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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks



  • I bought my EOS in December, 2006. Since then I have had it in the shop at least twice a month. Sure, they gave me a loaner once, but it was not a convertible so I lost out on prime time to drive my convertible.
    Here are my problems, hopefully I am not the only one with these problems and maybe you can help me tell my dealer what to do with them.
    My top would not go down - the service dept told me that sometimes I would have to "jiggle" a part on the inside of the hood.
    My light comes on in the dash showing the tire pressure is low- the service dept. says that it comes on for the least change in air pressure, ignore it.
    My signal comes on showing error in airbag- service dept says that they had to repair loose connectors.
    The air inside the car does not recirculate- the service dept says that it does.
    The silver top on the back which the retractable top sits on is scratched - the service dept says that is where the top sits, there is nothing to be done.
    The top sides of the car had to be repainted because they were scrapping the sides as the top went down - they repaired it but gave me a small bottle of matching paint to use if it happens again.
    The back window goes up and then comes back down when I press the button to close all of the windows- I have taken it in over and over, they say it is fixed but it still happens.
    And of course the leaks are still coming inside when it rains.
    My last three cars have been convertibles and I have never had these problems! Makes me want to go back to my Chrysler Sebring!
    Still - I love the way the EOS looks and drive, I just didn't expect all of these problems. Might the dealer offer me a cut on my car notes?
  • herbmherbm Posts: 1
    I have had my '08 since 7-23-07 & not a single drop, leak, or any thing....maybe I am just lucky or VW has taken corrective action. I do not know but when I go in for my 5K service I am going to ask about a conditioning on all roof seals. Overall the car is terrific, great engine, DSG is a real winner, & I love the way the top works!!! So does everyone watching. Now I just have to be sure that there are no leaks in the future!!
  • barb11barb11 Posts: 1
    I just bought 2008 turbo last week and brought it straight to a car wash, not one leak.

    Can anyone give me the part number for the sealant. It seems
    the VW dealer can't seem to find it.
  • medhamedha Posts: 4
    can anyone who bought a 2008 please post the price paid over invoice. The price paid forum hasn't been updated since august
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, Medha,

    Since this topic is for discussing roof leaks, it's a slim chance that you'll get an answer to your question. Although nobody's posted in the Prices Paid discussion recently, people who follow that topic will see your question if you post it there.


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  • alicebaliceb Posts: 7
    Where can I see the TB's or TT's on the 2007 Eos? I haven't experienced leaks, but it has always been garaged and only hand-washed. I also haven't noticed a creaking, although the radio is always blasting when I have my top down! :blush:

    I just want to keep up-to-date on it's possible issues.

  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    edited December 2013
    If you're looking for TSBs and Recalls, you can find them here: Maintenance Schedules, Recalls & Technical Service Bulletins


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  • Hello, I'm new to this forum....considering buying an EOS . . . but maybe not after reading about these leaks.....I was curious though about what you said ....what exactly is it that happens "again and again and again" on forums? Please let me know.

    I would LIKE to buy a convertible...and the nicest one out there seems to be the EOS....yet I do NOT LIKE VW ! I have owned a VW Jetta & a VW Cabrio Convertible and I do NOT LIKE HOW VW treats its customers. :lemon:

    However, there aren't any nicer convertibles out there ! (I just don't fancy a seabring, a mustang , a solara, a spyder)
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    Well, as I stated previously, what happens again and again is that a problem that affects a small number of vehicles appears to be a much larger problem. This is typically caused by the vocal few who have a problem being much louder than the thousands of happy owners who have no need to seek out a message board. I mean, look at it this way, how often do you go around posting how reliable your toaster has been? On the other hand, if that toaster caused your house to burn down, I'm sure you'd lay that story on anyone who would listen, right? So it is just something to keep in mind, that's all. Regardless of the vehicle you research, you'd find plenty of problems posted on the internet.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • EOS ......What I am frustrated with is that I want to pick a FANTASTIC convertible to purchase...and the EOS seems to be amazing . . . . convertible AND sunroof AND dual comfort zones & navigation ! Wow ! But.....I am worried now after reading everything...and what I wonder is many Eos owners are having A HAPPY TIME ? Because of what you said about TOASTERS ...there could be 99.8% of Eos owners REALLY REALLY satisfied ! The happy customers might not come on this forum . .... so now I am worried (as someone else wrote) that I am getting more stressed than necessary . For example, I own a VW Cabrio at the moment and it DOES NOT LEAK. Yet, if you look up Cabrio on this forum, there ARE CABRIOS that leak ! I want to buy an EOS, they look GREAT ...but I'm nervous about it . . ... the Ford Mustang convertible, Seabring Convertible, Camry Convertible just are not as COOL looking as the EOS ! :P
  • Just joined. Own a 2007 EOS 2.0 Sport. No problems or leaks after 5 months and 3,500 miles..Just having fun. Here is a link to another EOS Forum. Check it out.

  • Hello rex 100 ! Thank you for writing & telling us that you do NOT have leaks....I feel better already knowing that there are some positive cases out there ! What options do you have in your Eos ? Colour ? (was GREY an option for interior colour? I don' t like the beige and I don't like the black)
  • Hello Tricia125. Here are the specs on my EOS

    2007 2.0t, 6 speed automatic, DSG, Candy White/Beige Leather heated seats, Sports Package, Dynaudio Sound with Ipod adapter, multifunction steering wheel, dual ac, 17' alloy wheels, wind deflector.

    I did not order the EOS purchased it off the lot. There are 3 different VW dealers in my area so there was a good selection. However, I have only seen one other EOS on the road.

    I have yet to see the first leak but list on other forums say they are there. The main thing is to keep the rubber seals lubed and do not go through one of those automatic car washes with the brushes. Will scratch the glass top.

    My wife and I love the EOS. Not much trunk space but I did not buy it to haul things. Just a third vehicle to feel young in again. Boy is it fun to drive and I have not been sorry about the purchase.

    I suggest that you check out the EOS Club members forum at This forum mainly has members from Europe where the EOS has been available for two years now. You will find many photo's and good and bad info about the EOS.

    When you look at the site, click on members and look under rex. I have several post there and some photo's of our car. Hope this helps.
  • I have owned an Eos for a year. During that time it has been in and out of the suppliers workshops.
    1) The roof and doors leak both sides of the car. When driving at motorway speeds in heavy rain water enters the cab, it is dangerous, distracting, uncomfortable and totally unacceptable. This problem also happens when taking the car through a car wash. (Note. The type recommended in the manual) Also if using the wind screen washers while driving at speed I have water ingress.
    The roof and door seals were replaced recently, a 3 day job and I was assured the roof was watertight. When the car was returned and a simple hose pipe test at low pressure directed at the windscreen pillars resulted in water leaking into the cab.
    I have written to V.W.AG Germany and V.W.UK, without a reply to my request to meet someone to discuss my concerns.
    The dealer garage wish to try again, my worry is that they might sort out a temporary repair only for it re-appear at a later date.
    Surely changing all seals should have sorted it out.
    Other problems include roof failure, squeaking roof, water retention in both door wells, doors needing adjustment, seat belt audible warning signal not working.
    If anyone has had similar problems I would be interested to know, or perhaps as I believe I was sold a rouge car.
    Also any suggestions would be appreciated regarding trying to contact V.W. direct .
  • I bought a VW Eos, silver with black interior in May. It has leaked at every rain. Of course they couldn't never find the problem. Well last week we had icy rain and my driver's door had icicles coming down from the area above the windows and it dripped down the bottom of the door and found it also along the seat gears on the floor. With heat off I drove the car to the VW dealer so they could now "SEE" the waterleak. They still have the car and they are going to replace the seal. My concern along with it still leaking, is that the car has a musty smell and the front windows fog up when the defrosters are on (from the moisture), and the car rugs have to be moldy from 8 months of rain coming in my car. The fantasy summer of cool driving and as many have said the car is certaining a head turner has turned into the winter from hell. I had a winter wonderland inside of the car.
    Any suggestions.
    Ali : :cry: :
  • Hi Ali ............just when I think I'm JUST ABOUT TO BUY an Eos...i read something like the LEAKS YOU HAVE...and I worry ! !! ! I feel soooooooo badly for you............
  • daz22daz22 Posts: 1
    i have owned an eos since last september and had nothing but trouble with water leaks.from day one water came in through the back window drivers side, took 6 months and 4 visits to get it sorted .kept getting fobbed off by my local dealer ( waiting for seals, waiting for equipment to fit it, then waiting for someone to get qualified to repair it ) only got it soterd after a phone call to vw head office in milton keynes who were quite helpfull .a month later water started pissing in down both front pillars, only got it sorted 3 weeks ago, now today i found water coming in at the rear of the roof drivers side,back seat is wet through.
    losing my patience now ,calling head office tommorrow .
    so in conclusion i have had all roof seals changed within 12 months and still no joy.
    hope you have better luck
  • bought new in november. Had it in the shop twice for leaking at front pillars and problem with trunk latch.

    1st visit they basicly blew it off. Sid they made a adjustments but did not do any paper work.
    2nd visit, and I left it with them. They applied the magic lubricant #G-052-172-A1 to the seals and made more adjustment to the trunk. Said the seals were invoulded in recall or service bullitin.

    No help. Problem is unchanged. I am very concerned with the leaking. Driving in the rain causes a constant drippping. Hard rain at speed is big problem.
  • Hi guys,
    This may be a simple question but I was little worried about my 2008 Eos. window function.
    When we remove the keys from ignition the windows slide down a bit and then we open door - this doesnt damage the seal. My question was, if only the passenger wants to get down, how can he/she open the door without shutting down the car and damaging the seal? Each time passenger gets down while the car is running, I think damages the seal !!!
    Any comments ?
  • I posted in this thread earlier, concerned about leaks before I purchased an Eos.
    I'm happy to say I finally pulled the trigger on an '07 and she's dry as a bone.

    I hope the few that do have problems find satisfaction and I thank all who calmed my fears here... it's a great car so far.

    I live in the Great Northwest and the cars been parked outside with no problems.

  • mikeh9mikeh9 Posts: 5
    I purchased a VW EOS last November and immediatley noticed water laying on both cills when it rained resulting in a deluge of water running out on to the drive when doors were opened. I returned the car to the dealer as I was worried that water would build up and enter the car.
    The water gathering on cill was resolved but now it is entering the car footwells the very thing I was trying to avoid.
    There was also an annoying plastic/rubber squeak coming from the rear nearside which was also "resolved".
    Squeak returned after two weeks and water has also started to enter the boot.
    Phoned VW dealer yesterday who have promised to phone back with an appointment to return vehicle for rectification.
    I have owned VW's before and have had nothing but praise for their build quality and reliability but I am not prepared to keep returning the vehicle to the garage and will threaten a last chance to get problems resolved when I speak to them on Monday.
  • tgeentgeen Posts: 20
    Here is a link to the thread on vwvortex, for anyone who is interested. The lubricant seems to fix the leak problem in some cases.
  • I really hope this stuff works mine hasn't leaked for about 2 months now (fingers crossed) but if it does because of the snow in my area i might have to look into that.Less rattles would be good after a long day of work too! :shades:
  • We bought our dream Eos - a Paprika Red VR32, with everything, from a very reputable local dealer (name withheld until resolution) that we've known and trusted for years. I'd even asked about the leaks, based on what I'd seen online and was told they'd had no problems with the cars they'd been shipped. We brought it home and found that the very same day, after about three hours sitting in front of our house, the entire inside was fogged up!! :confuse: I've never seen anything like this before - it took 3-4 minutes of heavy defrost just to be able to drive it again. I called the VW dealer and told them about it; they said they'd never heard of anything like it before. I mentioned that I'd seen THREE cars on their lot that appeared to have the same problem last Sunday! They said they hadn't noticed...

    Anyway, having told them that I didn't want the car if it leaked, before I ever bought it, I took it back for an "assessment." Sure enough, it leaks. (duh) Based on what I've seen posted here and elsewhere, that is very BAD news... I am forever hopeful, though. Has anyone out there had a situation where the car leaked for a while, was fixed and then never leaked again? I haven't yet seen any posts to support that as a potential happy outcome. I LOVE the car, but for $40k I don't want something that leaks, smells and will not hold its value.

    Another question, has anyone on this blog tried to get VW to take a leaking car back? We only put about 30 miles on it (drove it home and then ">back to the dealer). I'm more than willing to hire a lawyer and fight this, if only on principle. I'm just curious to know if others have found that VW stands behind the cars they sell or if we should get ready to do battle... [I soooo hope that they play this straight up....]

  • Okay - you think the only problem we have is leaking - think again!! It now seems as though there is a transmission problem. I took my EOS in to have them take a look at the transmission - when shifting gears the car jerks and when pulling off from a stop light or sign it seems as though the transmission is trying to catch up. When I first start the car up, once I turn the key - it automatically backs up- this along with sliding backward after it has been put in gear! The dealer, yes the volkswagon dealer, told me that they called volkswagon and this is the way it is suppose to do. I asked, why now - why not from the beginning? They had no answer. I will now make an appointment to take the EOS back and invite the mechanic to go for a ride with me. Maybe after he experiences these things he will have a better idea of what needs to be done. What a price I am paying for wanting a cool convertible! I will never buy a car again unless it has been on the market for at least 3 years - that should be enough time to work the kinks out, don't you think?
  • cb391cb391 Posts: 24
    Car should not back up when starting if the car is in park. If you stop on an incline the car may drift backward. This is normal to some degree. The problem when starting out from a stop shouldn't happen. If you can't get the dealer to figure that out try a different dealer Had mine 16 months and the trans works ok and the top doesn't leak. I have been using the special stuff listed in the manual (if you have an 07).I do have an issue with the top and a loud rattle when you hit bumps that is more noticeable when it is cold out.
  • THANK YOU so much for this post; I have not had much trouble with leaks, just a drop or two but the rattles and squeeks have been driving me crazy! I am hoping after treating my EOS with the Krytox it will also help with cutting down road noise.
  • trackulatrackula Posts: 10
    As soon as you take delivery, just check with the service manager to see if part of pre-delivery was the ritual roof seal lubrication. If he says yes, do it anyway when you get home, he may be lying. Make sure you check for deformation of any seals also. Go to vwvortex forum for an excellent guide to seal lubrication with numerous photos. Expect it to be a 1.5 hr. job. It will keep the rain off your head. We have a new Eos and it is water tight. Plan on doing the seals every 3 months at least. The owners manual gives contradictory advice as to the type of lubricant to use. In one section they suggest a silicon based lube. On the next page they say not to use silicon based lubes. I do know that Petro-based lubes will degrade the rubber. The safest bet is an inert lube called Krytox. It is the base of the recommended VW weatherstrip lube, but is expensive as hell! Good luck, you'll love this car.
  • deepc1deepc1 Posts: 5
    I just got my wife's back last Thursday and it rained Fridayand it leaked worse than ever. It went back to the shop this morning for repair #5 of the top. I have also had a few problems with the top not going down because of "loose cables" that open the tonneau flap. You can push them open easily once you realise that's what it is.

    I've started lemon law proceedings and we'll see what happens.

    The last thing I have to say is that the BMW 128i cabriolet will be in the dealerships this week with a 31ish sticker. If my arbitration is successful I think I'll get one of those.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    The last thing I have to say is that the BMW 128i cabriolet will be in the dealerships this week with a 31ish sticker.

    Don't know about "this week," and its like $34k with a manual trans and doesn't have a retractable hardtop like the Eos. But, yeah, should be a nice vehicle, I think.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

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