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Pontiac Grand Prix Electrical/Lighting



  • Well I am having a problem with my interior lights 1/2 of them work the lights under the dash light up like they would normanlly (ex: unlocking/locking the car, opening/closing the doors) The lights on the doors will not light up at all and from what I recall the map lights used to light up when you would unlock the door or even open them those lights also do not light up with that but I can turn those on manually. Its not the bulbs or I dont think its the dimmer switch . I figured it was a bad ground but I dont know or maybe a bad body ecu!? Any ideas?
  • hookskjhookskj Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix it has 189000 miles on it and my fan for my air and heater won't work and I have already checked my fuses. where are the relays located and how do I change them.
  • frames3frames3 Posts: 1
    Hi all, I have a 2001 Grand Prix and I just recently ran into a problem with my dashboard lights. About a week ago, the dashboard lights started to flicker while driving, and then they turned off completely. Now, when I start the vehicle and turn on the lights, the dashboard lights do not come on at all.

    My headlights, tail lights and interior lights work fine; I just checked the fuses and they all seem to be okay. It looks to be an electrical problem, but I can't find much online to help me trouble shoot this problem. Is there anything I can do to isolate the problem? I did read somewhere that it could be a headlight switch? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks! :confuse:
  • srabysraby Posts: 6
    I had a VERY similar problem on my 2002 Grand Prix. My lights would flicker, like a blinker, when I applied the brake or the dash lights would go out it I turned on the fan switch. I changed the battery and the heater resistor, no joy. Finally after reading this forum, I read about the ignition switch wiring harness causing similar issues on other cars, see reply #77 of this forum I changed it and this fixed my problem... Part cost ~ $127.00 and about 45 minutes to change it, with the correct tools.. Sounds crazy... but it worked!

    Stan :)
  • svill77svill77 Posts: 3
    UPDATE: The problem turned out to be the resistor. Basically the connection point between the power wire and the blower. It essentially 'resists' the electrical current from the battery which is a direct feed. When it fails the current becomes constant. Essentially like taking the blower and connecting it directly to the batter which explains why it wouldn't turn off even with the car off and the key removed. The part if available through AC Delco.
  • I have a 1997 grand prix gt. I have so many electrical problems ill just start by how i get into the car. I get into the car and with no key in the ignition and no lights on i press on my brake pedal and my cluster lights light up. So thats weird. Now i start the car up. and during the day with no lights on. everything works fine. but when it comes to night time. Or i manually turn my headlights on. My left turn signal stays solid, Inside and outside of the car. And my cruise control doesnt work when my headlights are on. Also when i brake, when the headlights are on, all the dash lights including the digital display and cluster flash brighter. If the headlights are off, and i turn on my turn signal it works, but the cluster flashes with the turn signal. please help me with any intelligent input that anyone has. I dont have a ton of money, so i dont want to spend a ton trying to fix this. please help.
  • ayptdpayptdp Posts: 2
    I have encountered the same problem on my 1997 Grand Prix and was hoping to find an solution on here. Once in a while they come on for a few minutes. Thinking of replacing the headlight/interior light dimmer switch unit. Sure hope this gets them working again. Will post again if that fixes it.
  • dlessdless Posts: 1
    i have encountered the same problem. all the dash lights stopped working. after i played with the switch and wiring harness under the dash the lights for the stero lit up but that was it wondering if anyone bought a new light/dimmer switch, expensive, and if it worked?
  • ayptdpayptdp Posts: 2
    Have not replaced the headlight/dimmer switch yet. GP quit starting along with fan problem and replaced the ignition switch/harness which resolved that. The dash lights worked on first test following that but now they are out again. Since the HL/Dimmer switch is sooo expensive ($192.00) going to try to bypass the switch to prove that's the problem. May go for used one.
  • So every now and again my car will chime at me 4 times...while going down the road. It does it more frequently at slower speeds, and when I turn. I find nothing in the owners manual nor online as to what this means.
    No warning lights come on. Seatbelts are buckled, doors are all closed, antitheft code is entered, plenty of gas, oil is new, turn signal not stuck on....

    it makes me crazy when it does it. All I've been able to find is that it happened to a guy with a 97 grand prix a few weeks ago...but he hasn't gotten any answers either.

  • This is driving me crazy ... minor to some but annoying to me. Everyday I get into my 2004 Grand Prix the date appears to be okay, within a couple hours and a couple of starts later date changes 1 day forward or backward. I change it only to happen again, it seems like this recently started happening could it be tied with daylight savings time or is my car not that smart to know the difference?

    I love my grand prix but I have put more money into it over the last year that it is now making a major dent in my wallet! :mad: :lemon:
  • Dan, I too, are having these identical problems with my 01 gtp. Did you ever solve this problem? :sick:
  • go to this website, it should have it for your car. I have an 02 GTP and it's on there.
  • What ended up being the problem? I have a 2000 Grand Am and I'm having the same issue with my driver's side window. It will stop working for months at a time, and then start working again.

    I've just been dealing with it until now, it's stuck down a tiny crack and I'm sick of listening to the wind whistle through it. Time to get it fixed.
  • I never did do anything to fix it. It started working again this spring, and I'll be interested to see what will happen now that it's getting cooler again. I haven't tried it in a while.

    It was suggested that it might be the connectors from the motor to the power supply, and I've been meaning to open the door up and clean them off and re-connect them, but since it's a back window I've never had enough iniative yet to do that.
  • what can you do to make your lens look new again beside replace them what about the stuff you see advertise to restore them or can you take sandpaper and polish them back out

    thanks for your help
  • I took my 99 Grand Prix to a friends body shop and had him buff the lenses, it took almost 2yrs for them to "cloud" up again. I finally bought new lites a few weeks ago and I am amazed at how much better I can see at nite!!!
  • Has anybody responded to your post yet? I just started having this problem with my 2002 GP GT. Please let me know if you have found the reason behind this, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • 2002 GP GT.....My windshield wiper have just recently started to park in the Vertical position, they work just fine otherwise until I turn them off.Can someone tell me if they have had this same problem and what the solution was?

  • 2006 Grand Prix
    My low beam lights have no electrical current to the headlight or to the fuse. They just suddenly stopped working. Is there a relay somewhere that may need to be looked at? :cry: My husband isn't here to help. We are in two different cities right now. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,
  • bcarson1bcarson1 Posts: 4
    My trunk open light stays on all the time. I have sprayed the latch with wd40 but nothing changed.

    Why would the light stay on when the trunk is closed and how do I fix it?
  • saltydog54saltydog54 Posts: 5
    to turn your door chime down you will have to go to your manual , it will state somewthing about holding the #6 button in on your radio and that is what turns your volume down on your chime from normal to loud > loud to normal
  • saltydog54saltydog54 Posts: 5
    go to your manual and read about your door chime while your sitting in your car , It will indeed tell you that you need to hold in on #6 button to turn chime to normal
  • saltydog54saltydog54 Posts: 5
    The number 6 button is on your radio ! hold in to change from loud to normal..
  • saltydog54saltydog54 Posts: 5
    Anyone have any suggestions on why I cannot get my cruise to work anymore? I have already checked all the fuses in car and under hood ,Checked brake fluid etc. and still have nothing.
  • saltydog54saltydog54 Posts: 5
    How can you change the bulbs behind the time lens . Its part of the radio and I've to this day still have'nt figured out how to get radio out of dash. Anyone have suggestions . It has the CD player and radio combo system made by pioneer.
  • gpx2000gpx2000 Posts: 1
    The other day, everything electrical in the car shut off and then turned back on a split second later while I was driving. The dashboard lights, radio, clock, everything. Then, as soon as they turned off, they turned right back on. The ABS light and the Service Engine light flashed a few times the way they normally do whenever you first turn on your car. Through all of this, the engine continued to run just fine. Everything mechanical kept running, it was just as if the whole electrical system reset itself. It did this a few times. Twice I put it in park, cut the engine and restarted it, hoping that might help. No dice.

    I took it to my mechanic and he's stumped. It hasn't done this for him in the two days it's been at the shop and he said all connections look good. He recommended taking it to the dealership where maybe they've had more experience with something like this. He took a shot in the dark and guessed it might have something to do with the car's computer.

    Has anyone every heard of this happening to a 2000 Grand Prix, or any car for that matter?
  • d588996pd588996p Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L. I prev dealt with that annoying water leaking in thru the pass side issue, I corrected it but now I have an issue with my rear speakers. It seems that they are off, whenever i park my car in the sun and it gets hot inside, the speakers work fine but as soon as it cools inside they shut off. Originally I thought it was the stock stereo because it sometimes didnt show the clock when i turned it on (happen once in a while) but after I Replaced the stereo the speakers still act the same way. I never dealt with audio issues before and not sure how to trouble shoot it. Any Ideas,or has anyone had this issue before?
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