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Dodge Avenger Starting and Stalling Problems



  • I finally fixed the problem and I replaced my distributor which has my cam sensor on it. It started right up. Good luck to everyone else.
  • mathewsjmathewsj Posts: 2
    I have a '99 Avenger 2.5 (V6) with about 54K miles on it. I had ran a non-manufactured diagnostic test on it and nothing came up. But i can't get it to start up. I know that it is fuel related because once fuel was sprayed into the carberator it started up just fine but then shut back off seconds later. When i first noticed the problem i was able to get it to start and i let it run on idle for about 20 minutes. But after that it started to die out. Does anyone have an idea as to what can be the problem?
    Also where is the inertia shut off switch located?
  • Maybe if you think it has something to do with the fuel, then you should start with replacing the fuel filter. The check engine light hasn't come on at all?
  • mathewsjmathewsj Posts: 2
    I will try that today. No the check engine light does not come on. Thanks
  • dcbolsby98dcbolsby98 Posts: 3
    i have been having the same problem with mine it seems to run fine untill you get it warmed up and let off the gas it wants to quit, give it 30 min. and it fires up. need some advise please
  • dcbolsby98dcbolsby98 Posts: 3
    my car does the same thing and i was wondering if you fixed your problem because it sounds alot like the problem i have been having
  • dcbolsby98dcbolsby98 Posts: 3
    i own a 1998 avenger it is a v6 2.5 liter and when you are driving along after it gets warm when you take your foot off the gas it stalls out and wont start for another 10-20 minutes
    i took a spark plug and checked for spark but had none has new
    pcm, camshaft sensor, and new injectors, need some advice
  • robwhitrobwhit Posts: 13
  • robwhitrobwhit Posts: 13
    I am getting a dogging of my engine whenever I first give it gas but when on the road or highway it runs well and has pep. Just recently it has developed a miss when driving-I have done a total tune-up as well as put in new disributor crank sensor. Any ideas what might be wrong? also starts up a bit slow.
    For 1st 6 months after all the repairs done (which were done about a yr ago) the car ran GREAT.
  • ginoaginoa Posts: 3
    have a problem starting,unfortunately cant afford mechanic rgt now.engine turns over,will fire up for a second and die or will chug for a few secs and die or if i press gas peddal dies immediatly.
    any help totally appreciated
    can anyone tell me where fuel pump is and fuel pressure regulator. thankyou in advance for any help
  • robwhitrobwhit Posts: 13
    The fuel pump and regulator are just infront of fuel tank on passanger side. Should buy a "Clinton manual" at Walmart for this car. It is very handy and relatively cheap!!
    Should take a compression test on the cylinders to be sure timing belt has not jumped some teeth . It should read about 170 to 185 pounds pressure dry. Wet would be 10 more pounds. How many miles on engine as I had to replace the whole distributor on my car,from Discount Murrays(cheapest source). Also the crank case sensor could be malfunctioning which is down below the battery and goes into crankcase. Goodluck
  • sounds to me like it is the 02 sensor... common problem in cars that people never change and are supposed to be changed after so many miles if your engine light is on you can check your codes and look it up in the haynes manual improves the fuel efficiency and the stumbling upon acceleration there are usually 2 an upstream and a downstream commonly it is the upstream
  • Have a 1995 avenger 4 cyl. 2.0. Have had these starting stalling problems for almost a year. Replaced coil pack, plugs, wires. Still, would start when it wanted, and would shut off when it wanted. I tried tapping on the ASD relay (automatic shutdown relay) and it started right up. (This is responsible for shutting your fuel pump down) Went and bought the $13.00 part and car starts now, but it seems the idle is low when driving, and still wants to die when I come to a stop. Hate to get rid of car, as I have rebuilt the entire front end, new tires, brakes, oh yea, did I mention this is a new but used engine I also put in 2 years ago!! 86000 miles!! Help, Girl in need of advice!! :(
  • Did you check the fuses under the hood?
  • keppskepps Posts: 1
    Hey, I HAve a 98 dodge avenger, i bought it used, and some guy decided to put a new engine in it, i tuner engine, and when i first got the car, it was alright, but a month later, it sucks butt! but, my mom spent 836$ on this vehicle :blush: and i waited 3 days for Midads to get done, we get it back, i didnt even drive out of the drive way b4 it stalled, it died right there, and the manager urged my mom b4 saying," I dont want your son to go out that driveway and the car stalls." but IT STALLS! :mad: it keeps stalling, someone please who had the same problem, please tell me what you did to fix urs.....thanks....
  • myangelmyangel Posts: 5
    Does this car just shut down whenever it feels? Does it stsrt back up right away or no? I bought my daughter a 1995 Avenger, and for a year we couldnt figure out why it would just shut off whenever it feels like. And it generally wouldnt stsrt back up right away, but days later it would! Even the Dodge dealers didnt know anything. So I found on another forum someone with the same problem! It was something called the "ASD" relay. (automatic shut down relay) (these shut down your gas supply for safety) It is located under the hood, driver side, on the firewall, near the top. Easy to get to. There are 2 of these small relays, and they only cost $13.00!!! Try going under the hood with a screwdriver. Use the butt end of it and tap on both of these relays when your car shuts down again. If it is these relays, your car "WILL" start back up! ;) We bought these relays and after 6 months it is doing it again though. BUT, it still stsrts back up when she taps on these. But, like you, this was a new engine also!!! It is a minor fix. Let me know if this works!!
  • kvarilekkvarilek Posts: 1
    Hey guys. I have a 98 ES with the 2.5 liter engine. My car turns over but it won't fire up. I have had this happen before and after turning my car off and going through the gears and putting it back into park it started back up. I figured it was just not engaged in park. This time it won't start. It just keeps turning over, at one point it tried starting but died right away. Now it won't do anything other than turn over. Any ideas for me? I appreciate it!
  • Ok people i just bought a 95 2.0 avenger for 500$. the car has the same problems with it not wanting to stay running,i new this when i got it.I just like the car, so im going from front to back on it to get it running right.I will post my finding on the problem's as i go.will take some time, i got a 79 280zx im getting back on the road at the same time.
    (GAME ON)
  • myangelmyangel Posts: 5
    I can tell you now that part of your problem is the "ASD" (automatic shutdown relay). It is located on the driver side, on the firewall. They are two small black square boxes. If the vehicle kills, or is not starting up right now, go out with a screwdriver, and tap on these relays. Your car should start. These relays are only $12.00 at your local DODGE DEALER. Auto parts stores DO NOT carry these, only your dodge dealer. Dont know why. They are a cheap fix, but not whats causing these to short out or "SHUT DOWN". There must be a short in the wiring somewhere that we havn't been able to find, no one, even your dodge dealer seem to be able to pinpoint this. I bought my daughter this same car, 95 Avenger 2.0 about 4 years ago. This started about 2 years ago, and just figured this out a year ago. Replacing them, the car is just fine and starts and stays running properly for about 6-8 months, then starts acting up again. She just gets out of her car, and taps on these. and is on her way again! Good-Luck! :)
  • my avenger has 123,000.miles on it i bought new in 96.have had no problems with it untill will run fine and with no worning will shut off,but will start back up.and sometimes it dies and when i try and start it back up it will fire up and die amedeitly.last time it did this it took about 10 trys befor it fired up and ran fine.its been doing this for a while.i have replaced the fuel filters and pump.still keep dieing on me does any one have any ansers for me?
  • robwhitrobwhit Posts: 13
    I had same problem with my V6.It is the crank case sensor that is overheating and needs to be changed. It is not expensive at Discount Murrays and you can change it . Found below the battery held by one screw as it goes into the transmission housing. Follow the single wire going below battery. Leave felt spacer on end of sensor as this is your spacer to not let it touch the crank shaft.
    Hope this helped-I sold my 96 avenger last month for parts for $400 but had fun with it for 5 yrs.Let me know if this works to solve the problem.
  • witch sensor, crank case timeing,or asssumeing timeing
  • I have a 1995 Dodge Avenger 2.0 and the alternator went out on it, so i bought one and put it in. When i went to start it all it will do is turn over. I have never had a problem with it firing up. It did sit for a couple days without a battery, and the front end was up in the air the day i was working on it. I only had an 1/8 tank a gas in it and someone said that maybe it lost fuel pressure. I tried just turning the key to Acc then off then on again but nothing. Now i was using my buddies Envoy to jump it before i replace the alternator and it started just fine, when we went to do it after the install NOTHING!! Can anyone help??
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,467
    You might verify the fuel pressure theory by squirting some starter fluid into the intake. If it fires right up for a second then yes, fuel is your problem, either pump or fuel pressure regulator, or a fuse or relay that controls same that got fried during the jump starts.

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  • I have this same problem with my 97 2.0 avenger. Had the fuel filter, spark plugs and wires changed but it still does it. Not all the time, it seems to happen in cycles. It won't do it for 4-6 months and then you are driving along going 55 and it's like it loses power and dies 4 or 5 times in a month. Most of the time it starts right back up and sometimes you have to wait for up to an hour. This has been happening for the last 5 years but no one knows what is going on. The check engine light comes on when it does it and when we first got it checked it was a code that supposedly only a dealership could give us and the local one wanted to charge us just to look at it! My stubborn husband refused and has been suffering through it because it doesn't happen all the time and even went a year without a problem. I think I am going to have it rechecked at an auto store and see if they have info on it now and can figure out whats wrong since it happened again this morning to him. Anyone else have this problem and the check engine light come on? By the way it doesn't seem to be because you are coming to a stop or slowing down or while accelerating. It's just as you are driving along with your foot on the gas mostly at a steady speed. Sometimes you can make it miles before and sometimes barely a mile.
  • robwhitrobwhit Posts: 13
    I had same with my 96 v6 avenger-It was my crankcase sensor that was overheating and shuting down. Not sure where this sensor is on the 2L engine as on my v6 it was below the battery going into the crankdcase. Bought new one at Discount Murray's for very little and installed it myself in about 20 minutes. Let me know if this works.
  • Well now my avenger isn't starting at all. It died early this morning and is refusing to start back at all. This has happened once before 3 years ago and my husband took the battery cables off and poke around clueless for a bit and it started back.Sometimes when it started back for a sec it would idle really rough and miss like crazy then die out again. A sec later it would start up running beautifully. Does the crankcase do any of that? It would make sense something is overheating because it seems to do it in hotter weather rather than colder months. We just moved to TX from KY in Feb so the weather is far hotter here than where we were. Drove this car the whole way without incident (20 hour drive) and then shortly after making it to Austin it died and started right back up fine. Nothing for a month and then did it again and took 5 min to start. Fine since then even in 100 degree weather then today dies and refuses to start hours later! Before Feb the last time was July 2007. Is it an expensive part or hard to replace. Thanks to this great new city I moved to looks like if it's getting fixed anytime soon it will be me and my husband instead of a mechanic. * Side note: if ever in Austin and you break down even if in the emergency lane far over in no ones way the police will have you towed in an hour or less (took my husband to work and came back to have it towed to my house and it was gone 45 min later!) It was less than 5 miles from my house and they towed it to the other end of Austin????? Anyway just for that it cost 171.65 - then I had to pay to get it towed to my house for an additional amount. Huge Scam - if you request a hearing they charge you $27 plus court costs and since they say it's an officers judgement you are screwed. So, it's cheaper to pay the blood money and vent on a forum, lol!
  • I also forgot to mention, We tapped on the ASD several times from lightly to hard and it still doesn't start. It tries to turn over but doesn't.
  • nayrae89nayrae89 Posts: 2
    i have a 97 avenger. people were telling us that the fuel pump may have been broken because there was no sound coming from it when we tried to start the car. we bought another fuel pump but there was still no sound from that one. we thought it may have been the fuel pump relay because when we checked the cable that runs to the fuel pump and theres no power to it. we replaced the relay and nothing. the car tries to start but thers no spark either. i saw online it may be the asd relay but i have no idea where it is. can anyone help?
  • Absolutely, Under the hood at the very back against the firewall, right infront of where the steering wheel is, you will see a black box that is about an inch wide and looks to be 3 inches long. You tap on that when it stalls and if it starts it's it. The part is about 13 dollars, so, I have been told and it only solves the stalling for 6-8 months because there is another reason like a short that causes it to go bad that, from what I read, Dodge still doesn't know why it happens. If it doesn't start back like mine when I tapped on it and if the check engine light comes on you can check the codes yourself or read the posts from the beginning to get ideas. I tried to cover everything mine did before stopping. I just looked up the codes and got a bad camshaft sensor/ distributor code. Camshaft position sensor is 26 dollars. Hope this helps!
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