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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks

just4fun1just4fun1 Posts: 5
edited May 2014 in Volkswagen
I have a Candy White on Beige, sport leather, 2.0T and Tiptronic auto on order for late April 07 delivery for an anniversary gift for my wife.

This will be our first VW.

Just wondering if anyone who has owned one for a while has experienced any water leaks on the roof seals or around the windows when it rains or in the car wash?? :)


  • Going on 3 months and 3 trips to the dealer service dept - this car leaks! It's rained only twice since Aug in San Jose and the day it leaked at the A pillar on the drivers side. A this trip to the dealer I also reported drops near the back windows. They fixed the leaking at the A pillar, but I've been back for the 3rd time to fix the leaking in the back. During the rain (and hand washing very gently) water drops from the roof into the car and onto the sides near the back windows. I've been told each time that according to Volkswagen "a few drops of water under normal conditions are acceptable". I'm completely outraged by this and have filed a formal complaint. I've spoken to several people at VW USA but can't seem to get them to resolve this quick enough. It's been 7 days now in service.
  • flheatflheat Posts: 46
    Geez....take a Midol, keep things in perspective. This is something that does not affect the driveability of the car. Wait until you next service appointment to consolidate your issues and otherwise enjoy all the positive features to the car. If drops can make you "outraged" I think someone needs some anger management.
  • Hey,
    I think it's perfectly reasonable for eoslover to blow off some steam. It's a disappointment that the car is not perfect yet. This forum should reflect the good AND the bad. It's terribly inconvienent and frustrating to have a NEW car in the shop for the same thing over and over. Given the same circumstances, we all might react a little more vehemently than another who is not having that problem thinks we should. I do hope the problems are resolved soon and yes, you will do your blood pressure good by trying to focus on the positive. I support you and hope you have a good out-come. :)
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I just don't like the forum to turn into a [non-permissible content removed] session over trivial issues (if his transmission went out and then his brakes failed, I could see this level of outrage). Use the forum for information. The is a good place as well to research problems others are having. This way you are not alone. Things are going to happen, but if you go to the dealer with documentation and knowledge, things will get resolved. The fact that the top does not spray water in my face is an engineering marvel. This is my 4th convertible and all of them have leaked at one point or another--it's a potential pitfall of all convertibles, but none that were more than a brief dribble.
  • You know what? Telling someone who is concerned about their problem to "take a midol" and "get anger management" doesn't at all sound like someone who doesn't want the forum to turn into a "[non-permissible content removed] session". It sounds like someone who is trivializing the problems of another forum member because you feel you have the right to decide what is relevant to others. This person IS having an EOS related problem. They did not say they dumped on the car dealer. They're just upset. This is their "NEW EOS OWNER"S REPORT", and they have a right to report it without personal attacks.
  • Eoslover,

    Could you please let me know what your dealer did to fix the A pillar leak on your car. I had the same problem (very annoying, like a leaky sink in your car) and it is in the shop right now. It is a waiting game, because they have to get VW here to fix it. I have seen a few nightmare stories on the VW Vortex site, and glad to hear that your problem was fixed and would like to hear more. Thanks.
  • snhsnh Posts: 2
    Having had convertibles for the last 20+ years and now shopping for a new one, my wife and I are very interested in hearing about leaks. That IS an important issue. We were ready to buy an Eos, but are now leery because of the reported problem. A salesman told us, when we confronted him with it, that he has sold four and all four have leaked at the same spot, at the front windshield pillar, and that the VW reps were looking into a solution. So, I too, would like to know what the dealer did to remedy the problem for the owner that reported it previously.
  • They supposedly installed some *missing* fixtures inside the A pillar. It seemed to fix the problem until this past week. I just reported leaking of a white residue from the same spot. The service manager says they used a sealant inside and will take another look at it this week when I leave the car again for installation of new seals (left and right "M" seals) for the back window. These seals are to fix the leaking at the back of the roof during the rain as I previously reported.
  • *Sigh* Thanks for the response. My care has been at the dealer for three weeks. I know that they are installing new seals on mine, but I keep hearing that this seems to be a problem that is not easily fixed. Thanks for the response.
  • wlbywlby Posts: 1
    Malone and Eoslover,

    I feel your pain. Tomorrow, my car will have been at the dealer for 7 days. I suffer from water leaks (few drops) as well on my passenger window during rain or car washes - but I have a bigger problem in that my window also rolls almost half way down automatically after closing the door because the window hits the seal and activates the pinch protection feature (often times without my knowing it and after I've walked away from the car).

    My dealer says it's a window regulator problem that is causing my window to not roll down enough or in the proper alignment. However, it's a part that is apparently backordered and I will have to wait a week or two till the part arrives. Anyway, I'll let you know if this fixes the problem. Your seal failure may be a separate stand alone problem - I don't know whether my car suffers from the same seal failures, but I'm less concerned about that item for the time being.

    The other two concerns that I asked my dealer to fix were consistently low mpg readings (around 10 mpg avg) and noise coming from my front wheel.

    I'm curious whether either of you received any a loaner vehicle while your car has been at the dealer being serviced. Also wondering whether you contacted VW of America and asked for some sort of compensation for not having your new car for so long and the serious inconvenience. I called VW customer care and the folks on the phone were really nice and understanding over the phone. One of the customer care specialists said that he would make sure that VW does something to "compensate me" for being without my new car and the inconvenience after my problems are fixed - though, I don't know what he meant by this.
  • Wlby,

    Yes, I had a loander for the entire three weeks, a brand new Pssat. And with a trip to Miami and Thankesgiving, my wife and I put over 2K miles on the loaner, so it worked out well. I have the car back and everything seems fine, but it has not rained yet. I will let you know if the leak has been stopped.
  • Hi
    I am in the UK and took delivery of my Eos on 30th November. By the 5th December it was back at the dealers because of a leak. The drivers foot well was soaked and the cubby on the drivers side was half full of water. They said it was the roof seal above the windscreen and it was tracking down. They replaced the seal and it failed the water test. After discussions with Germany they were sent a "modified" seal. They fitted that and it was better but it still failed the water test. They are now sending it to one of only 4 roof specialist centers in the country as they think the roof may be misaligned.

    I have to give my dealer credit he has offered me a refund or replacement and I am driving around in their demonstrator Eos. However he admitted there is a water leak problem with the Eos and a replacement would not be guaranteed to be leak free. As it happens the demonstrator is leaky too! We have had quite severe wind and rain so it has been tested to the extremes, but it is not unreasonable to expect a car to be weather proof!

    I have decided to let them fix mine rather than have a replacement (especially as I am hearing it is a problem) because at least I will know it's fixed and if it does leak again it will be no quibble. He is even offering me an extended warranty. far as I am concerned they can take their time and I will put the miles on their Eos. It is going to be a couple more weeks but at least I will get a fully water tested and sealed car back!

    Even with all this I must admit it's a fantastic car to drive and a real head turner. I love it!
  • freridfrerid Posts: 4
    Hi everyone,

    I got my EOS (Thunder Blue with Cream interior) in October and I love the car. I have luxury package and couldn't be happier with the features. I did have a few drops of water come in from each of the roof pillars where they meet the windshield, but only when going through the "touch free" car wash (which really shoots the water at the car). When I go through the regular car wash or it rains I have not had any leaks at all.

    I was thinking of bringing the leak to the dealers attention, but I am afraid when they try to "fix" the problem, they could make it worse. I had a VW Beetle Convertible for the past four years and it never leaked at all, even in the car wash, and that was a soft top. So....I'm not sure if I should live with the occasional drip or have them work on the problem. Any advice??


  • Okay, there's no accurate anwer to your question. But it all comes down to if you can live with a few drops of water whenever you are going through car wash.

    It happens to my EOS too, but I don't think I will get any repair for it just because of that. My point is, if it doesn't leak during raining, then I think I can leave with couple drops of water. You've made a good point about making the matter worse trying to fix it. You've never know.

    Also, if you refer to the manual, you should apply some kind of protectant on the seal every now and then. I've done that and it does helped significantly when the leakage. Check it out and maybe that would solve your few drops leakage.

    Maybe in the future VW will come out with a solid solution and do a general recall/fix for the roof seal. So maybe then I will take my car in for that replacement.

    Hope that helps.
  • freridfrerid Posts: 4
    Thanks houstontxmob. I am very weary of dealers "fixing" anything like this, so I think I am going to just live with it at this point. I will read the owners manual about putting protectant on the seals. I didn't realize this was something I needed to do.
  • I am in the UK and have just taken delivery of my silver 2.0 TDI DSG Sport. What a fantastic car but guess what mine is suffering from the same problem as everyone else. The problem is made worse by the fact that it can only be fixed by a qualified EOS technician and we seem to be unable to locate such a knowledgeable person either at the dealers who supplied the car or any of the dealerships near to where I live.
    My own dealers answer was that we would have to wait until they have trained someone and it could take 2 months.
    Not good enough so I have contacted VW customer services on 0800 711811 and contrary to what my dealer said they have informed me that if I take my car to the dealership where I bought it they will arrange for the car to be transported to the nearest EOS technician for the problem to be rectified and supply me with a vehicle to use in its abscence.
    So far so good but I am still waiting for my dealer to verify this.
    My leak is very minor but should not be present in a car of such value.
    Watch this space.
    Advice from anyone in the same position would be appreciated
  • My new car also leaks, but I found a writer on vwvortex that seems to have an inexpensive fix. Look at the site of Eos regarding leaks and he seems to be confident that he has fixed the problem without any big adjustments, just adding lubricant. I am going to give it a try and will report back if it helps my 2 week/delivery car.

    I am very hopeful, he seems confident this worked.
  • autumn3autumn3 Posts: 1
    I purchased a slightly used 2007 EOS, Thunder Blue with beige leather, luxury, dynaudio. It had only 1100 miles and I got over $4k off sticker price. I was aware of the leak problems before I purchased - but I decided to take the risk. Foolish? Perhaps - we'll see. Ok, now for my question: I read the manual and it recommends treating the rubber seals regularly to minimize the risk of seals leaking, cracking, freezing, etc. I went to my VW dealer and they looked up the part # - they want $75 for a couple ounces!!! Does anyone know if there is a general purpose rubber protector that I could use that would be effective? Or should I pay the price for VW's recommended product?

    Second quesion: does anyone know if putting a automatic car starter in will void my warranty?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    P.S. I do have very minor leaks in a high pressure touchless car wash (when the high pressure rinse shoots sideways - directly at the windows). By minor I mean a couple drops. I can live with that.
  • Krytox is a necessary maintenance procedure. Yes, it is expensive, but cheaper than dealing with leaks (not to mention roof noise - squeaks and rattles). This topic has been beat to death on the other forum. Here is the best thread, which includes a very good photo-tutorial on how to apply the stuff:

    Consider it TLC for your baby. High pressure (touchless) carwashes are to be avoided. Regular car washes are OK as per the Owner's manual.
  • snhsnh Posts: 2
    Yes, every EOS owner and prospective owner needs to read the excellent report of what appears to be the solution to the leaking seals at the following site:
  • It does seem to have fixed the problem with my car. Used 1/2 of a bottle. I highly suggest this be tried first before any type of adjustments.
  • Just to update everyone on my position. The car had it's seals replaced twice, the second time with modified seals sent from Germany the leak was still there so they trailered it to the roof specialist who had it for a month. There they completely removed the roof and realigned it. They sent it back to my dealership supposedly fixed. When I insisted it was water tested again before they put the interior back it still leaked. They did more remedial work on it but after 2 and 1/2 months I had enough. I only had the car for 5 days the dealer had it for the rest of the time. I got a full refund and am now a very happy owner of a Mercedes SLK.

    Interestingly when I went to pick up my cheque, the car was already for sale on the forecourt and the windows were covered in condensation. Seems my dealer was quite happy to pass it on to someone else with the leak. That in itself is enough to make me never want to buy a VW again.
  • I think it's great if the lubricant is alieviating this problem, but can't help thinking VW's using a lower quality rubber for their seals.
    I've had removable roofs before (Fiat & Nissan) that were water-tight from the get-go, and stayed that way for years.

  • I'd really like to buy an Eos, but living in the great Pacific Northwest, all the postings about the 2007s leaking has me worried (the car won't be garaged).
    I realise the "lubricant" solution has worked for many, but to my way of thinking, the rubber used on the Eos-leakers really must be the problem. There's very few reports of the Volvo or Mazda HD Convertibles leaking.
    I've been hoping they've upgraded the seals on the newer cars, any 2008 owners out there want to weigh in?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,655
    Hmmm... well, I just went back and checked since there are so few posts here and I only count 6 unique leaking problems that are not simply related to a high-pressure car wash. Personally, I find that to be an acceptable failure percentage for any problem on any car. But that's just me.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Hmmm... without knowing the total number of Eos owners participating here, how can one calculate a "percentage"?
    VW issued a TSB on the problem (see VWvortex) which proves the problem exists.
    I know I could be suffering from Internet Research Paranoia (IRA)but that's the cross I bear.
  • There are also at least 10 different weather seals, maybe more I don't have one in front of me to count, in the EOS top so there are a lot of potential trouble spots.

    I would expect a handful of leaks once the cars got out in the real world and a TSB to correct some of those problems.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,655
    No, accuracy is not possible. BUT, I look at it this way, Honda tranny problems, which affected less than 1% of vehicles, got MUCH more attention and WAY more posts than these leaks. And, yes, way more hondas were sold, but that's just one example. It happens on message boards again and again and again. It does remain, however, that much smaller problems have resulted in much greater outcry than I'm seeing with these leaks.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,655
    Yup. And I think "handful" is the key word. If it was widespread, we'd see SO MUCH MORE activity on this board.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Have I experienced any water leaks - you bet I have! My entire frame was out of line so that every time I lowered my top the paint was scrapped off both sides. After taking it to the shop and getting it re-aligned, I still have water leaking in when it rains. I guess I am just resigned to spending my Saturday mornings in the service department at the dealership. Anyone have any suggestions?
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