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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • Hello, came accross this thread, and was so glad it was current! My automatic transmission in my 2002 Focus won't go into 4th gear, started as a one time incident that followed with a hesitation to go into 4th, but the next day refused to go into into that gear at all and my check engine light came on. I called my Autozone about the free diagnotistic check, but they advised its no longer available in CA (same thing at the Napa and other shops I called). I checked my fluid and it was low, so I took it to my nearest Firestone to get the tranny fluid topped off and to get a diagnotic check. The diagnostic came back that it was indeed the #P0750 Shift Solenoid Malfunctioning that has been noted in this thread. I can't do the repair myself, and have to take it to a specialist to do, but wanted to make sure I was educated enough not to get screwed at the shop. Is there anything more serious that could have caused the Solenoid to malfunction? Since my fluid was low and its disengaging in 4th? If they say its something more serious, should I insist they just replace this solenoid?
    Thanks for your help! So thankful!!!!!
  • My car has been acting odd for a few weeks now, about 3 weeks ago it rained really hard and I blamed its strange behavior on that. The 1st incident, I walked out to my car to go to work in the morning , turned the ignition and the engine started revving up and down, and when I popped the hood the engine was literally bouncing, I was horrified I honestly thought my engine was about to die right in front of me, well I park on an inclined driveway and it had been raining so I assumed maybe something got wet, because after a few minutes of this engine bouncing madness I turned off the car, restarted it and it acted normal. I was concerned about driving to work wondering whether my car would restart at the end of the day, I didn't have any issues with it for a few days, and then I noticed that when i came to a stop suddenly, or downshifted the car would idle strangely, almost as if it were to shut off, it never did though. (It has not had any engine lights go on) Then that stopped as well..and now today when I took it out of park to run an errand for work I pushed the pedal to accelerate into drive and it i had the e brake on..and then it lurched forward. The car was in drive, and the brakes were not engaged, and now its back to doing the idling thing where it shudders like it may die when I come to a stop or am in the process of slowing down! Is this a common problem? Could it be something simple like a dirty spark plug ?? The engine has 200k miles on it (mostly highway, my father commuted to work w.the vehicle) we have had pretty much 0 problems other than the rack and pinion which we replaced 2x (seemed like a faulty design). But the vehicle has had regular matinance and no major issues or accidents! Any help would be appreciated!
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Hello sheenas,

    Sounds as if you are on the right track here.
    Has the issue changed at all since you topped off the fluid?

    You really do not need a specialty shop to this job, it is quite easy.

    The 0750 is solenoid "A" costs about $50 retail at your local dealer.
    It is pretty straight-forward to replace it and can be done in a driveway in less than 2 hours.
    I do not know what "book-time" is for this item, however the whole thing should be under $350 with the needed 3 quarts of fluid, new filter and gasket set.

    Keep us advised and good luck.

  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71

    Sounds like you have this posted on the wrong board, as this sounds electrical/computer related.

  • Thanks for your response Dean! I truly appreciate your help. The fluid didn't change anything noticably, I'm still having the same problem with 4th gear. I wish I could repair the solenoid myself, but I'm a single 24 year old female 400 miles away from home, living in a very strict apartment complex in the city where we are not allowed to do auto repairs in the subterranean parking garage, no street parking to do it there if thats even legal, plus I don't own any of the tools I would probably need. So I just wanted to educate myself enough on the issue to be able to talk to the shop without them thinking I was a naive little girl they could take advantage of! Tranny's are expensive and I didn't want to replace it if it doesn't need to be, so I am SO thankful I can now come to them with the diagnostic error code and tell them what to do instead of them giving me the huge list of repairs and services they'd say I would need! Thank you so much!
  • Ok, so I drove my car to the transmission specialist this morning, this guy was referred to me by the company I work for, they take all the company vehicles there so they set up the appointment for me (how nice!). He did a courtesy diagnostic check right in front of me in the parking lot to make sure the code Firestone gave me was correct and that there were no other codes showing up (it was too easy, makes me angry Firestone charged me so much for it!). It was definitely the P0750 Shift Solenoid A Malfunction, he showed me the reading. He checked the fluid again and it was still just as low as when I checked it myself before I took it to Firestone! So either (A) I have a major Tranny Fluid Leak, or (B) Firestone forgot to top of the Tranny Fluid like I asked them to do with the Oil Change and Diagnostic Check. I am betting its B, because I would have noticed a major leak like that under my car when I drove away this morning (I will deal with them later). So the tranny specialist this morning added fluid for me (for free) and we drove her around the block to show him what the problem was that I was experiencing and is able to take it in to replace the solenoid on Monday. He said its safe to drive it locally small distances until then, so I left the shop (without a bill at least until Monday) and decided to drive the car to work now that I KNOW is has fluid in it, and 4th gear slowly started working again. It was hesitating to change into that gear for a while and then lurching forward when it finally took, but it slowly started to smooth out once the fluid was being distributed. I'll be keeping an eye on the fluid level over the next couple days to see if I do have a major leak, and will be monitoring how well its working now with the fluid level back to where it should be.
    SO glad its looking like there isn't any major problems! Thank you to this thread and to Dean for keeping me hopeful and sane through all of this! MUCH appreciated!
  • Was the tranni filled with mercon V fluid? very important, i had my fluid changed and they didn't use mercon V, tranni acted up, replaced it and now shifts properly.
  • i have been working on my freinds car he has a 200 focus auto trans the ck engine light came on it has a p 0705 error code it wont go into 1st and when it goes into reverse there is a short hesitation a bang and the engine stalls anyone have any ideas
  • somebody help..i have 2003 focus se. it has 68k miles on it. after reading on this forum i decided to join.. my car slips into neutral instead of third or fourth gear. now for the biggest problem at hand.. i took it to a very reputable dealership in our area. this was before i read some of the threads of this forum.. dealership diagnosed it as solenoid. and quoted me a price of 572.00.. final charge was 609 with tax.. i reluctantlly parted with my money yesterday and drove away from the dealership. not ONE mile from there.. guess what?... same problem.. put the car in 2 and drove straight back.. after relooking at the car the counter guy reported to me over the phone a conflict.. first before rechecking with the mechanic.,, he said that he thought he remembered the mech. saying that it may be a wire..after my insisting over the phone that i verify that with mech. ,, the answer was that the solenoid that they replaced was bad and that they were ordering a new one.. two days for it to come in.. by the way ,, my charge on the solenoid was $148.20 not the prices that i have seen here.. on the invoice they called it an [ XS4Z 7G484 AA:SOLENOID ASY ] they also installed a XS4Z 7G276 AB : CONNECTOR @ $64.02. plus a 5010884AA : SEALER : RTV @ $7.76 . first how close are these prices as well as could you help me with what proper labor charges should be..also..has ANYBODY ever got a faulty replacement solenoid.. i really need some help and advice here..
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    I would still take the car to a large auto parts store and get the computer scanned.
    I would assume the "check engine" light is on.

    It seems as if you are 1-step past this thread really being able to assist.
    Your fate now lies with the dealer and your relationship with them.
    As with most dealers, and many "repair" shops, they will charge you for anything that will make them money, if you need it or not. You may get a new part that is possibly unnecessary ($64.02-connector).

    The new solenoid could be a bad one.
    You need to have them do the replacement, and hope that they don't "[non-permissible content removed]" you around, finding other items that will pad their coffers.
    Hopefully they will remedy the problem without your added financial support.


  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    What is your current situation?
  • I have a 2007 focus se auto. I'm having problems shifting out of or into park. I really have to force it into or out of park. The only thing I have found to ease this problem is to come to a complete stop set the parking brake and then put it in park. I t doesn't matter if I park on level ground or a hill. Along with this the shift indicator will stick in drive , park, etc. I have to move the shifter back and forth until it starts moving with the shifter. My car has 66,000 miles on it. Anybody have this problem or know how to fix it?
    Thank you
  • Hi,

    I am having the same issue. #P0750 Shift Solenoid Malfunctioning. My mechanic wants to charge me $275 for the part (says its the Pump and Base) then another $500 for labour. I was wondering when you changed your oil and the problem went away did it come back?? I am hoping all i have to do is change my oil........... Advice please
  • I am having an issue with my 2002 For Focus. Basically the car will not go into 3rd gear. Now i dont know when the last transmission fluid change took place as i bought the car second hand. My mechanic says its not the solenoid but the "pump and base" that part will cost me $275. then labour another $500. I'm looking at paying $700-800 canadian dollars........

    Now if i can simply just change my transmission fluid, then i will.

    PLEASE ANY ONE ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sick:
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Hi Trish18,

    If you are getting a 0750 code, the changing of fluid will not cure it.

    The code is given by the computer due to an electrical or mechanical issue with the AA solenoid, and the problem needs to be fixed.

    When your "mechanic" tells you pump and base, this does not make any sense with the 0750 code at all!!

    Read the old posts here and learn why the advice you have been given is not in line with logical troubleshooting process.

    If you went to a hospital and had a blood test and they told you that you had high blood sugar, and when you went to a second doctor, and he said you needed a kidney transplant using just the information the blood test told you, would you let him operate??

    Changing oil will not help with the 0750 code.
    You may be wise to find another mechanics help.

  • My 2002 Focus won't shift into fourth gear. It did when i bought it used last month. I got a scan that said I needed to change the AA solenoid. I bought a new one and installed it and still have check engine light on and no fourth gear. Should I have done anything after installation to reset the computer, like unclamping a battery post and reattaching it? At $62 for a new solenoid, I don't want to keep buying them assuming the one I installed was bad. Help!
  • so far my focus has 20000 miles and ive had the drive axle support bearing replaced twice and thw axle replaced and front swaay bar endlink replaced oh and a wheeel bearing replaced on pass side and im still getting a noise and vibration in the pedal
  • I did everything you said and I still don't have fourth gear. What else would you recommend?
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    So far I have had no trans problems with my 01 Focus wagon. I had the trans fluid changed twice, once around 30K and 80K. I am probably due at 140K to have the trans fluid changed. Is there anything else involved that a repair shop does other than chance trans fluid? Is there a trans filter in a Focus? Also curious if the trans life is nearig an end before a major failure. I had a 86 Honda Accord where the trans had to be replaced at 130K, but it was mostly a city car. My 01 focus is probably 60/40 highway/city miles.

    What is typical for routine trans service fluid change, around $90? I am inclined to have a Ford dealer do the service on the trans.
  • Hello, my name is Cpl. Collins (Obviously, lol) I'm currently stationed in Iraq. Now that my wife is back home from over here we are back to driving our car. The car I bought is like new condition, I've had it for oh 3 going on 4 years. It being a "cheap car" that I bought from another soldier I started working on it as a hobby. I had a new Z-tech engin put in it since I didn't have the space or cherry picker at home and then mounted a 66mm throttle body on it with larger fuel injectors, and a nice new K&N cold air intake. About 3 years ago before I came on this deployment the transmission was having probelms, long story short, I got it replaced used transmission, low milage, newer focus. Now we're having the same issues and I'm having it rebuilt. Luckly I'm going to a personal friend of mine who owns a shop. So it's only costing me $800 from a transmission specialest. My friend is making no money off of this at all. So I thought I would take out the time to find out if this is common or not. Apparently it is. Any advice? Sell the car or what?
  • I own a 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 automatic transmission and every couple months my gearshift lever will suddenly shift into neutral from drive. The first time I thought I bumped it into neutral, but by now I know I'm not. I can put it right back into drive and it's fine. I'm not sure if it's an actual transmission issue or just an issue with the gearshift lever. The car does go into neutral when it happens but easily goes back into drive.

    There are no maintance lights on when this occurs, so I know that having it scanned won't do any good. Any ideas on what this could be would be helpful!
  • I have a different question of sorts. My 2000 SE, DOHC Zetec auto trans is confirmed dead, with a broken spider gear. My question is about finding a replacement. I want to replace with a 2003-04 trans, due to their stronger internal build. Here's where I get confused though, choosing the correct trans.

    My car had a 1S4P ('00) model, and the new one will be a 3S4P ('03-'04), from a junkyard. Locally, I find the best deals on low mileage units, all labeled 3S4P-CA. I know the -DA will fit 100%, but those are all over 100K miles. However, the -CA models show it fit DOHC in 2003, but in 2004 it shows SOHC. I know it will bolt up, but their are internal differences, and I don't want to reflash the ecu, as this car is already costing me a lot of $$$$$. My local Ford techs are less than helpful, since they aren't making any money on this deal.

    Can anyone tell me if a 2003 3S4P-CA will work, or if it needs mods, what those might be. I have got a lot of "probably" and "I think it will's", but before I spend $450, I'd like to know for sure.

    Thank in advance, great site,

    Stephan Mackin
  • Actually, I printed that wrong. I probably have a XS4P, not a 1S4P. My tag is unreadable. I updated this because I now hear that X can only be replaced by another X, is that true?
  • mmj2mmj2 Posts: 2
    I had a second repair job done on my Ford Focus for transmission problems in July 2009. The transmission was shifting on the upwards side and then winding up high rpms then clunking down into a lower gear. The tranmission light came on. On the second time we had the car repaired, it took about 4 weeks total. This is a long time for someone to wait who may be dependent on the one car but we had two other cars for our transportaion needs. The dealer was considering replacing the full transmission but later said they detemined that an overhaul would work. That was in July and by the first week in August 2009 I got it back fully repaired. The car was covered by warrenty in full. Five months have passed and so far so good. No problems in shifting or high rev speed between gears. We are keeping the car for now. If I should have any other issues I will post again. :)
  • For those who did the repair #76 and #110 is the car STILL working. I have a 2005 and just came up with the same codes. My brother is a mechanic (one of the GOOD ones and thats from others not me and does not work for Ford!!!!) He is willing to do the work but I want to be sure this will fix it or just be able to get it to a shop to fix other problems! I love my car and do not want/can't afford another one. This has been the only problem I have had!

  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    merryem, our is fine, no issues at all.

    its a cheap fix for a problem that can be realy costly if you go to the "wrong" repair shop.

    Scan the codes, follow the easy steps. done.

    Note, ours is a 2003, differences in the trannys may be small but there may be differences.


  • Hi guys. I bought my Focus last year with a new motor, but 110,000 miles. I have driven it a lot since I drive 700 miles every weekend. I was 100 miles from home tonight with my daughter when I was slowing down from 60 coming into town. I was at 40 mph and tried to speed up and it seemed like my car was in neutral. It just rev'd instead of shifting and speeding up. I couldn't get past 40 mph. I stopped at a gas station, put in fuel injection cleaner. Tried to leave and it did the same thing. This time I couldn't get past 30 mph. I went back to the gas station. I randomly called a shop that sounded like someone's "home" business and was close by, since we were in the middle of nowhere, practically!

    Luckily for me, on a Friday night, an older gentleman and his wife said they'd open the shop for me if I could get there. He drove it, nothing happened. He put it on the computer and got the PO750. He only charged me $20, which I thankfully paid.

    I drove the 100 miles home, at first I couldn't get past 20 mph, so I threw on my hazzards and threw it in neutral then back to drive. I did it 3 times and it finally sped up. I drove 55 home and didn't have much of a problem the rest of the way!

    I am hoping to get this solenoid fixed tomorrow. I just wanted to share my store, swear once again I'll never buy a Ford product again (nothing but problems. I've owned 10+ cars, only the Fords have been giving me trouble, and the dealerships are a pain to deal with!! Chevy was always helpful with small things)

    Thank you for all the advice in this thread. I'm printing out the codes and the instructions on how to change it and I am PRAYING my dad can do the work tomorrow, or a friend of his. Thank you for this site for helping out the people who are not so mechanic-savvy.

    Btw, once the car started running better on the way home, I noticed it FINALLY shifted gear around 55-60 or so. It has NEVER done that! I always thought it was just the way a 4 cylinder ran, since it's the first time I ever owned one. Engine light is still on, from when I got more gas and restarted it... but it runs great.

    I guess I should still get it replaced, huh? My luck isn't so good that it just fixed itself. I wish it was. :)
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Hi no they don't just fix themselves.
    Sorry to hear of your highway turmoil.....

    It does appear pretty typical for the "A" solenoid issue here.

    It's a pretty quick fix and not tooo much $$. Don't take shortcuts and it should go smoothly and you should be running fine for less than $100.
    Glad you spotted this forum.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks, Dean. My dad's repair guy works on the side and told him he could do it on Tuesday, but since it's the solenoid, they're only $50 and he'd replace both. Both? Should I have him replace "both in there" to keep from another going out or just the one that's bad? I just don't want to pay another $50 if I don't have to. He did say he has to order it because he did a Focus with the same problem and Ford only had one....

    I'm trying to call a few more people, but being Saturday, not sure who could spare an hour or two. Thanks for your help. I don't trust dad's friend since I always have to take it back a 2nd time when he fixes it. Ha. Sheesh.

    Btw, I called the Ford dealer, Napa, AutoZone... no one has one in stock. You'd think with all the problems, they'd have some. I have no clue who else to call.
  • marked1marked1 Posts: 15
    A question for all those Ford techs:
    why would my a/t focus 2003 w/split port engine would jerk repitedly and hesitate for first several minutes of driving when the engine is cold. It happens only in drive and reverse when giving gas and really doesn't act up every day. No codes present and lights illuminated ever. Trans fluid level and condition ok, it was serviced 2 years ago along w/Ford genuine fluid and filter.
    Please help srtuggling Honda tech.
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