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Jeep Wrangler Tires and Wheels



  • kgabehurtkgabehurt Posts: 84
    I'm new to this board but would like someone to explain to me if the following scenario is possible. I'm looking at an 07' Wrangler Sahara (2-door) 4WD. The wheel setup includes 18" Aluminum rims and P255/170R 18 tires. I noticed on the Unlimited Sahara (4-door) model the rims/wheels are: 17" aluminum rims and P255/17R17 tires. The wider tires look BETTER. My question is can one get the wider tires on a Sahara but in 18" height? In other words the best of both worlds?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    You can only get whatever options are available. If you want a Sahara with 18" wheels but and a wider tire, then order a Sahara with the 18" wheels option (if that's available, I haven't checked) and while you wait for it to arrive, check with local tire dealers to arrange trading in your new 18" tires for some larger ones. Most tire shops will do this.

    If this is a vehicle on a dealer's lot, I'm sure you can negotiate with the dealer to get what you want, but I doubt that it'll be cheap.
  • kgabehurtkgabehurt Posts: 84
    If I did in fact do what you suggested doesn't that imply that I'd have to buy wider rims also? I don'k know much about tires but most rims only accomodate one size tire (width-wise) don't they? Thank you for your suggestion mac24.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    No, each rim width supports a range of sizes. The different tire manufacturer's sites normally indicate which width rims are suitable for any particular size of tire.
  • ufo945ufo945 Posts: 2
    I'm a new one here. Today I put $500 deposit for my new 2007 2-Door Wrangler X. I will do two upgrades, 3" suspension lift and change tire and wheel to 33X12.5R15(or LT305/70R16). My question is that the backspacer is big enough for this tire? Why Jeep can not offer 8--10" width rim. The widthest rim Jeep offer just 7.5". Thank for your help
  • Hi i have a year 1993 jeep wrangler and i was wondering if i can put 32ich tires on it with out lifting it?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Can you? Yes.
    Is it optimal for offroading? No.

    Consider suspension flex and tires will rub w/o a proper lift. Also, depending on tire width and wheel backspacing, you will likely have rubbing when turning on the road (usually near or at full turn).

  • soph321soph321 Posts: 2
    Hey everyone. I have a 99 Sahara. It's got a small lift in it, and I was wondering what size tires I could get without worrying about rubbing. I was hoping to get 33's. What does a stock Wranger get without rubbing? I only ask because I did not put the lift in, so I wanna be sure it wont rub. Thanks.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735

    What size lift is it? Pics would help. If tall enough, 33's will fit vertically and be okay offroad when flexing and stuffing the tires up into the fender.

    What kind of wheels do you have? If they are stock, you will have issues rubbing at full lock/turn. If they are aftermarket, you're probably better off as they likely have less than the 5.5" of backspacing (smaller number = less 'tucked in' they are).

    If you have a shorter lift, say around 3" total, you CAN run 33's, but you may want to extend the bumpstop so they don't fully stuff into the fender when offroad. Otherwise, you risk the tires getting sliced by the metal or the tires destroying the flares/fenders.

    I have 4.5" total lift (3.25" suspension and 1.25" body) and run 33's without any problems. I have 4.25" of backspacing and only have a bit of rubbing when offoad at full turn and when flexed.

  • soph321soph321 Posts: 2
    Cool thanks. I actually don't know how big the lift is, it only looks like an inch or two inches tops. I bought it with the lift already installed. So until I get a bigger lift, I'm going to guess that I'll go smaller. I have American Racing Rims on it, could I at least go with a wider tire?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    With the wider tire, you still have to worry about rubbing the control arms and/or frame when making a tight turn. Given that you have AR wheels, you MIGHT be okay, as they usually have 4.25" or so of backspacing MAX (though there are probably exceptions).

    Sounds like you may just have a budget boost. Do you have spacers on top of the springs at all 4 corners? Pics of the suspension components and/or pics of the body/frame mounting points would help me figure out your height and I could provide better ideas then.

  • Looking to add a 3" lift and 35"x12.5X17 tires to new 4 dr. Will probably have dealer do this. Anything I need to know? Anything else I would need added? Will the 6 cyl. have enough power? Will 2008 have a 8cyl option?
  • I just put my order in today for an '08 Sahara. While I'd love to go hog wild with mods, I've heard horror stories of the complexity of lifting the 4 drs. Also, it has to function as a daily driver (all excuses for "the wife won't let me").

    So, here is my question:

    What is the largest sized tire and wheel package I can throw under this pup without any rubbing? Does anyone know where I can find rims? (I doubt they've revolutionized their wheel specs for '08, but I can't seem to find any dealers that carry what I'm looking for online). Ideally, I want powder coat black rims between 17 and 18" with 31 or 32"rs. If anyone knows of any pitfalls with this set-up, or if I can safely go bigger, please alert me.

  • sah538sah538 Posts: 3
    After talking to a tire dealer about putting 31 inch tires on my TJ he told me that they would rub the control arms but it could be done anyways. Is it not a good idea to go with the 31's on a stock jeep?
  • I had 31's on my 98 stock TJ, they definitely rubbed . . . alot. It cut my turn radius down considerably, but after a while I got used to it. They looked great and fit on my factory rims, which was a plus, but in retrospect a lift would have been a better first investment. The larger tires also threw my speedometer off resulting in couple of tickets in strictly patrolled areas. I would recomment having that adjusted as well.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    31" tall tires are NOT the culprit in the rubbing. It is the WIDTH of the tire, most likely 10.5 vs the 'stock' 30x9.5 available with the Sport models.

    You can fix this problem in a few ways:
    1. Make steering stop adjustments as shown at's website
    2. Go with wheels with less backspacing than the stock 5.5" that come on most Jeeps (other than Rubicons).
    3. Add wheel spacers. I run 1.25" Spidertrax spacers on my stock Jeep Canyon wheels so I have an effective backspacing of 4.25". They stick out a bit more. I have 33x12.5" tires.

    31" tall tires are more likely rub when flexing offroad and stuff a bit into the fender well. Proper fix for that is to adjust the bumpstops located 'inside' the spring at the top. If you look at that area, you'll see what I mean.

    When I put my 33's on, I also regeared my differentials from 4.10 to 4.88 (2.5L engine here). That combination of 4.88, 33's and my transmission actually made my speedo MORE accurate than it was previously (I had gone from the stock 28" tires to 30" tires prior to the 33's).

    Getting the speedo set back to accurate will require you to know your tire size and your current differential gearing. Look at this information and you can tell which speedo gear you'd need.

    A lift does nothing more than allow to fit those bigger tires. If you only want to go to 31's, a lift isn't required. Having said that, Jeeps do LOOK better when lifted a bit and they perform even better offroad when lifted as you have better clearance under the axles with those larger tires.

  • With a 17'' rim whats the largest tire i can fit without rubbing ca anyone help?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Rim size is irrelevant, except to the pocketbook.

    For fitment, you need to consider the overall tire diameter (32, 33", etc) and the wheels backspacing. Backspacing refers to the wheel's offset and how far in or out the wheel sits in relation to the rest of the Jeep.

    TJ's stock offset is 5.5". I added 1.25" spacers to mine to reduce the offset to 4.25". As a result, the lower backspacing sticks the wheel out further. I'm not sure what the offset is on your JK's wheels, but if you have a stock height JK, you can probably run 32's or 33's w/o lifting. At least that is what I THINK I've heard.

  • As a new member I have been reading the posts and I do believe I have the "death wobble" on my 03 sport. What causes this and how do i fix it? I have 3" spring spacers, 32x12.5 mickeys on 15x10 rims, (back spacing is 4.5). I had to change out the stock shocks, and steering stableiser. Would the dropped pitman arm eliminate this, or is it something else ? I am looking to get a set of 33x12.5's in the next week or so, but I dont want the same problem with the wobble. Any help would be great, thanks
  • yjbobyjbob Posts: 56
    There are many posts about death wobble in the main Jeep forum. Often it comes from anything being loose in the steering system. Have a buddy move the steering wheel slowly back and forth while you look underneath for any signs of looseness. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the advice,I did have a buddy of mine look for looseness, and we found none as far as drag link, ball joints,etc. Since my last post I did change out the pitman arm. the wobble seems to be gone, but now I have another problem. When I first tried to get the pitman arm off, I used a pickle fork. After beating on the pickle fork the pitman arm didn't drop, but the shaft out of the steering box did !!! about 1/4". I then used a pitman puller to get it off. Now with the steering shaft lowered, I have slop in the wheel. Is there some way to adjust for the slop or did I just wreck the steering box ? My steering wheel is not straight as well. Should I have adjusted the drag link ? thanks, Jim
  • Hey Tom (or anyone else out there) can you help a new jeeper? I just bought a 1990 6cyl Islander and wanted to do some mods to it. I was looking at a body lift and some wider tires but am unsure about the hieght of the lift and size of the tire. I want to be able to do the off roading as well as the drive around town. Any suggestions?


    Disney :D
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I can't address the lift specifics because I'm not accustomed to leaf springs vs coils, but you should be able to do a 2-3" shackle lift for an easy lift. You can also do a SOA (spring over axle) lift but that will cost more I think. As for tires, I think with either of those plus a body lift, you could easily fit 33's, but a lot will depend on the wheel's backspacing. You'll want wheels with about 4" of backspacing (factory TJ wheels are about 5.5") so they stick out a bit further to allow turning and flex offroad.

    Check out some of the online vendors and I'm sure you'll find something you can use. I just don't know enough about YJ suspension manufacturers to tell you specifically what would be best for you.

    Then you have to factor in budget. You can go TOTALLY crazy with it too. :)

  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,189
    Well, I can't say enough good things about the Radial Rover RVXT tires that I fitted to my 1999 Sahara. The tires are all-season but also carry the severe winter service "Snowflake on the Mountain" rating. My gravel farm road got hit with over 12" of snow this weekend and the old Jeep negotiated the entire 1/2 mile in 2WD with no drama whatsoever. Ditto for the snow covered public roads. The RVXT isn't a serious off-road tire, but it merits consideration if your primary concern is being able to handle wintry weather.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • xbankerxbanker Posts: 1
    New guy here. Searched past posts; couldn't find question with my exact specs, but would like to verify what I think I've learned by reading.

    My car: 2003 Jeep Wrangler X (TJ). Totally stock (no lift etc) including the OEM tires/wheels: P225/75R/15 (Goodyear Wrangler GS-A tires).

    I'd like to put 30x9.50x15 tires on it keeping original rims, and would leave the Jeep stock. My reading here makes me think this would not create problems, e.g. clearance, rubbing etc. Would some kind soul please confirm.

    If it's relevant, my off-road driving is so mild, it would probably make most of you snicker, and I do occasionally tow small trailer/ATV; gross weight ~625 lbs.

    Thanks very much!

  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,189
    I'd like to put 30x9.50x15 tires on it keeping original rims, and would leave the Jeep stock. My reading here makes me think this would not create problems, e.g. clearance, rubbing etc. Would some kind soul please confirm.

    Those tires will work fine as long as your rims are 6.5 to 8 inches wide.

    If it's relevant, my off-road driving is so mild, it would probably make most of you snicker

    Not me; I only use my Jeep to haul the dog around and provide guaranteed access to my farm road regardless of the weather.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Dan, complete NON-issue. 30x9.5 is the size tire offered on the Sport package. Your stock wheels on the X model are 15x88's with about 5.5" of backspacing, much like the Canyons I run. I ran 30x9.5 BFG All Terrain's for a long time with ZERO issue. They are decent offroad unless you have seriously thick mud like we have here in the south.

    Just do NOT get the GS-A's again. BFG AT's (or even MT's) would be a great choice for your Jeep. They are very capable offroad yet have good tire wear on the street.

  • dtkaczykdtkaczyk Posts: 3
    I have a 95 wrangler. At speeds of 60-65 it is fine until I hit a bump. It then vibrates terribly. It will not stop until I slow down considerally. It will be fine again until I hit another bump. Could the damper be the problem?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    The steering stabilizer/damper only masks problems.

    Do you have a lift? What size tires?

    I'd check all joints in your steering and ensure they are all solid. I'd also consider verifying balance and alignment as those CAN contribute to your problem.

  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    I just bought the Rubicon Express 2" lift kit and I believe I will be going with 32x11.15 tires. Obviously if I go with a spare of the same size, it won't fit on my current spare tire carrier.

    There's tons of options out there, but I don't want to have to install a separate swing gate, etc... just to store one tire. I noticed there are some Spare Tire "Spacers" that push your tire out 2" from the gate so it doesn't touch the rear bumper.

    Two questions - has anyone one here gone with this and has it worked out?? And more importantly.. what happens with the rear brake light with these? It doesn't seem any of the spacers and/or carriers address the fact that the brake light will be in the way or blocked with the larger tire.
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