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Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Caravan Door & Window Problems



  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I think you made the right decision, given the couple of things you identified that may have necessitated some repairs right off the bat. IMO, $6500 was a little much for a 95,000 mile, 6 year old T&C, unless it was in pristine shape.

    But, you're going to be hard pressed to find an Odessey in that price range. We just bought an '07 DGC-SXT with 21,500 miles on it for $15,299, which I think was a great deal. Could not have touched an Odessey in that mileage and year range for much less than $22K. I truly think the Odyssey is a better vehicle (I like the engineering), but not $7K better. See my post #732 in the section.
  • Hello everyone. I have a 2005 Grand Caravan SXT. A few days ago the van would not start so we took it to the local mechanic. He said that we needed a new battery, so we had one put in. Since then every time we get out of the van it rings like the lights are left on or the keys or left in. I have tried to turn the lights on and off and also tried to put the key in and out. I read the owners manual and it has no information about this. I am thinking it could be some real dumb like a cargo light left on or something like that. Any ideas?
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    just some ideas to throw out at u. sounds like maybe your ignition switch doesn't recognize that the key is out. could be ignition switch or tumbler problem. or could be light switch causing body control module to not see that it is off. when vehicle was dead, did u jump it? if yes, may have caused a voltage spike causing some component to go hay wire. any how, i don't know much about chrysler so just throwing ideas out at u. good luck.... one more thing... maybe door chime unit is faulty?...
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    may want to get it checked out because sounds like u might have something on all the time. whatever it is may be causing an electrical draw and leave u stranded somewhere when u have the vehicle parked over night or something....just a thought..
  • jim3notjim3not Posts: 1
    3000 miles on our T&C limited and no problems yet
  • agfcagfc Posts: 1
    Hi misterunit, wondered if you have the bulletin number on that code fix? I'd like to show up at the dealer and be able to give them the number.
    Thanks for the short term fix too, my wife is happy now that door locks work again by removing / re-inserting the IOD fuse.
  • Took mine to the dealership. They fixed it within an hour. However, charged $80. Said that is was the standard price to "reboot" the computer for the locks. Also, said to be careful with the key lock, since if you drop it it will deactivate the code and might have to be re booted. works great now. Just hope i don't have to do that too often.
  • dovensdovens Posts: 4
    Well, I had my dealer flash the BCM with the new software 2 weeks ago. It worked for just two week.Then the locks stopped working. So left us with going and having the Body Control Module (BCM) replaced. The cost would have been $450 but I called 1-800-992-1997 and asked the Chrylser Customer Support to contact my dealer, then I received a Goodwill reduction and it cost us only $150. It is funny how the BCM needed to be replaced after 3 years just after our warranty ran out. But our worries are over. Just to let you know, Chrylser is asking that the dealers remove the old BCM and send it into Chrysler to have your mileage put on the new BCM before it is installed. That is 2 days without the car. The BCM is under the dash board in the car. So that's my story.
  • tdeviltdevil Posts: 1
    We bought a 2008 Chrysler TC Touring edition (fully loaded) in Sept. 2007. Within the first month we were having problems with the power sliding doors not closing when using any of the control buttons (including remote). The doors would close most of the way and then open back up. Intermittent problem only. The dealer looked at it three times before they could duplicate the issue. They updated some programming and haven't had any more problems yet. The time the van was in for the door fix, we also had an a/c issue (not cold) and a third row power seat (driver side) issue, it wouldn't adjust and it was in the reclined position. Turns out we had a blown o-ring on the a/c compressor. They fixed it. Two weeks later, same problem :mad: As far as the seat, they had to order a part for the motor. After having to wait longer than they said it would take to get it in, I called and, "oh yeah, your part is here" is the response I get! I made an appointment for several days later to have it fixed. Dropped it off early and was told it would be two or three hours until it was ready. I called later that afternoon, "I was just about to call you, we need another part that has been overnighted" :mad: "It'll be ready for you at 11:00 AM tomorrow". Long story short, it was just coming off the truck at 11:30 and wasn't ready until late that afternoon. I haven't been back with the a/c issue yet. The van has just over 10k miles!! Anyone else had similar issues?
  • jess82jess82 Posts: 4
    Found a site telling me how to remove radio. Powering the radio from a 12V power supply showed the radio was where the problem was coming from. The radio part # P56038518AH. Went to e-bay and found a replacement radio.
  • Great I disconnected and reconnected the ground on my battery and it worked for me also. Thanks so much guys for posting. The next time it is in the dealerships I will get them to update my BCM with the newly released code fix.
  • I am having the same issue with my power sliding doors. Both have been flashed with the update per the bulletin, but I am still having the problem that my doors intermittently almost closes, then opens back up. It might do it 1-8 times in a row then works fine for week. The dealer has look at it 3 times. Just recently he said he went to some training on this vehicle and said they are having tons of issues with the doors. He said that his instructor told him that the program flash fixes about 50% of the problems (mine wasn't in the 50%) and that for the rest of them adjusting the bolt that holds the rear hinge on the sliding track (up top by the rear window) helps align the door and can resolve the issue. It didn't work for mine. Its a new 2008 T&C with 4100 miles still under warranty. Dealer can not find or fix the problem. I have had 3 other issues that were fixed maybe this info will help someone. 1) rattle from driver left wheel well - Solution Control Arm bolt was loose re-tightened. 2)Sever noise from above drivers head - Solution found and tightened screws in visor bracket and entertainment console per bulletin. 3) When wheels were turned all the way left while moving forward slowly then turning back to the right a sound can be heard from the wheel well. It sounded like someone pulling back on something metal then letting it go. Solution Control Arm was making contact with the back plate. Back plate was adjusted to allow clearance.

    If anyone has any help or idea or something on the doors that has not been previously stated that would be GREAT.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Keep in mind that buggy software:
    1. Aborted the first launch of the Space Shuttle
    2. Lost the Mars Climate Orbiter
    3. Caused the loss of the Mars Global Surveyor
    3. Lost the first launch of the Arianne 5 booster
    4. Was responsible for several deaths by radiation poisoning from the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine
    5. Was responsible for the delayed opening of the new Denver airport (because of problems in the software controlling the baggage handing system).

    So, it doesn't surprise me that, if door operation and the climate control are controlled by software, there are going to be problems.

    I hope the re-flashes of the software the dealers are doing is with an updated (hopefully fixed) software image, not the same old that came with the vehicle.
  • chuckvanchuckvan Posts: 1
    I and several co-workers drive the new 2008 Grand Caravan as our company vehicles. Some of us are having issues with the sliding doors being open when we return to the vehicle. From reading some posts it seems that we are just not paying attention and the door is actually not fully closing when we push the close button on the remote. We walk away not knowing that it aborted the closing process.

    Another co-worker had his parked in the driveway for several hours and his son came into the house and told him that the wipers were running on the van. Indeed, both the front and rear wipers were running. The key was in his pocket and he had not driven it for several hours. Then he noted that smoke was beginning to come from under the hood and dash. He quickly grabbed some tools from the rear of the vehicle and then removed the battery terminals. He called a tow truck and had it towed to the dealer. I am not sure of the outcome of their inspection.

    Has anyone had these problems with their new Caravan?

    I thought I was creating a new thread.
  • asdrew1asdrew1 Posts: 19
    The door is a known issue addressed by a software update available to the dealer. I had mine updated last week and it has not opened back up on its own since.

    Not sure about the wiper incident, but I have read of a few similar incidents with various things working on their own.
  • Does anyone know of a way to turn the auto open feature off of the passenger side sliding door? We drop our kids off at school, and we are tired of having to wait for the door to fully close before we can put the van in gear to drive. The line is very long, and we don't like making people wait. I know that it is a safety feature, but the door starts to reopen even if it is 75% closed if you put the van in gear.
  • basline11basline11 Posts: 13
    It's been some time since your post on the door stopping, at the same place, while opening and closing. I've searched the Internet for hours and you are the only one of two people I've found who had the same issue that I'm having now. Did you ever get it resolved? If so, how? I can live with the electric door not working since it is a luzury and I refuse to take it to the dealer. They'll charge me twice as much as the car is probably worth and insist that the ashtray was part of the problem.
    My next step is to start taking the door apart to see how it ticks and why it's not ticking right.
  • stobbchistobbchi Posts: 3
    No, I never got it to work properly... and now the left power door only works manually as the motor has stopped working altogether. We have simply resorted to using the right side door much more. We do have to be careful that as we are used to the doors latching automatically (we got lazy, I guess) that if we do use the left door we have to make sure that it is completely shut before we drive away.

    I have also tried disconnecting the battery for about 3 hours and replacing the fuse for that circuit - neither one worked. My best guess is that it is either a faulty switch or a bad motor. As the door didn't just 'die' all at once or work intermittantly (the symptoms were consistent) I tend to think it is the switch. And of course the warranty expired about 2 weeks before this problem started happening.

    There was a previous poster who stated that the problem with his door was the switch on the inside, and that it took him about 2 hours to replace - and about $500 less than the dealer would have done it for. He got the switch at an aftermarket store on the internet... if you keep going through the posts you should find it.

    Good luck, and please let me know how you make out.

    Also, does Chrysler post a list of their known issues on the internet... or do you have to pay for access to that? I know that Ford used to call them "TSB's" (Technical Service Bulletins) and I was wondering if Chrysler has something similar.
  • gearhead8gearhead8 Posts: 12
    I would avoid that particular mini-van. There are alot of good deals to be had on the Chrysler vans. They seem to have transmission problems. With gas heading to $4 per gallon, the fuel economy is becoming an issue.
    My 2002 Grand Caravan has been pretty reliable. The drivers door power window failed last year. The air bag clock spring is intermittant (Air bag light illuminates once in a while). Other than that, no problems!
    My Gr Cartavan has only 34,000 miles. I stored it during the winters. I have it listed for $8600 on craigslist. No offers.
    So, if my low mileage Grand Caravan won't sell for $8600, I can't imagine why a 95,000 mile T&C with problems would be worth $6500.
  • gearhead8gearhead8 Posts: 12
    Chas has some good ideas.
    I had to replace the drivers door powwer window assembly on my 02 Grand Caravan.
    I found the whole assembly was the same price as the motor alone. And I don't think the motor can be replaced without removing the whole assembly from the door. Here is what I had to do.
    1. Remove the round plastic button and the screw by the door latch handle.
    2. Pry the switch cover off of the door panel and unplug the switch module.
    3. There are a series of plasic clips oround the edge of the door panel. I used a paint stir stick with a sanded edge to insert between the plactic door panel and the steel door frame. I slid the stir stick around the periphery of the door panel. When it bumped up agains a clip, I used a flat blade screw driver to pry the panel loose and pop the clips. The clips are nylon and could break when popped loose, so use some care.
    4. The window opener assembly has an X shaped configuration, made up of two tracks with cables attached to the motor in the middle of the X. You must unscrew the clips holding the window glass, unscrew the tracks from the door frame and unscrew the motor from the door frame. Then you must work this X assembly through the relatively small hole in the door frame. I first seems impossible without cutting the cables, but remember, the new assembly must be inserted intact, so it will fit.
    5. Reverse the process to reinstall.
    This job took me about 5 hours. But if you have good eyes and good hands, you might be able to do the job in less than three hours.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    2008 GC SXT - approaching 3000 miles. Van was assembled in Fenton Mo. during November 07. No quality control issues what-so-ever.
  • This is a new model, so any vans made in 07 are going to have issues. That is the risk you take when you purchase a new model year product. Our van was made in April 08 and we have had no issues.
  • mmakolmmakol Posts: 12
    We got our 08 T&C Limited a few months ago and so far only have 1 issue that needs to be addressed.

    For soem reason the shifter button becomes LOCKED after parking and it wont release until we pump the brakes.. :confuse: It has only happend twice, but when you get stuck ina carline picking your kids up from school the other parents arent happy about you being stuck.. :surprise:

    We are making an appointment this weekend and will et you guys know what they find. Probably a sensor or something.

    The MyGIG rer ves entertainment system and navigation are AWESOME.....our 3 kids absolutely LOVE this van. We couldnt be happier with its very ingenious features for a family. LOVE it.
  • valreegrlvalreegrl Posts: 1
    That is the exact problem I am having on mine, which is why I was looking here.

    I also have an 01 Town and Country limited. Just recently, I had this problem every once in a while, but now it is all the time.
    The door opens correctly using the remote and the overhead button, or the button inside. But to close, it will close almost the entire way, but when it sucks in the door to latch, it won't causing the motor to run and then just stop. Now we have to manually close the door.

    Was wondering if you have had any resolution with this problem?
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    Hello All,

    Our rear wiper is moving really slow now. I want to replace it, but not sure how. :confuse: Can someone give me some detailed instructions as how to remove the tail gate cover and wiper motor. Thanks ;)
  • My DS vent works fine, my PS vent opens and closes sporatically (mostly opens). It started one day when I couldn't close it. After a few days I has my son in back trying to 'assist' it when I activated the switch. He could 'help' it close while I was holding the switch but when I let go of the switch it just opened again. After several trys it stayed closed, then I closed the DS one (which closed ok) but the PS vent opened. I have been able to close it with the switch a couple times since then, but unpredictably. Any ideas?
  • mrmark64mrmark64 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with an 02. The latch tries to pull in there door at the rear edge, but then it pops out. I have checked the channel. Seems that the gear in the motor slips or something. Does the motor drive the latch on an ecentric to pull the door in? Even though it will close manually I'm concerned that it may not hold. I do have the loose weatherstrip on the leading edge of the window, but I don't see that as related. All ideas appreciated
  • jeff717jeff717 Posts: 1
    We just purchased our 2nd Town and Country and it only delivers 9 mpg in city and 10.5 highway. Our last 2003 had 16 city and 22 highway. Has anyone else had the same low mpg on a 2008?
  • katenkarkatenkar Posts: 1
    Took delivery May 31st....runs like a champ......took it on vacation got 22 mpg and was in the Blue Ridge mountains......awesome mileage. Kids love everything about the entertainment system.

    3500 miles on the van........Transmission came apart day after we returned...will not go into reverse...making major knocking noise....will be in shop 2 plus weeks as a new trans is on backorder.

    Hope this is just a one time deal.
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