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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    You can go to MB site and select any dealer in the United States. The site has changed after you build your vehicle you can select any dealer. The site only requires your name and E-mail address. Your phone number and address are optional entries.

    I sent E-mail to dealers in several states requesting a quote in February 2008 before the MB site was revised. The old site required your telephone number. I was out of town and I listed that in my quote. I had dealers trying to reach me by phone.

    I did pick my vehicle up at the factory in August 2008 and the vehicle arrived at a local dealer selected by the selling dealer. The dealer I order from online processed the order through MB. The only problem I had is the local deal wanted a dealer fee of $400.00 the selling dealer paid the fee after a phone call.

    Shop around you will find that you can do better than 7%
  • Did the USAA thing on a 2010 E350, PO1, and was quoted prices of 49,756 and 48,850 by two dealerships. This is about 1-2,000 under invoice. Vehix shows average price for same car of 49,232 in this area, so not much savings on what selling for anyway?
  • jts1jts1 Posts: 7
    Purchased an 2009 E350 Wagon PII with wood steering wheel for 42,820 car had 18 miles on it with cashmire interior. I'm a USAA member and that helped. There wasn't much room to negotiate any lower. Think I did OK?
  • USAA membership is Mercedes form of Cash for Clunkers. Prices are good. I wonder how long this fleet discount will last?
  • Probably as long as sales are sliding and others are doing similar offers. December is slowest sales month historically, so there may be even bigger discounts out there - or not. Lexus usually has its big sale in December. Although I have found that Toyota/Lexus sales events don't really discount the cars very much considering their already had prices.
  • jts1jts1 Posts: 7
    Oh and I live in NH so it was my out the door price $42,820. No taxes if you live in NH! FYI every dealer accepts the USAA discount with a control # not just the dealers they refer you too (you just need to show your USAA blue card or P&C insurance).
  • Can anyone say what they picked up the car for? Can you list the features you got also? Was it a coupe/4matic/pearl paint etc etc.
  • Was it a sedan or coupe and what options?
  • What should I be paying for a 2010 E350 Sedan with P01 and metallic paint? How accurate is VEHIX? They show 49,300ish as a very good deal and the median at about 50,000.
    Please let me know

  • Anyone here know what I should be paying for the above car? I want to buy this car saturday and will be going to a dealer in New York (thats where I live). I checked VEHIX and the price they say that is the median paid is under dealer invoice?

    Pls let me know!
  • What is invoice of this car ?
  • best you can do is 49,000
  • Invoice on this car is $54,500ish. So far the lowest offer I have gotten is $52,000

    Are you sure I can do this for $49,000? Anyone buy this car with a NY or NJ dealer?
  • The whole game is supply and demand. I am not sure about NY/NJ area. All I can tell you during last month Mercedes dealers were selling for less because they were affected negatively by the clunker program (all business was going to Japanese car makers). May be the game changed in September. I dont want to confuse you. If you really like the car go for it. Try to get it for 51000 at least.
  • I think 49,000 is really low unless you have some type of super deal. Best I have been offered from 5 dealers in the NC,SC,GA area is 48,850 + taxes and tags. And that is with a 2,000 USAA discount.
    Good luck though. MB sales were down 31% 09 year to date compared to 08 year to date through August. Down 17% this August compared to last August.
    I did the Vehix thing also, but not sure how accurate their information really is. The TMV at Edmunds is substantially higher, but then I have always paid well below TMV anyway.
  • Hey thanks for the info, I will try to shoot around 50k as my price. I will report back tomorrow after I visit the dealership.

  • Dear All,

    I just want to go over what I got yesterday in NY. Thanks again for all your help.

    2010 Mercedes E350Sport 4MATIC
    P1 Package
    Metallic Paint
    Invoice: $52,700

    Paid: $53,500 plus 3 yrs free servicing.
  • Is that 53,500 with taxes, fees, tags, etc. or just the cost of the car itself?
    Is Free Service, the 10K/12 month services?
    Thanks - and congratualations! Enjoy it!
  • Excellent Price!
    Can you please share the Residual and Money Factor and how many miles per year??
    What is the monthly payment with the tax?

    Once again congratulations!
  • hey folks
    to be clear that was a purchase and was for the car itself. tax titles and dmv is extra.

    After doing some research I think this was a very good price, the servicing is the 12 month or 10k mile a year oil change, tire rotation, and usually costs about 300-400 per year.

    Also was offered tire and rim insurance they asked 1295 plus tax I go it for 899 plus tax. This covers the car for 5 yrs and you can take it to any mercedes dealership, no out of pocket expense or deductible, as many times as you get a flat or crack your rim in a pot hole (I live in NYC so this was a very good deal for me).

    if you are in NY/NYC I can give you the persons number who I dealt with at mercedes benz of manhattan. They were really good.
  • According to latest Wall Street Journal report on their website, M-B and Audi are still goingdown in sales, while Volvo, BMW, Porsche are beginning to go back up. BMW's market share is also increasing while M-B's is going down.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I'm not overly tall, but taller than most. I've looked at and sat in most of the cars competing with the Mercedes E-class. If you've tried one of these, and found it too low, drop Mercedes a line. The E-class sold nearly everywhere else in the world has the sunroof optional, and is listed as having 41.3" of headroom in them without, and 37.9" as sold in the USA with the standard sunroof. Since I sit 38.4" not accounting for hair, it's a no-go. Similar problems with most other cars. Personally, I think this is one reason we sell more SUV's and trucks in this country, because larger, taller people just don't confortably fit in most cars anymore since they 'mandated' the sunroof. I just have a thing about hauling around an extra 1000# and the lower economy and decreased handling if forced into an SUV verses a sedan. But, there's almost no choice in the USA. The humble Subaru Legacy sedan has more headroom with the sunroof than the Mercedes, and you can buy it without, too. One would get the idea tall people just aren't supposed to want a luxury car.

    If you feel similar, talk to Mercedes. BTW, at least in Germany, that 'standard' sunroof we get, really costs nearly $2K...whether you include it in the base price, or get it optionally, it still costs money (and the panoramic sunroof adds yet another grand to the cost). Personally, I'd rather spend that $3K on other things than a hole in the roof I don't use often and can live without. Maybe one of the optional safety features the E-class has available like the night vision system, or the adaptive cruise control. But, since 'everyone' in this market in the USA has one, everyone must blindly follow suit.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    I don't have any problem fitting in my 2000 E320 with a sunroof and haven't tried a "fit check" in the new E, but I agree that sunroofs should be an option in the US market.
  • skier4skier4 Posts: 1
    Just closed on a 2010 E350 4matic Sport
    P2 +
    MSRP $62,015
    Invoice $58,337
    Paid $57,091

    Lease terms:
    39 mos. 10k/yr
    $700/mo.before tax
    $5000 out of pocket
    $3892 went to cap cost reduction
  • Hello. I'm considering buying a CPO 2007 E350. But many CPO CARFAX reports show that some of the cars were either bought from auctions or had prior accidents. I'm surprised these cars were able to pass through the certification process. I thought the point of buying a CPO car was to have a safety net that the car is in great condition.

    Is it worth paying a premium for a MB CPO car? BMW seems to be much more stringent CPO process.

  • Hi. Can anyone please help with the following for Nov-09:

    E350 4 Matic 12K Miles/Year:
    Money Factor and Residual??

    535xi 12K Miles/Year:
    Money Factor and Residual??

    Also, any idea how much behind invoice these cars are going for?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,637
    For answers to your lease questions, try posting in these discussions:

    BMW 5-Series Lease Questions

    Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions

    Host-Prices Paid Forums


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thank you. Found it. Quick follow up: If I'm thinking about a 2 year lease on a CPO 2007 535xi to bridge me until the new 5 series x drive arrives (I know it will probably only be a year until the new x drive is out), what residual and money factor should I expect for 12k miles/year. Thanks again!
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 147
    wasabi......Carfax is often in error in reporting accidents that didn't happen. I thought about trying to sell my wife's leased Lexus a couple months ago, since I thought I might be able to sell it for a couple grand over what I owed. I put it on Craigslist, and a couple people got a Carfax on it. It showed that it had been in a accident when in fact it had not. I even tried to clear it up with Carfax but they were unable to verify their own information!! Amazing!! It turned out to be such a hassle that I just turned the car back in to the dealer. I think that kind of erroneous reporting happens a lot more often than not.

    Try to get the details on the supposed accident from Carfax. I'll bet you cannot.

    It's easy for them to make a false claim, but very hard for them to back it up.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Lease #'s on cpo anythings are usually specific to the car itself and some formula from the manufacturer. You will likely be at their mercy on terms. Get the monthly cost and if it seems decent, you can ask for the details of how it was figured. You could then negotiate from a semi-informed position. My guess is that the monthly payment will be very unattractive -- may be better to negotiate hard on a sale price and keep it for 3-4 years. I personally wouldn't want the first year of any brand
    [mb or bmw] after a major makeover. Don't want to be one of the folks discovering all the inevitable problems that will appear.
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