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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • Transmission bearing failure on my above Focus SE, loaded (4 speed auto). Developed "grunching", whining, and momentary locks-up, and strange shifting behavior last 1000 miles. I say last 1000 miles because this is the 2nd time I've had it in for transmission problems.

    The dealer couldn't duplicate the problem the first time, so I had to drive the vehicle until issues were prevalent to troubleshoot.

    Not happy with this vehicle on all fronts. First new vehicle I have purchased since 1992, and will be my first and last Ford.

    I put nearly a quarter million miles on my Jeep Cherokee before it was totalled by an Ford F250, so I don't abuse vehicles.

    I should have gone with my gut and purchased the Honda Civic.


  • Dealer got tranny back together/mounted. Mechanic test drove it; STILL TRANNY PROBLEMS!

    Another tear-down and more parts ordered. Service Manager said it is a good thing that the mechanic test drove it. I smell a Lemon Law claim brewing.

    Has anyone else had issues with their 2009 Focus Auto tranny?

    I can't believe I'm the only one...

  • I have a 2004 ford focus(auto), i had to a new transmission put in about a year and a half ago. (POS FORD)

    about 2 days ago, i put my car in gear, turned my wheel right and started to back up, it felt like my right wheel was shaking.

    i called my dad he took it to the shop, they said it was the transmission, something about worn clutch plates.

    i don't think it could be that

    i can't find anything about this, what are common problems do worn clutch plates cause?

  • Just replaced the clutch master cylinder. bled the thing about 20 times. still no dice. Still will not shift into any gear while the car is on, but off it shifts just fine. Ordered a new CPP due to the fact that the car threw a check engine light for it about 2 years ago, hoping this might be the final fix. if that doesn't work i'm completely lost. i'm about ready to just douse the car in gasoline and torch it. words cannot express how frustrated i am with this car. has anyone else had this problem? i've seen numerous posts that sound identical, but nobody has posted a fix to it.
  • The only other thing i can think of would be the slave cylinder located by the trans.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,855
    Well can you observe if the clutch fork is moving when you press the pedal---does the clutch slave cylinder actually push the rod to work the clutch fork in and out?

    If there's little or no motion, then it's your clutch hydraulics.

    Bleeding clutch hydraulics on some cars can be a devil of a job---sometimes you just need pressure bleeding tools.

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  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,855
    Well if it were worn clutch plates, the transmission would slip badly. Is this what happened? How exactly did they come to this diagnosis I wonder? X-ray vision?

    Anyway, if they've guessed right, worn clutch plates are something that happens eventually to all transmissions, the result of wear and tear, miles, and heat. The clutch plates are what "grab" the power generated by the torque converter, and these plates are applied or released depending on what gear you are in. They can be controlled by electronics, or hydraulic pressure, or both. Usually they slip and start to burn off their friction material.

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  • Judging from all the focus tranny complaints, we should all get together & do a class action lawsuit. Ford should be held responsible! 3500$ for a automatic transmission at 26, sucks!
  • azcrewazcrew Posts: 1
    My daughter has an 01Focus. I replaced the engine two weeks ago and it ran like a
    new car. Two days ago she said it was "acting funny". I drove it and noticed that the
    transmission seemed to be slipping and not shifting correctly. I drained the pan and replaced the filter. As I was about to put new fluid in it I noticed that there is
    way more oil in the drain pan than the 3.1qts that the book says should take to
    refill after filter service. My question is. Is it possible for the fluid in the torque
    converter to pump/leak back into the transaxle and over filling it ? I know the
    fluid level was correct before the engine change.
  • You two have saved me THOUSANDS of dollars!!!!!

    Car started shifting into neutral on the freeway, and I freaked out. 2002 ZTW with 131,000 miles on it. Took it to our garage (new to the shop, hadn't been going there long). Mechanic told me the tranny was done and quoted me $1700 for a used one, and $3200 for a rebuilt jasper.

    Came home over the weekend, found this thread, read the entire thing....printed out posts 76 & 110, and we showed it to the mechanic, who all of a sudden was, "Oh yeah, well, that could be it, but it could also be the tranny, and we didn't want you to be mad at us if we did the solenoid and didn't fix the issue." Pure BS. So then, they wanted $600 for a tranny flush, new filter and the solenoid. We said no thank you, please put it back to together. Paid them for their time and drove off.

    My buddy and I spent about 2 hours last night doing this and it worked like a charm. My only issue is a small leak that I need to locate and check.

    Thanks to aokrongly and dno36 for you knowledge and compassion to share with this thread.
  • buffeebuffee Posts: 7
    Yes the VERY 1st thing I did was replace the SYLINOID....ran ok for 29 days..then it happened all over thats why I had to replace the tranny! 2nd opinions are always good...but I have to tell you, my mechanics.....that I take my cars too, I have been with them for 20 years....and HONESTY is part of their policy,.unlike FORD..who hires a bunch of liars & thieves! :lemon:
  • I followed this proceedure and it fixed my overdrive problem perfectly. Thank you so much for your post and the part numbers and everything. You can trust his procedure.
  • I also have a 2001 Focus with the Zetec engine, automatic transmission. I find the vibration is worse when its colder, but as you said after 20-30 minutes of driving the vibration smooths out. I get it in park, reverse, and neutral while sitting still. I also get it while driving, but only while its still cool. It happens then like after you crest a hill and the transmission is being slowed by the enging when the throttle is released. Then it will happen again when I am climbing a hill with a lower rpm. Upshifting by accelerating stops the vibration. Sometimes I get a hesitation when I press the gas to upshift, and it will make a 'chirp' when it shifts. The hesitation and chirp do not seem to stop when it warms up, but the hesitation gets a little better.
    I see a lot of upset people in here, but I am not one of them! I have this one paid off, so it will probably die like the rest of the cars I've paid off. I have put 187K on this car, and hauled too much and not cared for it as well as I should. The only issue I have had with it was the 2 ignition switches I put in at almost $400 each. 12 month 12K warranty on an ignition switch? Oh well. The first one I bought lasted 13 months- go figure.
    Any help on the tranny issue would be appreciated!!!
  • qaemanqaeman Posts: 1
    im having the same problem with my 2000 zx3 did u find out what it was if so what was it?? Dustin :cry:
  • Hi, new to the forum.

    My car doesn't accelerate good anymore. While driving, shifting from first to second, it will go ok. But from second to third, it will rev up and change gears. It doesn't maintain speed as it drops slowly and the car will joint with a gear change. Also, the O/D light will turn after a while if it keeps on going back and forth trying to change gears. The miles on my car are over 130,000 +.

    I have taking it to a auto-shop who did a diagnostic on it and it had two faults with it. One was a transmission chip fault, and the other I don't remember.

    Can i be able to fix this on my own or should I take it to a mechanic?
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Hi Yobi, and welcome.

    Lets have you take it to an Autozone-type auto parts center where they will do a free scan for you , and give you the results printed for your assessment.

    It only takes about 5 minutes to do it all. There may or may not be one to many numerical codes given by the cars computer that correspond with a possible engine fault.

    After you get that done, please post back with the results and we can go from there.


  • I had my trans rebuilt at 63k. First the dealership replaced the servo and valve body. Still didn't fix the problem. It was slipping in 3 and fourth. With these two parts bad it ruined the 3 and fourth gear clutches and the overdrive band. When I picked it up it was fine, so I thought. Now at 73,335 miles, it is having shifting issues. It won't down shift and seems like it also hesitates up shifting too. Go to past a car and it bogs down. It just wouldn't shift. I had to hold it to the floor for it to shift. :sick: I wish it was paid off. It would then be put out of it's missery(demo derby) :)
  • Our 2003 ZTW ~70k started getting a vibration, that was worse in reverse and which also decreased after it warmed up, however it got progressively worse over time, it turned out to be the passenger side hydraulic motor mount, which wasn't to difficult to change. Also the lower rear engine roll restrictor (Dogbone) may pickup some stones and cause this common Focus problem.

    We also have the issue were the trans is slow to engage and clunks after braking and then accelerating. It's rare now after switching to Amsoil Synth Tranny fluid.

    Ignition yup that's a new one I've order a Strattec 707592 replacement cylinder online, and removed the pins from the cylinder in the meantime to prevent complete ignition cylinder failure. And fixed up the squealing blower motor.

    Now the ABS and Traction Control lights clear and then come on after after a short drive.

    Oddly enough we just bought a new Honda Cr-V instead of the Escape.

    Pay up front or pay later, either way you pay ;-)
  • I bought a 2002 Focus with the Ztec and automatic transmission and now the transmission refuses to shift into fourth gear. Is it possible there is a fix that doesn't result in tons of money leaving my possession?
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Get it scanned at a local parts store for free and post results back here.


  • I have a 2005 focus automatic. It has 90000 miles. When in drive the transmission is slow to slip out of first. Then when it does there is no second gear and engine revs. Took it to ford dealer, and six weeks later they said it was a wiring harness problem and wanted $3500 to fix. They replaced the PCM and that did not fix it. I had them put the old one back in and brought it home after paying the $1000 for diagnostics. I am an electronic tech so I purchased a service manual and checked out the wiring harness my self. It checks good all the way from the PCM to the tranny. The voltages to energize the solinoids is being applied to the tranny connector at the appropriate times. The solinoids pass the resistance test, so I am assuming they are good. My code reader give me a P0750 solinoid A code, and occasionally a P0755 solinoid B code. Does anyone have an idea what may be wrong with the tranny?
  • I finally fixed my daughter's car after many parts. I replaced the mass air flow, o2 sensor, PCV valve, and ignition coil. None of that helped. I started to think maybe a jealous girl put something in the gas tank so I took it to Valvoline to have the fuel injection system cleaned. While performing that service the VIOC tech asked me if I had any electrical work done. We hadn't so I got out to look at what he had seen. Turns out a mouse or a squirrel had gotten under the hood and destroyed 3 bundles of wiring and a return tube for something that has to do with the air flow. After reconnecting all of the wiring (thank god for color coated wires) and splicing in tubing back together EVERYTHING is working great. She was even having trouble with the automatic transmission not shifting beyond 3rd gear. That is now also fixed. What a relief....I got out pretty cheap overall I guess but it was still a major headache. The only thing I don't understand is why the garage I took it to didn't notice any of this when they had it for two days!!!! WHEW!!!!
  • I have same problem did you get it repaired
  • Not yet- I am hoping it could be a motor mount issue or something other than the tranny, but I am going to have it checked out at a shop. I have also noticed that the vibration is worse when the car is leaning forward down the hill (in park). Much softer and almost normal when the nose is uphill. About the same result in reverse, too.
  • I own a 2003 Focus that is having serious issues with the transmission.

    It has an AT, and when driving, if I reach a speed of +/- 60km the transmission slides into neutral. The only way to keep the vehicle moving in a forward direction is to drop it into 2nd and reduce my speed.

    The "check engine" light came on a few days ago, about the same time the tranny started to slip. I don't know if the two are related or if its coincidence.

    I've read several of the posts here and am learning that transmission issues can be linked to may factors, but while everyone talks about slipping from 3rd to 2nd, or 2nd to 3rd, no one has mentioned slipping into neutral, so I'm wondering if my situation is unique or if "neutral" is just my cars "slipped to" gear of choice?

    Thanks to any and all that can shed light on this issue for me.
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Get it scanned for free at a major auto parts store and post back what codes were given. We want the code numbers, not what they think is wrong.
    I am betting on our old friend 0750.
  • I own an 05 Ford Focus,i am getting code 3 P0767 , which is shifter solenoid D stock on. The transmission sometimes gets stuck on D and sometimes it revs before engaging into a 2nd gear and it would not shift into a 3rd gear. I have replaced solenoid A but it did not get any better. Now, that i am viewing the diagram you posted, it seemed like the shifter solenoid for D is number 707H , which is the big solenoid. Did you have that replaced, what was the result?
  • I have a 2001 Ford Focus SE with the DOHC and auto transmission. The car is in great condition and only has 79.8k miles on it. We've had no issues with the vehicle thus far (bought it from the local ford dealership used and as-is in april with 72k miles). In early October I was rear-ended while coasting by a van moving about 30MPH. The damage to the vehicle seemed to be fairly minor and only body damage estimated at about $2.4k. However the vehicle was making a barely discernable noise that vaguely sounded like the CV joint. It took a few weeks but fortunately the other guy's insurance approved the claim and got the car to a body shop. I notified the insurance about the noise and told them I dont feel comfortable driving the vehicle given the drive-train noise and possible issues. Following the accident the vehcile was driven home and sat for about a week then to the body shop with no issues other than the noise increasing in volume. Upon picking up the vehicle from the body shop (note: a trusted body shop run by a friend), I was notified that they smelled power steering fluid the few times they moved the vehicle. I made it less than a mile up the road before the OD indicator on the dash began flashing off and on rapidly and smoke began pouring from the hood. I returned to the shop and called the insurance to have the vehicle towed home. When i got to the shop i had issues getting the key out of the ignition and had to bump the shifter to get the transmission to settle into park. Granted it seemed to be engaged but would not release the key until i bumped the gearshift forward a few times. The smoke did not smell like coolant but rather something burning. I notified the insurance company that was handling repairs on the vehicle who had it towed to the dealership it was purchased from. I spoke to the service department at the dealership who told me there was an issue with the rack & pinion and valve body but could not give much more information because they needed to wait for the appraiser to review the vehicle. When i was hit I was knocked into a curd, the front drivers side tire hitting the curb but i didnt think anything of it. My question is, are these problems likely caused by the accident? Could the transmission issue be the solenoid? Unfortunately i dont have error codes for you as the vehicle is currently at the dealership. I'm hoping I wont have any issues with the insurance company repairing the vehicle as it was in perfect working order prior to the accident and was my daily driver. Thanks for the time and help guys.
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Doubtful if the solenoid is an issue.
    Scanning will not show anything recent unless the 'check engine' light has come on.
    The car getting 'pinched' between a curb and a van could cause a shift in the engine/trans in relation to the body of the car itself.
    The front end and powertrain should be checked for being out of proper alaignment.
    Just my 2-bits
  • Hmm, and the issue with the key and overdrive light? Do you think the drivetrain being out of alignment would cause those issues? Just trying to figure out whats going on here so i dont get the shaft between the dealership and the insurance company. Like I said the car was in perfect working and driveable condition prior to the accident.
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