Ford Freestar Electrical Problems

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I have an 04 Monterey minivan an I am experiencing serious electrical problems. The battery light comes on and stays on for about 30 seconds then goes off. After this, the dash lights and radio go off. Most of the time they come back on within a few seconds. Recently I noticed that if I turn the headlights off and then back on, the dash lights and the radio come back on right away. Sometimes when this happens, the display states to "Check braking system" and then goes to "Check traction control." The dealer thought this was related to the aftermarket remote starter I had installed, the starter was in the van for about 18 months before these problems began. I had a new remote starter installed and things were fine for about three months. The exterior lights remain on when this happens and the van runs fine otherwise. Has anyone else experienced any problem like this? Any ideas on what the problem might be? I plan on taking it to a different dealer next week. Thanks


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    We have the same vehicle but, to the best of my knowledge (my wife drives it mostly), we have not had this happen. However, I had to drive it about a week ago and I noticed the display on the radio was flashing and was totally frozen and would not play. I couldn't switch to CD, change stations, nothing. I forgot to ask my wife about it but the next time I used the van (a couple days later) it was fine and hasn't happened since. Not sure if could be similar/related electrical issues causing that as well.

    Another thing I noticed is that the cruise control no longer works either. Does anyone know what I could check there? Is there a fuse controlling that which may need to be replaced?

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    had a '93 sable wagon. different animal I know. fought electrical problems for a while. tuffy (up the street) fixed it for a couple of hundred $ or so. it was the (let me get this right) steering wheel electrical rotating connections. they have an acronym for it. mechanic also told me to replace another gizmo near the base of the steering wheel and firewall at the same time (done). I thought he was trying to drum up business by replacing the gizmo at the same time. -turns out he was right! an ole timer had to redo his connector as well, but did not replace the gizz. cost him much more $$$. IF you DO NOT replace this other gizmo along w/ the circular connector assy, shame sham sha sh.
    as you turn the steering wheel (thousands of times), horns, lights, bags, cruises, etc all go through this electrical box of rotating contacts. sound controls too?? it gets wooorrrn out. 125k for me. also all this stuff is plugged into the Friggin 'puter. = disaster dollars! ford knows about this issue, and the motors manuals even have a specific time code for this operation. software at tuffy shows this too....

    trying to replace my 93 sable wagon, but having a hell of a time finding the same features. ... tall guy's tilt wheel (no knee bashing), cornering lights, instruments that a blind guy can see, low deck (so the two old arthritic labradors can get in easily), ability to tow my boat, plenty of trip/luggage/tools/stuff/ room and oh yes--- keep the fiance happy too (not so hard to do).

    enjoy your F O R D.
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    Not sure if my problem is electrical or not.....checking to see if anyone else has had this happen. I was driving to Ohio from Northern Michigan last night about 11 pm...doing about 75 mph on a two-lane highway in the left lane, with my four children (ages 13, 10, 8 and most complicating....15 months) when my van simply "died". No sputtering, jerking, or anything was as if I had pulled out the key. Blinkers and windows still worked, but no steering abiltiy (minimal), no brakes, no gas....Thank God the highway was not crowded, and I was able to use all of my strength to turn the wheel about a centimeter, and "coast" over the the shoulder. Luckily, no one was hurt. The van would start again, but "die" after 5 seconds. We were towed to Jackson, Mi. where I had to leave the van until they can see it on Monday. Has this happened to anyone else? Noticed lots of transmission issues with the freestar on this blog. It was really frightening.

    Mother of four.
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    I just bought a used 07' Freestar with less than 30k. (Less than 5 days ago in fact). I have been reading posts like yours and I'm curious to see how your story ended or what caused this? I have 3 young kids in the van now, and will take my oldest back to Florida from Georgia on the I'm concerned.
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    Our problem was quickly identified and remedied....apparently a vaccuum hose came loose, and detached from some area near the fuel pump, causing either too much or too little air (I forget) to circulate with the fuel, which caused the vehicle to stall. They reportedly re-attached the hose and "double-wrapped" it, in hopes it won't happen again. Our van has 17,000 miles on it....clearly it should have been wrapped tighter to begin with. I'd have them check this vaccuum hose and make sure it is secure. It was quite scary. Good luck and safe travels!
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    This same thing happened to me today, luckily I did not have my kids with me and safely pulled over. There was no warning. I was driving about 45 mph and it just stalled. No power stearing, no brakes, nothing. I tried to start it a few times afterwards and nothing. The Ford dealership said that later they drove it right into the shop and can't find anything wrong with it. If it was a loose vacuum hose I don't think it would have been able to start back up later. Anyone else have this happen?They said there is nothing on the Ford website that comes up as a problem. My BIL is a Ford mechanic and he said they were telling the truth, there is nothing on Fords website. He is trying to do some research and see if he can find the problem. I told him about everyone on this site. I have had this van in the shop almost every month in the 2 years we have had it for various problems, but this is the first time I have been stranded. I am sick of this lemon!!!
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    i have a 2005 freestar with a wierd problem i can't figure when the car is parked -- not running the inside and outside lights will come on at random ..stay on for a random amount of time and go back off..this keeps draining my battery after a night of will stop doing it for months and then do it for weeks???? i called the dealership but they said they never heard of this kind of problem..disconnected the headlight switch to try to isolate the problem but that just makes the headlights stay on all the frustrated and poor...was hoping somebody has seen this before and can steer me in the right direction...thank you....
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    I had this problem among many others. Recently I had (someone correct me if this isn't the correct term) the power control module replaced. Moisture was getting in there and causing havoc with my van. Since it has been replaced I haven't had any issues.
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    i have a 2005 Ford Freestar, with about 90,000km's on it... very long story short.. my wife had it quit on her while driving in a rain storm... the thing would not start... it would turn over, but thats it... after the rain stopped and a while later it would start again, run for a short distance and then quite again, and I mean quit... just like someone turned the key off while driving.. so I blogged the problem and also read about the PCM (power control module) getting wet... I also found Fords Technical Bulletin 06-10-14 on line.. its convered by warranty if you still have one.. I didnt so I bought a really good tube of 100% silicone rubber ($4.00) and following the instructions... I removed the PCM module which had signs of water on it.. the 40 pin connector was also damp inside... left a room fan on both of these for about 4 days straight... put it back in, siliconed the heck out of the recessed connectors (as stated in the tech bulletin), did not use the weather stripping as suggested, as silicone works better... put the thing back together and its perfect (knock on wood, its been two weeks now and about 500kms)... ford dealership wanted $300 to fix it... what bothers me is that they know there is a problem, hence the tech bulletin, but are unwilling to pay for it to get fixed... crazy!!!... anyways, best $4 I have ever spent... now, after all the blogging, I am afraid of my tranny quitting on me... ce le vie!!
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    Hello, I have a 04 Mercury Monterey, basically the Freestar. I am also having the stalling/restarting issue. For about a year, it has every once in a while not started after I drove for a long time and the engine was hot. It would always start back up after it sat for 15 to 30 minutes. Then it started doing it all the time. The last 3 times I have driven, it has stalled while driving just like you and other s on this post. It will leave me stranded depending on if i am on a hill or not. Again, I have always gotten it started, but the last time, it took over 1 hour. I asked several car sites for help. they all have said it was the fuel pump. it sort of made sense. After is cools down a bit, it starts, but now I am thinking it has more to do with the vacuum line being loose. I haven't had time to mess with it yet. This will be my first step before I drop the cash on the new pump. Have you had any luck getting it diagnosed and/or fixed? Just curious.
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    Hello, I have a 04 Mercury Monterey, basically the Freestar. I am also having the stalling/restarting issue. For about a year, it has every once in a while not started after I drove for a long time and the engine was hot. It would always start back up after it sat for 15 to 30 minutes. Then it started doing it all the time. The last 3 times I have driven, it has stalled while driving just like you and other s on this post. It will leave me stranded depending on if i am on a hill or not. Again, I have always gotten it started, but the last time, it took over 1 hour. I asked several car sites for help. they all have said it was the fuel pump. it sort of made sense. After is cools down a bit, it starts, but now I am thinking it has more to do with the vacuum line being loose. I haven't had time to mess with it yet. This will be my first step before I drop the cash on the new pump. Have you had any luck getting it diagnosed and/or fixed? Just curious. Thanks, Mok
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    I did get it figured out, thanks to this site! It is the Power Control Module (PCM). It was getting moisture in there and messing with all of the electrical components of my van. Since being fixed I haven't had any problems. There is a Ford service bulletin for this. If you look back a few pages of posts you will find it. I hope you can get it fixed. There is a pp who dried his out himself and put silicone on it and it has been fine. If it is under warranty, print off the bulletin and take it in. That's what I did.
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    2004 Monterey can't get the warning light to go off, but the tires are fine. Also the traction control will shut off for no reason. The van will buck once in a while going down the hwy like a tranny slip or a misfire. Help please :sick:
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    What would cause a 2005 freestar to stop suddenly on the highway going 65 mile an hour. NO warning. It just stopped. thankfully I went from the far left lane across 3 lanes of traffic with .no power steering.The electrical system still worked as the lights, windows , radio etc work. I couldn't get the van to restart. We noted in the week or two prior to this that when the air conditioner was turned on it seemed to pull power from the took longer to go from 30 mph to 50 etc. Once the air conditioner was turned off , then it was easier to get the speed up faster. This was not happening last summer so I know it isn't something that just "happens" when the air is used. It was also raining. It is being service now and they say they were able to drive it into the shop and the computer didn't show any codes & they don't know what it is. So far two days in the service dept. This has scared the crap out of me. I did tell the service manager that I would be dealing with Ford if this wasn't figured out. We were almost killed.
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    I'm sure it is the power control module (PCM). Most of us have had the same problem. It happened twice to me before we had the PCM replaced. Moisture gets in because the seal is not good and causes all kinds of electrical problems. The reason the computer doesn't show any codes is because it is a complete power failure. The exact same thing happened with me.
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    I know exactly whats going on with this Vehicle. The computer is getting wet and shorting out. My 2005 Ford freestar did the same thing and was in the shop three times within 40 days, It had to be towed to the dealer on two occasions. First time they replaced the computer. Second time they replaced the shroud that disperses the
    water away from computer supposedly and dried out the computer. the third time they said it was a design flaw and said that the computer was still wet from last time.
    I put 30,000 miles a year on my car. This car was 3 years old and out of warranty.
    this time I gave them the keys. And bought a Toyota. This was a dangerous situation losing power in the middle of the Highway. I'm being sued by Marine Federal for the balance of 15,000.00 owed on Vehicle after auction sold it for $5,000
    roughly $4,000 under value. by the way this is a lemon. electric windows don't work sometimes, Door locks pop up and down by themselves or sometimes don't work at all. door ajar lights and chime refuse to go off. Windshield wipers and radio would come on and off without being turned on. and air conditioner compressor fried within second year of ownership. I believe this was all caused by the same thing, Rain and moisture getting into the computer. a design flaw that the dealer said it had after they could not fix it they had the audasity to tell me to take it to a body shop. I wish I had to money to sue the crap out of Ford for ruining my credit and almost putting me out of business. If I were you I would see what kind of Lemon law you have in your state. and by all means when it comes to cars, Stay away from American made. I love America But our cars are crap
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    So since we all agree on the PCM being the problem and I know there are actually 3 of them in the Freestar, can anyone tell me where they are located in the Van. Maybe I should check them out before winter really sents in!
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    2004 ford freestar sel 4.2L
    I'm having problems with rough/stalling engine while idle. This is not good when you're waiting at a stop light and frustrating when you're in a drive thru. It occasionally pulses when going down the highway threatening to stall. It has done it once I believe while on the highway, but a few times while in motion in town. It sometimes starts back up and other times I've had to let it sit before I could restart it. The other part of it is that when I press on the gas at times there is a sound like a coin rattling in a can coming from the engine. Could I be right that it's the PCM or is it the fuel pump? :confuse:

    Other info: the transmission was replaced in Sept 09 and the vacuum hose in Feb
    there were previously codes that banks 1 and 2 were running lean, but there is no check engine light coming on now. Any suggestions are appreciated! :D
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    My van has had me stranded several times, the first two times I had to have the van towed to my mechanic. It took the second time for him to figure out it was the fuel reset button. The fuel pump would shut off for no reason and the engine would stop due to no fuel. I have to open the back panel in the van where the jack is and push the red button (fuel pump switch) and the van will start right on up. I have called ford and it is not under a recall, maybe we should pressure them since this can cost us our lives on the road. It will cost too much money for me to repair it. Always check this button first before calling the tow company. If you do not have a smart or honest mechanic it may cost you dearly...
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    check the fuel resest button, push the button if the van stalls and will not start. the button is located in the trunk area behind the right panel behind the tail lights.
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    OK.. We have had the same issues as all of you... tire light not going off.. radio going crazy... car jurking forword when starting... starting van, and when the car is put into drive.. it stalls....
    So far we have replaced the PCM.. and no the van won't even start..

    Ford needs to answer to this...
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    Hi, I had a similar issue, which came down to a loose vacuum hose :) . There are quite a few, so you may just want to check them to make sure they are connected properly. Also may want to check for any damaged ones. I have a 2004 Freestar & I have to say it is a tank & we really like it. The only problem we have had so far is that the passenger side window won't roll down or up. I'm thinking it might be a fuse, but so far haven't located it. The owner's manual has been no help. Anyone have any ideas? Any help help would be much appreaciated, as I don't want to take a simple problem into the dealership, because we just can't afford that right now. Thanks & everyone have a wonderful day!
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    I had the same problem with my van but with the drivers side window. It turned out that it wasn't an electrical problem at all. I took the door panel off and moved the window motor with my hand and it started working. I noticed that when the window got all the way to the top or bottom, the motor would torque and then it would quit working again. If I held the motor with my hand towards the inside of the vehicle, It would work every time. I took some wire ties and wrapped around the motor to the inside of the door frame (there is a hole in the door panel frame right by the very bottom of the motor). This held the motor towards the inside of the car when it hit top or bottom and fixed the problem. So far its been working for about a month.
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    Yeah, we still don't know exactly what it is. All the vacuum hoses have either been replaced or checked over thoroughly. One time when it was acting up I wiggled things and when I jiggled the Mass Airflow Sensor just right it started running normal. Since we had previously changed that MAF sensor out we just cleaned it and the connector and it still gave us problems. So for the time being we are driving the van without the MAF in and it's been running just fine. lol It's like $180 part so we'll change it out when we get the extra money and hope that's what it was, just another faulty MAF sensor. I'll keep posted once we replace it though. thanks
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    It is amazing. We seem to have exactly the same problems that everyone has listed. The passenger window has supposedly been fixed soon as the work is out of warranty, it seems to break again. We have had alot of the same problems. The tire light would not go off, radio going crazy, the car "was" jurking forword when starting and stall. It stopped and would not start again. The cam sensor, the computer, and one other major item have all been replaced...and we are told that it still will not start...Is the 2004 Freestar under any types of recalls for all the recurring problems?
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    I have had many of these WIndstar/Freestar vans....AND problems. Just disvicered yesterday....pull the PCM out (under Pass side cowel in engine compartment...all the way to left (when facing motor) and and right under Windshield. The Pcm has a plug that screws on...remove plug....LOOK AT plug. Any green pins or green areas? 100% of these vehicles get a wet PCm- pulll the PCM out and replace it and I bet your problems awill end IF IF you seal the PCm and plug with diaelectric grease. I just ordered a new PCM yesterday...ebay at $80.00. Good luck!
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    I fixed the problem by giving the vehicle back to the dealership under the lemon law.
    Bought a Toyota instead. I will never buy a ford again
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    Hi everyone,I`m in the UK trying to help out my wifes sister in Virginia,her Ford Free Star developed a fault when she ran it low on gas,she did`nt run out but the engine management light came up on the dash. When she got it checked apparently the fault code read as, high fuel pressure. The mechanic checked the pressure and it was normal,so he reset the system,a few days later the lamp came on again,she took it back to the garage and had it re checked, again the fuel pressure was normal,so the mechanic said its just one of those things,dont worry to much about it. The problem I can see is,what if something else goes wrong,the lamp is already lit.I`m wondering could it be a faulty sensor,the mechanic says they about $180.. to change but wont gaurenttee that it would cure the problem. Anybody had this problem?
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    I would suggest reading about PCM faults (other related messages) and mis-diagnosis of problems due to PCm getting wet. Good Luck~
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    Thanks on the Info for where to look for the PCM. We pulled off the cowls and got to the PCM unscrewed it and it is just fine. No signs on either the PCM or the plug that there is or was a moisture problem. So onto the next item, the Ignition control Module. But not quite sure where it is on our 2004 Freestar. The Haynes manual only gives the location of the windstar ICM not the Freestar. lol
    Since we have had both O2 sensor checked this only leaves the MAF, the ICM, the Fuel pump or that reset switch. Will get the ICM checked by next weekend for sure.
    Will keep posted.
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    This is purely a guess but...the WIndstar and Freestar are basically the same vehicle with some minor trim changes and a different engine (same AX4N Trans). I suspect an ICM on the Freestar is in the same location as the WIndstar
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    We checked. The Haynes manual says passenger side fender wall, between the coolant reservoir and the right strut tower. We didn't see it. guess we're blind. lol :D
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    My family has a 2004 Freestar we were at the store the other day after a 10 mile drive and the van died it initially restarted without any problems so we parked it and went in the store when we came back out and tried to start it it would click only once like the starter couldn't turn the flywheel anyone else ever have this problem? We had the starter tested and it came back fine but I can't get it to start!
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    Where do I start...purchased a 2004 Freestar privately and after a week the transmission and computer went out. My wife turned it on one day and it wouldn't go anywhere. Had it towed to Ford dealer and they replaced both items. Brought it home and after a week or two the van stalled and coasted to the side of a gravel road. Again would not go into drive or reverse and it happened after a heavy rain which I thought was interesting. Had it towed back to Ford dealer and after a month or so of troubleshooting they thought it was a bad PCM from Ford and they replaced it. (Ford covered it apparently) I expressed from the get go that I thought water was getting into the PCM due to forums like these and they disagreed with me. So I took the van home after the different PCM was installed and the next morning the battery was dead. After troubleshooting, I found out that the van was turning on the radio and listening to 590 AM w/out the keys in the ignition. Again this confirmed my idea about water getting into the PCM. Took it back to dealer and they again disagreed with me and after a couple months of troubleshooting on their part finally found water in the PCM. Except this time they want me to cover the new PCM!! Unbelieveable. They will not back down from this and I even called Ford and complained to them about this whole situation and engineering problem on their end. Nothing...and let it be known that i am a FORD guy! This has really left me wondering if I will purchase another Ford. Very upset. I have spent 3500 on it already and if i have to pay for the PCM it will be another 700. I found a post about a guy finding a firewall support column full of water and drilling a hole in it but the dealer won't even try to find this column. Have tried to pick it up twice and both times the service engine light comes on before going more than 10 miles. This time it is saying the cam sensor. I think water is still getting into the computer even though they claim to have siliconed the heck out of it. The TSB 6-10-14 has already been done apparently.
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    I too have had my PCM "fixed"....for $500....about 3 years ago. It ran fine after that. Now a new problem and I was hoping to get some opinions here.

    1. In the last 2 months I've had my AC "recharged" and the transmission rebuilt. Does anybody know if the guys doing any of that work would have reason to access the PCM? If so, they probably didn't re-seal it properly and I should do it. My electrical problem seems to happen more in wet weather.....or maybe it's coincidence.

    I suspect I have a short:

    2. Sometimes when trying to start the van it just goes 'click', 'click', 'click', etc. So I lightly jiggle the positive battery cable and it will start. Sometimes it takes 1-2 tries...sometimes it takes 7-9 tries.....but always worked for last few weeks. Had it checked at Autozone.....Starter is good, Alternator is good, battery was bad so I replaced it 2 weeks ago and still have the problem. Went to leave for work today and it won't start. Tried the jiggle wire trick 25-30 deal.

    a. All the connections are tight: Battery terminal, starter, ground.
    b. When it does not start, I still have work, lights work, bell goes ding, ding with door open.
    c. One time the van will go click, click, click, etc. Jiggle cable and maybe it will just go click (once) and then dead. Jiggle cable again and maybe get absolutely nothing--no click, completely dead (but still have lights, bell, etc.) Every time I jiggle the cable I get one of these responses....completely random.

    For the last 2 weeks it hasn't been too bad. Like I said, usually only 2 or 3 jiggles and I would find the "sweet spot" and the van would start.

    Do these symptoms sound like water in the PCM?

    I suspect that a short developed somewhere in the positive cable over time but never reared it's ugly head until somebody got under there and moved stuff around while working on the van. Does this sound to anyone like I'm on the right track?
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    hello farmtech31 and ffemt451:

    please read my posting, I believe its # 11, (re the 2005 freestar with 90,000...)

    Sounds like the trouble I had could be what you went through... I was lucky enough to spend less than $10 to get it fixed...

    Sorry you already spent the money, but hopefully this info will find you... go after Ford... thats ridiculous what they did to you..

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    I am currently having an electrical problem with my 05 Freestar. My light out indicator is coming on occasionally and when it does, the van will not shift from park into any gear, the passenger side headlight is out, no brake lights, no driver side rear turn signal or tail light and my driver side cornering light is on even when the turn signal is not on. Has anyone had any issues like this? If so what is the fix? I've tried the brake on off switch, also replaced the smart junction box or internal fuse box. Neither of these took care of the problem.
  • robitzerrobitzer Member Posts: 4
    Google "PCM problems with WIndstar/Freestar vans. I suspect you have a corrosion problem with your PCM which can cause your problems.
  • dayspringdayspring Member Posts: 7
    I believe your problem is your PCM. It is getting wet and shorting out, It is a design flaw. Mine caused me all kinds of grief. Wipers would turn on without me touching the switch, The Radio would pop on and off. the windows stopped working. they replaced the window motor. but personally I beleive it fried because of the PCM.
    same with the Air conditioner compressor. after the Pmc shorted out three times within 40 days leaving me stranded. I turned it in to the dealership as a voluntary Repo. I'm in court next week being sued for 15 grand by the bank. because the dealership could not fix the problem.
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    edited September 2010
    I have a headlight issue with my '05 Ford Freestar SE. Headlights work fine on low beam, but when switched to highbeam, headlights go out entirely. Have changed bulbs and all fuses are intact. Any ideas? PS this problem is on both sides.
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    Did it ever get resolved? my 2004 mercury monterey has been somewhat reliable for the four years I had it, but now I am getting very similar.. Funny how it goes to 590 AM on the stereo, even after shut off, and from a different station. The CD player keeps making noise like it is trying to pull a disk in, and the stereo displays a bunch of OOOOOs on it. Now intermittently, the car won't start - starter solenoid clicks, but no turning. Lights die when I do that, but then come right back brightly. It has happened three times. First time I jumped it, nothing - until I started the other car. Then it started right up. Second time, it would not restart, but later that night it started repeatedly. Next morning, problem shows up again.
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    All of my electrical problems were solved (I had some of the same issues you are having and many more) when I had the power control module (PCM) replaced. It was in the shop almost 25 times in the first two years. I haven't had it in since the PCM was replaced. Sadly it took me printing off info from this site for them to fix my problem.
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    Did you solved the problem? I have about the same problem, My PCM was wet, after I dried it 4 days with a small heater, the car start and work fine but the radio stay on sometimes, the auto-light is on and the power windows is alimented without the key...

    I tough that the SJB was the problem but I've read that someone has changed it but still have the same problem.

    Sorry for my very bad english, I speak french.
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    Just got our van back ('04 Freestar)-- Traction control lite is on, and also cruise doesn't work since as I understand it the systems are integrated. $400 later (for rear rotors and pads-- which were replaced 2.5 years ago), plus an $80 diagnostic fee, they want $2000 to replace hydraulic control module and traction control modules (I think)-- dealership is being good about it-- offered me a 20% discount on parts, and is contacting regional manager to see if they can do more (this is the 5th ford we've owned)-- but after reading about other's problems online, and that there's an NHTSA action investigation about water getting in, I'm wondering if my problem is related? NHTSA action number PE10033 FYI.
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    I had the same problem (cruise control) and I've changed a swith under the master cylinder and the problem was solved. My friend with an Explorer had the same problem and a little garage had is switch unplugged and put a wire between the 2 connector and the problem was solved.
    For your traction control problem, there's a TSB about it... and It said to replace both modules, which I did not do because of the price. The problem is coming when it's raining...

    Sorry for my english, I speak French...


    FORD: 2004-2005 Freestar
    MERCURY: 2004-2005 Monterey

    Some 2004-2005 Freestar/Monterey vehicles may exhibit a traction control indicator on, ABS indicator on, and/or self ABS activation with a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) C1288.

    It may be necessary to replace the ABS module, the HCU, or the brake pressure switch. Refer to the following Service Procedure.



    First perform normal diagnostics per Workshop Manual Section 206-09.
    If the concern is corrected, return the vehicle to the customer.
    If the concern is still present, proceed to Step 2.
    Ensure that the latest ABS module is installed, engineering part number 5F2Z-2B373-BA or higher.
    If the latest ABS module is not installed, proceed to Step 3.
    If the latest module is installed, proceed to Step 4.
    Install latest level ABS module. When installing, check for water on the circuit board and/or in the aluminum cavity of the hydraulic control unit (HCU). If water is present, replace the HCU as well. Refer to Workshop Manual Section 206-09 for removal and installation procedures. Perform IVD calibration sequence.
    If the concern is corrected, return the vehicle to the customer.
    If the concern is still present and only the ABS module was replaced, proceed to Step 4.
    If the concern is still present and both the ABS and HCU were replaced, proceed to Step 5.
    Monitor the brake pressure transducer (MPRETDR) PID using NGS. The KOER PID reading should be fluctuating with no brake pedal applied, this is normal. Lightly apply the brake pedal and the PID reading should be approximately 200. Then increase brake pedal pressure, the reading should increase.
    If the brake pressure transducer does not operate as described, replace the HCU assembly. If the concern is corrected, return the vehicle to the customer.
    If the brake pressure transducer does operate as described, or if concern is still present after HCU replacement, proceed to Step 5.
    Check operation of the brake pressure switch. With key on, measure voltage at ABS module Pin-6. With the brake pedal released, battery voltage should be present. Apply the brake pedal, the voltage reading should be zero (0) volts. If the brake pressure switch does not operate as described, check the circuit for the brake pressure switch at the master cylinder. If no circuit problems are found, replace the brake pressure switch.

    5F2Z-2B373-BA ABS Module
    5F2Z-2B373-DA HCU
    3F2Z-9F924-AB Brake Pressure Switch

    Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage

    050617A 2004-2005 Freestar/Monterey Replace Anti Lock Brake Module (Includes Time To Configure Module, Clear Codes) (Do Not Use With 2219D, 2219D6, 2219D11, 12650D) 1.0 Hr.
    050617B 2004-2005 Freestar/Monterey Replace Anti Lock Brake Module And Brake Pressure Switch (Includes Time To Perform Diagnosis, Configure Module And Clear Codes) (Do Not Use With 2219D, 2219D6, 2219D11, 12650D) 1.7 Hrs.
    050617C 2004-2005 Freestar/Monterey Replace The Anti Lock Module And HCU (Includes Time To Perform Diagnosis, Configure Module, Bleed Brake System, Clear Codes) (Do Not Use With 2219D, 2219D6, 2219D11, 12650D) 2.2 Hrs.
    050617D 2004-2005 Freestar/Monterey Replace The Anti Lock Module, HCU, And Brake Pressure Switch (Includes Time To Perform Diagnosis, Configure Module, Bleed Brake System, Clear Codes) (Do Not Use With 2219D, 2219D6, 2219D11, 12650D) 2.5 Hrs.
    050617E 2004-2005 Freestar/Monterey Replace The Brake Pressure Switch (Includes Time To Perform Diagnosis, Bleed Brake System, Clear Codes) (Do Not Use With 2219D, 2219D6, 2219D11, 12650D) 1.4 Hrs.
  • kelvin21kelvin21 Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    OK, I have a 2007 Freestar, recently I went to Walmart for new tires, they broke the Tire pressure Monitor on the right rear. Of course they claimed it was already broke, however now, the cruise control quit working and when I shut off the car the windows still operate and the radio won't turn off unless you turn it off manually. Anybody have a clue whats going on? Thanks Btw, the radio is supposed to shut off by it self when you shut the car off and open the door. This all happened around the same time so I'm thinking its all related, but maybe not.
  • nadinebnadineb Member Posts: 190
    Look at the PCM. If it gets wet, weirdness will happen.
  • rosco804rosco804 Member Posts: 7

    see my post under this topic.. it was from April 2009... read it... I bet you the tire pressure monitor being broken is just a coincidence it happened around the same time... my post was about the $4 fix...
  • glez_autoglez_auto Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I got the same problem with my vehicle. Just wanted to know if you were able to find a solution to this random lighting problem? Would really appreciate the help. I have tried isolating the problem from the Smart Junction Box down in the kick Panel. I analyzed all the lighting circuits, and focused on the Accessory delay relays causing an automatic actuation of the lights. I also opened the transmitter from the key and sure enough the unlock button was stuck maybe causing an automatic engagement of the unlock button, therefore all the lights turning on. However all attempts in diagnosing went down the drain since lights turn on and off at random times. And when a test is performed, the problem randomly ceases from occurring for a few hours or even days and then comes back. My theory is a defective Smart Junction Box or a defective PCM. Once again thanks for any help that you can give. my email is [email protected]
  • dgriffi2dgriffi2 Member Posts: 7
    The dealer wanted $2000 to replace the hydraulic control module on our '04 Freestar Limited-- (traction control, cruise and anti-lock brakes didn't work) ; w/ 67,000 miles, it was also due for transmission fluid change, and I'm sure, not long after, the timing belt

    Went down to the Dodge dealer and traded it in for a 2010 GC w/ heated leather seats, the works, leasing for $160 per month! Figure we'll be driving a new van for the next couple of years and still at least be as well off as if we'd sunk more $ into the Freestar! And the more I read about the vans, the more convinced I was it was time to ditch it while I could get some $ on trade in.
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