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Chrysler Sebring Warning Lights and Problem Codes



  • tchado1tchado1 Posts: 3
    Hi Just wondering if you could tell me about fixing the climate control fan air bag light also just came on this week....
    Thanks, Chad
  • shoethkeshoethke Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring convertible, 6 cylinder with 100,000 miles on it and recently the engine light came on and the code is p0302 which i was told was the 1/1 oxygen sensor, so i changed the sensor and the spark plugs and cleared the code but the enging light came back on and stays on, what can i do?
  • qwestgirlqwestgirl Posts: 8
    It could be something as simple as a gas cap issue. I recommend going to either Advanced Auto or Auto Zone and having them run the scan to get the latest code. They will do this free of charge and even clear the code for you if that is what you choose. However, clearing the code is not recommended if you plan on taking it to a mechanic to fix. If the code is cleared they will not be able to determine if a problem in fact exists. Most places here, in Florida, won't guarantee that the work performed will fix the problem if they don't in fact know what that problem was. They will not diagnose the problem simply based on info supplied to them. They cannot even run a diagnostics test to determine the problem until that light comes back on.

    I hope this info helps...Good luck! :)
  • qwestgirlqwestgirl Posts: 8
    I am also thinking that the P0302 code may actually be a misfire...It could be any one of the following and in my case it was the camshaft position sensor.

    * Faulty spark plugs or wires
    * Faulty coil (pack)
    * Faulty oxygen sensor(s)
    * Faulty fuel injector(s)
    * Burned exhaust valve
    * Faulty catalytic converter(s)
    * Stuck/blocked EGR valve / passages
    * Faulty camshaft position sensor
    * Defective computer (highly unlikely)
  • css53css53 Posts: 4
    Battery light For the past 2-3 months, my battery light on the dash board lights up and then sometimes it does not even come on, comes and goes and my radio blinks on and off??
  • css53css53 Posts: 4
    Can you tell me what was wrong with your car? I am having same problem.
  • azzuraazzura Posts: 7
    I have a 1999 chrysler sebring with 92,000 miles. the check engine light stays on most of the time, and at times it goes off for days. what do you think is causing that. the car runs good.
  • css53css53 Posts: 4
    have been having the same problem with my battery light...ugh so i cleaned battery cables and guess what the light has gone away at least for now!!!
  • There are two modes of check engine light illumination, the first is the light will come on for a short time then go off. This mode means there is a problem that is considered "minor". The next mode is the light stays on continuously. This means a minor problem has been allowed to continue for an extended amount of time or the problem is more serious and needs attention sooner than later. I recommend that you get the car checked for error codes and then go from there. This can be done FREE of charge at most retail chain auto parts stores such as Advance Auto. They can run a free scan that will display the error codes indicating the problem on your car, if any. PLEASE NOTE, if you are going to take the car to a mechanic to have it fixed should any codes show up, MAKE SURE that the check engine light is NOT reset until you get it to the mechanic. Also, make sure that you write down exactly what the error code(s) display...You can give this info to the mechanic fixing your car and save you $$ by not having to run the diagnostic again. Once they fix the issue, THEY will reset that light for you. If you have the light reset before going to the mechanic, they will almost always recommend the diagnostic testing again which is a waste. In addition, if they don't know the issue because of a check engine light reset, they won't guarantee the work if it doesn't fix the problem since they are basing the work to be performed off of your information, not off of the information supplied by running their expensive tests..The engine light is coming on for a reason. The car may be running good now but, better safe than $$ BROKE $$ later on when it becomes a bigger problem. Please keep us posted...I hope this info helps! Good luck! :)
  • I have been in and out of the Chrysler Dealerships with my check engine light since January of 2009. Practically everything you can think of has been replaced in the car including four different PCM's. And the check engine light continues to come on and stay on. The last place I took it to has been in the phone every single time with the Chrysler Engineers and they are stumped. Everytime something is replaced that the engineer has suggested the engine light is right back on and the same codes keep coming up. The car is misfiring most of the time, does not like to start when it is cold outside, smells really bad no matter what kind of gas it is burning which by the way was one of their diagnostics, and now it is down to needing a new program for the car that guess what Chrysler laid off the Engineer that has the program. Last I was told all the Flex Fuel Engineers are getting together to re-write the program which could take months meanwhile I have to drive my car with a check engine light on, it smells, burns gas like no other and even stalls when it feels like intersections...but according to Chrysler that isn't life threatening and no one will pay for the rental car....Anyone else out there having this much frustration with their 06 Chrysler Sebring Touring model....that is under 65000 miles.
  • Sounds to me like you got the bad one of the bunch...! Can you say return to sender? With all of those issues, I would think you would be in for a trade with Chrysler!! They owe you a NEW ONE!!
  • I agree but Chrysler isn't listening to what I have to say or what the dealership has to say either. They are the ones who have to do all the work for nothing since it is all under warranty.
  • Thank goodness for the warranty!! Sad though that YOU are the one dealing with all of the crap of having to get it looked at over and over and still having all of the issues that don't seem to be getting fixed....Hopefully, at some point, they will have it all resolved so you can go on living your life with a normal car!!....Good luck~!! :)
  • re: 2006 Chrysler Sebring - check engine light won't turn off

    Same problem. Just purchased the car used.
    Check Engine light came on while driving home from work 2 days after getting the car home. Took to dealer, who originally said we must have done something to it? Then he decided to help us.
    - First try: He cleaned the engine and did a few tests. Replaced the Oxygen Sensors. The light went off. 2 days later... it was back.
    - Second try: Then the dealer had the Catalytic converter replaced. Brand new. Car ran fine for 2 miles. Light was back on same day.

    The car "looks" great. The engine light will not go off. I think we occasionally get a whiff of gas....

    Anyone fix this issue? It seems to be an ongoing problem from year to year??
  • Same problem. I just purchased the car a few days ago. After the spark plugs and everything was changed the check engine light went off, then it came back on the next day. I haven't smelled a whiff of gas yet. I hope someone can fix the problem soon.
  • The car won't start unless I pump the gas a dozen times.
    When it does start, it seems fine until 2k, then runs really bad.
    Haven't driven it because of this.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  • You have got to be kidding me.... a switch?

    There are over 30 sensors and switches on a car that can go bad, or give false readings to set this light off.

    As a mechanic, i am disturbed to think that my customers would ever think this.

    Something as minute as a loose gas cap, or overfilling your tank, to spiders inside your emissions control devices can also set it off.

    Please, trust your mechanic.

    ESPECIALLY your dealerships.
  • I have a 2006 Chrysler Sebring. The check engine light came on. Went to Auto Zone and they connected hand held diagnostic computer which showed P0303 Code which says #3 Spark Plug is misfiring. We changed the plugs, the wires and the spark module and it still continues to stay on. Now my blower on the ac and heater only works on high setting. Their is an exhaust smell when engine is starting and it is idling really rough. Any suggestions or comments?
  • stennstenn Posts: 4
    1998 Chrysler Sebring
    6 Cyl. 2.5L
    119000 mi.

    Just bought this car for my Daughter and have had the following done with no results. (paid $1500.00, but put $695.00 on sales slip to help with sales tax, got boned)

    Replaced plugs, rotor, dist. cap., wires
    Checked out misfire Cyl 5, codes PO300 & PO305 found.
    Leak down test (Good) for Cyl.5
    Compression Test 172
    Replace lower and upper intake Gaskets
    Swap Injector & Spark Plug 5 & 6 No Change.

    I also had to replace the Cat. Converter because it was broken up inside, the guy at the Garage said that could have been from the injector at 5 shooting to much gas and overheating the Cat.
    Garage said the computer seems as if it was replace at some time because there is a sticker on it that says it has to be programed and New cars do not have these stickers. It only misses after being warmed up for 15-20 min. and only when idling not when it's being driven. Seems to be terrible on Gas.
    He suspects a wire could be the problem but says it could take days to find it. I'm already into this thing for $1200.00 (parts & labor) on the of the $1500.00 I paid.
    Any help would be appreciated
  • cprongcprong Posts: 1
    Car died on the highway for the second time in a month. Both times, after a rain,
    just spent $100's on ball joints's, tire rod ends -
    the car died the first time, towed in - sat over night - started up and away she went.
    this time - took it right in.
    dashboard lights (only) died a couple of months ago.
    lights come on and off at will - engine light, oil light etc
    heated seats have ever only worked for like 2 wks and die.
    windshield wipers died on highway 2 years ago
    paid 40000 for this frkkkin car - and cannot safely drive it to work
    seen lots of posts with lots of issues -----
    who do we complain too? does anyone at chrylser listen????????
    Do we have a definitive answer as to what causes the car to lose power and die?
    won't even turn over now.
    stupid car - looks good - pc of " ____"
    any help is greatly appreciated,
    live in milton
  • jrl4847jrl4847 Posts: 1
    Hi.. I know this post is old, so I'm curious if this got resolved.

    My car seems to be acting the same way, reading a cyl 6 misfire though. What seemed to be the root of the problem for you in this case??
  • I have a 99 Sebring LXI 6cy and it keeps shuting off. I have done a tune up, replaced the distributor and cap, Changed the fuel filters and it won't stay on. Sometimes it runs for a day and then shuts off or runs for 2-10mins and then shuts off. I have noticed that sometimes it jerks then shuts down or it will cut off completly. Also when I try to crank it the rpm stick doesn't move at all and the brake light appears on the dash. I'm so lost.

    Can someone help????
  • fredric2fredric2 Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    My 1997 Sebring @93K is going through many of the mysterious and frustrating problems detailed on this forum. For the moment, replacement of the CRANK SENSOR seems to have eliminated the stalling out problem. However the same day that problem was possibly fixed, the "CHECK ENGINE" light came on and stayed on. So now it is back to STS to check the codes. The interior lights sometimes work, often don't and when I open the trunk, the alarum goes off by itself. CHRYSLER SEBRING IS A MAJOR DISASTER AND I WILL NEVER, EVER BUY A CHRYSLER PRODUCT AGAIN. What really hurts is that Chrysler (dealership and hq) doesn't even acknowledge the huge volume of similar problems registered on this forum. There should be a recall. SHAME ON CHRYSLER, A COMPANY THAT DESERVES TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    I'm not trying to minimize your frustration, because I totally understand that these problems are irritating, and can be hard to diagnose or expensive to fix. However, you are talking about a vehicle that is now 14 model years old. No car is warranted for life, and to be honest, if I found a vehicle model that was consistently trouble-free for 14 years, I'd rush out and buy that model today.

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a recall, as these issues aren't likely to be traceable to an initial manufacturing defect, and I've never heard of a model year that far back being recalled.

    I do hope that you find easy and inexpensive resolutions to the problems you're experiencing.


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  • I have a check engine light that stays on all the time. It goes off for maybe 2 weeks, then comes on and stays on.

    Can someone tell me what may be the problem.
  • I would suggest that you take it to your local Advance Auto Parts and run a diagnostic and see which codes come up. They do this for free. My sebring did the same thing and it turned out to be a spark plug misfire that randomly made my check engine light come on.
  • I recently had my check engine light come on so I took my '97 Sebring 2.5 to Advance Auto Parts and ran a diagnostic. The code that came up was Manufacturer Code P1391 Ignition System or misfire. I changed the plugs and wires and the perpetual case of random hiccups it was suffering from seems to have stopped. However, the check engine light is still on. Does anyone know what a P1391 code is for this model? Or do I just need to erase the code?
  • You need to have Advance Auto erase the code..If it comes back, the problem may not be fixed...
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