Buick Regal Electrical Problems



  • regalls2002regalls2002 Member Posts: 5
    sorry that this is happening... need to replace the ignition switch.
  • rugman10rugman10 Member Posts: 1
    Your Information is very helpful, I am having the same problem but also the car will not start until the light switch is pulled on what are the chances that could be all tied together?

    Scot Savitch
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    i have a 2002 regal i was driving down the road and it died no problems before put the key in and everything starts to flash and click sometimes it turns over but now its not even turning over HELP!! already check the battery terminal and it is find anyother ideas i am lost.. i hooked it up to a mac scanner and it reads error no signal if anyone nows what to do to fix it pleased let me know thanks.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Have you had a chance to have the vehicle looked at by a dealer? If not, I would recommend doing so. I am unsure if they are linked. This is a great question for your service staff. Please keep me updated on your situation. I look forward to your update.
    GM Customer Service
  • daisy14daisy14 Member Posts: 8
    Okay. Let me save you some trouble and money. Just replace the ignition switch. I am a woman and for two years I had been having the same problem,off and on with my 1997 Regal. It seemed to act up in the fall with the cool weather and then seemed to stop in the spring. Each fall the occurrences would get more frequent and worse. The car would never let me sit,but would take sometimes up to 30 minutes to start. The car not wanting to start is the first symptom. Left turn signal use causing the dash board instruments to buzz and act weird was the second as the ignition switch gets worse. Next will be the car shutting off with the use of the right turn signal. This can be very dangerous while changing driving lanes. I had my car to my Chevy/GM dealer many times and they could not figure it out. They used a hammer to beat on my starter, checked my coded keys, fiddled with a cable under the hood that did something with my shifter, and suggested that I start at the battery and work my way back. I was charged $65 for the hammer to starter,coded key check, and shifter adjustment. I then decided to replace the battery and that didn't help. I kept searching this site for answers and had mentioned about the ignition switch and Edmunds.com to these mechanics. I was either ignored or told that they needed to do diagnostics on the car when it was acting up. They said they needed to get it in the shop and run tests to try to figure it out. Well, this can run into a good bit of money while these mechanics keep guessing and trying to figure it out. I decided to go with what I had learned from this site and skipped letting them do "diagnostic tests", I told them to order the ignition switch and put it in. I am a woman what do I know about cars? Well, one ignition switch and one hours labor later, they now know how much I know and learned from this site. The cost was $225. My Buick Regal is now working great. When I mentioned Edmunds.com, the one service guy was like " why do I need to go to that site when I have the GM computer? Well, screw that GM computer. This is apparently a common problem with Buicks and there is nothing in their computer about it. These mechanics and parts guys thought I was nuts to order in the switch without them doing test and telling me what they "thought" the problem was. If I have any other problems with my Buick, I will check out Edmunds.com and do my research before letting any mechanic work on my car and waste my money. Personally. GM should be held accountable for this ignition switch problem and be made to foot the bill. This problem is evident in many car and many different model years.Thanks to everyone on this site that offered advice. Great job!!!.
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    Daisy - Did you replace the ignition switch or module? I'm having the same problem as yourself and a few of the above posts. Other forums suggest it's the ignition module....I'm trying to lake sure, before I spend another $200 on this car.....
  • regalls2002regalls2002 Member Posts: 5
    The dealer told me they changed the ignition switch... not sure about the ignition module. It was a nightmare at the dealer.. they had my car for three weeks and couldn't tell me what was wrong.
    The car has been working fine since. Good luck!
  • raquely346raquely346 Member Posts: 1
    How did you know it was the ignition switch and not the turn signal switch? I'm having the same problem, and am too poor to take it to a "real" mechanic, lol. I have a friend that is quite handy trying to figure it out. I'm just worried to buy a $300 turn signal switch and it be the ignition switch instead... :(
  • regalls2002regalls2002 Member Posts: 5
    After reading all the postings on the car forums (individual and mechanic feedback) with the same model buicks... it was evident that these cars have this problem... and the most disturbing part about it is no one has done anything about it; recall or investigated further. Anyhoo, after the ignition switch was changed the car is running great. Good luck.
  • cartommy1cartommy1 Member Posts: 1
    hi i have the same problem with my 2003 buick, what tool did you use to remove the two bolts from the top ignation switch, i tred to remove the two little bolts but all the socke tand nut drivers i have are to big.
  • m_mcmillian86m_mcmillian86 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you all so much! This just happened to me last night and it freaked me out! Going to try to replace the ignition switch today.

    Did any of you experience not being able to take the key out of the ignition before all of this happened?

    For over a year now sometimes the key will not release when I park (have to wait until it clicks and releases, can sometimes take several minutes). Just wondering if replacing the ignition switch also solves that issue. Maybe this was an early sign that the ignition switch is going bad?
  • martiniredmartinired Member Posts: 1
    I started having this same problem w/ 03 regal, no one could figure the problem out. I started to research on line and found this site and i cant believe all theses people have had this problem, i believe this requires investagation or recall, and by the way i tried to tell the mechanic about the ignition switch replacement, but he didnt want hear about it, I finally went to Buick dealer, and told them,"ole no we have to test it, at first he diagnosis something else but they called back and said it was the ignition switch, I had to pay alot of money. I believe GM should be responsible, I sent an email to corporation, i believe we all should send something in about this matter b/4 some dies b/c there car loss power on highway,and some car rams into them.
  • whoosierdaddywhoosierdaddy Member Posts: 76
    Do you really think there is anybody at GM who cares about problems with 10-15 year old Buicks? It's all we can do to get their attention on problems with the new ones.
  • den544den544 Member Posts: 4
    There's a post on youtube on how to fix it yourself for about $10. I took my dash cluster out in 20 mins. Went to radio shack, bought the parts and then took it all to a TV repair man and he removed and soldered the new parts for $20. Works like new!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Was THIS the You Tube Video?
  • pwrwmn3pwrwmn3 Member Posts: 1
    My car is doing the same thing! I do not want it to stall and get hit in the rear. When I use the right turn signal I can see it drop in voltage, the computer hates it and shuts down. It's back at the shop today, after a new multi-function switch on Monday. Will ask for a new ignition switch today. I love this car (192,000 mi) and will throw a little more cash at it before I get another car. Oh, had the upper intake gasket fixed at 10,000 mi, too!
  • first_car_oeeefirst_car_oeee Member Posts: 1
    I own a 95' buick regal that is dieing while im driving, then wont start again from 5 min to a couple hours. i have purchased and installed a fuel pump, ignition control modual, computer, spark plugs and wires, all filters, and a new battery... i really need some input fast. i am a pizza delivery driver :/:/
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    I have the same issue with the ignition going on with my 2000 Century. My mechanic told me the problem was the chip in the key. It happens intermittently, but it always happens when I'm running late for work! If I play around with the clicker it usually will start, but now I think this may just be a coincidence and the issue is with the ignition switch. I was also just told about the lower intake manifold gasket leaking coolant into my oil which is going to run me between $700 & $800, ugghh! Have to wait for tax refund for repairs, hopefully it's enough and I don't do any damage by waiting for the repair. I initially loved this car, but now it's more a love/hate relationship! BTW, I'm picking up my car now and I'm going to run replacing the ignition switch by my mechanic and see what he's says & how much that is going to run me. Thanks for the help!
  • redbuick99redbuick99 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Buick Regal LS. My car won't start unless I press my brake at the same time. While my car is running if I put on my signal lights my car dies. My anti lock light goes on. My headlights and dash lights won't go on either. I've tried new fuses but that didn't work. Any ideas what it could be?
  • redbuick99redbuick99 Member Posts: 2
    I had the same issues with my 99 Buick and the dealership told me it was something called an anti lock brake system computer module and it would cost me over 700 dollars! So I decided to do some research before putting all of that money into my car and I read a lot of people had the same problems. I also read about the ignition switch so I decided to take my car somewhere else for a second opinion. Turns out it wasn't that computer module, it was my ignition switch cluster and it cost me 400 to fix. Now my car is running just fine. It makes me mad that if I let the dealership fix it I would've wasted my money and my car still would have been messing up. So tell your mechanic about checking your ignition switch and you should take your car to a mechanic that does electrical work.
  • jtor18jtor18 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 buick regal GS and had to replace both front wheel bearing to check which one is bad you take the wheel off and you will see a wire going to the back of the brakes into the wheel bearing take it off put a jumper wire and trun on the car if the lights trun off thats the wheel bearing thats going bad. replace one the passenger first then few months later replaced driver side. Bearings where definetly bad they where grinding affecting fuel economy.
  • bigdogpaizonbigdogpaizon Member Posts: 2
    it may sound stupid but make sure when u shut off the car and put it in park you actually hear the car click into park gear wise
  • wildwillumwildwillum Member Posts: 1
    I was tooling down the highway changing lanes to pass a slower vehicle when there in my path was a whole torn off retread. I was able to straddle the tire but I felt it wacking the undercarriage. When I stopped I looked under the car to see if there was any obvious damage but saw no obvious damage.

    2 days later I was driving in a heavy rain storm. That night I noticed I had no dash lights & no parking lights. The parking light fuse was blown. I replaced it & it blew again so I tried upgrading to a 20 amp from a 15 amp so I could troubleshoot looking for a damaged wire.

    I had no luck finding a damaged wire. The next day when I opened the driver door I had a fast warning chime. When I put the key in the warning chime slowed to the normal & stopped when I closed the door.

    Any ideas out about what the fast warning chime means with no dash nor parking lights?

    Much obliged.
  • zak14zak14 Member Posts: 2
    i have a 99 buick regal gs the digital odometer doesnt show up neither does the digital climate control and the heater blower motor its blowing as fast as it should
  • abutcherabutcher Member Posts: 33
    Did they all go out at once or was it at seperate times? I knnow there is a fix on youtube on how to fix the odomoter by just soldering on new resistors which I had to do.
  • zak14zak14 Member Posts: 2
    my brother who i got the car from said they would go out for awhile and then come back on like its a shorted wire or something
  • abutcherabutcher Member Posts: 33
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    Yep, sounds like the resistors need replacing. Mine came completely loose and fell out eventually for the odometer.

    Here is the fix: Youtube video
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Your dealer of choice would be a good resource for information on this concern. Please let me know if you plan to take the vehicle into the dealer. Please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
    [email protected]
  • m_mcmillian86m_mcmillian86 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Gary81, did you resolve the issue with the key not coming out of the ignition? I replaced my ignition switch which solved the problem of the car shutting off while driving, but the key still sticks in the freaking ignition. It may go several weeks without doing it, then for several weeks it will do it again. Any luck?
  • aem1018aem1018 Member Posts: 1
    Thank you for sharing! I've been going crazy trying to get the Air Bag light to turn off before my inspection. Looked under the seat and there was a travel mug pressing on the plugs! Many thanks! What a quick, easy fix :)
  • ctrycprctrycpr Member Posts: 1
    For some time the instrumet panel lights would not immediately come on when you started the car. After driving a short distance you would hear a click and they would all come on. Recently the dash lights went out but all other lights worked. I checked the fuse and it was blown. I replaced it and turned on the ignition and it immediately blew again. Any suggestions wheer I should start looking?
  • markcortum1markcortum1 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 99 regal. car misses and dies as soon as the engine starts to get warm. I runs perfect when it it cool and first started. The coils, ignition module,crank and cam sensors have been changged
  • jarodjamesjarodjames Member Posts: 1
    I have this exact car and had this exact problem! The multi-switch is bad! You will need to change the whole switch. I had to change it twice. The second problem was that the wind-shield wipers wouldn't shut off...
  • tsp1_2005tsp1_2005 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Buick regal and I will b driving for at least 25-30 minutes before it will start chugging and if u push on gas pedal car won't go any faster and rpms will go up then it comes out of it and other times it will start to chug and then it will die and if I wait about a minute or two it will start back up. Had it at shop and they can't seem to find the problem. Anyone else having this same problem? Please help and let me know if u got it fixed and what problem was thanks. I am a mother with 3 children and need help fast before it causes us to get into an accident. Once again thanks for any help that u can give.
  • tsp1_2005tsp1_2005 Member Posts: 2
    What was the problem with your car I don't know if u were posting to me about car chugging then it would die thanks
  • smikkelsonsmikkelson Member Posts: 1
    We replaced the ignition switch and now it all works perfectly!!
  • brian724brian724 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 buick regal GS with 151,000 miles and I had the same thing happen...it it was just so crazy, I was thinking that there was a short in wire in turn signal or the unit it self , but after reading this post, I saw it was the same thing I bought the part it was $92.00 at auto zone and it took me about 3 hours to complete the install, and like the above post it can be done faster after you do it once...lol hope these post help others. (turn signal shuts car off while driving if used, flickering the Service Engine Soon, ABS and track off light) Duralast/Ignition Switch
    This product is a fit for your:
    2002 Buick Regal 3.8L SFI SC OHV 6cyl
    Part Number: LS927
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • realhumdingerrealhumdinger Member Posts: 1

    I had success with the odometer problem & youtube fix described above. Thanks for the posts.
    Hoping someone can help with this set of electrical issues:
    1) My 02 Regal has always had electric windows that intermittently refuse to respond. On the same trip, we can roll the windows down one minute and then not be able to roll them up the next. There doesn't seem to be any trigger or cause and also no fix. We just have to wait it out. Stopping/restarting does nothing.
    2) Occasionally, there is a fairly loud clicking sound that comes from the back of the engine, passenger side after the engine is off. Kind of behind the glove box. It doesn't always start right away and has drained the battery before. Sometimes we can prevent this by ensuring the key is in the "steering wheel lock" position before we remove the key.
    3) We just started having the engine fail symptom others have described, where the throttle becomes sporadically unresponsive and then the engine dies. After the car rolls to a stop we can turn the key off and then start it again.

    I hope that replacing the ignition switch at least fix #3. Maybe more? Has anyone had experience with #1 or #2? I will report what happens after I replace it.

  • jbram123jbram123 Member Posts: 1
    hello i am hoping to get a response from tsu670 but anyone one who knows will do i recently bought a 97 Buick regal ran great till i got it to a stop light at a busy intersection pushed on the brake while turning on the left turn signal causing the car to shut off instantly neither one by itself would cause any issue also right turn signal wound'nt do anything also woud'nt do anything while in park later changed a ecm fuse which made it happen a'lot less very inconstant to me which makes me think it is a short and only cuts out when there is to much flow in a certain spot in the wiring at a certain time also when you turn the key into the start position SOMETIMES it make the dash go crazy with a buzzing noise could all of this be caused by an improperly installed custom radio
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    I have a 2002 Regal LS last week my illumination for the speedometer and tachometer stopped working. Also my lights on the gear shifter doesn't light up either. My headlights don't come on automatically and my park lights don't work anymore so I have no lights on the rear of my car unless I am applying the brakes. Can anyone help me out with any info or suggestions?
  • jenmcb82jenmcb82 Member Posts: 1
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    Hey! I have a 2003 Buick Regal and the pain in the butt is doing the same thing. Now, I have the part I need. I just need to know if anyone can provide any information on how to get the cosmetic pieces off of the dash and steering column. Normally I'd have my husband do it, but he's unavailable to help at the moment. So if anyone could attach a picture of a Haynes manual or Chilton manual referring to that section, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd go out and buy a book, but unfortunately I can't even afford to pay my electric for the rest of the month. I was able to get the part due to the goodwill of a nice person that bought a piece of jewelry I made. So, help a Momma out? Please.
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