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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • keithlcakeithlca Posts: 13
    Can you give more detail on which credit union is offering the incentive and the general area?
  • a8man1a8man1 Posts: 23
    Countryman, i have been hearing a lot about the credit union fleet discount, mind sharing which credit union and how the program works?

    Thanks in advance!
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Here is the link for Credir Union fleet discount. You gotta be a member I think. All it takes is $10 deposit.
    Just follow instructions.

    Good luck.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,330
    Thanks for the link!


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  • Just purchased 2009 E350. Price was $34,000. No options, MSRP 54,075. I got a fleet purchase price. 4 different dealers listed in SoCal from the zip code I used for my home on the fleet purchase program. All dealers were similar in price but selection is pretty limited as dealers are running out of 2009s.

    Anyone who is a USAA member, this is via their MB purchase program.
  • a8man1a8man1 Posts: 23
    Congrats on new your car inpower2002, thats a terrific price!

    There are no local E350's in my zip code are you allowed to use an out of state zip code?

    Also would you be kind enough to look up the pricing for me if I provide you my zip?

    Thanks much!
  • sai1sai1 Posts: 23
    Can u pls share the names of the SoCal dealers who gave you this deal?
  • I didn't go into a dealer and haggle to get the price. I used USAA's car purchase web site. It provided price and dealers. I called one of the dealers and picked up the car the next day.

    It was a standard discount and then any options, it was just adding the invoice price of the option. Anyone still looking for a 2009 E350 better get in soon though because I didn't have many to choose from.
  • sai1sai1 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the insight. I'm not a USAA member, so don't have access to the same website. Would you happen to remember which dealerships the site pulled up when you did your search? Appreciate the help.
  • The ones listed for me were Laguna Niguel, Riverside, Long Beach, Encino. I'm guessing without USAA's buying service, the price one can get is still pretty good? From other forums I've read online, it looks like the USAA fleet price is the best people are getting but others are still getting real good prices. Good luck.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Anyone ever negotiated a local deal on a new Mercedes that came close to the European delivery price? FYI, right now, it's a flat 7% off, no delivery charge, and then they throw in a few frills like a night in a hotel, a tour of the factory, and a meal plus taxi vouchers. It also includes insurance for up to 15-days, and drop-off in any of 12 cities. FF miles could make the getting there cheap, but I'd rather save them for later as next week, I'm blowing a bunch on a cruise/tour to Alaska. Another trip fairly soon is possible, but not in the current plans.

    But, if I can save a couple thousand, it would still come out less expensive. Hassle is, you have to wait 6-8 weeks to get the car after you come home.
  • I went to inquire about purchasing a 2009 E350 after the Smythe salesman sends me an e-mail stating "at least $14,000.00 off MSRP." After reading some of the posts, especially those in California where a lot of the buyers were getting 17K to 21K off MSRP, I felt comfortable that I might be able to purchase an E350 at a great discount - Wrong!

    First, the salesman gives a turnaround story about being a fleet member and how fleet members take advantage of it's affiliation to purchase cars at discount. Then, he states $8,000.00 off for the Silver/Black combination. Lastly, the manager comes out with no 2.9% for 66 months financing when combined with discount. He states, it's either 2.9% or additional 2K. I also inquired about a ML350, in which the salesman states that Mercedes got rid of the fleet program at end of July. So, for all those who are getting the fleet discount in California, you are imaging it.....
  • ppnffppnff Posts: 65
    Wow! What a bunch of liars at that dealership!

    Not sure I am surprised, but the salesman and the manager are wrong.

  • When I started hearing about the fleet member stories, I knew they (Smythe) were trying to maximize profit of their remaining 09 E350's. I may buy a CPO (2007) from RAB in Marin ($28,500), as most dealers have run out of their 09's.

    Good luck to those who had the fortune of purchasing/leasing at these prices.
  • ppnffppnff Posts: 65
    You should contact Leann in Ft. Pierce, FL. I almost acquired my new 2009 E350 from her, but found a local dealership who had my second choice and after some arm-twisting, agreed to my price or MSRP less 15,000 (this is in July 2009 and before fleet discount).

    Good luck!
  • I just performed the USAA pricing for a 2009 ML350. Invoice 42,953 MSRP 45,475 USAA no haggle price 37,403. There's a fleet discount for every model, 2009 and 2010.
  • liililiili Posts: 7
    I went to the website and use the CAN 017862, which is listed in USAA. However, it does not work?
    Can anyone provide a valide CAN number? or tell me how to get one?
  • I have a list, but many are employees only, with some such as American Airlines Credit Union, San Diego Credit Union, San Francisco Credit Union and others. I was not able to find USAA on my list of CY09 Eligible companies for the fleet discount. I see an American First Credit Union of 017862 for members.
  • Thanks for verifying the fleet discount.
  • stewdystewdy Posts: 17
    I just tried to print the fleet incentive form and I input the CAN for American First Credit Union (017862) and a message comes up that says that particular CAN is invalid. Is this true? Any ideas why this isn't working? Did MB catch wind of this loophole and shut them down? Thanks for any help.
  • I have others on my list, however, I'm a member of only one. Other dealers were acknowledging the fleet discount (unlike Smythe) but they wanted a direct draft (check) from the credit union for down payment.

    I also saw a 4.9% apr on 2010 E350 from other San Jose dealer.
  • baruebabarueba Posts: 2
    Seems like best deals were happening in July when the $10k factory to dealer incentive was going on...right now it's down to $8k - we got a deal in SoCal for ~$18k off including the $4k fleet discount. Other quotes were around $16-17k off. Pretty happy overall, but would have acted last month had we known the incentive would go down. Stock is definitely running low, mostly black on black left in most dealers who have 09s remaining. Perhaps at the end of the month dealers would be more motivated and discounting even more. Fleet discount is supposed to be cut in half after August though.
  • dbh518dbh518 Posts: 4
    I just purchased black/black 2009 E350 4matic Wagon with P2 package for $45,000. I was not aware of any credit union/fleet discounts. Dealer I purchased from had four 2009 and was trying to clean out before model redesign with 2011 model (there is no 2010 e350 wagon). I hope this is helpful/relevant.
  • rbrrbr Posts: 108
    thanks for the info. Do you mind saying what dealer?
  • Anyone buy one yet? I visited the dealer today. Their website said they had 2 2009 Eclass remaining. Of course, when I arrived and asked about these vehicles, they said all 2009 were long gone. Bit of a bait and switch, eh? Anyway, 3 dealers in my area list 2009s but I'm assuming I'll have the same experience. So...this leads me to the 2010. I'm a bit disappointed to see the Ash Wood over the Burl. Just not as pretty. Anyone bought one yet? What should I expect to pay? Sticker prices are about $54k in my area (pacific Northwest). Thanks!
  • I've got a co-worker who bought a 2010. He wanted that over bargain basement price of 2009s. He paid full MSRP.
  • Wow! I'm not ready to do that yet. Thanks for sharing though! I'm still looking and may also compare the lexus before taking the plunge. In checking their financials, Daimler has had a bad year financially so maybe there will be some incentives after the 2010 mania dies down. :)
  • jelmassjelmass Posts: 11
    This abosolutely not true. I got mine for 500$ below invoice.
  • I am looking into purchasing a E350 4MATIC, or ML350 4MATIC. I have visited a couple of dealerships near Boston, their price is about 4-6K below MSRP.

    Does anyone have recent experience in Boston area? would you mind to share the price? and the name of the dealer (can send me to email).

    Thank you!!!
  • HI, do you mind to share the dealer info? thank you in advance...
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