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Buick Regal Electrical Problems



  • I am having the exact same issue - blower fan only works on high and sometime if the blower is on high the head lights will go out. I can turn the blower off and the lights come back on. Also the cruise control only works some of the time. The problem seems to be worsening. What's up. Any feedback will be helpful.

  • My wifes Regal would not turn over. Everything worked but the starter. I determined there was no voltage going to relay to engage the starter. It has a chip in the key. I did a resistance check on the chip and then bought a resistor at Radio Shack which I put in the wires a purple and a white going to the switch. The car started okay for about six months. It will now sometimes start and sometimes won't. After a waiting period for a few minutes to an hour it will start and run fine. We go for days of starting okay every time to the guessing game of starting when it wants to. Any ideas appreciated. I would like to bypass the security system but don't know how. :cry:
  • My 96 Regal, 3.8l engine, fails to start about 1 time in 10. The starter turns everything over normally bu the engine won't catch. I have found if I then wait 3-4 minutes it will start right up. I've wondered if having the air conditioner on to start with makes a difference. Sometimes I have hit the accelerator before turning the key and that seems to cause it not to start, but sometimes if fails to start when I haven't hit the accelerator first. It has only stopped once in traffic. Any ideas?
  • I am unable to remove the key from the ignition after I turn off the engine. After waiting several minutes, the key is released. Would like to fix the problem myself, not through the Dealer. Please give advice on how involved this repair is and cost. Thanks :mad:
  • There is a hole underneath adriving wheel (covered by some plastic) - you need to open it and to put something thin stick there to release a key next time. I do not know how to fix it.
  • :) I followed your instructions and removed the little plastic cover under the steering wheel. There is a little metal plunger that when pushed with a 1/4" diameter screwdriver will release the key. It's not a permanent solution, but a good remedy! Thanks for your suggestion.
  • I am having the same problem on my 96 Park Avenue. Some times it takes a good 15-20 minutes for it to start though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • aedaed Posts: 8
    I resolved this problem in my 2000 Regal by removing the plastic plug next to the shifter on the console and spraying a fair amount of WD-40 straight down onto whatever linkage is there. This is pretty far from the key in the steering column, but I read a post on a Regal GS site that this cured the problem of a spilled coke in the not-waterproof boot around the shifter. This is also a wintertime fix for me after traveling on freezing slushy roads when I can't pull the key out of the ignition. Love that WD-40. Hate that Buick design. Otherwise, really like my Regal.
  • Can someone tell me where the remote door lock sensor is located on a 2000 Buick Regal? I believe this is my problem and want to check it out. Thanks.
  • Recently, the remote for my 2000 Regal LS has been acting up. The button to unlock has to be pressed several times in order to unlock the car, and the button to lock it sometimes won't work at all. Replaced the battery in the remote and that helped for about an hour and then the remote started having the same problem. Any ideas on what the issue could be? :confuse:
  • dib1dib1 Posts: 1
    Hello-I noticed your question on this forum and I need to replace the tensioner on my 1996 Buick Regal-I have changed tensioner's before on other vehicles and it's been very easy-are there more parts that have to come off in order to get the tensioner off on the Buick?? I'm sorry I can't help with your question-do not know much about this Buick!!!
    Thanks in advance for any responses to my question!!
  • I recently had to replace the driver's side door lever/handle and soon after I noticed that the interior lights did not turn off when the car was on and the automatic locks did not lock when in drive. I don't know if there is some kind of ground issue, but it seems like the car cannot tell that the door is shut, which doesn't allow the interior lights to turn off and the automatic locks to trigger when in drive.

  • I am looking at a 2000 buick regal LS and am having the same problem. Does anyone know if the digital odometer is 5 or 6 digits? It states that there is only 47k miles on it but I think the interior shows more miles of wear.

    Please help
  • ben34ben34 Posts: 1
    My wife has a 2000 buick regal.

    I was reading about the water leak in the passanger side, and we have the same problem. I am looking into that, but if anything was found out that would be helpful

    Problem right now is the head lights arn't coming on. I cover the sensor and the other lights come on, but not the head lights. If I manually put on the lights it is the same thing. If I pull the lever to switch between hi and low beam there is no click but I get the lights to come on as long as I hold the lever. They say this is for flashing to pass. I would like to know before I tear apart the steering column to replace the switch or if someone else has had this problem and there is an easier fix.

  • Please help me figure what is wrong with my dashboard lights. They come on in the day time, can see the clock, the temp, etc., but when the car recognizes it is evening, it switches to lighten up those panels brighter, my Buick clicks off, and I cannot see my speedometer (not digital) and the clock and temperature and fan controls are not illumninated fully. I have taken it in so many times and spent hundreds of dollars to find mechanics who cannot find the "electrical" problem. This has been happening for a year, and it has worked and illuminated at night approx 4 times, for about 10 min or so...Any ideas? Thanx
  • Does anyone have any literature on how to install a window regulator in Buick Regal 2000. This is the third time I have had to replace this on a car of 150,000 km, and besides the part being so expensive, the install is worse. Thank you.
  • I just got this car saturday and the dash went out, I don't know how much gas or how fast I am going.
    it is not a fuse, the dash will still light up, but the hands will not move.
  • i recently had to take my car in for service.. replaced the rack and pinion.. shortly after paying the 900$ plus bill, i drove the car down the block and my service engine light came on and stalled out. i returnd to the servce garge and they ran a free dio on it- the least they could do- they then told me it was some problem and told me they would have to take off stearing wheel and and do something, im not eduacated on cars at all.. but i cant afford any more big spending on the car at this time. im wondering if anyone has had simialar problems, a differant garage didnt know what they would be talking about having to rip off stearing wheel and air bag assembly, but did tell me that there are several problem areas when puting in a new rack, including several eletrical issues and sensors. ive replaced the mass air flow already 2mts ago. can anyone help. thanks
  • no dome,vanity,glove,trunk or curtisy lights-all fuses inside and under hood okay.
  • no dome,vanity,glove,trunk or courtesy lights-all fuses inside and under hood all test good.
  • beside the interior light problem the remote trunk release and trunk lock began to not work-could one be related to the other?
  • you posted this a year ago did you ever get an answer on how to fix the problem?
    my car is doing the same thing and dont have a clue on what to do
  • dgnydgny Posts: 1
    Hi, two issues, first, heated drivers seat works sometimes, passenger seat, no problems. Two, the green dot on the rear view mirror, when it goes out, the interior lights go also. Normally, restarting the car corrects the problem. Just wondering...why???
  • I have a 2004 buick regal and everyday my ABS chech engine light and trac off light comes on at the same time. Somtimes assoon as i turn the wheel other times when i go over a bump any suggestion would be great thank you!
  • I have the same type of problem on a '94 I came on here hoping somebody would shine a light on why the left signal will flash but the right does not. I looked under the dash for the flashing element but never found it... If somebody answers this persons question maybe it will answer mine?
  • jsladejslade Posts: 4
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Had a similar problem when I owned a 2000 GS. You may have a bad sensor for the ABS (sometime these sensors will also go bad due to extreme temperature changes). There may be a TSB issued on this. In my situation, at GM's expense (I was outside of warranty), they replaced the entire ABS pump and related harness (evidently it's all one unit). These sensors are known to go bad. Stay strong in getting GM to cover this expense.
  • 1. Driver sear only moves forward not back (must get out of car to move it back)
    2. Driver window opens at will when starting car and sometimes won't stay closed unless I flip the window lock button a few times.
    3. Steering wheel volume works on occasion .. mute too
    4. Trunk interior lights wont come on (fuses all good)
    5. Backup lights and rear all time lights all not working at same time .. recently replaced all lights by removing housing and replacing (fuses all good on side panel and under hood)
    6. Dash lights (odometer) will not turn on but all other dash lights work

    This car is full of electrical gremlins!!! Please help !!! :confuse:
  • Not sure whats going on, i think it might be the PASS Key security system?!

    Here's the deal:

    Check engine light came on while driving. Turned car off when i got home. Then it wouldn't start again. Put the key in the ignition, turned forward, wouldn't turn over, no sound at all! No lights, radio, locks dont work, no power at all! Its not the battery or starter. And ignition will not turn back to farthest back position so i cant even get my key out! ANY suggestions would help! Thanks :cry:
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