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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • where did you see that incentive?
  • s

    I guess maybe I was mistaken... the C300 Sport had a $2000 incentive, not a $3000 incentive. Anyways, it appears only the 4MATIC or the Luxury one still has that incentive, not the Sport version.
  • the price you can get for a 2008 c class is outrages. pretty much like 6k-7k off msrp for a c350. idk about a c300.
  • Can someone please advise... I just received an adjusted quote for the following:

    2008 C350
    Premium II package
    Multimedia package
    MSRP: $42,075
    Quoted: $36,200+TTL

    Any ideas if this is a good deal or not? If not, what would be a good deal? Thanks!
  • I think you can get it down to 35,000. but that price isnt horrible.
  • Excuse me for posting in this forum and the "leasing" forum in advanced...

    I like the guy that I work with at MB in the Bay Area but I just discovered this wonderful message board so it doesn't hurt to receive feedback...

    I'm looking at the following:
    Description ................................ INVOICE / MSRP
    C300 Sport White on Black.......... $29,853 / $32,100
    Option 320: Multimedia................ $2,771 / $2,980
    7-Speed Automatic Transmission.. $1,358 / $1,460
    Burl Walnut Wood (uugh).............. $288 / $310
    iPod Integration .......................... $349 / $375
    SUBTOTAL ................................ $34,619 / $37,225
    Transportation and Handling ......... $875 / $875
    IRG Participation ......................... $500 / -- (this is some new weird fee)
    TOTALS ..................................... $35,994 / $38,100

    My price on the car would be $34,500 (about $1500 under invoice). The terms of the lease are as follows.
    39 months
    10K miles / year
    Money Factor = .0025 (or 6%)
    Residual = 57%

    Out the door = 1st payment, reg/licensing and tax or $920.
    Monthly = $499 + CA tax (or a total of $540/month)

    Any thoughts? He let me know that his buy rate on the Money Factor is .002... so do I work him for the extra .0005?

  • I'm looking at a '09 c300 sport 4matic which is coming out to a leasing price of about $530/month for the premium 1 package and 12K miles/yr. I also looked at a '06 E350 4matic with 21K miles and premium package with Navi for $33k (MSRP $35,900). Does the deal on the E350 look good or should i try to negotiate a good price to finance the '09 C300 sport? Live in NJ.
  • well do you really need the bigger e class? if you don't then just go for a new 09 c300. there nothing like a brand new Benz
  • Hello All,

    I am new to this board, and i do hope to get some advises from you.

    I have been quoted $34,500 for a new C300 Luxury Sedan (Silver/Grey-Black MB tex, iPOD integration kit). Is this a good price?

    Does anyone think i can go lower than the quoted price? If so, what would be a good price to offer?

    I live in Houston, TX.

    Thank you for your advise.
  • what year? 2008 or 2009?
  • then i think its a pretty good deal. probably another $500 off is the best you are going get.

    hope that helps
  • Thank you, Liche90. This makes me feel comfortable, that i am not being overcharged.

  • I am in the process of buying a 2009 Mars Red C350 with P2, ipod, and mutimedia options. The MSRP is $43780 (including destination and delivery charges.) The dealer quoted price is $39200, about $1500 below invoice. Do I have a good deal or can I do better? This is from San Francisco bay area. Also can someone provide any input on the 7 years extended warranty. Is it worthwhile and should I ask for 10% off the asking price?

    Thanks a lot!
  • FYI .... I was able to get the price down to 33,500 from the quoted price 34,500 and from the MSRP 36,620. It happened the car was already on the lot, and it met all the specs i was looking for.

    I bought the car from MB of Houston North.

  • is that car already on the lot?
  • thats a pretty good. probably you can get another $500-$1000 off. not much more than that. there arent any rebates on the 2009 models.
  • Hi Liche90,

    Thank you very much for your response!

  • My thoughts on the warranty. We usually buy it for 7/100K because we keep our cars 5 to 6 years. In addition to peace of mind, we find it easier to resell our used, one owner vehicle when we can offer a remaining factory warranty (we only buy actual OEM coverage, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, etc). It works for us because 1) We dont drive more than 12 - 13K per year, 2) we resell our cars ourselves (never trade). On some vehicles we have made out on repairs, others not a single claim. BUT for example, on the c300 4matic - the 7 speed transmission is a $7,000 repair. etc etc.... There is supposedly a dealer in CA that will sell you the warranty for $100 - $200 over cost they are listed somewhere on here. something .org
  • Zoomer602,

    Thanks for the excellent advice. Were you able to get a lower than the dealer's asking price?


  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    I think it is very important to have the extended warranty if you are planning on keeping the vehicle. I have read many posting where the buyer has save a lot of expenses in the later years. On my 2000 E320 I never used the warranty but it was available. On my 1996 C280 I used GEICO about $120.00 per year $300 deductible came in handy a few times. I was able to transfer the warranty to the next owner who had GEICO insurance. My 2003 E500 still under warranty has some expensive repairs.

    The prices on new car warranties from MB are up over 100% since my last purchase. After thirty days there is a 15% surcharge on the new car warranties.

    Make sure you are receiving an MB Warranty after for a copy. Make sure your quote is in writing. I asked a dealer back East for a quote on a 7 year 100,000 miles warranty. The price was a couple hundred less than my best quote. You can see what the contract looks like below. Make sure all entries are entered. There was no expiration on my warranty and it showed five years rather than seven years. The original warranty of four years plus the years purchased.

    I got a quote from a MB dealer for a 7 years 100,000 mile warranty for about $3,800.00. I received the warranty about two weeks later and it was for one year. I did get a full refund after contacting MBUSA.

    The warranty read 5 YR 100,000 Mile Purchase Price $4,341.25
    This is a one year extension to the original warranty. I questioned the terms after I received the warranty in the mail about two weeks later. I was informed that I asked for a one extension of the original warranty was left blank on the warranty.
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    I thought I would share some pricing that I recieved yesterday. I got this price using Costco. They work with dealers that give a no haggle price for a car.

    2009 C300 4 Matic
    Premium 1 package
    I-pod intergration
    Burl Walnut
    Metalic paint

    Invoice is $37,848
    offered $36,504

    Is this a good deal? I have not negotiated because with the Costco program they are giving thier best price upfront. Thanks for any advice.
  • e2009,

    Thanks a lot for the warranty info. I appreciate it!

  • Lewis3,

    I am shopping around for a fully loaded C350 (P2, multimedia, panorama roof, ipod, and 18’’ AMG wheels.) The best quote I received over the phone is around $41900, about $1500 below invoice and I feel I can do a bit better when doing the actual face to face negotiation.
    According to you, the Costco quote for your C300 is $1344 below invoice. Although I do not have any experience shopping for the 2009 C300, I think perhaps you can try to offer a few hundred $ less.

    Good luck!
  • With this downturn economy going around. I think, a car can be bought at a "drive-out" price = MSRP price. I just bought a new 2009 C300 (metallic silver + Ipod integration kit) at a "drive-out" price, which is closed to MSRP.
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    What is a drive out price? It would be great it you could tell us how much under Invoice you are able to buy the car for.

    I am not seeing any incentives or rebates for this car. I know there must be a ton of them because these dealers are not selling this car under invoice without some compensation from Mercedes. Are any of you aware of the rebates that Mercedes is offering the dealers to move cars?

  • Lewis 3,

    There is “Dealer holdback.” Quote from
    “Dealer holdback is a percentage of either the MSRP or invoice price of a new vehicle (depending on the manufacturer) that is repaid to the dealer by the manufacturer.” informs us that the MB dealer holdback is 3% of the total MSRP (including all options.) If the MSRP is $35000, 3% of $35000=$1050.
    I am sure there are other compensations to the dealers such as volume discounts to allow them selling cars below “invoice” and still make a profit.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    Go to MBUSA web site build your vehicle then send the request through their web site to the dealers any place in the United States or near home if you do not want to travel too far. You can make offer as low as you want or just request a quote. Just make sure your everything is confirmed in writing before making any payments or signing anything in writing.
  • which area are you from? that quote is pretty cheap.
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