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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Electrical Problems

meheartymehearty Posts: 6
edited December 2013 in Chevrolet

I've rented a monte carlo ls (I was told it was 2007). The rental agency lost the owner's manual. When I turn it on to drive, the dome light comes on & stays on. Anyone know how to turn it off? It turns off by itself about 10 minutes after I shut down the car. However driving with a dome light on is really annoying. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance :)


  • tommy42tommy42 Posts: 70
    In the Impala you can turn on & off by turning the head ligth switch.
  • Hi,
    I am having problems with my 2001 Monte Carlo SS. Sometimes the turn signals wont work, or they start and then quit blinking.
    When it got cold out. My temperature gauge quit working. The heater fan setting #5 quit. Then 1 thru 4 went out. Can someone help me with this??
  • to the left of the steering column there is a small know for adjusting the brightness of the dash lights.Turn it counter-clockwise until the dome light goes out.
  • Not sure about the turn signal, or temp gauge, but your heater fan control problem is most likely a burned out resistor control, which I had to replace on my grand am, the part is $20 the time was an hour, most likey this is the problem, it seems like a typical problem on gm cars.
  • where is the headlight switch on a 1984 monte carlo? I know how to cut the lights off and on but I don't know how to cut off the brights.
  • I have an 86 and you should be able to turn off the brights by pulling the turn signal lever towards you.
  • I had similar issues with my 2000 SS. I dont recall the specifics on it, but the turn signal had something to do with the hazardous flasher switch on the dash. Something about a fuse in there or something. Its actually a common problem I found out so if you contact your dealer, they should have info on it. I learned this from my brother who works at a Pontiac dealership.
  • i have a 96 monte carlo , Ive had it nearly 2 years and love it , but within the past 6 months ive been having problems with it acting funny. At first it acted as though the alternator was going out, then the battery died, now im finding that the battery connections keep comming loose. has anyone else heard or noticed this problem? we also began to wonder if the ignition switch was going bad , because i would go to turn it over and it would hesitate for a few seconds and then try to turn over.
  • robbusrobbus Posts: 1
    I just lost my tail lights, side marker lights and dash lights-brake lights, turn signals and headlights all work fine-any idea what could be causing this? All fuses inside are good and the car just passed inspection in January-Would appreciate any ideas!! Thanks!
  • rvac99rvac99 Posts: 3
    Hello Monte Carlo owners. I'd like to share with you some problems I have had with my Monte. My AC and Cooling fans stopped working on a long trip to Florida. After $80 at the dealer they told me it was the PCM and it would have to be replaced and reprogrammed. I checked all the wires and have installed toggle switches that bypass the PCM and I can manually control the fans and AC. I asked a master mechanic online and he said if I could live with the switches that was the cheapest way to get around the problem. I get a trouble code for the cooling fans but I still got it inspected anyway (check engine light was on).
    My car shifts hard when the fluid is warm and I notice bubbles in the fluid. Checked it because I thought it was low. The bubbles make it read high.
    Also lost use of my heated seats and rear defroster. Working on those problems next. Probably have more toggle switches to install. Let me know if you have any insight on my problems and I'll do the same for yours.
  • I have a 2002 SS with 69K miles that I bought with 50K earlier this year. I recently started to have issues where the battery will go dead for no apparent reason (no interior lights on, etc.) I had the electrical system tested and the dealer found no parasitic drains. I've narrowed it down to when I drive it one day, the next day it will be dead (or the battery will be depleted enough that it won't be able to start). However if I put a battery charger on it and let it sit with a full charge, it can go up to a week and a half sitting without a problem, then will start right up. I've replaced the battery three times with different brands to no avail. Any thoughts?
  • lberglberg Posts: 3
    Any luck with the heated seats and rear defroster? Got the same issue on my 2006 LTZ Monte. Also the remote start does not work and the car does not heat up while idling. 5 below zero and this all is a pain.
  • I have a 2000 monte carlo and for some reason the headlights aren't working properly. They come on when i turn the car on and then after I drive for about ten minutes they shut off and then a few minutes goes by and they come back on. This is really annoying so if there is anyone who has any idea what the problem could be please help.
  • Where is the engine computer located on a 2005 monte carlo(3.4l)??
  • hey there
    95 monte has been an absolute trooper, 167k mi, no real issues to speak of, only maint. has been normal, alternator, starter, shocks, brakes, etc. drove to the store one night, came back out, no go. chime inside sounds dim and fades to poop after a bit, tried jumping but to no avail. i know the blinker switch on the steering column is going, but now when there is no key in it a crazy buzzing/ticking comes from behind the speedo cluster and a metal box behind the steering wheel column is buzzing angrily...where do i go from here???
    thanks for any help!
  • Has this happened to anyone. Heater and a/c system out on our 2000 monte carlo LS. For several months now the heater would not work (no vent control no blower- completely dead), until the car had been started for several minutes. Then it would mysteriouly start working. The minutes became longer until the heater does not work at all. The cruise control and overhead console also follow the same pattern. Checked all fuses and relays associated with the problem 0k. On one occasion on a road trip the cruise control A/C heater was out for about 40 miles. I heard a relay close, sounded like it was behind the instrument panel and all began working. Please help. Thank You
  • mckinnon34mckinnon34 Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with my 95 monte.
  • ralph49ralph49 Posts: 5
    2001 monte carlo ss same exact problem cruise control overhead console also goes out to. Do not hear relay close. If i keep fan motor on 3 or higher when i start it it works that a pain but at least it works. mecahic shop say they dont have the technology to diagnose tell me to take it to dealer . Thinking about changing control panel its $120.00.
  • Hello

    I have a 2000 monte carlo ss and it keeps blowing the fuse that controls my cooling fans causing my car to heat up to a high temp unless I get onto the high way. Have you heard of anything like this?
  • My car hazard lights came on after taking my car into a mechanic to fix the cad converter. The mechanics couldnt figure out why they came on and it wont shut off (the switch is broke) so they took the whole plug out from under my dash and now my turning signals dont work. however, when I drove my car home and shut off car, the flashers started flashing again and now the flashers wont shut off.. and now my car wont start.There is a wierd buzzing noise that comes and goes under my column too now. Im furious and feel I shouldnt have to pay the mechanic the rest of the money i owe until this problem is resolved since I didnt have this problem before! Any suggestions as to why my car is doing this?
  • classicman, having the same issue on my 03 Monte, did you find the fix ? If so could you enlighten me as to what repair was.
  • ralph49ralph49 Posts: 5
    Went to the mechanic today ( brother in-law) looked at wiring diagram it shows the cruise control is tied into the circuit to the heater/control panel going to replace control panel just ordered it today 120.00 see what happens been a problem for about 9 months hope it works keep you posted. THANKS
  • Ralph,
    Stopped it by a good friends shop, just to verify; if it's the body control module (bcm) a new one can only be programmed by the dealer. Went by the dealer also, they said that it also could be in the ignition switch, the service rep said it could be the bcm as well but pushed more for the Ign Sw. My gut feeling and past experience if it was the switch when keyed to start and blower/cruise does not run/work they would continue to not run/work until the next time that the key was turned. My problems will stop and start intermittley while driving. It also does not run/work when first started. Also I have the info center for mileage and traveling direction (N, E, W & S) it also does other functions. I have noticed most times that the blower/cruise is not working it also goes out, but there has been times that it does continue to work. Are you seeing this also? Don’t know if you have this option on your car. They would have to pull the codes for a cost of $89+. Don't know about you but I'm old school and like my 67 Chevy PU. I have been turning wenches along time and can fix anything on the truck. New is great as long as it is working but when it's not working on these new rides it can be costly. Please let me know if your fix works. My problems have also been acting up for almost a year now. Just a side note; always liked the name Ralph see I’m bias being my father carries this name. Thanks,
    Chevy One
  • Ralph,

    My wifes 2001 SS is doing the exact same thing. The overhead console goes out an no heater or A/C. Did you find a fix.


  • The turn signals on my 1999 monte carlo dont work but the hazard lights still work, the fuse looks okay, is there anything elso that I need to look at?
  • I am having the same problem with my 2001. Did you happen to have any luck in replacing the control panel?
  • Replaced Blower control panel, Blower motor, and Blower motor resister still the same problem. Last week replaced Ignition switch and the Blower Motor has been working fine. Any questions let me know. Good Luck.

  • Have 2000 Chvy Monte carlo with electrical shortages. Lighter, dash lights, windows, no interior power. Recent 3800 overhaul, Due from fire damage to previous engine. If anyone could possibly help me with this please contact me or post a reply on this site. Thank you so much in advance.
  • Did you ever find out what causes fuse to blow on cooling fans? I have 2003 Monte Carlo and it is doing the same thing.
  • do i have to replace the entire fan assembly on my 2003 monte carlo. Only 1 of my fans has quit. I used to be able to change fuse and keep it working but now the fan wont run at all(left fan).
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