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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks



  • swalker1swalker1 Posts: 6
    Months later I am curious if VW was able to permanently fix the leak in the roof of your car. I am considering buying an 07 Eos. From the date of your posting, I'm assuming yours was an early production model. Any insight you can give would be appreciated.
  • swalker1swalker1 Posts: 6
    I hate to be the one to pose this question, but has anyone been in a rear-end collision with the top down? What the heck happens to the roof in the trunk?
  • swalker1swalker1 Posts: 6
    Glad to hear that you have a dry Eos. I am considering buying a pre-owned 07. For reference sake, can you tell me the date your car was manufactured. (It's on the black sticker in the drivers side door sill) It seems that the early production models were more likely to leak (maybe?) Thank you.
  • monwalesmonwales Posts: 3
    Just to update you, the water problem with my roof persisted even following 4 long periods with the supplier when the changed all roof seals etc.
    My car leaked water into the top of both door windows. This happened when driving at motorway speeds in windy wet weather.
    Easy to test if your car leaks, just point a hose pipe at the windscreen pillars, at an angle from the front of the car.
    My car has now been returned to VW and replaced, but decided not to have another Eos.
    It is a brilliant car to drive, good engine and gearbox and very comfortable.
    Unfortunately my car had a roof problem.
    Good luck
  • swalker1swalker1 Posts: 6
    I guess you don't happen to know when it had been manufactured?
  • vwgrrrlvwgrrrl Posts: 19
    I've been considering leasing a 2008 EOS but all this leaky talk has me worried.
    When I mention it to the dealers, they usually tell me the usual - that they haven't heard of anyone having any leak issues or having to lube the seals.

    One dealer told me the reason the roof was leaking was because when the EOS's were shipped over, they put "shimmy's" in/on/around the roof to keep it tight and in place. Then when the cars were delivered, the dealers supposedly forgot to remove these "shimmys" and it left a gap and that is where the water would seep through. I don't buy this story (unless that was the case with certain EOS's). After reading about the success people had with VW lubricant (part number G 052 172 A1), and lubing the seals, it's obvious there is more going on here than"shimmy's."

    I've been visiting the local VW dealer and test driving different EOS's. The first test drive was in a real bad rain storm (great day to test drive and check for leaks, right?). There didn't seem to be a problem with leaking but I wasn't aware of the leak issue yet until I came home and starting researching the car.

    Went back to the dealer on a sunny day and, of course, put the top down. The ride was nice. Drove it again with the top up and I could hear a high pitch whistling sound. Air was coming in from somewhere. Ahhh, the joy of convertibles.

    Went back a third time on another rainy day and started looking inside each EOS to check out the interiors. They all seemed to be dry inside, except for one. It was the V6 version. I doubt that has anything to do with it but who knows? I told the dealer that this particular car was wet inside but he pretended not to hear me. At least I had proof that this really does happen (to a brand new car, no less!). I even emailed the Eos Roof Leak Article ( to the dealer but he didn't respond or acknowledge it. When I emailed another dealer about it, he reminded me about the 4 year/ 50,000 mile factory warranty and that any repairs would be covered. I asked him if the seals would be lubricated before delivery of the vehicle and he said yes but I think he was just appeasing me. I also asked if seal maintenance is part of the routine service schedule but he didn't really respond to that either and reminded me about the warranty again.

    All this said, I'm still thinking about getting the car. I just wish VW would get their act together and fix the darn problem. Or at least make it mandatory that VW dealers lube the car's seals before delivery, add it to the routine maintenance schedule, and offer a free bottle of the VW lube just in case and whatever else will help the matter. I'm wondering how many of the '08's (usually manufactured in 2007) were effected. Is it really the year or is it just pot luck?
  • vwgrrrlvwgrrrl Posts: 19
    I just have to agree with you. I don't like how VW treats its customer's either. They used to have this great reputation and deservedly so. But now, it seems like they are contradicting everything they used to be... friendly, helpful, supportive, easy to work with.

    And the cars. They don't seem as reliable anymore. I love my VW but it's almost time to trade it in and I'm afraid to get a new one. Seems like the new ones are being made cheaper now. And I really hate how they force you up to the next trim level just to get a sunroof or some other feature you would normally find standard or typical in another make.

    Just my two cents.
  • I bought one, and on the very first night we had it the entire inside fogged up so much that it took 3 - 4 solid minutes of high intensity defogging to get the windows clear enough to drive the vehicle. The second day, the same thing... At that point, I noticed the paper inspection sticker had been exposed to a lot of moisture and was very "crimped". :(

    After a bit of discussion with the dealer, who denied they'd ever heard of the problem, (and a very firm statement that I wasn't about to keep this car) they swapped it for another. When I went to pick it up, I saw another one right out in front of the dealership that had the same interior fogging problem. I pointed that out to them, and they seemed surprised. :mad:

    I made sure that the new one came with a return guarantee if I was not 100% convinced that it didn't have a leak problem. It seemed to be better - at least it didn't fog up and the inspection sticker seemed not to have been exposed to moisture. So I took it through a car wash, just to be sure. Not a high pressure one, but just a normal car wash. (For $40k, I expect my car to withstand a carwash...). Guess what? It leaked! A LOT! :cry:

    I took it back and they refunded my money. I'm only glad that I was dealing with a very highly reputable dealer. It could've been MUCH worse! If you'd like to know who they are, send me an email.

    In the meantime, I will wait another year. I love almost everything about the car, but can't deal with leaks. Period. Non-negotiable. If they don't fix it, I'll probably end up buying the Volvo C70, even though its performance is not as good and its price is higher. At least I'll be able to drive around in nice clothes, not have to smell mildewed carpet and not feel guilty when I sell it to someone else after a few years...

    It's really too bad. VW can do better than this. Every other manufacturer of a hard top convertible has figured this out, they should be able to as well...
  • vwgrrrlvwgrrrl Posts: 19
    hi arlingtonian,

    thanks for your post. yes, i would be interested in hearing which dealer you used. your email is listed as private and i'm not quite sure how to get in touch with you so i will await your response. thanks!
  • deepc1deepc1 Posts: 5
    Well...I just picked up the Eos yesterday after 2 weeks in the dealership. I brought it home and leak tested it with a garden hose and guess what it leaked!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that I should cycle the top and retest but the top would not go down, again! It was the little flap in the back getting stuck... this had just been fixed on the previous repair.

    I took the car back to the dealer immediately and they verified that it was indeed leaking agin. They immediately offered to put me in a new Eos. I told them that I had filed for the lemon law and they knew it as VW had contacted them for the service records. The top did go down at the dealer though. I'm now waiting to hear from VW directly and see how they plan to resolve it.

    I have a little racing expierence (SCCA ITA RX-7) and I think that all the problems stem from body rigidity. When it went in for the repair they adjusted the doors on the car. The hood also looks out of alignment and the flaps hang up. I can also hear the top clunk entering and leaving my driveway. Which all kind of point to the body flexing.

    I drove the 1 series and it is a nice car and it is 34k but so is a well equipped Eos.
  • Don't believe the warranty assurance. At my first service (12 months / 10,000 miles) I asked for the roof to be looked at because it flexed and rattled (no leaks so far though). The dealer demanded a standard charge of £222 for a "diagnosis" before they would even look at it. I've since complained to VW who have replied that the "component" (that's the wizzy roof by the way) "can be influenced by driving style and external factors" and this "wear and tear" is only warranted for 6 months or 6,250 miles. After 3 phone calls and a letter received from VW they have still not been able to tell me where in the handbook this warranty limitation appears. In the service book the roof only gets looked at every 2 years / 20,000 miles so be prepared for big bills in the interim if anything goes wrong other than an obvious leak.
  • eddepeteddepet Posts: 1

    I solved my leak in the a-pillar.

    Between the connection roof and the selenoid (drainage) is under pressure, by gluing the selenoid it will avoid this pressure and the leaking stopped for me...


    also see for photos">
  • koolkat4koolkat4 Posts: 10
    Here we go again - do I need an attorney to file for the "lemon" law? Once again my engine light is on, second time! Remember when I told you I :sick: had to get the back painted because every time the top went down it scrapped the paint off of the car; well now the paint has peeled off the side view mirrors! This was a brand new car and it has been in the shop more than it has been on the road. Is it just me and this lemon or has anyone else had any of these problems?
  • vwgrrrlvwgrrrl Posts: 19
    Hello Fellow V-Dubbers,

    Wondering if anyone here has a leaky 2008 EOS manufactured in 10/07? Dates are located inside the drivers door jam. I don't personally own an EOS but was considering it and saw one with that date and am wondering if anyone had problems. Thanks.
  • Honey, don't listen to them...where do I start. Since 9/07 I've had my eos in the dealers 8X (2=10 days each time), each time it leaked, the trunk latch kept locking as soon as you opened it, the radio high tones peter out, and now the windows go up and down on their own. I swear it's posessed. The last thing is the craziest. There's something wrong with the "brains" and no one can figure out what's wrong with it. One time the doors locked and I couldn't open them-with the opener or manually. I called Volkswagen roadside assistance but the guy couldn't move the car...he's strip the transmission. As we were standing there looking at the car we heard a click (the sound you hear from the locks when you put the car in drive). I tried the door and it opened. It's frustrating. I'm starting the lemon law documentation. I only have 8,000 miles on the car. I love my car and just want another (I must be crazy but), one that works.
  • I had all the same problems (a recent post) but mine was that I had ice crystals on the INSIDE of my windshield and back window...just another thing to add.
  • koolkat4koolkat4 Posts: 10
    Have any of you had any transmission problems - just wait. I have been complaining to the service department for months about my transmission dragging, the car sliding backward on it's own and huge jumps forward. Each time they told me that there was nothing wrong with my transmission. Last week, after hitting the car in front of me, I sent my husband to take it back. He insisted on the mechanic taking a ride with him plus showed him the rear view mirror where all of the paint has washed off. The mechanic Finally admitted to a problem and said that he would repair it. They swore they had never seen a car where all of the paint washed off. They called me the next day and said that they sent pictures to headquarters and they were sending someone out to take a look; would I bring the car back in. Of course I would because guess what - the transmission is still acting up! Now they call me to say that there is a major problem with the transmission and they have to order the part from Germany and this will all take one month or more. Of course they gave me a loaner but I bought the EOS because I wanted a convertible - the loaner is a GT6 - not even a convertible. I have waited all winter for the day that I could let my roof down and what happens - I won't have the car back to enjoy the first warm days of spring. Boy - I hate I ever bought an EOS - I should have stuck with the Sebring! :sick:
  • Has this problem been solved for the 2008 models? I couldn't tell if some of the more recent posts were for 2008s or earlier models?
  • muttonjavelin,
    I'm driving a '07 Eos and it's been problem/leak free, and all winter it was parked outdoors in the Great Northwest.
    I'm sure (as with other makes) there are problem vehicles out there, and I hope those owners find relief.
    But typical of all forums, the unlucky few come to vent, most of us are too busy driving (with the wind in our hair).

  • polgrizpolgriz Posts: 2
    I read two posts about people that experienced some odor coming from the vents but I was just curious if anyone else has this problem. We've had the TSB performed twice and the odor still comes back - mostly when the air kicks on either from heating up in the sun or when it goes from the heater to cool air. No one at the local dealership can figure it out so they're supposed to have a regional technician check on it. We've been dealing with this for 6 months and I'm at my wits end.

    There's also some clicking noises coming from behind the center vent area and they tell me that's normal... I've had many cars and I've never had this kind of noise!

    We also had a leak in the pillar that was fixed (had to pull out the seats and replace all the carpet pad too), and the radio keeps fading in and out for no reason. It's not like our Audi A3 that purposely adjusts when the engine gets louder, etc.

    I got my car in May 2007. All this started around October 2007 and it's not been resolved. It's spent just over 45 days in the shop, with one visit being 28 days (excluding Sundays). VW America even reimbursed us for one month car payment because it was in the shop so long.

    I'm so ready to just have them buy the car back and go to a diffrent model. It's so bad that VW was going to pull the dealership franchise (the only one in town), but now they've been bought... I hope the service improves or we'll sell our Audi too!

    I'd love to hear from anyone else with all these Eos woes!!!
  • ideadesignideadesign Posts: 4
    I have a 2008 EOS Kumfort and couldn't be happier with the car. Yes its pricey and yes more so given it size, but lets face it it is a specialty car and that always has a cost. As for problems, the only one that I experienced was with rattles and creaks that developed about two months after I got it. It drove me crazy and I took it to the dealer for warranty repair. At first, the technicans did this and then that, and I was given the car back with the understanding that the problem was resolved. It wasn't and it was a bad as before or worse. I drove it immediately back to the dealer with making more noise than the car.

    As I was complaining the Service Supervisor came over and said that it was unacceptable and that he would take over and resolve the problem. He too hunted and poked and then came back to me with a question. "Do you take this car to a car wash." Answer: "Yes, when I cannot get to it." Supervisor "Thats the problem."

    According to the Service Supervisor, the rattles and creaks are coming from seals that lack lubrication, if not dry, made worse and accelerated by the car washes. He then took the car back to the service bay, sprayed silicone on every seal and low and behold problem resolved. He even gave me can for my troubles.

    In short, the creaks and rattles are now absent. Ok, not an rocket science answer, but right on target.
  • ideadesignideadesign Posts: 4
    By the way, nothing I have ever driven get the looks, stares of amazement, and positive comments, like an EOS. Mine in black with ivory interior. Drove the car to Daytona duing bike week and, even with all machinery to look at and ride, it still became the talk of almost every discussion.
  • ideadesignideadesign Posts: 4
    Final note. Found something today that no salesperson ever noted. When you lift the truck lid (boot), on the inside face below, there is a recess with straps; hidden from direct view. Again, I have not confirmed this, but it appears to be an umbrella holder (at least that is what I use if for and perfect fit) - nice feature.
  • As I understand, silicone is not the prefered lubricant for Eos seals.
    Do a search and you'll find the stuff... I've got to get to work.
    Glad you're enjoying your car!
  • cb391cb391 Posts: 24
    That notch is for an optional folding reflective warning triangle. It is standatrd in some parts of the world, but not here
  • cb391cb391 Posts: 24
    The stuff you're looking for is VW pt#G 052 172 A1. Also people have been using Krytox 105 which may be the same stuff but can be bought cheaper.
  • aghagh Posts: 3
    You guys looking for help in curing water leaks through your EOS folding roof seals should find this helpful. It is a good guide to lubricating seals with the recommended lubricant.
    My mother is interested in this car but I became concerned about all the water leak reports. This seems to reliably sort the problem. I think avoiding automatic car washes and pressure washers is wise with this car.
    Onwards for a test drive soon.
  • kls7rfkls7rf Posts: 2
    I have had the same problem with my 2008 komfort. It is one of many I have been having. I took it in to the dealer twice and both times they said it was normal. The third I made the service manager ride with me and he agreed it was not working correctly. We came to the conclusion that around 1-3 miles an hour is when it is at it's worse. He is ordering a new part for my transmission, but the part can not be found anywhere in US, Germany, or Asia so who knows when it will be fixed. I have had the worst customer service with this company and agree I will not buy another car until it has been out on the market for a while, and I will definitely not buy another VW.
  • johnvwmtjohnvwmt Posts: 1
    im an eos specialist, have you got it sorted
  • photogal57photogal57 Posts: 13
    Yes I did. They told me I was crazy. I put the gears in park and the car rolls...too much. The car jumps forward. They said it was the gas. I alsp had the condensation problem. It gets real bad. Have 2 more months before the lemon law does not apply...I want a new one. I must be crazy but I still like the car.
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