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Dodge Avenger Starting and Stalling Problems



  • robwhitrobwhit Posts: 13
    If the other replies don't solve your problem my 96 V6 avenger had to have a new distributor assembly put in which is not hard-I got it at Discount Murrays cheap. It contains everything including the coil and camshaft sensor etc. Easiest way to determing if it is a fuel problem is to just spray quick start into intake and if it starts each time for a short while it is starving for fuel. If not it is an electrical problem as there is no spark. Let me know how things go.
  • I just wanted to say thank you, Rob. I sincerely appreciate your response. It gave me an idea of what problem I was looking at and that allowed me to find a place online that had the check engine codes while I was searching for the crankshaft sensor. (couldn't drive it anywhere to check) Mine happened to be the other one (Camshaft) but they both work together and cause the same kind of results. Actually, my next door neighbor's 96 v6 has the same problem! Small world.
  • nayrae89nayrae89 Posts: 2
    we tried tapping on the asd and it still doesnt start. we decided to take it to a shop rather than buying all sorts of parts and just guessing. so far the machanic says he has no idea why the car wont start.
  • hambone66hambone66 Posts: 5
    My name is Tony ,I am new to the avenger ,a friend that has a 99 told me about this site. I bought a 95 that was not running I was told pos side of battery grounded out on the hood. I did the following--replaced the brain, distributor, checked all fuses, replaced the relays on firewall--drivers side, turns over fine, but no spark or gas, if I spray starter fluid in throttle body sometimes it will act like it wants to start and other times it won't. Was told car was running and driving when it shut down. I can hear the fuel pump come on when you turn the key. I also checked voltage to the injectors and I have voltage.I also put new plugs and wires in it.Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • robwhitrobwhit Posts: 13
    is it a V6 or 4 cyl? My V6 had a faulty crankshaft sensor that was cheap at Discount Murrays and it is located under battery going into the crank case. jPretty easy to change
  • hambone66hambone66 Posts: 5
    thanks for your reply It is a v-6 the guy at the auto part store said the crank shaft sensor was in the distrbutor I got a book and I see what you are talking about thanks ,My buddy has a 99 for sale for 1500 has a carbon fiber hood and over size wing 2 sets of rims and tires. but bady tranny just stoped working.
  • Just brought my 95 Dodge Avenger ES about a year ago. Just took it to Meineke about 2-3 weeks ago to have some things done.. brakes, tires, filter changes etc. Spent about 600 to keep my baby happy. Now, it wont even start. Went to turn the key in the ignition and all i hear is a faint click. Now, all the lights still work and so does the radio.. The car just wont turn over at all. My friends husband thinks its the starter.. I don't have a clue.. All I know is I can't afford to take it to the shop again. Can someone please help.
    Its a V6 , 2.5L :sick:
  • Hi,my name is Tony. Did you replace the battery?Have you checked to make sure the positive and negative cables are tight? If your friend thinks it's the starter try reaching underneath the car with a wrench or something similar and tap on the starter, the solenoid could be sticking. Good luck!
  • Hi Tony.. thanks for the reply. I have a new battery. I will check the positive and negative cables though and try tapping on the starter.. Hopefully it works.

    Thanks Again

    Tonya R.
  • haoslsehaoslse Posts: 1
    Hi, Tony and Hambone, I don't mean to hijack, but I read all through these posts. It seems I have the same problem as Hambone, or maybe that overheating thing. I just bought a 97 Avenger, 2.5 L. It died about 3-4 weeks ago, around 100 degree temps around here. So I dunno if it's a overheating thing or the Camshaft sensor. I am guessing what Tony said, and the Camshaft sensor, at least I hope that too. I have power to everything, just not starting. It does not even "TRY" to turn over. The people I bought it from were moving, and said it died about a month ago. Any ideas? I may head to get a camshaft sensor. All the sensors seem cheap. And to keep it running , every 6-8 months isnt a bad deal. gas is way more on my I want to get this running. Any help would be MUCH appreciated..

    Thanks in advance!!
  • I have a 98 dodge avenger that needless to say is a complete pile. It has been sitting for about 3 months. I had to put in a new distributor cap and replaced the spark plugs. It starts up but idles weird the rpms jump around and when you give it gas it sputters. Anybody have any ideas ive already missed a couple of days of school because of this retarded car
  • I'm having the same issueswith my 98 avenger 6 cylinder. I've replaced the plugs and wires, TPS, crankshaft position sensor, idle air control valve, and stripped and cleaned the throttle body and upper and lower intake plenum. I also ran seafoam through it, and removed and cleaned the fuel injectors. Also, replaced the fuel filter and removed and cleaned gas tank. It has a new battery, and I'm on my to replace map sensor and egr valve. Any ideas? I have a code scanner, but it doesn't read any codes. It just idles ok, then the rpms fluctuate and it dies. It dies quicker if I change gears, especially if I try driving it. Somehow it feels stronger with every sensor I replace, but I don't know if thats in my head...
  • Hi this is hambone my 95 was doing the same thing after I got it running though I had a vacum leak when I pushed on the gas some times it would sound like backfire throught the throttle body but it was a down strem oxygen sensor some of these avenger have 3 of them on my autoscanner came up Ho1 and Ho2 so I un pluged my down strem oxygn sensor now it never ran better had to turn down idel but I adj that to keep it running befor I found out problem runs good now I am replacing trnny now I hope this helps bouth of you haveing problems by the way the sensor is 55 dollars and if you think you have a vacum leak the best way to tell is to spray carb cleaner around intake and injectors if idel picks up you have a leak there car must be running when you spray try to get the code red first but you can try unpluging it first left on mine it is laying on the side of the a/c unit or around it good luck.
  • trexxttrexxt Posts: 5
    I've been having problems also with my Avenger ,when slowing down I have to keep my foot on the gas and the brake or the car shuts down then I have to start it up again because the avenger is a very unique car as I found out '' I had to find a really good mechanic but before I did I replaced a few things that different mechanics thought was the problem and none of the new parts made a difference so when it came down to it this new mechanic really new his stuff it turned out to be the EGR VALVE which can be ordered from chrsyler for $148.00
  • trexxttrexxt Posts: 5
    I've been having problems also with my Avenger ,when slowing down I have to keep my foot on the gas and the brake or the car shuts down then I have to start it up again because the avenger is a very unique car as I found out '' I had to find a really good mechanic but before I did I replaced a few things that different mechanics thought was the problem and none of the new parts made a difference so when it came down to it this new mechanic really new his stuff it turned out to be the EGR VALVE which can be ordered from chrsyler for $148.00
  • I wish someone could tell me why my car will start some days but not other days :confuse:
  • I've had it for less than a month, and tomorrow it's going back to the dealer for the third time for a stalling issue, one that seems consistent with other posters here. It's the 2.7L SXT version, loaded with all the 'goodies', but if I can't rely on it, they're not much good to me, eh?

    The EGR valve has been replaced already, and the 'flashing' of the ignition and throttle control computers. It stalled not even 100' from the dealership after all this, but I was almost late for work and couldn't go right back. Help?!?! :cry:
  • I have read what seems to be many similar problems but I can't pin down exactly what I'm encountering here. Any advice would be helpful.
    I've got a 95 Avenger 2.0 Manual. One day (happened to be a particularly cold day), the car would not turn over. It would act like it wanted to start, but would not. I waited for it to get above freezing, but still no dice. I also tried starting fluid but that did not help. Well, I figured it was the fuel pump and/or the fuel pump relay. I then paid more attention and noticed that the fuel pump did not run when I turned the ignition to on.
    I have replaced both the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay but I'm still getting the same symptom. The engine will turn over and I'm getting a spark, but it will not start. Fuel pump still does not engage.
    From the sound of it, it could be my ASD relay. Can you really replace that with any 5-pin 30amp relay? If so, then great, because the dealer wants almost $70 for it and I can probably get it at an auto parts store for $10-$15.
    I am not getting any check engine light codes. It flashes the normal 5 - 5. Anybody have any advice? I need to get this car moving's my daily driver.
  • Hi I have a 95 but mine has a 2.5 it had the same problem but I was not getting any spark or it was very weak and fuel pump would not come on I replaced the crank shaft sincer fual pump started working and got good spark ? and I think it has 2 fuel pump relays
  • OK, just tried some more tests and it sounds like the fuel pump kicks on when the engine attempts to turn over...but normally it should come on when the key goes to "on". So, now I don't know what to think. I tried swapping out the ASD relay for the one that I replaced (old fuel pump relay), but I had the same result.

    Any ideas? :confuse:
  • pskochpskoch Posts: 3
    Well, I gave up and took it to the shop. They said the front O2 sensor went bad and thus flooded my engine and ruining the spark plugs. New plugs and a new front oxygen sensor and she is running like a champ. The fuel pump wasn't turning on because the engine was flooded (there was actually too much pressure).

    Hopefully this helps someone out.
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Avenger that has been stalling (more frequently it seems) while Im driving. While I am driving my tach drops down to zero, power seems to be on, engine seems to be on then all the warrning lights come when when it dies. After a more then 10 minutes it will start up again. It may stay running or it wil stall out again in a matter of minutes. The longer I let it sit, the longer it will run. Ive also noticed some white smoke coming out of the exhaust, which leaves me to believe a gasket problem. But would it stall my car out like it is? Ive also noticed my Coolant was practically empty when I checked one day. Anyone have any comment or suggestions? It would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  • I think my car needs the asd relay changed . There are 3 relay boxes on the firewall in front of the steering wheel. Does anyone know which one is the asd relay?
  • sure buddy if you think that is what the problem is because i just bought an avenger for 500 and nobody could figure out what was wrong with it so i towed it home and figured it out within 30 mins i put a new distributor , cap and rotor and it started up and ran like a champ , very good solid car no problems yet and that was a month ago
  • I swapped an 05' Dodge Neon 2.0L block with the original rebuilt head and componentry from the 96' Dodge Avenger back into the Avenger. Everything went great, but I have no power to the ignition coil, and I have to jump the ASD relay and fuel pump relay to get them to work. The relays had power to activate, but would not close.

    I had to take the harness for the Crank Position Sensor (CPS) and route it from it's original location by the oil filter on the 96' block to behind the starter on the 05' block. I initially used the 05' CPS, to no avail, then swapped the 96' CPS to see if it would work with a 5mm spacer, but still nothing.

    The wiring harness to the relays had several wires with broken/open covers that appears to have been grounding out, and now have been seperated and repaired.

    I have a good ground lead to the coil and both wires from the PCM show good continuity.

    I have no fault codes with a Full diagnostic scan.

    The 120A alternator fuse was blown, and was replaced.

    Is the PCM fried? or what?
  • I pulled the motor, and swapped cranks, and drilled out the CPS hole on the 05' block and ground the face of the CPS mounting surface on the block down to match up with the original .025" sensor to target wheel spacing. After I cleaned it all and put the motor back together it runs like a charm, but just throws a P0351 code, which is in reference to the Primary circuit malfunction to the coil. I will wiggle some wires around or tell the guy he needs a coil. But aside from that it runs great!
  • dodge_95dodge_95 Posts: 1
    hey im having kind of the same problem with my 95 dodge avenger.. i was just wondering if you changed your spark plugs.. or the spark plug wires..
  • sleepygsleepyg Posts: 1
    bought it for 400 and was running but as soon as i pulled in the driveway it stalled on me i know it needed 2 injectors and a tune up it was missing and running rich injectors wer bad .....replaced the injectors and plugs also wires cap and rotor and the cps sensor still no start now i get no spark only thing i think it is is the distributor also tapped on the asd relay ....any help out there .please...need car running...... :cry:
  • ok so for about a year now my car hesitates and is sluggish when i accelerate. When i give it gas it hardley goes anywhere i replaced the cam sensor new computer and the fuel filter fuel pump cleaned my injectors new plugs wires coil pack and now it will jerk hard when im going at a descent speed liked it died and restarted please help if you can :sick:
  • tungktungk Posts: 1
    i have a 1995 2.0
    i replaced the pcm cam shart sensor the asd the cam position and yet it wont crank can you help please!?
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