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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • toyocam1toyocam1 Posts: 6
    Hi all,
    Almost a done deal--but would want to hear from you all,folks.

    Tax @ Michigan is 6%

    Adding 'dimming mirror w/compass'-->411/- (parts($311) + labor ($100))

    TOTAL OTD: - 18700/-

    What do you guys think?Fair deal?

    OR please suggest a fair price for the above?
    Some guys have got it for OTD 16900:))...No such lcuk here,folks!

    Please share your inputs/experiences.
    Thanks much!
  • cricfan777cricfan777 Posts: 20
    Hi. I live in Livonia, MI and the best quote I got for the same car was $18,275 OTD. Adding your $400, it basically comes to $18,700. But I think, since you bought an extra option, you can further negotiate the OTD price. Do you have their quote in writing. I suggest you take that quote to another dealer and see what price the other dealer gives you.If you are absolutely ready to buy it, then you should walk in there with your check book or credit card (preferable) and tell them you are willing to pay $18,500 and even ready to pay them a good deposit right then. If not, then you always have another dealer to buy the car from or you could still buy it from the same dealer for $18,700.
  • duddud Posts: 91

    Same problem here in Florida. Is the dealer charging you any sort of dealer "fee"? It is $600 here. I am in the market for the same car except with a manual tranny. Your OTD price of $18,700 equates out to about $17,900 for the MT version. That is almost $1,000 LESS than what I was quoted on the LX sedan MT here. Yes, your price is not even close to those in the DC area and I don't know why, except they seem to pay little to no dealer fees and their sales tax is in the neighborhood of only 3%.

    Good luck ...
  • toyocam1toyocam1 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the quick input.It helps to know that i am not being taken for a ride.Yeah..i'll play the dealers against each other.I'll try to see if i can get between 18400/- and 18600/-.Dealers are smart..they dont give you in writing the haggled price quote..all they say is they can prolly cut down a couple of hundred more if i come back.So,the price is still arnd 19000/- on paper:-).Wonder how much lower they are willing to bend?How abt 18000/ going to gun for that figure....:))worst case,they might show me the door....:))So what....they'd lose a good sale..thats all!!

    Dunno abt dealer fee etc.I am a true dud when it comes to all the other fees.I give'em what add ons i am interested in and ask them to give me an OTD.Thanks to this forum---have been able to make this process easy.Lets see how it goes.I will be buying a car by this w/end.Will let ya all know the real deal by then.Good luc to you too.Thanks for your time.

    Rest all,
    Do key in your valuable inputs--suggestions--ideas to get a 'steal deal' like some of the others have.

    Way to go,ppl!
  • cricfan777cricfan777 Posts: 20
    Hey. I think $18,000 is really really pushing it. I will be surprised if any dealer in MI sells you the car for $18,000 including the options. I usually go to and the dealers email me their quotes. Then I email the lowest quote to other dealers and tell them to beat it. I keep repeating the process until I think I have a good price in hand. Then I take the lowest quote and go to their dealership and see if they can take about $150 more off. Anyways, let me know the price you buy it for.
  • sacurasacura Posts: 6

    Car Price: 16747
    Tax = 1117.29 NJ@7% of 16747
    Doc fee: 45
    New Registration + tire fee etc = 250
    OTD Total = 18,214.29
  • duddud Posts: 91

    If the $16,747 includes the $595 dest charge then you actually paid $16,152 for the car ... or about $60 less than the invoice. Remember, the car did not cost the dealership that much. Dealer holdback is 3% (or about $485) and there may be a factory-to-dealer incentive in-place to incentivise the dealer to sell more (ex: sell 100 cars during the month and get a $20,000 bonus from Honda).

    Theoretically, it is possible to get the car for less than you paid (subtract holdback and that incentive (if you knew it)) but getting a Civic for less than invoice is a good thing. Congrats ...

    On the other hand I still cannot believe that here in Florida the dealers all seem to charge the same $600 "dealer fee" while no other areas of country seem to do it. This is pure profit to the dealer and makes me sick.
  • editor2editor2 Posts: 64
    It's a $595 destination fee assessed on all Civics, and not negotiable (I think...).
    Gosh, sacura's deal was very nice. :)
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    The $595 freight/destination charge is, I believe, on all MSRP stickers and it is a Honda line item charge and listed before the total MSRP. The freight/destination charge is listed on all MSRP stickers here in Massachusetts and I assumed it was the same in other states. In this case, it is part of what you pay for your car.
  • duddud Posts: 91
    editor2 and dan,

    Sorry but I was not clear in my last post. Do NOT confuse the destination charge (non-negotiable and a fair fee) with "dealer fees". Here in Florida the dealers are charging BOTH. The $600 (as was explained to me by the dealer) was a fee that was "divided" among all of the departments to cover "expenses". This is obviously pure profit ... and I told them that I would only pay it if they reduced the price of the vehicle by $600.

    I will be buying a Civic by the end of the month. I have done so much research that my brain hurts. if you rearch the NET there are conflicting strategies to buying a new car. One site recommends actually walking into the dealership with a spreadsheet filled out with the MSRP, invoice, etc. and recommends low-balling them ... with the ultimate goal of meeting in the middle (near your target cost). Another method recommends a mass fax-attack to ALL dealerships in your area (I don't owna fax machine). Still, another recommends requesting quotes and then calling the lowest bid.

    What method is most prevalent here?
  • sploarsploar Posts: 4
    Ummm, premium gas adds $20+ a month, insurance adds $20 more a month, and in my case a lease is $30 more per month than the same priced EX. And, you can't get it in an automatic, which is my preference. I test drove one, and wasn't impressed enough to eat the increased costs. The speed just didn't seem available at the low rpm's, which was dissapointing. Without the torque it just didn't impress me.
  • What is the best price anyone has gotten in or near tennessee? I'm looking to get an LX coupe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I received a quote for a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe EX including the $500 destination charge:

    w Nav.....$19,954

    w/o Nav.....$18,349

    What are your thoughts on this deal? I am in the Chicagoland area.

    Thanks, Phil
  • duddud Posts: 91

    You failed to mention a very important fact ... manual or automatic transmission? I'll assume (since about 90% of Civics are AT) that you are looking at an AT.

    The invoice (excluding the $595 dest charge) for the car with NAV is $19,560 ($17,955 w/o NAV). Your dealer quote is about $400 over invoice. This is not too bad. You might want to consider trying to get them down to invoice since they still have 3% (or about $638) in holdback to work with. If they sold you this car at your quote, they would be making about $1,000 in profit.

    If you really want the EX consider NOT getting the NAV system (it adds $1,600 to the cost of the car).

    I wish I had more advice but I too am getting ready to negotiate a deal ...
  • Thanks, it was with the AT. I think I will drop the Navigation. So for the Civic EX Coupe $18,349 is good, or should I try to get this number down also? Thanks. Phil
  • duddud Posts: 91

    You said:

    "I received a quote for a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe EX including the $500 destination charge:

    w/o Nav.....$18,349"

    The invoice (including dest of $595) on that car is $18550. Your quote indicates that you are getting it for LESS THAN INVOICE (a very good thing). If this is indeed true (make sure ... get a firm commitment from the dealer) then I wuold jump on it. The dealer is not losing money so don't feel bad for him. He is either taking the extra $200 out of his holdback or there is some secret factory-to-dealer incentive to sell xxx number of cars ... and he is trying to get there by selling cheap.
  • Thanks, I think I'll make the deal today then!
  • what kind of price should i be getting? and what is in this propack they put on the cars? i know its a way to increase the price of the car.
  • Drove off with a BEAUTIFUL Civic Coupe Ex Auto w/ Navi for $19,600 (ended up being just a shade over $21K after necessary DMV fees and taxes) in the Bay Area today...loving the car so far! Good deal?
  • duddud Posts: 91

    You might want to give MORE information like LX Coupe, automatic or MT and your ZIP code.

    BTW what is a "propack"? I'm getting ready to buy and have never heard of it.
  • 07 civic lx coupe AT 38024
  • duddud Posts: 91

    Invoice on that car is $16,761 (incl dest) while MSRP is $18,155.

    Try to get the dealer to go as close to ... or even lower than invoice (they will be getting about $530 in holdback from Honda. Add your approx tax, tag, and title and try to avoid those hideous "dealer fees".
  • bbangbbang Posts: 10
    I bought a 07 civic LX three weeks ago. And today I noticed that there is a light (but noticeable) scratch (about 30cm long) at the bottom of my side door. I don't think it was made by me, because I have been driving this car very carefully. What should I do? Can I ask my dealer to fix it? Thanks.
  • black00black00 Posts: 48
    I test drove a Civic EX this weekend (in NJ) and when I asked the finance guy at the dealer for current lease terms, he gave me the following:
    15,000 miles/year:
    36 month - residual 58% of MSRP - .0030 MF

    I was totally shocked, because I had these numbers:
    15,000 miles/year:
    24 month - residual 70% of MSRP - .00155 base rate
    36 month - residual 62% of MSRP - .00155 base rate

    He confirmed that those were Honda Financial numbers and that the numbers I had were no longer valid and that Honda changed them every 15 days and that special was now gone.

    Is this true or is this guy just not honest?
    I find it hard to believe that the numbers can change so drastically, so quickly... specially now at the end of the 07 run.
  • duddud Posts: 91

    You can ask the dealer to fix it an he will ... for a huge fee. Once you sign the contract and drive the car off the lot it is yours ... and not theirs. IMHO if you ask the dealer to fix it (for free) they will look at you funny and perhaps laugh.

    Good luck ...
  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    Yes, sadly, that lease program ended on July 8th.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • kayakr17kayakr17 Posts: 3
    I got an LX Civic coupe with MT for $16800 OTD at Hersons Honda in Rockville, MD. The advice I found on this message board was very helpful. I spoke to as many dealerships as possible and negotiated an OTD (Out the Door) price which included freight, 5% sales taxe, and DMV Fees over the phone.

    They do financing through Mid Atlantic Federal Credit Union and will go as low as 5.5% APR if you have a credit score over 750. I know there's probably some people that got better deals, but I was under a bit of a time crunch AND this is the first new car I've ever bought so I am very satisfied with what I got.
  • duddud Posts: 91

    OUTSTANDING job! You got a great deal on that car. I am buying the same model (except sedan) this weekend and have been quoted $2,000 more than you here in Florida. I am so glad that you posted both the dealership name AND location. My son lives in Rockville AND it might just be time to save a few thousand on a car by flying up (one-way) and grabbing one and driving it home.

    BTW could you break down your deal for me including base price, taxes and fees? Thank you ...
  • During this Honda closeout does Honda ever provide a "special" rate, like a 2.9% on the Civics? Thanks!
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