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Pontiac Grand Prix Electrical/Lighting

gxp4megxp4me Member Posts: 7
edited January 2018 in Pontiac
I have a question about the Daytime Running Lights. Aside from turning them off manually every time you start the car is there anyway to turn them off permenantly? :confuse:

If there is not a way to turn them off permenantly does anyone know (I haven't checked yet) if you can get different color bulbs? There is something about deep yellow running lights on my black GXP that doesn't look right. Maybe if they were clear or even like that blue looking xenon light?

Any help would be appreciated! THANKS!



  • kpg102kpg102 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Grand Prix GT, 70K miles, and have had shifting/key problems with this car for a few months.

    My current problem is that occasionally the car will not shift into Park. Sometimes if I just keep shifting all the way down and back up, it will eventually go into Park, although usually with some resistance. Last night I had to drive it around the block, and then I was able to get it into Park but with more than a little resistance.

    A couple of months ago, I experienced the "stuck key" problem: the ignition would not turn all the way to the "off" position, and the key would be stuck in the ignition. Left key in overnight and it ran down the battery. Took it in for repair in December, and they said the solenoid on the shifter was defective and they had to replace the whole shifter (cost me about $400).

    Anyone else experienced similar problems, or have any suggestions on what could be causing the shifting problem?
  • genxergenxer Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 99 GT. About a year ago I had the occasional stuck key. Then, my windows would only roll up/down intermittently. I took it in and they said it was an electrical short problem in the ignition causing the locked key and the windows. They fixed the ignition. Three weeks later the motors on two of my windows shorted out and had to be replaced.
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    The DRLs are just the headlights, right? I looked today and can't find a fuse for them either. They have those blueish bulbs on E-Bay too.
  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    I think there may be a way of turning off the Day Time Running Lights permanently. I remember reading back a few months ago about someone on this forum who did not like Day Time Running Lights and turned them off permanently. You would have to go through probably a lot of the posts to read that particular "post." You know, right, that the Day Time Running Lights do not come on while the car is in park. In the other previous three Grand Prix GTP's I had they were on all the time. This was a difference I found in my 2006 GXP. My 2006 GXP is in Dark Cherry Red Metallic and I actually like the yellow lights. Maybe you just have to get used to the yellow. Perhaps, if you can't find the post you could ask your dealer to turn them off permanently. But, anyway, I did read on this forum that someone did turn them off permanently because he did not like Daytime Running Lights. One person who doesn't have a GXP but a GTO and gives great info is Hammen2 (Robert). Anytime I had a question and he answered it, he was absolutely correct. He gave me great advice. He is so knowledgeable, you would think he worked for GM but he does not. As with putting winter tires on the GXP, I did not and would not, and I had no problem whatsoever driving in the snow. The car performed superbly, as Robert told me it would. Good luck with your new car. Also, did you know that if you hold the mute button down on the steering wheel you can also be connected to OnStar besides the button on the rearview mirror.
  • spdrushspdrush Member Posts: 15
    The DRLs are the parking lights not the headlights. You can change the color. Try the Sylvania Silverstones which glow yellow but are blue when not lit. Be careful if you change the colors, you may attract police attention.

    The headlights on a GXP burn four when lit and are very bright. They also have a good upper cutoff. If you buy the cheap high power blue blue lights you will have difficulty seeing in fog or rain - snow conditions. If you need something brighter try HIR lights which are special and very bright. :shades:
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    Ok, then I'm confused. According to the manual, "DRL" is a system, not any specific lights. The DRL system turns the headlight low beams on at a "reduced brightness". DRL only activates when it is bright out too (I'm going to try and cover the light sensor to see if this deactivates them all the time). When it is dark, according to the sensor, the DRL isn't activated, but the normal headlight system does. The low beams work at normal intensity, depending upon what position the stalk is in. There is a specific sequence needed to deactivate them too. It is a confusing mess to me! I'm going to practice and read and see what happens.
  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    You are correct. The DRL is a system. The yellow lights are the parking lights; the lights with the silver bulbs inside are your low beams and the light next to that with the glass bulb inside are the high beams. The DRL's are always on at a reduced brightness, except in Park, then they are off. During the day in front of my garage while in Drive, my DRL lights light up on the garage door, but when it is in Park, and I get out of the car to look they are off. My lights are always on Auto Position, so when it starts to get dark my regular lights (the lights that should be on) are on. I know there is a way of turning the Daytime Running Lights off permanently because a few months ago I read in one of the Posts on this forum about someone who did not like Daytime Running Lights and somehow turned them off permanently. Again, why don't you talk to your dealer or send a post to Hammen2 (Robert).
  • exalteddragon1exalteddragon1 Member Posts: 729
    Does anyone know if Pontiac is really going to change the name to G8? Now that i'm thinking about it more, it may make pontiac sound more "cool" but it could reduce the resale calues of these Grand Prix's Already made. Pontiac has had a decently long heritage with this name, meybe it should stick? :confuse:
  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    Who knows. It would be at least two years from now, at the earliest. They just freshened Impala, can't imagine them cutting this model in anything less than three years. My guess: fancy headlights in a year or two, some cosmetic upgrades, that's it.
    This is nothing more than speculation, ' :) course.
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    Ok, I tried covering the light sensor, but the DRLs still come on at each startup and must be turned off manually. I also realized while messing around that there is NO off position; headlights, parking lights, or DRLs off. It's a spring-loaded position only used to turn the DRLs off. Until I figure it out, I'll leave the sensor covered, which bypasses the DRLs, and use the parking light position, so at least the headlights won't be on during the day.
  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    I've only heard rumors, but nothing past that. I should ask my dealer on Monday when I go for an oil change. Maybe they will change it to a letter/number because a lot of the foreign cars use letters/numbers. Who knows! I don't know if it would really reduce the resale value of Grand Prix's. I think with the GXP, the resale value should be good since you really don't see too many of them. I know that I bought mine in August and haven't seen one on the road or even before when the 2005's were out. I did see one in a Shop-Rite parking lot though. When I buy my next car in about 3 years, I'm not trading it it; I'm going to sell it myself. I'm sure I can get a lot more for it. I traded the 2002 GTP in only because I didn't want the headache of putting up with people coming to my house, but I think I'll try myself now.
  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    You have me confused. My lights are always in the auto position. All the lights that should be on when it starts to get dark, automatically come on. If I don't want it in the auto position I go up to manual and I'm out of the auto position, and then when it gets dark I manually go down to parking and headlights and my lights are manually on. When I want to go back to auto, I either go back up to manual and go to auto and then the lights are automatically on "auto," or I can put it directly on auto, turn the car off, restart it, and then the lights are automatically on auto. Again, I know that the daytime running lights can be permanently turned off but I don't think from the "light" stalk. You may have to disconnect a wire somewhere. I don't really know. I think safety wise the daytime running lights are good; they are only a a very dim brightness and go off while in park and when the car needs to have the lights on when it gets dark. I keep my cars for about 3 to 3 and half years and I never once had to replace any bulbs in any of my last 3 GTP's. Also, if in manual and it gets dark, a message comes on "Headlights Suggested" to remind you to put them on. I'm not concerned about the lights. I'm still complaining about the humming/hissing from that piece of junk GM installed.
  • evandroevandro Member Posts: 1,108
    Ok, I tried covering the light sensor, but the DRLs still come on at each startup and must be turned off manually.

    Well, if the light sensor is covered, it'll be interpreted as no daylight, therefore the lights would obviously come on.

    Besides, the light sensor is also used by the auto AC to compensate for direct sunlight, if the GP ever got an auto AC like other GM models...

    WRT DRL, AFAIK, it can only be disabled by the dealer, but you'll have a hard time finding one willing to do it. The lawyers told them not to... :P

  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    That's baloney. I've spent my life with lawyers. He can get someone to disconnect those daytime running lights if he doesn't want them on during the day. He just has to either figure out how to do it himself or find someone who knows. Who is going to know if he gets them disconnected anyway. If he bothers to read through the posts there is a member who disconnected his DRL's himself.
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    I just meant that there is no "OFF" position on the light switch; which you could use to have NO lights on if you wished. EVERY car I've had so far has had an off, parking, and headlight position. The others have also had separate DRLs, along with a fuse to pull to bypass them. If these cars had separate DRLs, we could unplug them somehow. The fact that the DRLs use the low beam headlight bulbs, make it a lot more complicated. As far as the hissing, mine only lasts about 13 - 15? seconds now that I've been checking on it lately.
  • erichthecatterichthecatt Member Posts: 37
    I have the HUD on my GXP. It seems that when i drive over just a slightly rough road, the hud image vibrates. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,192
    "when i drive over just a slightly rough road, the hud image vibrates. Does anyone else have this problem?"

    Mine does not. Very steady image - even over very degraded road surfaces.
    - Ray
    Wanting the new C6 HUD, now . .
    2022 X3 M40i
  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    I went to my dealer this morning for an oil change, and while there asked about the DRL. They can be disconnected and a dealer will disconnect them, if you wish. There is no federal law on this.
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    My HUD doesn't do anything bad either. It's constant, and consistent. I'm dropping by the dealer today and will ask about my DRLs too. Thanks!
  • mcp6530mcp6530 Member Posts: 11
    Holy Cow! My door chime can wake the dead! Does anyone know if you can turn the volume on that thing down a bit on GXP's? When I have the keys in the ignition before starting the car and someone opens a door, the chime is loud enough to interfere with NASA communications. Anyone have this problem or am I over sensitive? I can't imagine I am since I have been reading about a tiny hissing noise that the speakers make when the car is not even running?! Who cares, start the car and go! Who is sitting in their cars? :) just jokin'....
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    I went to the dealer yesterday, and asked about the DRL's. He said he "had heard something about pushing the parking brake a little", but couldn't expaqlin it any further. Other than that, he knew of no way to turn them off permanently.
  • erichthecatterichthecatt Member Posts: 37
    Well i went and took my 05 gxp to the dealer to have them replace my fog light that burned out for the second time, and asked them about the hud vibration. They said they checked out the hud, and it has a broken spring. hmmm. They have not taken the dash apart yet. I was told they have to order a new hud unit, and of course its under warranty. My thought is that this is a way that a dealer is getting money from GM since its a warranty, and they're just guessing as to the vibration. I'm hesitating on having them tear the dash down, because the possibility of the plastic not going back together right, snaps breaking etc....and now i'll probably have rattles to deal with. Whats anyones thought on this??? They're ording the bulb and the unit and will call me when it comes in. I have a few days to think on this problem.
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    Persoanlly, I'd let them repair it, and if I have to keep going back, I do it. I make them do there job like they get paid to do.
  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    In response to your post of April 3, which I assume is referring to me since I've been complaining about the humming/hissing noise the most. First, I don't even know if you have a GXP or even a GM car, but I truly hope that you don't have any problems with your car that the dealer isn't able to fix because GM doesn't have a remedy for it yet and hence, the car will not be fixed. I truly wish you lots of luck with your car, if you have a new one. I can't help it if I am very fussy and a fanatic with my cars. My issue is not with my dealer whom I have purchased 5 Pontiacs from since 1992. My issue is with GM because they just don't care anymore about their customers. It is very sad. I am very satisfied and really love this car, but I am fighting on principle here. I have advised both GM and my dealership, even though they know they are not at fault, that I will never buy another GM car. I have told them that if DeMassi Pontiac Buick GMC became an Infinity dealership, I would buy a car from them in 2 seconds -- that is how good of a dealership they are. They are exceptional. I would probably never find a dealership as good as them. They are always so helpful to me and over extend themselves to help me. They keep on checking the bulletins for me because of this problem. GM does not care. I wish you luck with your car, if you, indeed, have a new car, and hope the dealer is able to fix it and you don't have to depend on GM for a remedy!! Chats1
  • erichthecatterichthecatt Member Posts: 37
    Well, I had the dealer change out my HUD because of the vibration, and they did an excellent job, on the r&r of the dash. Cant tell its been touched. BUT......as for the HUD, it vibrates about twice as bad. It's pretty consistant vibrating going down a farly smooth freeway......Now what...Guess i'll just get use to not using it although it was nice. Maybe between now and two years when my warranty expires, they'll come out with a tsb on it.
  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Member Posts: 38
  • mcp6530mcp6530 Member Posts: 11
    Thanks, but I saw those instructions in the manual, however if you have a navigation system, there is no #6 button so apparently there is NO way to turn down the door chime! Can you believe that? I can't, but GM says the same thing. Guess it pays to buy the best!
  • thirteenthirteen Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 GT coupe, 140,000 miles and think I have seen all the problems. Lucky for me, I purchased the 100,000 mile extended warranty so most of these I haven't had to paid for.

    Head Gasket
    Very expensive fix for the warranty co. I think it was $2700 or so to fix an oil leak. Less than a year later, it's leaking again, and now out of warranty.

    Power steering pump
    Yep, went out, fixed the pump and the whinning noise is gone.

    Power Window Motors
    Both window motors have been replaced. Now the driver side is "sometimes" not working again.

    Blower fan
    As everyone else is seeing, works on high and nothing else. Until it didn't work at all. Thanks to several folks on this group I bought a new relay and changed it myself. Now the fan is working fine.

    My newest BIG PROBLEM
    I suspect this is some kind of electrical short, but have no idea where to start.

    First time this happened was a couple weeks ago. I got in the car to start it and turned the key, and there was nothing. No clicking, or cranking or sound of any kind. In fact the entire electrical system is off, no overhead lights or door alarm or anything. And I couldn't take my key out of the ignition either. Then, all of a sudden after 5 minutes or so everything came back on. So I turned the key and it started and ran fine. This has been progressively getting worst until today, when it was really bad. TO date, this has happened probably 8-10 times, but today the electrical didn't want to come back. When it finally did it was like the car was possessed. The interior lights were flashing; the RPM gauge was flying back and forth (car not running yet) dings, beeps, and buzzes everywhere... Then I started it, put it in drive and after traveling a couple feet, everything on the dash clicked a couple times and the car died. This was the first time it had actually stopped while driving. It finally started again, and I drove home. Now I'm not sure what to do.

    Is there anyone at all that has seen this or knows what to look for???

    Thanks so much... AC
  • msfeleshiamsfeleshia Member Posts: 3
  • turkeytturkeyt Member Posts: 19
    Take your car to tech. shop where they can put it on a "REAL" scanner. I am talking about the kind that has the laptop and they can probably diagnose the problem. A new switch should not cost 400 bucks. I assume you are a lady and alot of shops will take advantage of you. My mother went to a shop to get 2 six dollar fan belts installed and the creeps charged her 100 bucks. She was 87 years old. I hope they are able to sleep at night. Just ask around and get an honest tech to work on your car.
  • sfc400sfc400 Member Posts: 2
    my car will run fine until you turn on the lights,radio and air then the car will die going down the road. I use to have a 97 grand am and it was the alternator on it but the person I bought this car from said it was electrical some where in the wiring.Any suggestions!
  • bxdbxd Member Posts: 186
    By die going down the road, do you mean it is 100% fine, good power, and then all of a sudden stalls out? Or does it seem to loose more and more power as you turn on more accessories (lights, radio, A/C) until it stalls out... more gradually, so to speak?

    What if you only turn on lights and A/C and try to accelerate fast? Is all the power there?

    How long has this been going on? It's not typical for an alternator to get weak and stay weak for long periods. If it's dying, it should die totally in a couple hundred miles or less.

    I assume no "battery" or red charge light is glowing on your dashboard?
  • x_itx_it Member Posts: 1
    I've noticed others are having the same issues with the power windows. I've replaced the motor in the sun roof and the driver side window and have decided to avoid using the others as much as possible for fear of them getting stuck while rolled down and also for fear of forking out more money. (They've already displayed their gears "slipping.") Also, the autodimming feature of my rearview mirror has recently malfunctioned and now I have a liquid bubble effect in the middle of my view. Annoying.

    My current issues are with other electrical aspects of the car that I've been dealing with, but am now making an attempt to find a solution to. All around the same time, the digital clock/radio display went out (I can only read it when the sun is shining on it..oddly enough), the windshield wipers halt in "midwipe" (and I have to turn them off and on several times before they land back under the hood), my speedometer has taken on the intermittent function of my windshield wipers, and when it's not working, my odometer ceases to function...also the cruise control ceases to function periodically. I have noticed a few of the disruption in functions occur when I hit a bump in the road..like the speedometer, odometer, and cruise control. Anyway, I was just curious if these problems were indicative of some specific common problem and if so, is there a solution on the side of inexpensive?
  • emurnemurn Member Posts: 4
    please help me!!! i have a 98 grand prix which i love!! love it even better now that it's paid for!!! but for several months i have had NO HEAT or a/c. no big deal until now when it's getting cold. has stock rear window defrost that's on the same panel but that doesn't work either. had the problem awhile back where the nob for the force didn't work except on high. replaced some part the dealership suggested and it work. but no nothing works. if anyone has any suggestions please help!!!! :cry:
  • falsterfalster Member Posts: 9
    So when you try to turn on the heat, nothing happens? Like if you listen carefully, you can't hear the engine fan starting or anything?? The only problem I've had is if I have just the vents on cool, the a/c will turn itself on every now & then. But other than that.... I know what you mean about the car tho-I love mine too-I almost hate to admit there's something wrong with it!
  • emurnemurn Member Posts: 4
    when i turn any of the knobs nothing happens. no noise from the fan that i can hear. and the rear window defrost button doesn't work now. for awhile it would work occasionally but i hasn't in several months. my husband is no help with the problem and i can't afford to take it to the dealer. if i knew what was wrong i could find someone to fix it but i hate just taking in something and saying" i don't know what's wrong". they always make me feel like a dumb, helpless female.
  • falsterfalster Member Posts: 9
    And you know what dumb, helpless female means?=female gets screwed over. Yeah I would think It'd be something with the electrical/wiring(easier solution than something being wrong w- the fan) just bc the other buttons in that area don't seem to be working either. Do you have the dual-zone climate thing? Just curious. I'm gonna ask my mech. buddy about your problem and maybe fiddle w- my GP to see if it is (hopefully) just wiring. I'm meeting w- him in the next couple of days so I'll keep you posted. Don't freeze in the meantime!!
    Also, when I meet w- him I'm going to replace the tranny fluid and check for metal shavings in the pan-(if there is the car is in bad shape) due to the shifting thing. Again, if anyone knows something about this please let me know!!
    (thx for the good luck comment)
  • emurnemurn Member Posts: 4
    thanks for the help. my hubby figured it was the wiering, like i have a short or something but did he do anything about it? NO!!! and yes it seems that when i don't know what's wrong with the car i always get screwed. on my old blazer i think a shop actually tampered with a part while fixing another just so i'd have to end up back there. they denied it of course but that part was fine when i took it in and two days later gave out. too bad for them my brother actually knew how to fix it. so after that experience i am always careful when taking in a car. good luck at the mech- i've had the metal shaving thing in a car before. always a bad sign.
  • falsterfalster Member Posts: 9
    Hey sorry its been awhile I'm still waiting to meet with my friend (i told u he was a mechanic!)lol So we're thinking tomorrow so as soon as I know anything, I'll let you know!!

    At least its warm out now!--wait, where do you live? I'm in central Minnesota ;)
  • emurnemurn Member Posts: 4
    yeah, it's not too bad here now. my hubby also has a guy from work who's had several gp's trying to figure out what's wrong. hopefully the indian summer will last a bit longer!!! :)
  • falsterfalster Member Posts: 9
    Hey turns out I was pretty close to being right!! He agrees it's definitely something with the electrical...prob. a circuit fuse, although he wasnt too helpful with a solution. I know there is a fuse box inside the glove compartment...maybe if you fiddle with the one that corresponds to the heat and blower panal??
    Mentioned your problem to my Father in law who is a retired part rep. for GM and he was convinced it was a "blower regulator" i believe thats what he said. but that's just based on a common replacement part in grand prix.
    well, now that i've confused you royally, i hope this helps ;) !!!
  • sweetiecrystalsweetiecrystal Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 grand prix and for some reason my brake light won't work,I have no manual so I can't look anything up. HELP PLEASE!!! :confuse:
  • silvertoysilvertoy Member Posts: 1
    My battery charger says the alternator is out on the wife's 2001, I've changed a few in my day (never on this car, it's been perfect!) but here's the problem...
    everything was unhooked leaving the lower "pivot" bolt loose, I then realized it has a spring holding tension on the alternator. If I pull the final bolt, how do you "set" the spring to replace the alternator. Any help or links to information or repair sights would be a huge help.
  • burnedbygmburnedbygm Member Posts: 5
    Lights in both radio control buttons on the steering wheel have gone out on my 1998 Pontiac GP. I tried to pry off the buttons or pull the assembly out of the wheel but no luck. I was afraid to force it and risk damage. There is nothing in the owners manual about replacing these bulbs.
    Does anyone know how to replace them or if they can even be replaced?
  • rob1997rob1997 Member Posts: 5
    Under you dashboard about 10” above your parking brake paddle is a diode. It about 3” X 1.5” X 1.5”, rectangular shape and it has cooling fins. Just unplug it.
  • christy10christy10 Member Posts: 19

  • gt0102gt0102 Member Posts: 2
    :lemon: :sick: For the past few months i have trouble starting the engine. I brought the car to the car dealership and they replaced the fuel flow regulator. The car still didnt start properly. It actually got worse and stalled out on me a few times while i was driving to work... WHAT IS GOING ON??? Again i brought it to the dealer ship and they said it could be the fuse box... that is a bunch of BS!! I finally brought it another pontiac dealership and they diagnost the problem as a computer glitch... there is no way im going to spend that much money... IM DONE WITH GM FOR GOOD!!!!
  • tbird85tbird85 Member Posts: 1
    I went to turn on my wipers, and the driver side first started wiping over past the windshield and running into my
    rearview mirror, then stopped working altogether. The passenger's side works. It's a 2007 and it shouldn't have problems yet. Did I kill it?
  • girevikgirevik Member Posts: 9
    The only break light I have working in my 2000 Grand Prix GTP is the center one. I tried to replace the bulbs in yesterda but it still didn't work, so I guessing it must be an electrical issue with the wiring (the other tail lights and blikers work fine).

    I'm not much of a car guy - is there any chance this is something I can repair myself, and assuming it's going to take a trip to the dealership does anyone have an guess as to what it might cost?
  • ace2clace2cl Member Posts: 1
    I have an 02 Grand Prix with the same identical problem. I too would like some info on this.
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