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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    As always, the later the better for prices (in most cases) but the lower the selection. I think you said you were paying cash - if so then the current regional cheap financing would not interest you. If you were financing and lived in a region where the rates apply, you would likely be better off to buy now and take the cheap rate than to take chance and wait.

    Sounds like we all should fly to VA and buy cars and drive them back home, however :D

  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Although I love the Civic dearly, here in central IL, you can currently purchase a new Accord LX, Camry LE, or Sonata GLS Premium for the same prices as a Civic as quoted here. Frankly, I would rather have one of the other vehicles for the same amount of money.
  • duddud Posts: 91

    My research has shown that the Sonata GLS can be had for significantly lower than a Civic EX (or LX for that matter). My local Hyundai dealer (Orlando) was selling loss-leader Sonata GLSs for about $16,000 OTD. This is significantly less than a civic. In my area you can forget the Accord LX or Camry at that price-point. In those cases you are talking at least $2 - $3K more. After driving the Elantra, Sonata and the Civic my wife decided that the Civic is for us. It would have been so much easier to buy the Elantra or Sonata as they are giving steep discounts and their warranties are the best in the business (much better than Honda).

    As for the Camry ... we went to a local dealer and got a bad case of sticker shock. You cannot get a mid-range Corolla for less than $17,000 (plus tax, tag and title) which pushes that price well into the Civic range. The Camry ... well let's just say that the price of even a low-end Camry is significantly above that.

    Of the cars you mentioned the prices go as such (from personal experience):

    Elantra < Sonata < Corolla < Civic < Accord < Camry
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    As I said before, Hyundai makes some nice cars with long warranties - but they have terrible resale value. The money you save on the front end will be lost on the back end, should you try to sell/trade the car in the next x years.

    When my daughter got her Civic EX last year I pointed out to her that she could have purchased an I4 SE for about the same money or maybe less. I suspect now you could get the EX for EX-L for about what a Civic would cost you - most places. She was paying for it, so she got what she wanted :D

  • alpsrosealpsrose Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 Honda Civic LX 4-door sedan with automatic transmission today.

    car price(including destination fee): 16400
    out of door price: 18000

    I live in the bay area and a lot of the dealers around here can actually match this price.
  • chelliredchellired Posts: 13
    I am turning in a 2003 Civic I leased for 4 years. I have a quote from the same dealer to get into a 2007 Civic EX AT and want to see if I am getting a good deal. I hope you guys can help me!

    I have the printout from the dealer with all the numbers on it (I've rounded them here for simplicity) and I'm trying to make sense of it all.

    Orig MSRP $20,105
    Base Invoice $18,550
    Veh price $18,926
    Sales Tax $634
    DMV fee (incl doc, title, tire fees) $374.20
    Dest. charge $595
    Gross Cap $20,789
    Net Cap $20,789

    The vehicle price includes $260 of "soft adds" which are a trunk tray, wheel locks, and mud flaps. Do I even need these things? They can be taken off if I wish.

    I think I am being charged $100 over invoice besides those soft adds. BUT I think the destination fee is being added in twice on me. I thought the destination fee is included in the invoice price they quote of $18550. The true factory invoice to them I have seen online as $17955 for an automatic. Add $595 to that makes the $18550. However another $595 destination fee is included here in my complete cost. Am I wrong?

    This is my first time making a deal on a car on my own. What do you all think? Good deal? (I'm in NJ with 7% sales tax)

    Thank you so much for your help!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I see invoice on the EX sedan w/AT as $18,549 INCLUDING the $595 destination charge. If they will sell you the car for $100 over that price and the doc fee is not too high, then that is a decent deal.

    In any case, your numbers don't add up - if you take your price + tax + DMV you still end up wrong. I bet they have a $259.80 "doc" fee that is not shown - so your price is really $359.80 over invoice plus add-ons. And yes, they put the destination fee in twice "by mistake" .

  • chelliredchellired Posts: 13
    The $259.80 are the soft adds as they call them which are wheel locks, trunk tray and mud flaps.

    The doc fee is $125 which I included in the DMV fees I listed ($374.20) total.

    Thank you for your response Dennis! DOes this help clarify? Do I need these three things listed under soft adds?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You don't need them, but you may want them. The tray is $75 plus shipping elsewhere, the wheel locks $30, the mud flaps $64. So if your ordered all three from a discount dealer they would cost you $169 plus shipping and you would have to install them yourself. $259.80 does not sound like too much of a mark-up on the discount prices.

    No matter what, the numbers you posted do not add up since it does appear that they added the destination charge twice.
    Get that squared away, decide on the 3 items, then either get them to throw them in for free, bargain down the price, take them for their price, or have them remove them. Then it sounds like a nice deal.

  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    My personal opinion on your "soft adds", i'd go for the mud flaps, and maybe the wheel locks if you're worried about that... The flaps are definitely worth it if you're in an area with a good amount of snow, or even rain. I got those myself as well on my Si. For the wheel locks, if you're in an area where that is a legitimate concern, then maybe, but myself, I don't think they're really necessary.

    As for the trunk tray, there's no way I'd get it. It's ugly and unwieldy if you ever have to get at the spare tire or have to pop the 60/40 seats down to haul skis or something like that. I just got a roll of clear plastic designed to protect minivan carpets (flat on top, little plastic studs on the bottom to hold it in place) from Wal-Mart and cut it to shape. That way the trunk has some protection, but it doesn't look stupid or keep you from actually getting at stuff in your car.
  • duddud Posts: 91

    What fees did you pay and what is your sale tax rate? I'm trying to work back to your price of $16,400. BTW the price you paid is $800 less than what I was quoted.
  • pingyawangpingyawang Posts: 19
    Hennessy Honda gave me a unacceptable price. And the lowest price for LX automatic sedan I got here in Atlanta is $18,030 OTD, including 7% tax

    Have anyone got lower price.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Hennessy Honda gave me a unacceptable price. And the lowest price for LX automatic sedan I got here in Atlanta is $18,030 OTD, including 7% tax

    What price did they give you? I will e-mail them and tell them folks are complaining :D

    Invoice is $16,944 plus 7% tax = $18,130.08. So if someone quoted you $18,030 out the door you might as well quit looking and go get that deal.

  • pingyawangpingyawang Posts: 19
    Hennessy Honda's price is not so high either. I just complained too much.

    Their OTD price is $18,282.29

    Thank you, Dennis. But I really hope I can get $17,500 OTD
  • peter1980peter1980 Posts: 3
    Hi alpsrose,

    I'm also looking for an LX sedan in the Bay area. Would you mind disclosing which dealer you went to?

  • dddaledddale Posts: 11
    Do you mind tell which dealers you have contacted with and from whom you bought the car. Any options/accessories added on?
    Which county do you live in the Bay Area?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I think you are being unrealistic. Did you just pluck that number out of the air?

    Invoice is $16,944 plus 7% tax = $18,130.08
    To get $17,500 OTD (with just tax, no lemon fee, tags, etc) would mean the car would be $16,355. There is 2% holdback based on the MSRP so $18,355 x 0.02 = $367.10. Invoice less 100% of holdback would be $16,576.90.

    So you are asking the dealer to sell you the car for invoice less 100% of holdback and then to lose $221.90 on the deal AND they pay for your tags, doc fee, title, lemon law fee, etc.

    I don't think so.

  • pingyawangpingyawang Posts: 19
    Thank you very much, Dennis. But are your sure the dealer get the car at the invoice price? Someone said dealers can get cars at a much lower price than the invoice, maybe $1000. Maybe, I am wrong. Maybe it does not work for Honda dealer.

    Thank your again, Dennis.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Anything is possible, but if you are buying for invoice less known incentives (or close) that is a good deal. If you are buying for invoice less known incentives less 100% of holdback that is a very nice deal. To ask for invoice less known incentives less 100% of holdback less more money probably will not fly. If the dealer were more desperate to move the car, like they are with Accords. you might get to a price where the dealer appears to make no money. On something easy for them to sell like the Civic with AT in June, I would say no way.

  • pingyawangpingyawang Posts: 19
    Hm... It is very reasonable. The problem is the dealer doesn't have the color I want. I'd better ask others too see whether they have the color I want or not. Do you think it is still reasonable if I ask for some other specials, for example, free oil change.

    Thank you very much.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You may be able to another dealer to match the low price - just tell them the price and say "but they don't have the right color, you do - I will buy yours if you match the price - otherwise I may take this car due to the low price" and see what they say.

  • pingyawangpingyawang Posts: 19
    OK, thank you, Dennis. Hope it can work.
  • duddud Posts: 91
    You got a MUCH better price than I did for an '07 LX sedan. My OTD price (with 7% tax) was almost $19,000. That is actually one of the better quotes that I have seen here. Why are you labelling it as "unacceptable"? Have you compared it against other buyers paying 7% tax? Take out the 7% and you might be able to snag one for $17 to $17.5K.

    Also, if you are concerned about color choices (as I am), go to each dealer website and see their inventory. Most of my local dealers have only black and silver in a manual 5-speed LX sedan. If you choose the 2-door coupe (manual) they have a MUCH bigger selection. My wife likes the coupe but I am trying to convince her to get the sedan (it's more practical).

    Pingyawang, I have negotiated numerous car purchases and can tell you that there are two (2) classes of sellers" Honda and then everyone else. They have little problem selling their cars and it shows during negotiations. Go to a Nissan or Hyundai dealership and they will cut you a FANTASTIC deal without having to open your mouth. Not at a Honda dealer. For the most part they have a "take it or leave it" attitude.

    I love their cars ... but not how they deal with prospective buyers.
  • pingyawangpingyawang Posts: 19
    Thank you, dud. Wow, you stayed up so late, 5:15 am. I am sorry. I shouldn't complain so much. It is really a good suggestion, and I will check other dealers inventory.

    You are right, that is just the attitude I met yesterday. It is totally different from other dealers. I test drived both Civic and Corolla. The model of Corolla is too old. Toyota has ungraded it in other places of the world. I don't know why they still insist on selling the old one in the US. So, I can only love Civic now. ^_^

    Thank you again, Dud (Dude) :P .
  • duddud Posts: 91

    I agree about the Corolla. I visited a Toyota dealer last weekend and the price on a Corolla LE was MORE than a Civic LX! It was an incredibly high price for a dated econo-box.

    BTW, I live onthe east coast so my time is +3 hours. I left that message at 8:15 in the morning, not 5:15.

    Good luck ...
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,387
    ..."and the price on a Corolla LE was MORE than a Civic LX!"...

    I found this to have been true in 2003 and 2004, when the Corolla was considered.
  • chelliredchellired Posts: 13
    Another question... Hopefully not too OT in here

    I am 2 weeks from the lease end of my last Civic. I've completed the end of lease inspection and have to take care of a scratched windsheild and a ding or pay when I turn it in.

    My dealer has an offer on the table for me (see above) but I don't want to pay for the extra wear and tear. He has offered to buy my lease from Honda and use it as a trade in. How much should this affect the deal he already offered on my new car?

    I've already paid my last payment on this car as well. If I turn it in two weeks early should I expect to get half of that back somehow in my new car deal or let it go?

    Thank you again for all the advice and help!!!

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The big problem with Toyotas is all the options and packages - that and the regional distributors. My wife loves the look of the Matrix, but all the good stuff - side air bags, ABS, etc are all options. So you have to find a car that has this stuff (not easy as some combos are not allowed in your region) without a lot of extra junk you do not want, and get the color you want. Much, much easier to pick a Honda trim level, get the color, and drive off happy. I think they try to be to "domestic" with all the individual options - and once you add them all on the cost exceeds what a Honda costs that has it ALL included.

    Heck, I priced a Yaris out for someone - starts at $12k or something, right? I don't think you even get a RADIO at that price. Give me a break. They could make more money and satisfy more customers if they would just limit the choices and include all the safety stuff on every car - like they do with Scion.

    Fine cars, bad way (to me) to make and sell them.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Check the trade in value of your Civic here at Edmunds, KBB, NADA, etc. Put in the miles and condition and options. How does this compare with the lease buy out price (residual) ? If the trade value is MORE than the buy out price, then get him to give you the book value for the trade and have him take the extra off the cost of the new car lease (cap cost reduction). If the value is less, then don't say anything and let him take your car - if should have no effect on your new lease one way or the other. If he tries to jack up the price of the new car to make up the difference, then you have to decide what to do - pay him more for the new car or pay when you turn in the old one.

    Honda leases have a lot of "boo boo forgiveness" built into them. Your old car must either be pretty bad or not leased through Honda Finance? How much are they asking you to pay?

    If you turn in early you get nothing back at this point, but I would wait and do the deal the day the current offers run out (maybe July 5?). If the current Civic leases are nothing special, you might try to wait until the last day of your lease - but why bother?

  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,387
    Yes, I like Honda's seemingly better flexibility in the package regard. I would swag most folks just take the package that whatever car has in front of them or dealer has in stock.

    We needed a vehicle for the daily plain jane commute with 95% of the mileage and 5/7 days (71%) with one person in the car. A small example in the 2004 Civic, they had a VP model. This model came under the LX model. If I remember correctly, there was a $1,200. jump in price for the LX model (power door locks, cruise control, and I am sure some other (non essential) things). While I do like power door locks and cruise control,etc., we don't use power door locks much with one person and for sure, do not use cruise control in a daily grueling commute. Hidden benefits would be no repair of cruise control and power door locks. :) So not only do we save the money, interest and taxes and for most folks 36-60 mo more of HIGHER payments, but $1,200 buys a lot of commute gas @$3.17 per gal * 40 mpg= 15,142 miles!
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