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Pontiac Grand Am Security Passlock Problems

curlylocks1014curlylocks1014 Posts: 3
edited October 2017 in Pontiac
just a note i was having the passlock/security lite issue @ every 4 month or so.. now it has become a daily thing! i see where there is a class action lawsuit against gm for a wiper issue for the grand ams... hmmm i think perhaps we should start one up for this passlock issue...

i just contacted pontiac if anyone would like to join in and let GM/pontiac know that this is not just an issue affecting one car please do so i think thats the only way we can get some action on this... toyota had the same problem with the prius only they cared about their buyers and recalled them..

heres the link


  • Someone help me please!! I think my car is possessed. The security light comes on and then I can't start the dang thing. The dealership says to put it in the ACC mode until the light is solid. But that takes 10 minutes. Does anyone know what this problem is? Also the new thing the car is doing is the Traction off light, ABS and service engine soon light is coming on. What is this from? Someone help me please.
  • rebelmanrebelman Posts: 3
    yeah i have the same problem too. when i first got the car it would do that every few days and you had to turn the car off then turn the key to "on" until the security light stopped blinking. it is just a security system issue though. nothing wrong with the car. i put dual exhaust on my 2001 Se and added a k&n air intake and some upgraded spark plugs so it starts with no problem now and doesnt give security a chance to shut it off. also if you use 89 or 93 gas it will help it start a whole lot better. the security system just cuts on if you fail to start it. thats my experience at least.
  • Please if it not too late I would totally join in. Only I have alot more problems with my car. It is a 2002 grand am and so far I have had to replace the Catillic (not sure on the spelling) converter, master cylinder, fuel pump, gastic manifold, rack and pinon (spelling), hazard light switch (which still is clicking), and power steering pump. Also I need a new raditor. I have forked out so far around $3000.00, and it is still sitting in the driveway broke down.
    :lemon: :mad: :cry:
  • n5445n5445 Posts: 28
    THE CLICKING IS from THE TURN SIGNAL SWITCH INSIDE THE STEERING COLUMN.It's not the hazzard switch.These (turn signal)switches get dirty and send false signals to the clicker switch which is also used by the hazzard lights.
    The car oviously over heated from a gasket leak and thus the need for radiators and such.
    Don't take cars to the dealer. I have a 2000 grand am and found all of my pronlems located on the internet and how to fix them.
    I have 100k miles with problems, yes, but not real bad unless you don't fix the problem when it first arises.
  • n5445n5445 Posts: 28
    traction light is likely one of your wheel hub sensors is going out. Had the same problems with the dsh lights.

    I was lucky as the first one I changed was the problem.
    It was very difficult to change it out. Lots of elbow grease if you know what I mean.

    Security light is likely something to do with the passlock system which is behind the ignition key hole.
  • n5445n5445 Posts: 28
    list the problems with your car. Maybe someone can help.
  • I had a problem with my Grand Am not starting and found this on the web which describes my situation exactly. Is this what this forum is referring to as the Passlock problem and is there no known fix?

    (PRWEB) February 21, 2005 -- If you own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am, you'd better hope you're not stuck somewhere bad when this hits: You go to start your car, and the engine cranks, but it seems like your out of gas, and won't start. Numbers of people then have the car towed to a shop, only to find that the car easily starts after being towed, but no cause is ever found.

    The problem is that the RKE (remote keyless entry) system has a defect in it that causes car not to start. As of now there is no recall on the passlock systems. As for a fix, the experts are honestly not sure.

    To reset the computerized system, put key in the ignition and leave it in 'On' position for about ten minutes. Then turn it off, and try - it should start then. Warning: Continued resetting of the computer this way will eventually damage computer and will cost lots to replace/fix.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Well, there's truth here and there's not. The passlock system really isn't part of the keyless entry. It can be repaired by someone with the diagnostic tools and skills needed to find the root cause, usually the Hall effect sensor on the ignition switch, which typically means a trip to the dealer.
    I can't think of any reason why "re-setting" the computer will cause any damage, but eventually it won't work because the root cause will completely fail, and will re-trip the passlock as soon as it re-sets and you try to start it.
    The Hall effect sensor runs about $125, with labor I believe the repair costs about $375 if I remember right.
  • I am having the exact same problems as you kristenn16, my security light will not allow me to start my car for about 15 minutes after I place it on the on position I had the computer replaced along with multiple other things. Now it is happening multiple times a day a really pain. I did find on a recall list today that the security chip is what needs to be replaced the recall number is 01-00-89-009 may 01 was the date and description is key/ keynumber/ security chip-replacement this is for the 2002 pontiac grand am v6-3.4l vin E. I am going to check into this and see if they will replace.
  • I have had the security passlock issue since I bought the car it is getting to the point where it is happening multiple times a day. I am in Canada and went to the pontiac site that U left on the page and can not do anything because it is for united states. I did find a recall # for the key/keynumber/security chip- replacement for the 2002 pntiac grand am v6-3.4L vin E the # is 01-00-89-009 it was issued may of 01 I have not contacted any one yet but intend too. If U intend to go ahead with the class action count me in, I am so sick of dealing with this problem. I have so much time and money put into this car to fix it and the dealership could not find the problem. It even had a new computer installed.
  • i have a 1999 grand am se 4 door. the security issue started with me back in november 2005 when the security light started coming on but nothing would be wrong with the car till about 2 months later when the damn thing wouldn't start and the security light was flashing. about 6 months earlier i had replaced one part of the ignition because all of my dash lights and gauges would just shut off in the middle of a drive then come back on but the car would stay running. when i took it in for the security light they replaced the tumbler (or something like that) anyway i had to get it keyed to my key and now most of my spares won't work. i thought that was all fine untill last month when the security light started coming on at odd times. now the damn thing will not start again. they say that i need to replace the other part that made all my dash gauges shut down. i don't want to pay another 300 to replace a part that has already been replaced. i thought i had a pretty good car untill i read all these problems on these forums that i have experienced. what i have replaced since buying the car in 2001 include:
    brakes and rotors
    ignition (switch twice)
    ignition tumbler
    3 (out of 4 windows) because something was scratching them when they roll up and down
    1 power window thing
    serpentine belt (3 times)
    fuel sending unit
    water pump
    and some general stuff that i consider wear and tear like tires and battery terminals

    it is crazy stuff, i will definatly do more research before buying a new one which seems to be coming soon. but i keep fixing her because she is at least paid for!
  • I am having the same problems with my 2001 Grand Am. Cost @ 400 this time last year.Security etc.I am now trying the wait 10 minutes with the ignition in "On" and if starts am headed to the dealer for the fix.If not , will be towed to the dealer for the fix.If a class action is started , throw my hat in the ring.RB
  • I just installed a remote start on my car which will bypass the gm security system. Everyone that I have talked to said that this should work "in theory." So I tried it and we will see if it works. Seemed like the people at the Audio shop where I had it installed knew more about the problem than the repair shop at the dealership. Of course they wouldn't guarantee that it would fix THAT problem it was the cheapest fix at $200. So I hope it works, time will tell. If it doesn't at least I have remote start....
  • Earlier this year, our car wouldn't start, we tried EVERYTHING... bought a new coil pack/iginition control module and still nothing. Turned out it was the security feature -it shut the car down, we reset the security and back to running - with the new $300 pack/module.

    This November we go out to leave on Sunday and it wouldn't start. We figured it was the same thing, we go through the security reset and nothing...except smoke - the coil pack got so hot that it cracked on the underneath side. Since we had the factory coil in the garage, we replaced it, and it ran good on Monday, Tuesday, we start it up and it's running like an old truck - ses light, trac light both on, no power - running on 2-1/2 to 4 rpms and takes forever to get enough power to hit 40mph. It's shaking and puttering. We took it to AutoZone, they read out 2 missfires - we replace the spark plugs and still no difference. Take it to a local mechanic, he says need to replace the iginition control module, coil pack and plugs - AGAIN! So,

    Why would it go through 2 in this short time? The car has less than 40,000 miles. What's the deal? And why can't we find a pack/module for less than $300?? AutoZone said you can't buy one without the other and we bought it, it only had the coil - not the module with it - for $175. A local dealer can get it for $400 and a salvage yard for $100 (???) O'Reilly, who we bought the other one from now says they can't order it - only dealers can. Any ideas what's happening with the car - and these parts?

    Appreciate the advise - I'm driving my husband's gas guzzling Dodge Ram!
  • bward1bward1 Posts: 8
    Just wondering, How is your remote starting working? Has it failed yet? My car will not start AGAIN. I might try that remote start.
  • so far so good, have not seen the security light since, unless i start it with the key it will sometimes appear.
  • bward1bward1 Posts: 8
    Where is the Pontiac Class Action Lawsuit. I would like to add my name to it??
    My car has left me stranded 2 times for the security problem. The dealer said they never heard of this particular problem and for me to resolve the problem by selling the car.
    They sure have confidence in their products.
    Again, I woud like to get into the class action lawsuit.
    Thank you,
  • virgo58virgo58 Posts: 10
    I couldn't agree more with all of you. I have been dealing with this turn the car off one minute and the next minute - totally dead. The people at the dealership look at you like your some sort of psycho making all of this up. AAA won't even tow me any longer, used them all up for this year! I'll spare you all of the details because I'm sure you have all been through the same things. I have been in contact with the WONDERFUL (yeah right, only when they are TAKING your money) Pontiac customer service center. Was assured that if this happened again, I was to call her and they would help me deal with it. Needless to say, she won't even return my phone calls now. I am very serious regarding a class action suit. I can't tell you the amount of time and money this has cost me. Not to mention the aggravation only to be treated as if they are doing you some sort of favor by taking your money while raking you over the coals financially. Their so called "Certified Technicians" who are charging a premium price for their useless knowledge and their fancy analysis machines that are suppose to be able to tell them what is exactly wrong with your car (this service also very pricey) only to be told after a year and half "We really don't know whats wrong with your car, we've replaced everything". That about sums it up. One idiot telling the other what to do. I think its time that the giant money maker GM/Pontiac take responsibility for the shoddy product. Maybe they need to shell out some money to those of us who have endured this nightmare and get nothing in return for their money and then, just maybe they will understand how it feels to hand over your money and get nothing in return for it. If interested, I'll be more than happy to help with a lawsuit and I'm currently researching my options for legal recourse. Best of luck to all of you and I can only say I certainly hope you don't reward this company in the future by purchasing other makes or models from them.
  • If you want the fastest way to disable the Passlock---You just need to be able to start your car one time. Start it--leave it running--put car in neutral-- remove your radio, but do not unplug it.(Let it hang)Reach inside to the left and locate 3 tiny 22 gauge wires wrapped in black friction tape.(Yellow, Black, and White Passlock Wires)These are with the Ignition switch harness. Cut the (Yellow Passlock) Data Wire (while the engine is running). Security light will come on and stay on forever--- this tells you that Passlock is disabled.(PCM is in fail enable mode)Tape up both ends of the Yellow wire. Your car will crank from now on with no worries. I would suggest that you add a toggle switch, though. Disable Passlock --- it's not necessary to add a remote starter. Do a google search for "Passlock I or II Disablement" to see the written document for adding the toggle switch.
  • raycorri, do you attach the toggle switch to each end of the cut yellow wire??
  • Yeah, that's right. You are putting the switch into the line. It will connect or disconnect the "cut wire" at the flip of a switch. You can even add a length of about 20 gauge wire so you can mount the switch in a more convenient or "hidden" location.(If you are good with wiring.)Flip the switch (while the engine is running)to turn the Passlock off. I have decided to leave mine off permanently.
  • Sweet,
    Thank you.
    I will do this soon.
    Thank you very much for saving me $400.00 and Screwing Pontiac out of the $400.00 I almost paid them.
    Thanks Again,
  • I just followed your proceedure. If it works I will be forever indebted to you. I have been stranded so many times because of this faulty passlock garbage- too many times to count. I fume as I sit in my car waiting for the stupid security light to stop flashing, and every time it happens I say "I'm gonna disable this $#@! somehow!"

    If I don't get stranded within a couple of days I will know it worked!
  • Brian:
    I think that's great for you but I still feel Pontiac should pay for a pourly made product. My car has been doing this for over a year. They have replaced everything. I am fixing to take them to small claims court for the money and time and anguish that I am out and have suffered. They have charged me over and over again to make repairs that obviously didn't do any good. I think everyone should stand up to Pontiac and maybe this sort of crap would stop. Best of luck,

  • I cut my yellow wire last night. I did not install a toggle switch. We will see how long it works.
    Good luck to everyone.
    I will let you know if I get stranded again because of this JUNK.
  • More info on Passlock problems! I have a mechanic friend who says that if your "security" light comes on when you are trying to start your car and then won't let the car start, to turn the key off, and then to the "on" position (not initializing the starter, just to the power on position) and let your car set for about 10 minutes, until "security" stops flashing. This allows the key and the body computer to resink themselves and that you should be able to start your car after that. He said that his wife's car does this sometimes and that the Passlock problem may happen several times in a row or once every few months, no rime or reason to it, but that allowing the chip in the key and ignition to reconfigure with the body computer works. I hope that this helps some folks.
  • Thanks for the help and yes, I have done that several times now and it does work. The problem isn't really what disturbs me any longer. What bothers me is it took "us" to figure it out. Pontiac has yet to tell me they know whats wrong with my car nor do they seem to care. They built the car, have their own "certified" mechanics" and yet they still can't seem to understand our problem. When I bought my car brand new, I paid what I consider to be a "decent" price and I don't feel that I should have to disable anything nor do I feel I should have to sit somewhere for 10 minutes or longer at a time while my car re connects with its computer. Am I the only one that this sounds just a little absurd to? I can't tell you how many times I've been to the dealership over this, lost time from work, not to mention lost pay, deductibles that I had to pay for nothing, not to mention the pure aggravation. My extended warranty has now run out and still the car problem remains a "mystery" to them, the manufacturer. I think its time that Pontiac steps up to the plate, deals with the problems that they created and maybe, just maybe try to make their "Customers - who I thought were suppose to be the number one priority" happy. Maybe I'm asking too much but I think not!
  • I have a 2002 grand am that I bought used and Has a DEI remote start in it. I have never used the remote start before. I think it is an add on one that you use you existing keyless entry remote.

    Well to get to the Crap!!!

    I am having the same problem as all of you. But I already have a remote start, just have no clue on how to use it. My wife is getting really sick of the, turn the key on for 10 minutes, then start the car. It seems to be happening more and more. Is it the Body Control module, pass lock, ignition cylinder?
    Any help would be appreciated.


  • ginkle7ginkle7 Posts: 3
    ok i as well cut my yellow wire but noyhing happens. it still will not start, well it starts but doesnt stay started. this is getting very old and i really dont have the money to spend to try and do all that they say is wrong so i was hoping that this would. please tell me what i can do now??? :cry: :cry: :mad:

  • delone26delone26 Posts: 1
    :D I had the same problem my security light would com then my car would not start until i truned my key on for about 10 minutes. call gmc customer service and they sent me back to the dealer after the dealer said they did everything they could. The customer service rep was great. they end up replacing those three wires you are referring to. the wire are call connectors. they replace those three wires from the passlock cyclender to the bcm and I haven't had any problem since then. they took a year to figue it out but the rep told them they had to fix it. now she is looking into getting my money back for all the parts i had replace that didn't work. they fixed it for free as a recall problem from GMC. :D I have not had any other promblem with this 2001 grand am :surprise:
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