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Pontiac Grand Am Security Passlock Problems



  • tcoff11971tcoff11971 Member Posts: 4
    I just wanted to pass on this info. I too have had passlock problems and my car at this very moment is in the shop. Everyone who has ever had this issue needs to call pontiac and shove this issue down their throats. The number is 1-800-762-2737. I was told today that if I had taken my car to a dealer that they could do something, but since I didnt there was nothing that could be done, however to save my receipt and IF there was a recall I could be reimbursed. I suspect after reading post after post here that even if I had taken it to the dealer I would have gotten nothing, there would have been some other excuse. We all need to stay on them, call them, send a complaint to the NTSA, do whatever you can to make them completely aware of all the consumers they are ticking off with this problem. There is also a recall on the OBD system this is what pontiac told me on the phone...funny thing is, I NEVER received any kind of notice by mail, email, or phone...why is this?? I am all for the class action lawsuit, all they want to give are apologies for inconviences, lets face it folks, thats NOT going to pay for all of our repairs. Let them know that consumer confidence is in jeopardy, let them know when it is time to buy your next new or used car you won't be looking at ANY GM product. even if you want to buy another gm at least make them think you won't :shades: I for one am not letting them get away with this, I am gonna report them to anyone and everyone that will let me, I will let everyone know that GM refuses to do the right thing even after they know this problem exsist. They know it exsist, because the gentleman I talked to knew exactly what I was talking about. Sorry if I sound like I am at war and trying to rally the troops, but I have just lost all patience over this matter
  • feverbelieverfeverbeliever Member Posts: 9
    Just wanted to tell you that I got my car back from the local GM dealer and it again was the BCM. I had a long talk with the service mng and he said he would look at it for nothing seeing as how I had spent all the money that I had in the past. The BCM was just replaced two years ago. He told me and showed me the terminals that go into the BCM were corroded as they were before and this sends confusing messages to the start, security, locks etc. It will work for awhile but when it gets too bad it starts sending these mixed messages. The cause is moisture build up from the AC or even humidity which may be the reason that I have not had this problem in the winter. Hmmmm!!!! He said he couldn't promise anything but he did but a shield under or over the BCM to get the moisture as a preventative. Very nice guy and he is also very perplexed. He states GM will only do a recall on vehicles that are still under warranty or if there is a safety issue. When I gave him "THE LOOK" after that statement he admits that being stuck in the middle of nowhere can be a safety issue.
    Unfortunately he is stuck in the middle and there is nothing he can do for me. All I want is my car fixed for good and my money back. I am going to write the NTSB and I have not had a reply to the Email that I sent to GM last week. I will call them also as you suggest. Ask your dealer about the BCM and the terminals and see what they say.
    Good Luck!!!!
  • pontiac4pontiac4 Member Posts: 10
    I don't think there is a fix for this problem. My 2002 grand am has 48,000 miles on it and after it kept dying on me I started reading this board. I took the radio out and it looks like the previous owner had trouble with it as well. The lock had been replaced and the wires had been cut and rerouted. GM needs to stand up and take responsibility for this problem. My car turns over will not start at all. I sent a message to Pontiac and talked to the dealer and all I get is denial. I have worked on cars all my life and have never seen anything like this before.:mad:
  • feverbelieverfeverbeliever Member Posts: 9
    All of these cars are of a different breed then what everyone that has service experience is used to dealing with.

    Did you ever have the GM service dept work on your car or were you doing all of this yourself? If they even think that someone other then a GM or certified tech has been working on the vehicle they will not take responsibility.

    I am not saying that you are not qualified but the fact that they are declining to do anything may be because of your individual efforts to repair the car. Is that the case?

    I am calling GM today since no response to my quaries in the past. Also going to call my attorney to see how exactly to file a class action lawsuit and how to get all of the persons together that have had the problem and sought only dealer repairs with no success.
  • tcoff11971tcoff11971 Member Posts: 4
    When my car was under warranty, I always took it to GM for work, and they played the guessing game. Trying this and that and problems were not fixed. At that time though, I was not having problems with the passlock. When this issue started to arise, I was not financially able to allow the guessing game that I experianced before. I have never attempted to cure the problem with my car on my own, I have always taken it to an actual mechanic, just not theirs. I have contacted them and got nowhere, when I reply to the messages they send that state if I have any more concerns to reply back I get the exact same response "Thank you for contacting the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center. We appreciate you taking the time to write us in regards to 2002 Pontiac Grand Am.I recognize that this situation has caused you a great level of frustration, and I hope that you can accept my sincerest apology on behalf of General Motors and Pontiac." and thats that, just apologies. I too suggested that being stranded in the middle of the night alone is a danger, they agree, but offer nothing. I pick my car up today after being without one for 7 days, here is hoping my problem is fixed. I will let you all know what was done and the cost.
  • feverbelieverfeverbeliever Member Posts: 9
    Okay, and the best of luck. Hope all is well!!!! At least for a few months which seems to be all any of us can expect.
  • pontiac4pontiac4 Member Posts: 10
    I bought the car used so it came with this problem. I thought wow it has low miles, it would be a good commuter car.The guy at the car lot seemed strange when I asked him where the extra key was and the owners manual.He said that the owners lost the other key and manual. I think he knew about the problem and that the ignition lock had been changed and the alarm system screwed with. I'm not into conspiracy theories but this one seems strange.
  • tcoff11971tcoff11971 Member Posts: 4
    Picked up my car. Cost 122.00 including tow. I of course took it to a shop I knew and trusted, and instead of just putting things on and hoping, went through everything which is why they had the car for 7 days. They believe this issue is caused by corrosion build up and it sends mixed signals. They said it was more than likely from humidity. Never had a car before that was effected by the local weather :confuse: Whatever it may be, GM needs to do some research and get to the bottom of this, and install whatever they need to install, or repair whatever flaw it is that is leaving some many of it's consumers stranded. I can't for one minute believe all these posts are just coincidence. Everyone has the exact same symptoms, security light on, car not starting, ect. I am just thankful that this time it was in the hands of someone that cared about how much money I was going to have to spend.
  • feverbelieverfeverbeliever Member Posts: 9
    You obviously have the same exact problem that I have. It seems to boil down to a condensation and water absorption problem on the BCM which finally corrodes the terminals. The corrosion causes the mixed signals and the car gets confused and does all the things we have previously discussed. My dealer put a deflector above the BCM this time in hopes it will protect the unit. He did not replace the BCM just the terminals. BCM is $225 plus labor.

    Lets get everyone with this problem together and file a class action lawsuit since GM doesn't want to fess up to the cause of our problems. I never heard from GM after sending the email to them. Go figure!!!!

    The biggest thing is that I love my car and other then this problem there is not a single thing wrong with it. The engine and body etc are excellent. I don't want to get rid of this car and GM needs to make it right. Put the blasted BCM in a different area or whatever at no charge and get this resolved. I know my car will last another 50k or more and I am trying to convince a Honda owner that this car is great. Hard to do when you have this going on.

    Ho Hum!!!!!!
  • tcoff11971tcoff11971 Member Posts: 4
    I would gladly join in on the class action lawsuit. Before the warranty expired it was in the dealership often. The lamps in the back would retain water had them fixed 3 times, motor mounts replaced, the brake system failed to engage properly so they had to replace everything, new radio, exhaust system, and thats what I can think of off the top of my head. Ever have problems with the paint chipping on the bumpers?? I took it to the dealer over that problem and they claimed it was from rocks hitting it while driving, and refused repair even though it was under warranty. This car must not like rocks or humid conditions :sick: Never had the same issue with any other car I have ever owned. I am hoping all these problems are behind me now, but I am still not letting GM off the hook. I may not be able to get what I have put in it back, but maybe I can save someone else the headache.
  • nobullchitbidsnobullchitbids Member Posts: 53
    We do appear to have some evidence here that humidity at least contributes to the problem (see my post, # 135, and replies). One possible fix could be for GM to gold-plate the terminals (gold will not corrode). Given the large numbers of GM vehicles, this could be an expensive fix, but that has to be balanced in the minds of GM against the customer ill will it reaps caused by all these repeated strandings.
  • feverbelieverfeverbeliever Member Posts: 9
    Hm, I think (nobullchitbids) has the right idea. We should have them gold plate the entire vehicle and put it on display somewhere or maybe have yearly rallies for all of us with the same car so we can have face to face gripe sessions.

    Seriously I like the gold plate idea and I am only interested in a civil action concerning the passlock security systems. If we get too much involved they will think us just a bunch of nuts. Of course we know we aren't

    So how do we go about a class action suit. Anyone know???
  • nobullchitbidsnobullchitbids Member Posts: 53
    I do, but I haven't heard anyone yet claim proof for all of the elements necessary to yield a successful result. In the first place, who are you going to sue? Pontiac? General Motors? Passlock is a universal system, but what evidence is there that the problem exists equally in Chevrolets? And if it doesn't, would that allow GM to put the onus back on the Pontiac's owners? After all, if the system is working well in other types of vehicles, what is it that makes Pontiacs so special? Could it be that Pontiacs are just "hot" cars and attract the kind of driver who likes to abuse them? A lot of jurors might listen to that one.

    Who is going to be the representative plaintiff? And in what jurisdiction should such a suit be brought? Most of those who have written to this forum appear at some point to have entrusted their vehicle to non-GM technicians. How are you going to answer the defense that you turned the car over to an idiot repair man? So that the fault is yours?

    Did you cut any wires? Pontiac will claim you sabotaged your own car, and that (again) they are not to blame. You should have brought the car into Pontiac and spent the $800 for the switch.

    Oh, you say: The local dealership didn't know what to do? Stuck you with a heap of unneeded parts? Kept the car for a month? But, at most, that's a local problem, and the proper response is to go see your state regulators, not bother mama Pontiac with a lawsuit.

    What relief do you want? Is the objective to get Pontiac to gold-plate the contacts so they don't corrode? Replace the Hall sensors for free? Take the car back for being a "lemon?" Pay damages for lost time or income? What proof does anyone have that Pontiac knew of the problem and tried to cover it up? And did our representative plaintiff buy the Pontiac new? If so, does the plaintiff truly represent you?

    What kind of power are you going up against? If Pontiac is leaving the system in because it is more afraid of being subjected to a products-liability lawsuit by an insurance company, what makes anyone believe that their little lawyer is going to scare Pontiac one little bit?

    And you will need a lawyer -- there is no way a private citizen on his own could shepherd such a lawsuit through the courts without professional help (I wouldn't even try).

    How about experts? They're not free either. Someone will have to pay for an independent examination of the problem, so that the lawyer will have something to present. Then, there will have to be very expensive discovery directed at Pontiac or GM to ascertain what they knew about the problem and what (if anything) they actually did about it. Yes, you could strike oil here; but, just as easily, you could drill a dry hole.

    But, for anyone who's game, you need to find one or more representative plaintiffs who can file a joint complaint for themselves and all others similarly affected in a friendly jurisdiction, and you must seek at least some form of relief that would allow you at minimum to pay the legal bills.

    That really is the bottom line, and I assure you it would be cheaper, at least in the beginning, to just pay Pontiac the $800.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    I have to agree 100%. Just one thing though, it shouldn't cost $800 to get the Hall effect sensor changed, it's usually around $350, about $125 for parts, the rest labor, tax, etc. That's the failed part in the large majority of these problems.
    I have been following this thread for a long time, and quite frankly Passlock is getting the blame for a lot of problems that are unrelated to it.
    Yes, you can bypass the Hall effect sensor, but you have to understand how it changes the operation of the system and how to recover if you lose power due to battery failure or replacement.
  • nobullchitbidsnobullchitbids Member Posts: 53
    Thanks, Burdawg. One clarification: If you have a later-model vehicle, it shouldn't cost $800 to get PassLock properly fixed -- it's about a one-hour job, plus what it takes to re-key the lock. However, I was told that, because mine was an older vehicle (1997), fixing it would cost more. That's the word I get from DeVoe Pontiac. Interestingly, Bob Taylor Chevrolet has intimated that I could get by at the lower price. Unfortunately, they will not commit to a labor cost. :cry:

    Go figure.
  • jstaylor76jstaylor76 Member Posts: 1
  • pontiac4pontiac4 Member Posts: 10
    Actually it doesn't work in other cars such as Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Saturn, GMC trucks and pretty much all GM cars.
  • kdeezlekdeezle Member Posts: 12
    99 grand am. security light on, i reset it for 10-20 minutes. it is appearing more frequently. I have a remote start, my gm security system was bypassed. i now drive the car and the security light stays on, is this a concern, or how can i get it off? please respond
  • nobullchitbidsnobullchitbids Member Posts: 53
    If you have a remote start, the PassLock system is bypassed. If the remote were installed correctly, there should be a toggle somewhere allowing you to reconnect PassLock (flip the toggle). However, with PassLock engaged, your remote start will not work (PassLock will see that as trying to steal the car).

    If the security light is on all the time, with a remote starter installed, don't worry -- all the system is telling you is that PassLock is locked out.

    That the rest of us should have your problem! :)
  • bec8167bec8167 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Grand Am 47000 miles. I am the previous owner of a Grand Am and other GMC products. This weekend I experienced my first passlock issue. After changing the battery and fuel filter(normal wear and tear items), I was forced to have it towed. I didn't take it to a dealer as it is out of warranty and I have more confidence in a local shop. All they did was re-set the passlock system (10 minute rule of thumb). Since I picked it up, it has done it 2 more times(it has only been 12 hours). At least now I know the 10 minute rule of thumb, however I didn't purchase this vehicle to have it go bad before it is paid for. Of course the dealer will replace the part for $405 with labor. I do not feel this is normal wear and tear, rather a design problem. In reading these posts, I am now concerned that the problem will never be resolved. I have not seen many posters with a newer vehicle like mine. Any out there? What steps have you attempted?
  • nobullchitbidsnobullchitbids Member Posts: 53
    Bridge around it per instructions on (I recall) page 7 of this thread. ;)
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Your choices are bypass it like nobullchitbids says or fork over the money to get the Hall effect sensor fixed. It's a known issue with many GM products with Passlock II. I'm not going to get into the recall issue (won't happen) or the class action stuff (good luck).
    It appears to be related to moisture (humidity?), but I don't have any definitive data, just a hunch, since out here in the southwest it appears to be much less of a problem.
  • firecaptain2firecaptain2 Member Posts: 4
    Interesting posts....Lets see, I bought my 2002 Grand Am new, since then the following:
    New Radio
    New Radiator
    New Fuel Pump
    --end of warrenty--
    @ 72,000 blew the engine. Needed a new one
    @ 73,000 new bearings...well that is wear and tear
    @ 76,000 this Passlock system

    I have invested over $7,000 this year alone

    These were not built well as everyone I know love the looks, but hate the car

    Pontiac is no help either,
    Heck, the car is pretty much new now
  • firecaptain2firecaptain2 Member Posts: 4
    How do I find out what the following service bullitins are, When I look them up a company wants to charge me to look at them:
    01-00-89-009 May '01
    Key/Key Number/Security Chip - Replacement
    01-08-49-020 DEC 01
    Ignition Lock Cylinder/Switch - Replacement Revision
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Try posting your TSB questions over in Technical Service Bulletins. There are some knowledgeable members there that may be able to help.
  • jd6028jd6028 Member Posts: 4
    I have 2003 grand am and for the first year and a half things your going great. the begining of this year my car start acting up. the first time i had problems this happened...I would turn the key to start is and it would sound as though it was trying to turn over but couldnt. that has happened serveral times. I even took it in and the dealer has no idea, stating that it could be the fuel pump........ Now the problem that i am having is that i put the key in and turn it but nothing happenes. it doesnt try to turn over and i am not sure if the security light comes on. the radio and lights work but i have no power to the windows. i have read amost all of the issues but no one says whether or not the car tries to turns over or if it simple doesnt do anything. so my question is does the car try to turn over if the problem is due to the security light. i am not sure if my issue is the same as everyone elses because my car doesnt try and turn over and the windows dont work. and advise??? :confuse:
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    The security system doesn't effect the starter, only the fuel delivery. So if you turn the key and it doesn't crank don't blame it directly on Passlock. Reading your posts it kind of sounds like at first you may have a bad battery, but then reading on it sounds more like your ignition switch is failing. The security light is apparent if it's on, it's right in the intrument cluster.
  • jd6028jd6028 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for responding, i guess i should have mentioned that my dad has already changed the ignition switch and did a low battery test, which it came back fine. so who knows what the deal is. i wont go cutting any wires seeing how it doesnt seem to have a relation with the passlock. if you can think of anything esle keep me in mind! thanks again. ;)
  • crsoliscrsolis Member Posts: 1
    How did you do this? what kind of switch? I would greatly appreciate any help.
  • dcheiteldcheitel Member Posts: 11
    I have been experiencing what seems like the same issue although slight difference.

    When my car wont start and the security light is blinking instead of solid, the key is turned and no attempt for the starter to engage occurs. I am not getting the crank but no start, just dead. If I wait 10 mins with the key on, the light turns solid and I turn the key off then start normally.

    would this still be the ignition key sensor?
  • hgosinskihgosinski Member Posts: 22
    Yes, that's what happend to me, wouldn't even crank. It was my passlock system. I had to get a new passlock sensor. It was horrible, I would get stranded all over the place before I got it fixed.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Well, that's not the way Passlock is supposed to work. If the Passlock is tripped it cuts off the fuel supply but doesn't effect the cranking system.
    If the light comes on solid while the car is running it's indicating a Passlock error has occurred, and a code will be set in the OBD system.
  • chavischavis Member Posts: 1
    I had been having the same problem with my 99 grand am, after waiting for it to start 5 times in one day i became frustrated and jerked my key out of the ignition, well that broke the key!!!! Blessing in discuise!!! After nearly two weeks no security light even periodically while driving the light used to pop on, well im a slave no longer to the 10 min wait to crank my car everyday! I had the key made at a hardware store for 1.25!!!!!
  • dcheiteldcheitel Member Posts: 11
    im not sure why my security is working differently than standard.

    When my ligh comes on solid no code is set. I have an ODB 2 scanner and shows nothing even when that happens.
  • dcheiteldcheitel Member Posts: 11
    So you replaced the key? what happed to the part of the key in the lock?

    Dont think that will be the route I go, breaking my key in the lock lol

  • meredith80meredith80 Member Posts: 1
    I am curious too, I hope replacing the key will correct the problem. I too have been having the same issues with my car not starting, having to wait the 10 minutes with the key in the "on" position, and then it starts. I took my car to my mechanic that I trust and I have never had any problems with and he suggested I replace the key and see if that helps. So I called the dealership to find out if I could get a key made from them and when I explained my problem to the guy on the phone (huge mistake) he rattled off about $700 worth of repairs I needed to have done. None the less I am going to get the key made (minus the repairs) and I hope this helps, the dealership would not address the specific passlock issue, but of course "I could bring my car in for them to diagnosis what is wrong." :confuse:
  • dcheiteldcheitel Member Posts: 11
    Well although it cant hurt to try, I dont the key option is going work as all it does is allow the switch to rotate. Its not like the keys with chips in them

    From what i have heard and know technically, the hall effect sensor in the switch is offending item. I think it can be purchased for about 165.

    i have heard of people wanting to start a class action suit but so far dont know if anyone has
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    You have it right. The vast majority of the time it's the Hall-effect sensor on the ignition switch. I don't see how replacing the key will make any difference. The sensor becomes intermittent before it completely fails, so it may look like replacing the key is helping, but really it's just the sensor acting up.
    Seems to me though the going rate is about $400 - $450 now to replace the sensor at the dealer. I only had it done once a long time ago on the 99 Grand Am I had. It was $375, but as I said that was some time ago.
  • paracadparacad Member Posts: 3
    This is now my problem...At one point my security ligh would come on and stay on while i drive. Then one day i could turn the key over and nothing. I understand this was with the security. So i search found out to wait 10-15min and it would start...I let it go and just did that for the last few months, probably about 5x total. Now since the last 2weeks, Ive gotten stranded for about 20minutes and the key wouldn't even turn out of the off position. If i let it sit, finally it would turn over and crank. Note: the security light has been staying on eversince the first time all this started happening a few months ago.

    But now as of yesterday, the key would not turn at all as if it is stuck in "off", and as of today is still like that. Has anyone come across this problem? I've read thru alot of the posts, and didn't come across anyone with this same problem....OR a sloution to it.
  • paracadparacad Member Posts: 3
    I have this same passloce problem. But now my security light is always on, and i cant drive the car because when i put the key in the ignition is stuck in the "off" position.
    It "dings" whe i put the key in but will not turn.

    I think possible the key is worn, or something with the Ignition cylinder...any other ideas?
  • kathleen4669kathleen4669 Member Posts: 2
    i also am haveing the same problem. I spent over 700.00 a year ago last june to have it fixed. Then last fri I'am leaving work and again it wont start. The light had been on earlier in the week. Luckly I work for a car rental and rented the last car on the lot. Came back into town on Sunday and tried to start my car. No such luck. On mon. morning I tried again to start my car no it would not start. So I called a tow co. had It towed to a pontic dealer they had it all day. Said they started it 25 time just fine and charged me 50.00 told me there was nothing worng. The next day my light came back on. Now I dont want to drive vey far just in case it wont start again
  • rockheadrockhead Member Posts: 1
    I found another forum that looks to be a pretty promising solution to the GM passlock 2 problem. try this one:
    And it does say that the problem could be because the key is worn out!
  • bec8167bec8167 Member Posts: 2
    I tested that theory of the problem lying in the key. When I originally had the problem 2 weeks ago, I switched keys to my spare that I never used. I has worked somewhat in that light only came on 4 times. However, all of the sudden the light comes on every time. I able taking it into the dealer tomorrow. I can not be driving around with a small chils and never know when it is going to work or not.
  • jd6028jd6028 Member Posts: 4
    i wrote earlier about my car called: I hope im doing this right... Well i started driving my car the next week and until about 4 days in it started just fine. but then thursday morning it wouldnt start not even after i got home from work 9 hrs later. When my dad looked under the hood to see what it might be..... he took the box off the fuses and took them out to make sure they were not broke and then started me car right up. so in other words my 2003 grandam is loosing power somewhere making the car not start, the power windows not rolling up/down and resetting the clock. does any one have any advice on where/ how my car might be loosing power causing it not to start???
  • hgosinskihgosinski Member Posts: 22
    That's exactly what moine was doing and it WAS the passlock. I had it fixed in April, and haven't had any problems since. I haven't read your other posts, but may I ask why you say it's not the passlock? Just because it sounds exactly like the same symptoms that my car had. I went to numerous shopd and they had no idea, thought it was the computer, all kinds of stuff, but when I took it to the Pontiac dealership, they confirmed that it was the passlock system.
  • jd6028jd6028 Member Posts: 4
    i say it isnt the passlock because when it happens the car doesnt crank. nothing happens(no crank) and the windows dont work and the clock gets reset everytime. if it was the passlock i would still have power to the windows and the clock would be set to the correct time. if i am correct when it is the passlock the car cranks just doesnt turn over because it shuts the fuel line off. also the car wouldnt start the entire day until my dad jiggled the fuses under the hood. i am not a car expert but i am pretty sure the something is just comming unconnected and making it loose power some where under the hood. i do believe that early in the year i was having passlock problems like twice just not sure if the security light popped on or not. does it still sound like yours?
  • cbcb3cbcb3 Member Posts: 1
    Last year my 02 GrandAm had the problem and it couldnt pass the State Inspection(NY) at a local auto shop. So I had to have it fixed at a dealer for $140. The technician there said nothing was wrong with the system. He just had to rewrite a program into a module and the problem was gone. I was happy with the result at the time.

    But, the problem came back on a month ago. Today I went to another Pontiac dealer and they did a diagnose on the car's system. The cause to the problem as they said is that the ignition cylinder has a problem. To fix it they have to replace the cylinder and it cost over $700 , adding the disgnose fee up the total cost is about $800.

    I like driving in my GrandAm. But with the numbers above, plus the infamous clicking noise problem, plus power seat adjuster failure, its just disappointing.

    No more Pontiac for me the next time I buy a new car.
  • kathleen4669kathleen4669 Member Posts: 2
    once again today my car woiuld not start! I'am doinig the keep the key in the on possion for 10 min and then it will start! i have been a faithfuk pontic buyer but never again. my husband has a 05 vibe. I love my grand as when it starts
  • steammakersteammaker Member Posts: 3
    Just talked to local dealership here in town and they suggested that problem is most likely in the little chip reader. Something about voltage reading, etc. About $250 for the new part and one hour (a little less)labour. Made no difference using my back-up key. Started off as fun to drive but man oh man the fun is going away with winter coming on and little(?) issues like this popping up.
  • debtdebt Member Posts: 10
    My 1999 Grand Am SE' security light has been coming while driving and staying on. I have had two episodes when I would turn the ignition to start it the security light would start blinking. It will not start until the light has stopped blinking. I called the dealership and the service tech said it is the chip in the ignition switch but the ignition switch will have to be replaced. I am taking it to my mechanic and NOT to a dealership who will charge an arm and leg for it. My car now has 133,000 miles on it and I bought it brand new. The first six months I had the car, my rotors and brake pads were replaced. Under warranty still so I didn't have to incur costs. Since then I have put 3 sets of rotors, 4 sets of brake pads. I've replaced the altinator, 2 batteries, struts 2 X, mounts 1 X and now they say my rear wheel cylinders are seeping. Other than that not too many major problems. I will never purchase another Pontiac. They are a piece of junk and should have never been put on the market.
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