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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • mbuster25mbuster25 Posts: 14
    Nope, no USAA, no previous MB financial.
  • outieoutie Posts: 42
    edited March 2010
    That sounds like a great deal, more than $2k under invoice. So far I am offered $1k under invoice, and I am still waiting for an answer for $2k under. At least I know it was a reasonable offer.
  • mbuster25mbuster25 Posts: 14
    It is that time of the month, so great deals can be had. Some dealers have more sway than others.
  • golfhardgolfhard Posts: 16
    that is a very good price--about $1200 less than what i paid..

    btw, got 2000 miles on mine and love --love it...
  • dannye350dannye350 Posts: 29
    I got my e-class. Here are the particulars of my deal.


    Sale Price: $50,639, with fleet discount, and $3500 total out of pocket. This includes $266 for a new plate, since my plate was up for renewal.

    Payment is $674.00 per month with Michigan Tax 6%
    Term: 39 months
    Miles: 10,000 per month

    Money Factor: 0.00259
    Residual: 59
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    I heard that MF will go down to .00195, RV will stay the same. The person told me with 90% confidence/
  • outieoutie Posts: 42
    If so that'd be awesome. I almost got 1 on 3/31!
  • outieoutie Posts: 42
    Unfortunately it looks like it didn't go down to .00195, but it did go down from .0027 to .0025. RV remains the same.
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    its actually 0.0025 or about $20 a month cheaper on the average. Oh, well....
  • goranvgoranv Posts: 7
    Looking to buy CPO E350. Local dealer gave me this offer:
    2008 Mercedes E350 4 Matic
    Black On Black
    P2 Package
    DVD Navigation
    Power Rear Shade
    Headlamp Washer
    Bi-Xenon Lights
    Cornering Fog Lamps
    Heated Front Seats
    Keyless Go
    Sport Package
    IPod Kit
    27k Miles (approx)
    Certified with 100k mile warranty

    For $36,500. It sounds pretty good to me. Any opinion on the price?
  • golfhardgolfhard Posts: 16
    Does this include AWD? sounds good. but consider this, a new 2010 E 350 loaded including AWD for about $52--$54000. the new E 350 is a great MB...
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    I ordered my 2009 E550 that I built on the MB Website. My vehicle came with the AMG wheels 18 inches narrow wheel in the front and wider wheel in the back. I hit my first pot hole coming off the freeway. I replaced the damage left front Continental Tire with a Michelin on both wheels on the front axle.
    I checked the MB Website after buying the two new tires. I found that the E550 also comes with 17 inches tires all the same size. I had a feeling that the low profile tires were a problem. The vehicle with 17 or 18 inches tires are price the same on the web site. I do not know if there is any difference in the performance between the 17 or 18 inch tires.
    About three months later coming off the freeway hit another pot hole the left rear tire was damage. I replaced both rear tires with Michelin.
    I had a slow leak on the left front tire a couple of days ago. The tire store found a hair line fracture on the lip of the wheel.
    There are few places that repair wheel fractures in the area. The information on the net indicates there may be some problems with repairing alloy wheels and the insurance company may not pay a claim if there is an accident because the wheel fractures while driving.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,389
    I have had AMG wheels on all my E350's (4 of them in the past 6 years) and never had a problem with them. HOWEVER, I have heard that there are problems with them due to the fact that the tires are so very low in profile, they do not provide a cushion when going over road deformities, potholes, or even refuse or clutter on the highway. Additionally, the AMG alloys are not very strong and are not resilient. I remember I had a 1988 Audi 2000 CS, with low profile tires and allow rims, I went over a brick on the highway and blew out my 2 left tires and bent the rims. I do not believe the problem is strictly with AMG's, but with many wide, low profile tires. There just is no cushio between the rim and the tire.

    I run nitrogen in all my tires. I was told by Mercedes Benz Service that I should make sure that the tires are properly inflated, and not overinflated. Overinflation by just a few pounds can mean the difference between a blowout and wheel damage and not damaging the tires or wheels.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    I purchased new tires for each axle each time one of the tires was damaged. The front wheels are narrower then the rear wheels. If I want to change the wheels I have to buy two wheels for the front and two wheels for the rear to have a complete match of wheels. I know there is not much of a cushion with the low profile tires.
    If I knew there were going to be all the problems with the low profile wheels I would have order the vehicle with the standard 17 inch wheels. I will try your suggestion on the air pressure. This is my first wheel that I have to buy after 23,000 miles.
    There are so many potholes in the area and I do not know when the wheel was fracture. It may have been fractured when I hit the first pothole or it may have been a stress fracture from another pothole. The fracture is on the opposite side of the wheel not visible when inspecting the wheel to add air.
    I am considering finding a set of four stronger wheels to replace the AMG Alloy Wheels. I have to get a quote from the dealer on a new AMG Alloy Wheel before making a decision.
  • ben111ben111 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy a 2010 E550. Does anyone know if a dealer should be willing to swap the 18" wheels for the 27" wheels with the Sport package? I'm in Boston and with the poor road conditions, would prefer to avoid the hassle with low-profile tires.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,389
    The dealer probably won't change the wheels for you as, by law, a car must be delivered with the exact equipment shown on the Federal Sticker on the windshield. If you want to take off those wheels, you will have to do it after you take delivery of the vehicle, at your own expense. I would not recommend going to 17 inch wheels as the vehicle you are interested in purchasing is a "sport". With that comes a sport suspension, lower stance, etc. I would only suggest that you might want to replace those wheels with 4 wheels of the same size, but stay with 18" wheels. You can purchase wheels like those from aftermarket vendors along with tires. It will probably be very costly.

    Another possibility would be for you to purchase the Tire and Wheel Insurance that most dealers offer. That way, if you damage a wheel or tire, it will be covered. Just check to see what the limits are on the policy. Some policies limit losses in the aggragate.

    Hope this was helpful.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    The E550 is sold with 17 inch wheels. The price on the website is the same as the 18 inch wheel. I have the 18 inch wheels so far a front and rear driver side tires destroyed. Requiring replace all wheel on the same axle for balance. Then a hair line fracture of the lip of the wheel. I think I would opt for the 17 inch wheels without the Sport Package in the future. MB may come up with some more durable wheels for the Sport Package in the future. I do not think I would take delivery of a vehicle with 18 inch wheels and then try to swap them out for 17 inch wheels. The 18 inch AMG Wheels cost about $725.00 each. The 17 inch wheels may be slightly lower and you have the problem of driving a car that was built for 18 inch wheels.
  • Visited my local dealer this morning and it seems that the only real issue in swapping the 18" for the 17" on the e550 would be whether the 17" will clear the front rotor/calipers, which are noticeably bigger than the front rotor/calipers on the e350 w/out sport package (i.e. 17" wheels). I've been unable to find a e550 anywhere with the std 17" (though the mercedes web site seems to confirm that they are avail), would like to see if it has the same brake package as the e350 w/out sport package. Also of note is that the e350 w/ sport package has 18" wheels/tires that are the same size front and rear.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    The Sport Wheels on the E350 are slighly wider in the rear the same as the E550.
    I do not know how the 17 inch wheels would change the performance or mileage per gallon. The price is the same with or without the Sport Package. You can always order a vehicle to your specifications or take European Delivery with your specifications.

    Luxury: 17" split 5-spoke (8.0 x17.0)
    Sport: 18" 5-spoke (8.5 x 18.0/9.0 x 18.0 staggered
    Sport 4MATIC: (8.5 x 18.0 front/rear)

    Luxury: 245/45 R17 all-season
    Sport: 245/40 R18 front, 265/35 R18 rear, all season
    Sport 4MATIC: 245/40 R18 all-season

    Luxury: 17" split 5-spoke (8.0 x17.0)
    Sport: 18" AMG twin 6-spoke (8.5 x 18.0/9.0 x 18.0 staggered)
    Sport 4MATIC: (8.5 x 18.0 front/rear)

    Luxury: 245/45 R17 all-season
    Sport: 245/40 R18 front, 265/35 R18 rear, all season
    Sport 4MATIC: 245/40 R18 all-season
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,389
    The reason you will have difficulty locating an E550 with 17" wheels is that, from what my dealer told me, these are special order vehicles. 99% of the E550's they order (and this is AutoNation, and they have 6 or 7 Mercedes Dealerships here in south florida), are sports, not non-sport vehicles. They told me that most of the customers request sports, and that is why they order them that way. I know that if we were in the northeast, that would be different as we don't have the problems with potholes here in south florida that they do in the northeast.

    Again, I reiterize the importance of contacting Mercedes Benz regarding changing the wheels from 18's to 17's and the problems that would be associated with that change considering braking, cornering, stopping, ground clearance, etc.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • Thanks e2009, you're absolutely correct that I was looking at the e350 4matic, which would explain the same size 18" front and rear.
  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    I think this message board is very helpful to provide price information to save time during negotiation. I went over all posts for the price information on 2010 E350 here and printed out the posts before we went to the dealer. I hope to post my experience to return favor and would like to thank those people who posted the price information.

    My wife purchased 2010 E350 4 Dr. Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 7A) this afternoon at Mercedes-Benz of Houston North. The negotiation did not take long after we showed the price of other people posted here with discount varying from $4000 to $6000.

    The MSRP is: $55,095 on the stick including the options:

    1. Steel Grey Metallic color paint: $720
    2. P01 Premium 1 Package: $3,950
    3. 230 PARKTRONIC w/Parking Guidance $950

    We set the discount as $5,000 in the middle ground of the number posted here by other people. so

    The final selling price is: $50,095.
    Texas State Sale tax 6.25%: $3130
    Dealer Inventory Tax 0.233%: $116
    Dealer document fee: $122
    Vehicle inspection fee: $23
    License/Title fee: $93
    Road and Bridge/deputy fee: $16
    Tag fee: $5

    the driving out of door price is: $ 53,604.

    Based on our past experiece and the road condition in Houston, we also purcased additional insurance on 7year/70,000 mile extend warrente, 3 year maintenace and Tire&Wheel (5 year).

    Overall, this is a good car-buying experience with less than one hour for the deal and another 30 min for paper work. The sale and financial people also appreciated our research for the price to ask a reasonable discount. Since 2011 model will come in a couple of months, you may still be able to get more discount, but we are happy with the price.

    On another note, my wife bought two BMW 525i and both cars got totaled. She felt very easy to drive E350 compared to BMW 525.

    Hope to thank those people again for posting price information here and Happying hunting for your cars!
  • shishirshishir Posts: 5
    Great and very clear post. Thanks!
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,389
    It sounds like you got the kind of deal you should get at this time of the year. Anytime you can purchase a new E350 with the equipment you had for about 5000 under sticker is excellent. Yes, a few hundred more or less could have been achieved, however, considering the fact that this was all concluded in about 1 hour is worth the extra few bucks. I'd pay a few hundred for less stress and aggravation.

    Good luck with the new Benz. If your experiences are anything like mine have been with my 2010 E350, you'll be very happy.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • hookyjunkhookyjunk Posts: 1
    How aggressive are dealers being with pricing on 2011 E wagons?

    I am seeing $500-700 over invoice - any better deals out there?
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,389
    There are very limited numbers of E350 Wagons in this country. They are much more popular in Europe than they are here in the US. Most people who are looking for a little more cargo spade usually purchase vehicles like the Caravan, ML350 Benz, etc. My dealer has 2 of them, and has not sold "any" since first introducing them a month or so ago. As for pricing, he told me he would sell one for about 500 over invoice, but not a penny less. Remember, they were just introduced and they are 2011's, not 2010's. So I would assume a $500.00 over invoice is a great deal.

    Good luck, no matter what you do.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • Just picked up a CPO 2008 E-350W with about 19K miles for $33,900 in MD. Not the best price but the car is in very good shape.

    It has the Premium 1 package with 18inch wheels, the IPOD integration kit.
    As part of the certification process dealer did the 20K mile service and replaced the front rotors and brake pads on all the 4 wheels. In addition gave me a set of new floor mats.

    Didn't bargain too much.

    Thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing their experience.
  • Just purchased a brand new 2010 E-Class 350 Sedan (sports style) from one of So. Cal Dealers.

    350E sedan- $48600
    Exterior: Blk
    Interior: Blk MB Tex
    Trim: Burl Walnut Wood.
    PO2: Premium 2 Package - $6350
    321: Sports Package-N/C
    MSRP: $55825

    Purchased it for $48979. Got $6846 off MSRP. Just over 12% off from MSRP.

    Hope this helps!
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Can you narrow down the area somewhat? Bakersfield? LA? Orange County? San Diego?
  • Got the car from one of the LA dealers. Few dealers were offering offering over $3000 below invoice.
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