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Buick Regal Electrical Problems



  • dib1dib1 Member Posts: 1
    Hello-I noticed your question on this forum and I need to replace the tensioner on my 1996 Buick Regal-I have changed tensioner's before on other vehicles and it's been very easy-are there more parts that have to come off in order to get the tensioner off on the Buick?? I'm sorry I can't help with your question-do not know much about this Buick!!!
    Thanks in advance for any responses to my question!!
  • feelingthinfeelingthin Member Posts: 1
    I recently had to replace the driver's side door lever/handle and soon after I noticed that the interior lights did not turn off when the car was on and the automatic locks did not lock when in drive. I don't know if there is some kind of ground issue, but it seems like the car cannot tell that the door is shut, which doesn't allow the interior lights to turn off and the automatic locks to trigger when in drive.

  • regalmanregalman Member Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2000 buick regal LS and am having the same problem. Does anyone know if the digital odometer is 5 or 6 digits? It states that there is only 47k miles on it but I think the interior shows more miles of wear.

    Please help
  • ben34ben34 Member Posts: 1
    My wife has a 2000 buick regal.

    I was reading about the water leak in the passanger side, and we have the same problem. I am looking into that, but if anything was found out that would be helpful

    Problem right now is the head lights arn't coming on. I cover the sensor and the other lights come on, but not the head lights. If I manually put on the lights it is the same thing. If I pull the lever to switch between hi and low beam there is no click but I get the lights to come on as long as I hold the lever. They say this is for flashing to pass. I would like to know before I tear apart the steering column to replace the switch or if someone else has had this problem and there is an easier fix.

  • bevzedbevzed Member Posts: 2
    Please help me figure what is wrong with my dashboard lights. They come on in the day time, can see the clock, the temp, etc., but when the car recognizes it is evening, it switches to lighten up those panels brighter, my Buick clicks off, and I cannot see my speedometer (not digital) and the clock and temperature and fan controls are not illumninated fully. I have taken it in so many times and spent hundreds of dollars to find mechanics who cannot find the "electrical" problem. This has been happening for a year, and it has worked and illuminated at night approx 4 times, for about 10 min or so...Any ideas? Thanx
  • bevzedbevzed Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any literature on how to install a window regulator in Buick Regal 2000. This is the third time I have had to replace this on a car of 150,000 km, and besides the part being so expensive, the install is worse. Thank you.
  • msrobinsonmsrobinson Member Posts: 1
    I just got this car saturday and the dash went out, I don't know how much gas or how fast I am going.
    it is not a fuse, the dash will still light up, but the hands will not move.
  • bregalbregal Member Posts: 1
    i recently had to take my car in for service.. replaced the rack and pinion.. shortly after paying the 900$ plus bill, i drove the car down the block and my service engine light came on and stalled out. i returnd to the servce garge and they ran a free dio on it- the least they could do- they then told me it was some problem and told me they would have to take off stearing wheel and and do something, im not eduacated on cars at all.. but i cant afford any more big spending on the car at this time. im wondering if anyone has had simialar problems, a differant garage didnt know what they would be talking about having to rip off stearing wheel and air bag assembly, but did tell me that there are several problem areas when puting in a new rack, including several eletrical issues and sensors. ive replaced the mass air flow already 2mts ago. can anyone help. thanks
  • marsh3marsh3 Member Posts: 3
    no dome,vanity,glove,trunk or curtisy lights-all fuses inside and under hood okay.
  • marsh3marsh3 Member Posts: 3
    no dome,vanity,glove,trunk or courtesy lights-all fuses inside and under hood all test good.
  • marsh3marsh3 Member Posts: 3
    beside the interior light problem the remote trunk release and trunk lock began to not work-could one be related to the other?
  • duncan_n_indyduncan_n_indy Member Posts: 1
    you posted this a year ago did you ever get an answer on how to fix the problem?
    my car is doing the same thing and dont have a clue on what to do
  • dgnydgny Member Posts: 1
    Hi, two issues, first, heated drivers seat works sometimes, passenger seat, no problems. Two, the green dot on the rear view mirror, when it goes out, the interior lights go also. Normally, restarting the car corrects the problem. Just wondering...why???
  • buckhunter1buckhunter1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 buick regal and everyday my ABS chech engine light and trac off light comes on at the same time. Somtimes assoon as i turn the wheel other times when i go over a bump any suggestion would be great thank you!
  • buckhunter1buckhunter1 Member Posts: 2
  • buck_regalbuck_regal Member Posts: 1
    I have the same type of problem on a '94 I came on here hoping somebody would shine a light on why the left signal will flash but the right does not. I looked under the dash for the flashing element but never found it... If somebody answers this persons question maybe it will answer mine?
  • jsladejslade Member Posts: 4
  • BushwackBushwack Member Posts: 258
    Had a similar problem when I owned a 2000 GS. You may have a bad sensor for the ABS (sometime these sensors will also go bad due to extreme temperature changes). There may be a TSB issued on this. In my situation, at GM's expense (I was outside of warranty), they replaced the entire ABS pump and related harness (evidently it's all one unit). These sensors are known to go bad. Stay strong in getting GM to cover this expense.
  • immichleimmichle Member Posts: 2
    1. Driver sear only moves forward not back (must get out of car to move it back)
    2. Driver window opens at will when starting car and sometimes won't stay closed unless I flip the window lock button a few times.
    3. Steering wheel volume works on occasion .. mute too
    4. Trunk interior lights wont come on (fuses all good)
    5. Backup lights and rear all time lights all not working at same time .. recently replaced all lights by removing housing and replacing (fuses all good on side panel and under hood)
    6. Dash lights (odometer) will not turn on but all other dash lights work

    This car is full of electrical gremlins!!! Please help !!! :confuse:
  • ashpcredinsashpcredins Member Posts: 1
    Not sure whats going on, i think it might be the PASS Key security system?!

    Here's the deal:

    Check engine light came on while driving. Turned car off when i got home. Then it wouldn't start again. Put the key in the ignition, turned forward, wouldn't turn over, no sound at all! No lights, radio, locks dont work, no power at all! Its not the battery or starter. And ignition will not turn back to farthest back position so i cant even get my key out! ANY suggestions would help! Thanks :cry:
  • seadog27seadog27 Member Posts: 3
    Water leak on passenger side is probably the rubber gasket by the passenger compartment air filter. I had the same issue and it ruined my blower. The gasket tends to fall out of position. It is under the hood on the passenger side beneath the plastic cover under the p/s windshield wiper.
  • seadog27seadog27 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Buick Regal GS and most of my dash lights and radio lights won't work. Problem started with the light on the odometer. Now the only lights that work are on the display for the oil life, mileage, and idiot lights. Any ideas on how to tear down the dash to replace the lights?
  • seadog27seadog27 Member Posts: 3
    How did you get the dash apart to take out the light switch?
  • johann00johann00 Member Posts: 2
    Hey all. Just found this forum on Google. Hope you don't mind the noobie post. I've got another dashboard light problem.

    I've got an '01 Regal and the backlit dashboard only lights up occasionally. Sometimes if I play with the headlamp control nob that'll turn it on for awhile. But it always turns off eventually. I've talked to mechanics and car parts store guys about it and I've gotten a dozen possibilities.

    One said it might just be a fuse. Another said there was probably a wiring problem within the dash and it would most likely have to be replaced.

    Any suggestions?

  • dwmaysdwmays Member Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue in my 99' Buick Regal. ABS, Check Engine, and Trac Off all come on at the same time. This occurs periodically, such as when hitting bumps driving, but they disappear when I turn the car off and back on.

    I have had electrical issues with this car before including multiple blown (light related) fuses and blown light bulbs (with melted plastic). I believe there is some sort of short in the system. Unfortunately, pinpointing where is the hard part. This may also lead to a problem with the main computer module. At this point, I am unsure and would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Dan
  • goodnewsautogoodnewsauto Member Posts: 13
    Hey I have the same problem...1998 buick regal ls...I had the same thing happen to me...I drove the car today to burger king..Pulled in the driveway and it died like it had no power at all...EVERYTHING SHUT OFF ....Now key is stuck...NO POWER no lights no interior or head lights...........Did anyone answer your post..I need help too please let me know...
  • goodnewsautogoodnewsauto Member Posts: 13
    I dont have any dash lights head lights ect ect power...I drove the car in to my drive way and everything shut down..I cant get the key out ect ect..
    The fm/am stereo doesnt hold a station...The abs light /trak light/security light was staying on fulltime while it was running for the last year.THE WHOLE YEAR

    WHEN I got the car it had a blown motor...I put the motor in and it ran fine and has never skipped a beat...I inherited alot of issues I didnt know were present..WE all find out the truths after we get the car running..
    .Well anyhow The cars odometer has read 388,894 and does not move at all EVER SINCE APRIL 07 it has been stuck...THE TRIP WORKS FINE....It counts miles resets ect...SO I know I hooked up everything right...I am a good mechanic...I just need help diagnosing these electrical problems...
    SO #1 am/fm stations dont hold on radio more like constant fuzz
    #2 no lights/no running/just died in driveway and key wont come out or go back/not battery/not altenator.
    #3 ODOMETER stuck at 388,000 and not moving but trip works
    #4 no brake lights
    Please help me fix my problems...I did some checking and saw previous owner did some NOVICE ELCTRICAL by cutting the wiring harness to radio to do his own mischeif for amp outputs to the trunk for a ghetto system..I am wondering what all if everything could be shorted due to his splicing and what can I do to fix..PLEASE HELP
  • johann00johann00 Member Posts: 2
    does anyone ever attempt to answer any of these questions? or are we wasting our time explaining the details of our car issues?
  • mminshellmminshell Member Posts: 2
    when i get in to my car, i put key in ignition cyl then turn to start car wow the IP panel lights freak they come on and off repeatedly,then it stops i back out of my driveway get to the first intersection to make a right hand turn - -when turning on right blinker the car will shut off!!
    I hope someone has ideas or a fix Thanks
  • jack5291jack5291 Member Posts: 2
    had the exact same thing here a while back , turned out to be the ignitiom switch, cost me a fortune because it also took out computer module
    good luck
  • immichleimmichle Member Posts: 2
    I hvae posted an issue on here recently and not one person has responded to it. I have searched the posts prior and following and it seems as tho we all have questions, but NO ONE from Edmonds EVER seems to answer ANY of the questions. I give up and plan on finding another forum that actually reads and even attempts to answer the questions.

    Sorry Edmonds, but you have failed me and the rest of us :mad:
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    I'm sorry no one has replied to you here. The purpose of the Forums is to provide owners a place to converse about their vehicles. Edmunds does not provide experts to answer questions. However, we do have many knowledgeable members on the site that do share their expertise.

    Have you checked the Maintenance & Repair Forum? That is where a lot of mechanics hang out. You might be able to find some assistance there. http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.ee9203e/

    Also, you might try posting your question(s) on the Answers system: http://answers.edmunds.com/
  • mminshellmminshell Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your responce I will look into this !!!!
    thanks again!!!!!!!!!!
  • gnielsengnielsen Member Posts: 2
    I have a 03 Regal and had ignition key problem.There is an electrical solenoid underneath key tumbler & it does not always activate to allow the key to turn back so that it can be removed.Remove plastic cover & rubber around key,now you can see solenoid.Watch as you turn key on & you will see solenoid trying to activate (rod trying to pull up).Push rod up with very small screwdriver & you'll be able to turn key off & on.
    I fixed mine by putting a tie wrap around the assembly keeping the rod up & tight.
    Hope this helps anyone with this problem. I just joined March 4th.
  • goodnewsautogoodnewsauto Member Posts: 13
    Yeah thanks for the reply...I fixed that a few weeks back....
    I took the whole car almost appart to find out previous owner did some shabby electrical ....He cut the radio wires to install subs and amp in back to factory radio...ALso installed his own python alarm system ...THESE ARE THE last problems I have if you can help....He shorted out the odometer so it now reads 388K when its a 98 with 122k I found a place in florida 125$ to reset ...they say there is a device that kept track and will still have that number..
    MY radio wont hold a station...SOME days it will hold a radio station for 5 mins sometimes it will for 1 hr sometimes it wont hold any stations including am..I checked the am/fm antenna amplifier in the HEAD LINER back seat and it is good...What do u think this kid did? I am trying to fix so I can sell this NIGHTMARE!!!!! thanks again....
  • hstandehstande Member Posts: 5
    Did you ever find out what the problem was? I have a 2003 Buick Regal that is doing the same thing. Only mine is doing it now as soon as you start the car and you can even but it in gear because it won't stay running the engine lunges and then dies.
  • gnielsengnielsen Member Posts: 2
    I don't know about odometer,however about the radio not holding a station I think that someone cut into your radio memory wire.This wire is usually orange or orange with white stripe.No other wires should be spliced into this wire as it always carries voltage as long as the battery is connected.If this is not the correct color wire,leave key off and test other wires with volt meter or test light & you should find it.Hope this will be some help.
  • nipallnipall Member Posts: 1
    My climate control is putting out hot and cold air with no regard for selections. I have tried high,low temp;dual,no dual;recycle;manual - all to no avail. Anyone ever have this problem or know solution?

    Thanks for any help.
  • pdykespdykes Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 1993 Buick Regal with 47K miles it now has 57K. The other day I turned the started the car and a small amount of smoke started coming from the crack where the steering wheel tilts. I am now in the process of taking the steering column apart to look for a pinched or melted wire. The smoke was about like you get when you snuff out a wooden match, but it was steady. Everything seems to be ok for now, but something is cooking. Anyone have this problem before?
  • pdykespdykes Member Posts: 2
    Add to 153. I took steering wheel apart and ckd wiring harness running underneath steering column. No bare spots or pinched wires. Several relays along with ignition switch is attache to top of steering column. I did not take any of these out. Drove car over weekend and no problem.
  • jac_huebertjac_huebert Member Posts: 1
    I have a 92 Buick Regal and a couple years ago I have the same problem of smoke coming from the steering wheel and the smell of an electrical short right after starting the car. For me the problem was in the turn signal switch, just behind the steering wheel. A couple of the contacts shorted causing the smoke and eventually the lose of bake lights on the rear passenger side. I just replaced the signal switch and was back in business. Hope that helps pdykes.
  • dtran67dtran67 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 Regal GS with the exact same problem. Do you ever find out why? Please let me know.

    [email protected]

  • regal2724regal2724 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Regal & my odometer light is out. I've checked the fuses & so far haven't found that's the problem. I'm hoping I can just change the bulb in the panel. My question is, does anyone know how to take the dash off to change the bulb? Or has anyone else had this problem & knows how to fix it?
  • jayarmyjayarmy Member Posts: 1
    I need to know the same answer if you got one too, please, zeroprime @hotmail.com
  • serg0088serg0088 Member Posts: 1
    recently my odometer went out no light shows were the miles are but everything else on the dash board works . i really dont no where to start?
  • lvega09lvega09 Member Posts: 1
    I am having sort of the same problem, however the air does come out underneath. I've checked inside and it appears to me there some electro valves which activate whenever any of the climate controls is clicked. This might have to do with an electronic module or computer.
  • ladyadrow29ladyadrow29 Member Posts: 2
  • misha21misha21 Member Posts: 1
    We too just started to have a problem with the odometer & gear indicator in the dash. We have a 2001 Regal w/ 121000 miles on it. Took it to a mechanic and he hit the top of the dash and it came back on. Said the instrument cluster would have to be replaced. But I have been reading online that it can be repaired for about $169, so we will probably do that. Seems that item has been a problem for GM. Something to do with the connector.
  • badbuick97badbuick97 Member Posts: 1
    Having the same problem with 97 buick regal. There is a key release lever under the ignition that will remove the key. I did pull the number 5 relay fuse under the hood behind the battery and that worked a few times. Today I pulled about 4 and cleaned them. Now the car starts, but temp gage stuck to the right and odometer is reading 0.

    Hope we both get some help :
  • angelo627angelo627 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 98 Buick Regal LS with 67000 miles and have noticed that when shifting from 2nd to 3rd it shifts hard. I checked the trans fluid and it was low. I added some non slip trans fluid and it helped but the problem came back. This only occurs when the car is hot. Not sure if a trans tune up ( fluid and fliter ) would help. Any suggestions?
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