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Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Caravan Door & Window Problems



  • lstanczyklstanczyk Posts: 2
    Few days ago power doors in my 06 grand caravan started acting up. They open/close when I use remote buttons, they work from the overhead console but do not operate from buttons located by the door. Both sides quit at the same time. I am guessing it is kind of a child proof behaviour - how do I fix it?
  • cfransencfransen Posts: 6
    Does that mean that you don't have the pinging noise when you turn off your engine?
  • cfransencfransen Posts: 6
    I'd like to hear from all new owners of the 2008 Town and Country at Ours has a loud pinging noise when we turn off the engine, but I know they all do not because I have stopped people in parking lots and talked to them about their new purchases. Please let me know whether or not your car has this loud pinging noise. I'm trying to compile a list for follow up as I fight Chrysler to get this fixed. Thanks
  • check the overhead console, the far left button near the sidedoor switches yoiu should find an on/ off switch this is the child safty lockout switch.. I only know this because of test driving a 2006 T+C , Hope this helps! PS I'm very Serious about buying one Should I or Not, It has 22,900 miles?
  • lstanczyklstanczyk Posts: 2
    It was an overhead button. I feel stupid for not figuring it out myself.
    As far as the vehicle itself - we love it. We love stow'n'go that allows us not to have a pickup and be able to move big stuff as well as take the whole + extended fammily for a trip (7 people fits comfortably). We also love power doors. If you are out of the store with tons of bags, kid on your shoulder etc. - there is nothing better. The only disadvantage - we get about 18 mpg (half hgwy half town)- that is less then many of my friends' SUVs get.
  • tiger3ptiger3p Posts: 30
    None at my end *knock on wood* .. ~1500 miles on the van..
  • When and where was your car manufactured?
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    My exhaust pings, but very softly and for only a few minutes after you shut it off. It was made in Nov 07 in Fenton Mo. It is more of a light "click, click" sound and not irritating at all.
  • Well. I worked on it today and it wasn't bad at all. It was easy to replace and only took 45 min. Only cost us about $40.00 for the part.
  • abutcherabutcher Posts: 33
    I've looked at several 2008 Grand Caravans at different dealers, and noticed when I sat in the 2nd row that the window up/down switches in the sliding doors are installed upside down compared to those on the front doors. I bought one and it too had them installed the same way. I checked the owner's manual and it shows them installed the correct way, the way that the front window switches are installed. I checked my neighbor's 2008 T&C and it too has them upside down.

    I am thinking I can pop them out and re-install them correctly.

    Are they all like this?
  • We purchased a T&C in October of 2007. And YES it too had a loud pinging noise after the engine is turned off. It drove me nuts! I reported one of the many times that I have had our T&C in for service. At first they told me that it was just something that the T&C did and there was nothing that they could do about it. Then in April of 2008 the service dept advised me that they would needed to order a new catalytic converter (under warranty) which was why my T&C was pinging after being turned off. Good luck with your T&C. Hope you have better luck than us? We are now dealing with rotors needing to be replaced WITHOUT even being turned at 17,000 miles! I really hate my T&C!
  • We purchased a T&C in October of 2007 and have nothing but problems with it. From the third row seating not stowing, to them locking up, to the radio not working, replacing a catalytic converter, the A/C not cooling and the super sensitive power doors and now having to replace brakes AND rotors with only 17,000 miles on it. We are super frustrated and called Chrysler customer service to only get a telephone rep in INDIA! We have been told there is no local Chrysler rep to discuss our issues with. If I were you I would ask for my money back and get a HONDA!
  • Is anyone having any issues with their 2008 T&C Van brakes and rotors? We have a van with 17,000 miles that our local service department advised us that both the brakes and rotors needed replaced. The tires were rotated around 11,000 miles in May and evidently the rotors and brakes were fine then. Now the brakes have embedded into the rotors so bad that they have a cut a lip in the rotor and now the rotors can not be turned. The service department advised us that the cost to replace the brakes and rotors was $350 and that it was NOT covered under warranty! Could live with replacing the brakes every 17,000 miles but replacing rotors every 17,000 is ridiculous. Anyone else having this issues? If so, e-mail me at
  • So sorry to hear of your many problems with your T&C. Seems you might have something that would fall under the lemon law. Because of your response about the pinging noise I now have hope that we may be able to get the noise fixed. We will be taking the car in with your note and insisting they change the catalytic converter. I'm assuming this stopped your noise. If it didn't please let me know.
    Thanks so much.
  • Could live with replacing the brakes every 17,000 miles but replacing rotors every 17,000 is ridiculous.

    I'm sorry to hear about your brake troubles. The pads have a metal warning sensor that contacts the rotor when the pad thickness wears down to a certain point. It is there to prevent continued driving with severely worn pads and eventually wearing them down to the rivets and cutting a groove in the rotor, as yours apparently did.

    Didn't you notice a high pitched squealing whenever you applied the brakes? That was the warning sensor rubbing on the rotor. The sensor would not cut a groove in the rotor but the rivets in the pad sure would.

    I'm not sure of the reason for the low pad life in your case. However, I was following a Grand Caravan to work today. We were descending a 3/4 mile long hill. As soon as we started down the hill I noticed their brake lights come on and he/she rode the brakes all the way down. I was following behind in my auto trans Sebring and I only had to tap the brakes once about halfway down. I wondered to myself just how often they had to replace their brakes.

    On the warranty, you might be able to successfully argue for new pads if they find that the calipers are sticking. However, they probably will not replace the rotors under warranty if it was determined that you continued to drive it after the pads were worn down to the metal.
  • I just emailed you! I am going through this right now as well and am incredibly frustrated. I bought the T&C brand new in Oct. 07 and with 20,000 miles on it we were told the same as you. $350 - new brakes & rotors. I am so glad I came across this post, I can't wait to call the dealer back to argue that it is indeed their problem and not my driving. While 20,000 is a bit much in 10 months, it is all highway, no stop and go, so we find it hard to beleive that it needs this kind of workd one already.
  • We bought our van September '07. At 18,000 miles the Brakes and Roters completely wore out and had to be replaced, which was not covered under warranty. Shortly after, all the problems began...The sliding doors constantly reopen after closing them or will get stuck open. The engine light comes on. The headlights go out and the dash lights go dark while driving at night. The satellite TV/Radio went out. A new part from Sirius had to be ordered which took over a month to come in. The car forgets that the engine is on while driving. Seven times now I have been on roads and/or freeways at speeds up to 80 mph, when all of the sudden the car just turns off. And with power steering, the steering wheel becomes VERY hard to turn when trying to get off the road before getting hit!! Every time the car is in the shop, the answer is always some sensor gone bad! It's a Lemon and Chrysler knows it. The design of the '08 T&C is too electronicly equipt for the brain that was put into it. The dealership continually assures us that this is the only T&C with this problem..But I know this is not true. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. One electric short in the brain triggers another problem. I get the van back and within a week it's back in with the same or a new issue. We were told to call Chrysler Corp to report it, which we have, but which ever location the call center is based out of, they have not mastered the English language yet... nothing more frustrating than already being upset having to make the call, and then trying to communicate with someone with very broken english!! We have now contacted our Attorney to address the Major problem
  • I just got a 2008 T&C touring last week , i dont hear a loud pinging noise on my van but i hear this hissing noise like the AC compressor when i am cruising around 40 km/h , but if i accelerate the noise goes away and for example if i am travelling around 65km/h and when i leave the gas pedal and let the van slow down down to around 40 km/h or less i hear this hissing noise....i have my AC completed shut when i an hearing this noise . Let me know if you have the same noise.
  • I bougt this Van last week brand new.....Has anyone noticed a HISSING/ LEAKING noise from the dash when the vehicle travelling 60 km/p or lower. The noise is almost constant but goes away for a few seconds and comes back again, i took it to the dealer and the service manager went for a test drive with me , the manager said that this was the first time he has ever heard of this complaint about this hissing noise and he also said that he has never noticed this on any of the van, so we went for a test drive on another Town & Country that was in stock....and it made the Hissing noise. He was surprised that no one noticed this Hissing noise and he said he will look in to it .
    Can anyone let me know if your 2008 T&C does the same ? Just to compare ..Please let me know as this is driving me nuts , unless if all the T&C are making the same noise then i will have to live with it .

  • The latches which are going into Chysler minivans since at least August 2008 are not made with certified material. They are being supplied by a Chinese company named Jinyi. Instead of using approved material Jinyi has mixed in recycled material. This causes the latches to break easily. These latches are being bought by Magna International the Load Floor supplier to Chrysler. Magna knows the latches do not meet standards, but they are a huge cost save. They have not told Chrysler of the change.
  • Link to an official (not some blog) source, please.
  • srt10srt10 Posts: 13
    Concerned7, how is it that you know that the latches do not meet the standards and Chrysler does not? I have owned Dodge and Chrysler products for a long time and I have always found the quality and workmanship superior to Ford and GM. Now I know every manufacturer uses some Chinese parts, but I have always been happy with Chrysler’s use of these parts. Have you ever seen the plastic dash and knobs in some GM products? They almost look fake.
  • There are many Chinese suppliers that are very good. You would probably be surprised at how may of the parts come from China. More than just a few knobs. However some of the suppliers switch material to keep the price low. The currency exchange rate is hurting the Chinese companies as it strengthens against the dollar. So some resort to cutting corners. U.S. suppliers do the the same thing but not on the same scale. Chrysler doesn't know because they purchase the entire floor from Magna. Once the individual parts are initially approved they do not keep track until there is a problem. I used to work for the U.S. sales representative of this particular Chinese company and have intimate knowledge of everything they do.
  • srt10srt10 Posts: 13
    Very interesting. I did know that a lot of parts came from China, it does make sense in this age where the bottom line has a huge influence on what we buy. The switch tactics don't suprise me considering what happened 2 years ago with the whole Mattel toy scandal. I also agree that the currency exchange rate is hurting the Chinese. Imagine if the CNY wasn't controlled by the goverment? That would be the end of China as we know it.
  • Just found out that the pinging noise we have when we turn off our engine to our Chrysler 2008 T&C is a result of a bad catalytic converter and/or resonator as per a Chrysler service bulletin through dealer connect/service/tech connect/case #K82543424.
  • shanmd, #29: This is EXACTLY what my van is doing. It is in the shop right now because I refuse to pick it up until they can tell me what is wrong with it. TWICE it has stalled when I am driving trying to merge onto the highway! Both times other cars were able to go around me - who knows if I will be so lucky the 3rd time. The service tech told me "we hooked it up to the computer and didn't find any codes" , "it's hard to find the problem when it is intermittent". That's all??? In a situation this serious I find this completely unacceptable. Have you made any progress. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  • I know this an old post but I thought I would help out any new Chrysler/Dodge owners. I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Touring and recently the power door locks stopped working electronically. Manually they still worked but that was it. So with the help of this blog I figured out it is a common problem. So I called my local Chrysler dealership and scheduled a repair and told them what was going on and that I needed the computer reset permanently rather than having to disconnect the battery every other day. So took it in and they said this is a known issue (they called it a bulletin) and they needed to "flash" the computer and it cost $86 plus tax. Took them a couple of hours to do. So hope that helps. As a temporary fix if you disconnect your battery for a few minutes it does reset it.
  • I took my caravan in and they shouldn't have charged for the Flash. Does Microsoft charge of their upgrades. But more importantly the flash didn't work. We needed to have the entireBody Control Module replaced. When they did that it was a bad unit and the same thing happened. When I returned to the dealer they tested the car with their meter and it said the passenger door lock was broken. But in reality the meter wasn't reading correctly because we had pulled the plug on the battery and door locks were working fine. So they refunded our money for the second visit and sent our BCM out and returned with a new one. Now we haven't had any problems. It is the BCM alone and nothing else except your time and money. Their meters are faulty with these connections. Good Luck!!!
  • roizroiz Posts: 2
    What problems have you had with the pwer doors? Do they open on their own?
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