounting is minimal if not nonexistent. I had that problem the first few years on my 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora.......everyone had 225 or 245 widths but not the factory installed 235 MM in a 60 profile.

  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I don't see them mentioned much on any site but I bought a set of General Exclaim UHP tires from Tire Rack. Actually it's my second set of these. I have a 2005 G35X and these tires are awesome. They are quiet, they hold the pavement like glue and they have a wear rating of 390. And the price is reasonable at $123 per tire (I think they are now $128). I bought a set of aftermarket wheels and I installed the tires on those rims. I use the factory rims and tires (Goodyear) for the winter. I highly recommend checking these out. My previous set of summer tires (they came with the rims) was a set of Pirelli P Zero Nero's. Same size as I bought, 245/45/18. They worked well enough but they were noisy on my car. My son has a set of the same model on his 300ZX and they are quiet for that application. So maybe another good choice.
  • jwf3jwf3 Posts: 2
    Just a note for those replacing original equipment tires on 2007 Infinit G35. My original equip. Bridgestones on my G35 Sport didn't get 18,000 miles! These tires aren't worth a ____.! I did some research and replaced them with two 225/50-18's for front and two 245/45-18's for rear. These tires are the best buy out there and ride and handle great. I've had them 3 months. Got 'em at Discount Tire. Just trying to save you other G35 owners time and money.
  • jwf3jwf3 Posts: 2
    Sorry, forgot to mention the replacement tires names--Kumho Ecsta LX Platinums. These are all weather tires.
  • What is the wear rating on those> I put on the Goodyear F1 all season tires. Have over 13k miles on them with a lot of wear left. Will definitely last longer than the Bridgstones (only got 16k out of them). However, the tire noise is increasing, which is a bit of a bother. Nothing extreme and can put up with it for the extra life. But just curious about the Kumho's. Pass along any info if you can.
  • Hi my name is Darrin and I have a 2004 Infiniti G 35 sedan,and I have Bridgestone RE960 AS all season tires on my car and they a phenominal!!!,and the thread wear is about 45,000mi I rotate mine every 5,000mi.They are a great all around tire!!!!,for this car look them up on Tire
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    I'm with you, Darrin. Do you drive your car in snow? See posts 250 and 255.

    I have an 04 auto trans Coupe with the 18 inch wheel package and replaced the OE ultra high performance Michelin summer tires with the same Bridgestone Potenzas you have. I live in snow country and wanted to be able to drive the car year round without monkeying around with dedicated winter tires and rims. Giving up some dry traction grip was an easy choice for me. Yet the dry traction performance will pleasantly surprise even the most die-hard the summer tire advocates.

    I am happy that others have had good luck with other brands of all season tires on their Gs, but I felt most comfortable choosing the Bridgestones based on the TireRack owner surveys and the TR staff road tests. Only the Michelin A/S topped the Bridgestones in ice, moderate snow, and heavy snow applications, and for far less money.

    Granted, these are not snow/winter tires. But for the first winter since I took delivery on the car starting back in 2003, I can actually venture out with the car in the snow. The ride is more pliant and the road noise has been mitigated as much so that my wife noticed right away. I have yet to test the car in the deeper stuff (5"+) before the roads have been scraped to the road surface. But so far so good. I have yet to add weight to the trunk, but I expect that will be necessary eventually.

    In addition, I can't rotate the tires front to rear because I wanted to maintain the offset sizing on the Coupe (wider rears). But the wear mileage you are getting is quite encouraging.

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