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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks



  • 6y7u8i9o6y7u8i9o Posts: 5
    water collects at rocker panel between inside an out side seals will this be a problem in the winter i live in new england 2008 eos
  • shdzshdz Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2008 Eos on saturday (yes, only 5 days ago). Love the car!! But, had a bad rain storm last night and discovered small leak where hardtop meets rear driver side window (on the downslope part). Not too much water in the car, only a few drops, but I think it was just soaked up by the cloth that covers the inside of the hardtop. Took to dealer today, waiting on their response, but they said they've had complaints of leaks in other places of the hardtop, not in that spot (not being difficult, just commenting). All the posts on here are kinda scarring me.....hopefully this won't be a problem, as it is a great car!!. BTW, bought the car at Gunther in Coconut Creek, can anyone comment on their service dept. Customer service while buying car was great, hopefully it won't be a different experience once it's taken for repairs.
  • I have had to have the seal replaced twice by VW and it is still leaking-though not as bad. The leaking only seems to start after you open the door. If it has been raining overnight, there is no water when I get in, but then during the journey there is a constant drip on both the driver and passenger doors. Does anybody else have this problem?
  • koolkat4koolkat4 Posts: 10
    Sorry to hear about your water leaks, for you and me!! I bought a brand new 2007 EOS and have had nothing but water leaks along with transmission problems. They finally agreed that this was a lemon :lemon: . They agreed to replace my 2007 with a 2008 but after hearing your complaints, it sounds as though I am going to have the same problems. They had my car more than I did. After a while they started to get nasty with me and I believe they just kept my car longer out of spite after I complained that I never had a chance to enjoy the top down. Hey - any problems with the top getting stuck half way down. I have been through it all, the top never did stop leaking, even after they replaced the seals three times. They are still jerking me around - after telling me to bring in the 2007 for the transfer to the2008 there was nothing in the 2008! I had heated seats, dual temperature controls, automatic seats, lumbar in the drivers side, 5 cd player - my car was loaded, of course i paid for all of the extras. The 2008 that they gave me had nothing!! This was just a basic car with a single cd player, no heated seats, no dual control, no nothing. Needless to say, I refused it. So here I sit, waiting for a new car, which they say is forth coming while I drive around in a car that leaks every time it rains, has had the transmission replaced 3 times, had a fuel part replaced because it was recalled and I was never told. Once I get a replacement car I am driving it straight to another dealer and trade it in. I never want another wv in my life!!! : :mad:
  • I was so fed up with the water problems, I persisted with emails to VW AG Germany, VW UK and the supplier that we were offered a replacement car. I refused the new car and agreed terms with the dealer and ordered a new Audi TT Coupe. I have had the TT three months, it is a joy to drive,and will knock spots of the Eos for performance.
    Good luck everyone, keep pestering, do not let the bugg--s get you down or get let them get away with it.
  • genie3genie3 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2008 Eos for 412$ a month on a 3 year lease. I have had it 12 days and it started leaking today when I took it out in a rain storm. I am sooo... disappointed. I bought the car in Orlando close to Sanford, Florida. It had about 60 miles on it. I wonder if someone else brought it back to the VW dealership before. How did they keep it outside with the roof leaking on both sides for almost a year? I wish I could just switch it for another EOS that doesn't leak. I am not sure what my rights are in this area from a legal perspective. They want to seal the front on both sides in the morning at the dealership. I hate to pay so much money for a car that isn't perfect. I wish I knew that EOS cars leak. I just googled my problem and found this site today. Does anyone know if you can insist on another car due to the fact that it has flaws? Thank you for your help.
  • Never wanted to admit I'd have a problem with my EOS, but after 7 months, 6K miles and 5 weeks in the shop, I would not recommend this car. It was in the shop for 3 weeks with problems with the top (it would only open half way then stop) they replaced every conceivable part before finding one of the wing sensors was bad. Then the deck lid would not close, two weeks to fix that, now, we had a major rain in Texas and trunk was half full of water after the storm. Brings "quirky" to a new level.(2008 Eos Lux Pkg)
  • koolkat4koolkat4 Posts: 10
    I know how you feel! I got an attorney and they agreed that it was an official lemon and agree to replace it with a new car; however the new car had nothing in it, just basic. Now I am waiting for another one that has everything in it that mine had. At this point I am hearing that the 2008 also leaks. I think they should just recall all of them until they work out the kinks.
    I am now shopping for a new attorney because I don't even want another EOS, I want something else.
    Once I find an attorney i will post the process.
  • Wow I'm sorry for you guys.
    I've got a '07 and she hasn't leaked a drop (fingers crossed).
  • aw57aw57 Posts: 12
    I picked up my 2008 Eos at the end of May. I park it in a garage, but have driven through a few rainstorms and have had the car washed in a car wash. No leaks. Also, I have never had a problem with the top being stuck mid-way. So far, the car is a complete joy to drive.
  • How did they fix this problem? What did they say was the cause? Did yo need to lubricate the seal like the other leaks?

  • I am a service advisor with a local VW dealership and it is a known fact that EOS'S have a water leak problem at the seal that runs along the back side of the roof that meets the rear glass panel area. The problem is the seal is not properly sealed against top panel thus allowing water to enter into the rear inside qtr. panel and settling into and under the carpeting. VW is aware of this concern and has a fix with a updated sealant that the dealership can order. this procedure which includes complete removal of interior trim, seals, seats, etc will usually take approx 4-5 hours depending on how wet the interior is. Extra time may be needed to dry interior. VW should supply a rental while procedure is being processed since the vehicle is under warranty and this IS a factory known problem.
  • jobie3jobie3 Posts: 4
    I bought a new VW EOS in June 08 in Luxembourg, the car has spent more time in the garage than with me.
    Every time it rains, water seeps in on the back right & left hand side.
    They are now in the process of replacing all the rubber joints to see if this will fix the problem..VW should actually advertise the extra hidden option(swimming pool) :lemon:
    To sum it up... I regret having bought the EOS...
  • koolkat4koolkat4 Posts: 10
    I think all VW EOS should be recalled as lemons! I had the seals replaced along with every thing else in the car - it was practically rebuilt. Finally after getting a lemon law attorney VW agreed that it was indeed a lemon and replaced my 2007 with a 2009. Guess what - after having the car one week it wouldn't start. This new car needed a new starter! You better believe I will never buy another VW as long as I live. :mad:
  • jobie3jobie3 Posts: 4
    I totally agree with you KoolKat4, VW should recall as they are aware of this problem... :lemon:
    I did actually send an @mail to VW Germany, do you think I got a reply...NOOOOOOOO

    Keep the faith..

  • jgjiffyjgjiffy Posts: 11
    Koolkat, I would really like to talk to you.... I am pretty much in the same situation as you. I seem to be have ALL the quirky problems everyone else is INCLUDING the leaks. My Lemon Law case is set for 5/5.
  • jobie3jobie3 Posts: 4
    My EOS went back to the VW garage (again for the 8th time) so that they could now replace all the seals.
    They kept the Car for nearly 2 months, 10 days after getting the Car back Guess what happened....A WATER LEAK... Not surprised really..
    The funny thing is that after getting the Car back, I got an @mail from the main VW Importer wishing me many happy driving days...
    My VW dealer is now negotiating with VW Germany & the main Importer to replace the Car..(Should I hold my breath)..!!
    Will up-date once VW Germany have come back to me.

  • jill15jill15 Posts: 1
    Is the water seal problem a known fact for the 2009 models also, or did they fix it?
  • jgjiffyjgjiffy Posts: 11
    I just had my LEMON law hearing on mine (a 2007) and a friend of mine has a 2009 that IS leaking too. It's a sweet ride, but it's riddled with problems.
  • thevwdudethevwdude Posts: 2
    as long as the cars under 4years / 50k miles. take it to the dealership. this is a known problem with tons of bulletins. it could be 1 of 6 or 7 diff. things. they'll need to seal the sunroof drains, replace the header seal, if the new seal leaks, they need to seal it on the front, not just the bottom. if you hose off the car you can watch the water run over the header seal (the black seal where the top meets the windshield) and under it. this is how the water gets in. it follows the header beam to the a-pillar and comes out and drips on the drivers left knee or the passengers right knee. It used to be sunroof drains, but it seems to be more of a header seal issue now. any vw dealer should be well aware of this issue.
  • jgjiffyjgjiffy Posts: 11
    4 years Schmor years....I won my Lemon Law Case against VW, and they tried to screw me out of what I had coming...I ended up with 5X their best offer before arbitration. And they never once would admit that others were having this same problem.
  • mikeh9mikeh9 Posts: 5
    Once you start getting water leaks or electrical problems with a car, get rid of it.
    I had a late 2007 EOS from new that had to be returned to the dealer four times in 7 months for water leaks that used to flood the interior of the car.
    After the third time I threatened that I would not keep the car if it happened again. When it started leaking again I returned to the dealer and insisted that I receive full compensation or an equivalent priced car of my choice - but not an EOS. Within three weeks we both reached an agreement and the EOS was replaced with a fully spec,d Golf Estate Sportline. I have now had this car for 12 months with absolutely no problems.
    If you make enough fuss you can get your way but avoid replacing an EOS with an EOS.
  • jobie3jobie3 Posts: 4
    Basically did the same as you, stood my ground and after a long battle, VW have exchanged my EOS for a new car of my choice..
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    My Eos (purchase late March 08) has only 6,400 miles on it, I came home from a 2 week vacation last night, my boyfriend stepped into INCHES of water on the passenger's side. As I drove to the dealer today, when I braked, about 6" of water would rush forward!
    The "new car smell" is now replaced by strong mildew odor, this is terrible and disappointing. Seeing other's posting, I hope there is some way to keep this car (since I do love it) verses trade it for other model. A hard top convertible with trunk space, FWD, 4 seater, stick shift (even being a woman) is what I always wanted.
  • jgjiffyjgjiffy Posts: 11
    I know this isn't what you want to hear, but after WINNING my :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: Lemon Law arbitration in the State of CT with VW, I went out and bought the 2010 Ford Mustang V6 with Pony Package, it's a totally different car, and yes there are things it won't do and doesn't have that the VW did, but ... I LOVE IT ! :)
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    This WAS my dream car, my 5 simple requirements* were not easy to find as a combination in ONE car. Since teenage years, I liked Mustang but later found Rear wheel drive hard to manage (in snow) by pushing limits in Autocross racing, so I'd rather have Front wheel drive. Many other convertibles (2 seaters) are not practical to me. This beautiful long weekend with my car in the shop, and can't get the dealer to call me back to give me an update= sad & frustration.
    Perhaps I'll look you up when I need to learn about "Lemon Law", I'm going to give them a chance to correct the problem before giving up... since I do love this car, I waited over 10 years for this*.
  • jgjiffyjgjiffy Posts: 11
    Sure, look me up, I agree I live in CT, so the snow is a factor, I may just try to buy something to drive in the winter.. I dunno.. I might get snow tires.
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    I got a 2008 "Mid-life crisis" Red (Paprika Red) not knowing it will give me problem no NEW car owner deserve! When I took my car in on 7/1/09, the LACK of surprise reaction from the dealer REALLY concerned me. They treated 6" of water in the front as if I was coming in with an oil changed... tagged my car and took the key while stepping back from the strong mildew odor. No call back from dealer, no car for a long weekend.
    I called VW, they gave me a song and dance about renting a car less than $25/day etc. I can't believe the poor customer service from both end.
    I don't have money to feed a lawyer, this car payment is almost same as my mortgage. Good luck to you... save your money "for a raining day"?!
  • It's terrible that some are having problems, and I hope you all find relief.

    But I must say, I live in the Pacific Northwest, park my 2007 Eos outside, and to date have never experienced any leakage. (knock on hardtop)
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    Thanks, hope this repair resolves future problem that I don't have to look you up, :blush: just in case, I'm in North Jersey. In shop for over 1 week now, they are still waiting on a part, they claim it's stripped to the metal, I'll give them a chance to correct the problem. Meanwhile, anyone have any luck trying to get some $ from VW (ie. credit toward car loan payment instead of renting a car?) or pay for other damages, brand new GPS died.
    Although my Eos has only 6,400 miles on it (March '08), I decided to put some $/care into my '93 Honda Accord today with 208+K miles so I have a MORE reliable car to drive.
    Something is very wrong with this picture. :sick:
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