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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • warneywarney Posts: 10
    Unbelievably, dealer called and offered me this deal after insisting on full sticker while I was there last Saturday looking at it. What moved him $2000 in a week? My guess is that dealers aren't selling jack squat around here (Midwest).I really like this car, unfortunately Mother Nature dumped 14" of snow on us this week and that likely trumps the deal until Spring. Wife says it is nice but endorses the purchase of new CRV. Fun side of me says get the Si, practical side says she is right, get the CRV. I am driving my 4wd Civic Wagon until it dies, that may be a while. Thanks for input posts 820 and 821, I am going to ponder my options knowing that I don't need to buy a new car. Tough choice.
  • warneywarney Posts: 10
    Got message numbers mixed up in the previous post, I meant 815 and 816 re: Si not 820 and 821.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    The snow is probably what made the dealer offer you the price. Right now, everyone who is on the market for a new car is going to be looking at the AWD/4WD and the will be no deals to have. The rule of thumb is that you buy a sports car in the winter and 4WD truck in the summer. This way the dealer is more willing to sell you one. I bet you your dealer has an S2000 right now for under $30K, because no one is looking at the rear wheel drive converitble when there is 14" of snow on the ground. If you had quibbles about buying Si for sticker, don't expect the CR-v to be discounted, besides the sticker on comparable equipped CR-V EX is over $21K
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    I had posted earlier that I had a car on order from Treadwell Honda in Mobile, AL for a great price. Well the whole deal turned into a disaster and I would have to say Treadwell's Internet and Head Sales managers are totally clueless about even remotely taking care of their customers. The funny thing was I was a repeat buyer from them who had sent many referrals. That will never be the case again!

    I ended up getting the same car at Marshall Volkswagen Honda in Panama City Florida. Bought it over the phone for the same price from a staff that knows how to treat customers. Picked up the car 2 days later and everything was perfect. The staff was wonderful and the car was detailed flawlessly. I even had them do a 4-wheel alignment for free, since I live out of town. It was coded so it wouldn't show against my free first year adjustment from Honda. I don't like to find out the alignment was bad from the factory by my tires showing wear, so I always have the dealer do a documented alignment and I get the paperwork before I pick a new vehicle up. I got 1.9% Honda financing for 36 months and I paid $14,651.26 (base price including destination) and $149.00 (Dealer Doc/processing fee) for a grand total of $14,800.26 not including Florida tax. I now have 400 miles of driving it under my belt and the car is great. I got 31.2 MPG in mostly city driving on the first tank. Marshall Honda provided me with the best car experience I have ever had!
  • How does a person decide what makes more financial sense when choosing model years? Ex: local ad price for '03 Si at $16460. Web quote from another dealer on a '04 is $17800. Would 1 year newer be worth $1400? Figuring that I will keep the car 8-10 years.Would anyone happen to know invoice on an '04? All advice is appreciated...
  • i researching prices for the dx auto civic. what would a good walk-out price be on this car? not including taxes or apr. I went to the dealership but you all know how that prob went(walk in wanting a dx, and they convince you to get the ex for only 5 grand more etc...) Or should i wait until later in the year for a better deal when they are getting the 05's and want to get rid of the 04's. I just need some advice..please i beg of you!!!
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    I think you should easily be able to buy an 2004 VP 4-door Civic with automatic transmission for $13,200 or less including destination. Don't actually go to any Honda dealers. Call all Honda dealers in your area and ask for the internet manager. Start at the dealer farthest away. Tell them you already have a price of 13,300 out the door, not including state tax. Ask them how much they can beat that deal by. Also you can get Honda 3.9% financing for 60 months right now, if you have good credit. Because of dealer incentives, I believe there will be no better time to buy a Civic than now for the rest of the year. This incentive is set to expire 1 Mar 04 and I believe a 2004 is your best bang for the buck and I also keep cars a very long time (13 to 15 years). If you can afford it though, I would recommend an LX, it's an even bigger bang for your buck. Read my deal a few posts back. Good luck.
  • thanks for the info!!! what would a real good low ball price be with out the dealer hanging up on me. i see ads now in the newspaper for around $12888 (prob for a man trans). Sould i just say 12900 (for an automatic) and hope for the best?
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    vp 4 door come with auto, vp 2 door comes with stick.
    I would disagree that right now is the best time to buy. It is a good time to buy, but anytime after spetember 15th is the best time to buy. If your dealer has a left over 2003 that would be a better deal, as they would be willing to unload it. If you look at the packaging from Honda, you can get a 2003 LX or EX manual for the same as 2004 VP auto.
    Honda by my work has a 2003 EX 2 door 5 spd adverized for $14,000 or something. It is still sitting there, because it seems to me no one in this portion of NJ knows how or willing to drive stick.
  • I am in the process of purchasing this car from Herson's Honda in MD. They are offering me a similar deal to message # 819: $15777 + tax/tags (without the wheel locks and mudguards). I have only corresponded with them via email and phone, and my experience has been good thus far. One question I have is whether I can use the fact that I'm paying cash (not financing) as a negotiating tool for additional savings? If so, how much more do you think I can squeeze out of them?

    I was all set to buy the car last week at a different dealer in College Park, MD, but I had a horrible experience there. They sent me a detailed quote with a great price so I drove all the way out there. After going through the test drive, etc., it was time to finalize the deal. At that point the salesman essentially told me that I could not buy the car described in the quote because every car they sell comes with an added Protection Package (wheel locks, mudguards). The price tag: $1995 on top of the quote he had sent! Of course I walked out. Their tactic made me angry enough to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I would urge everyone to use extreme caution with this dealer or you may become a victim of the same trap.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    I've been pricing Civic coupes for several months now. I absolutely love the Civic, and we all know what a great car it is, but I've come to the conclusion they are overpriced whether talking about new or used. Face it, these cars are very popular, and the demand is keeping their prices high. The other car that's certainly comparable to the Civic is the Corolla. Though I like the Civic better because I feel it has a lot more style, the Corolla is every bit as reliable (maybe more so), and can be had for a much more reasonable price. I haven't purchased anything yet as I'm not in a hurry, but I will continue to keep my eyes open for the latest price trends.
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    The dealer gets his money either way, so paying cash isn't going to save you any money. You could actually make a case that financing through Honda would save you more money on the initial buy, because Honda is making more money off of you and they may give you a better price. But of course you will be paying more money in the end with interest charges over the loan. Just shop for the best price and buy the car. Personally I would hang on to some of my cash and use Honda's 1.9% financing for 36 months.
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    I bought a Type S brand new and got a grand off. I bought in NH ,because Maine doesn't have any Acura dealers.
          So I took the window sticker to town hall$23,350 and had to pay 5% sales tax and $502.00Exxcise tax,plus $35.00 for plates.
          I took car back to NH for fog lights$400.00 and a spoiler $406.00 no tax as I didn't purchase options in ME. NH doen't have a sales tax.
          So you could negotiate a good deal ,but here you are still taxed on MSRP, not what you paid for it.
  • My girlfriend wants to buy the 2003 Civic LX coupe. With all the rebates, etc., what should we expect to pay? What is the price difference between the 2003 and 2004? The dealer said that they are offering 2.9 percent on the 2003. Finally, she wants leather, should she add $1,200? Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Mike
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    When you compare apples to apples Civic is cheaper. Civic does not have options, so fi you are comparing a Civic EX to Corolla CE you are comparin apples to oranges. Toyota still does "ala carte" thing and some people prefer it that way. I like the trim packaging better as there are less ways for the dealer to mess with your head.

    #835 of 836 In Maine You Still Lose by joe249 Feb 07, 2004 (11:32 am)

    Instead of taking the window sticker to your DMV, you should have brought the bill of sale. The bill of sale would have listed the "price paid" not MSRP, and you would have been taxed on "price paid"
  • How do I find the sticker price for a 1995 Honda Civix EX 4DR? I donated mine to charity, and apparently I have to list the cost basis on my tax return, but I don't remember what I paid for it.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Actually, apples to apples in the Civic vs. Corolla arguement usually puts the Corolla a little cheaper on the MSRP.

    In any case, those in NJ who are looking to purchase a Civic in the very near future would do well to check out Academy Honda in Old Bridge. With very little negotiation, I was offered a sales price of $14,261.15 on a Civic LX auto (and 3.9% financing). The car is not for me, I am negotiating on behalf of my aunt, who will be trading in her 1992 Civic LX which has about 172,000 miles on it. (The price I just quoted does not include the trade, I did not even mention that yet.) We have an appointment for later in the week to finalize everything.

    For anyone really and truly interested, please email me and I can give you the name of an outstanding salesperson.

  • l_e_ml_e_m Posts: 2
    I am currently in the market for a new vehicle, debating whether I should get a 04 Civic VP or a 04 Corolla CE.

    I have been in contact with a dealer that my family has done business with previously, and they guaranteed $100 dollars over invoice on all Civics (and probably other models). Considering my locale, the cost not including tax/title is somewhere around $13,900. I may be able to negotiate for a little less, but I really do not want to press my luck.

    In any case, do you think I should pursue the VP, or should I try to get the Corolla, which has a $1000 cash back incentive this month and would be, perhaps, $600 cheaper than the similarly equipped Civic?

    I appreciate any input.
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    They are both great cars, but I think the Honda is better and if you can negotiate well you should be able to buy the Honda for less. There is a $400 to $1000 dollar additional dealer holdback incentive on all Civics through 1 Mar, plus they have 3.9% financing for 60 months or even less for 48 (2.9%) and 36 (1.9%) months. You should be able to easily get you VP Civic 4-door with automatic out the door for $13,200 or less excluding state sales tax. Shop at another Honda dealer, tell them you already have $13,200 and ask them how much they can beat that price by. Also, use your best price on the Corolla at the Honda dealer and they should offer to beat it hands down. Good luck!
  • Could anyone please give me guidelines as to what to aim for...buying within days. Thanks! We are also adding leather, and am assuming $1,200 to add...any help would be appreciated!
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Hi Mario - welcome to Town Hall! The best place to ask this question is in the Civic Owners: Accessories & Modifications discussion. Also, you might want to turn off the ALL CAPS as members tend to think you are yelling at them.

  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    You are at the mercy of your negotiating skills, because they have the over a barrel with your leather requirement. If it was a regular LX you could take $500 off of invoice as a starting point. Good luck!
  • BD21, is that $500 off of invoice for the 2004? And what if we bought the leather after market, is that possible? And negotiate it separately? anyone who can help give me a target price...
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    In terms of Corolla CE vs. Civic DX VP, I'd go with the Corolla, no question. The Corolla offers a significantly stronger engine AND THE SAME MPG, 15 inch tires, and front and rear stabilizer bars (the DX VP lacks a rear stabilizer bar, and therefore, gives up the handling edge that the Civic LX/EX has over the Corolla line). The Corolla CE also has a few extra smaller items, like a tachometer, rear cupholders, body color pull style door handles, and the availability of choosing from 9 colors, as opposed to 4. For what its worth, Toyota's powertrain warranty is also longer.

    If you were talking Civic LX, it might be a different story. I think the Civic DX VP is still pretty basic, and imparts a cheap feeling. Have you driven both the Corolla CE and Civic DX VP?

    Not to offend you- but I think $13,900 is a terrible price for a Civic DX VP. I posted yesterday the price I was quoted for an LX- I was also quoted a price for a DX VP (but my aunt chose against that model)... in Central Jersey, figure on $12,800. I dont know where you could be that would justify a price $1100 higher.

  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    Honda is giving their dealers an additional holdback thru 1 Mar 04 of $400 to $1000 based on volume for 04 Civic. Find a high volume dealer, they are getting $500 or potentially up to $1000 to turn over Civics. Use that to your advantage. Retail for the leather option is $1200, so the cost is under a $1000 to the dealer. Try offering $600 under invoice after you have added the $1,200 for the leather for an 04 Civic. You should be able to come close. Follow the advice I gave on post 828 too. Also, call an upholstery shop and find out how much it will cost to recover the cloth seats in leather, if you are not getting side airbags. You need to do some research on your own to decide what is best for you. Let us know how you make out. Good luck.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    .....the Civic DX/VP is it's too option void even for me. I'm afraid the lowest trim level I'd be able to go with on the Civic would be the LX. I actually received some price quotes in the $12.8K range last fall on new '03's when some of the dealers were trying to make room for the '04's coming in. That was the best prices I've seen on the Civics as of yet.
  • sroccsrocc Posts: 1
    I just purchased the Civic VP sedan for $13,168 plus tax and tags. Morehead Honda of Newburgh NY was the dealership.
  • Thanks, one last question: These incentives are on the 2004, I assume, $600 under invoice. Should I try and get the 2003, is there that much difference in price? I couldn't find the current 2003 invoice price...Thanks again for your looking this weekend.
  • BD21 and everyone: I got an offer for the LX 2004 coupe automatic WITH leather OUT THE DOOR for $16,700 from the fleet manager (it seems like there are no 2003 available). They are charging $900 for the leather and $300 incentive. Is this a good offer? I can probably take this out the door offer to another dealer. Any suggestions appreciated! P.S. they are also offering 2.9 financing for 60 months.
  • I believe the deal should be between $14,300 to $14,700. Your $16,700 minus $900 and $300 is 15,500. In this board, I would tell you to try to get a better deal. Low APR is everywhere right now, remember not to let them to charge any bank fee or ad fee, etc.
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