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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Fay,

    I'm sorry that you had such an unpleasant expirience when buying your car. I may use Crest for getting a low quote to be matched by another dealer, but I will definitely steer clear of them for the deal. Thanks for the heads up on them. The actual dealer that I'm leaning towards is in Franklin. Darrell Waltrip Honda/Volvo. They "said" they will beat whatever lower offer I get. So we shall see.

    Thanks again!
  • Got a good experience at Honda in Scottsdale. Quoted $14,279 and $15,948 otd for a Civic LX Coupe Automatic. I was a little worried, since my dad was with me and he tends to get aggravative during selling negotiations. He's been a salesman in retail for 25 years, so he does or think he knows how a deal should go through. However, I got the quote from a Fleet Manager and was basically a no-hassle purchase. He handled everything from showing the car, looking at other models, the financing (we paid in cash, but looked at the 2.9% financing), paperwork, and all the other details. The car was hundreds of dollars less than two other places I looked at so we bought here.

    He was very courteous and knowledgeable, patient with looking at diferent colors and a test drive. I was surprised my dad easily accepted the price and went through the deal with no problems. My dad did briefly try to negotiate the price, but it was a good price already, not too sure if we could've went down since it was through Fleet. The whole process took about an hour and a half and only took that long because my parents were indecisive about colors and the model. Also, another Fleet Manager was great in helping us out too with our purchase.

    Much better than the experience last Friday at another Honda dealership and a Toyota dealership we went to. The other Honda dealership was ok, but we went through sales, so it was the typical haggling, but the Toyota people didn't even acknowledge us when we got there. Had to get a salesperson, then they were very pushy with sales. The sales manager seemed very 'slick' and tried some sleazy tactics which made my dad storm out of the dealership.

    Anyways, great price and great service. No hassle. Anything that makes my dad happy is great by me. I'll probably go back to the same dealership when I purchase my car within a year.
  • Fractus2,

    Most of your deal seems pretty fair (at least to me), however, the one thing that stands out most to me are the Dealer Fees. Did you ask the dealer what those fees included? You may want to check that out and make sure there aren't any weird charges. I have a Honda Dealership I'm talking with to get all the details. When he gave me a quote, he quoted me the invoice of the car and wanted me to make an offer with a reasonable profit for them. (I'm not going to do that, I want them to lay down the first number, because I think Invoice is bogus anyway. I know there's a 3% holdback for Hondas). That aside, he mentioned that there would be dealer fees, along with tax,title,license. When I inquired about the fees mentioned (I thought for sure I'd get some bogus number.) He quoted me $289 and he insured me that there were no other fees he was negating when quoting me that figure. He listed what those fees are actually for, instead of thinking I should just accept the figure without wondering. Did your guy do the same for you? I just think almost 700 additional dollars is him adding a little cushion on because he offered you a decent price on the car. The number he gave may be valid, it may not. But it wouldn't hurt to check if you haven't already.
  • fractus2fractus2 Posts: 4

    Here is what he replied when asked what the dealer fees covered:

    "Standard dealer fees, like buying a house. The breakdown is $399 Documentation; $199 VTR (Vehicle Theft Registration); $28 Title Fee."

    He now backed out of the Honda security system in the deal. He says that "we have not mentioned the security system for a while now" and is adamant in dropping it. I was/am pretty p'd. But what can I do? I fly/drive there next Thursday and I think I let go too much information in giving him my itinerary, which I did as a good faith to let him know that I was serious.

    I plan on going with this deal though. I will print out all of the e-mails where he reneged on the $299.00 system and speak with his supervisor.

    Wish me luck!
  • The first civic I bought was for my daughter after she wrecked her hyandai. Its a lx coupe automatic for 14k plus ttl. (no side airbags)

    The second civic was for my wife. EX auto sedan with wheel locks, trunk tray, and splash guards. $16,100 plus ttl.

    Everyone knows about the $400 rebate money and holdback. There is additional money going to the dealer. However, no one really knows exactly how it works and how much. Can anybody tell me---for sure? It must be substantial if so many dealers are so anxious to drop to $1000 below invoice so quickly.
  • fractus2fractus2 Posts: 4
    I started shopping around after the internet sales reneged on the security system out of the deal and lo and behold, in comes a sweeter offer from a different dealer:

    EX - $16,294.33
    Fees - $617
    Tax - $1222.07
    Total - $18133.40

    I'm going with this guy.
  • Well, in my research (lol) I found that Honda has about a 3% holdback on the invoice of the car. So they already have about $540 built into the price of an EX Civic Coupe for them. That may be part of the reason. That and I *think* if their Civic Sales exceed a certain number they get $800 per Civic instead of just $400.
  • Well, let me tell you my story...

    ...On February 24, 2004, I was in an accident on the Santa Ana Freeway (or Golden State Freeway if you live north of Los Angeles). My car was totalled. I was considering a new Civic or Corolla as a replacement.

    After carefully examining both cars, I decided that the the Civic was the better choice for me.

    I used my Auto Club membership, and various dealer websites to get a quote. I got some low internet specials, but the stipulation was that I had to buy the car within 72 hours. A few weeks back, however, I went to test drive a car at Santa Ana Honda (a.k.a. "Happy Honda") by the 55 Freeway in the Orange County area. I told the salesman that I would consider a deal below invoice only. I gave him my cell phone number so that he could keep me posted on any forthcoming deals. I was certainly not ready to buy a car at that time. In fact, I figured that I would have to wait a few more months before I could actually buy a new car.

    This past Saturday (April 17, 2004), I got a call from "Happy Honda." They said they were having a special deal on all Civics. Anyway, my mother and I went there yesterday to see.

    I was looking pretty ghetto and tired, because I had to get up earlier than usual on a Sunday. But I was prepared for battle. I am a 26-year-old female, but I look about 20 or younger. I figured I would have a hard time getting a good deal. There was a point where I was unsure of myself, but I was armed with my mother's Experian credit score of 690 and I knew I would be fine (my credit is not that great).

    My mother left me alone at the dealership and I talked with the salesman. I said that I had $1,000 for a down payment. I wanted to pay below invoice for the car or I would go to another dealer (according to Edmunds, the invoice price for a Civic LX coupe is $14,589). I also wanted an APR of 2.9 percent.

    To make a long, long story short, I got what I wanted. The price of the car was $14,400 (not including tax, license and financing fees), which is $189 below the stated invoice amount. I offered them $1,000 as a down payment. I am currently financing my Civic at 2.9 APR for $264.15 a month for 5 years.

    I am sure that there is a chance that I may have been ripped off somewhere, but I suppose they need to make a profit too. I honestly did not think that I could pull it off because I am a very young-looking female. Ultimately, it only took me about ten minutes to negotiate the deal.

    True, I used my mother's credit because mine is bad, but I think things worked out in my favor.

    Needless to say, I am very happy with my Honda from "Happy Honda."
  • tony1034tony1034 Posts: 32

    I just picked up a brand new 2004 Civic EX w/o side air bags and with automatic trans, MSRP $18,550, invoice $16,994......and I paid $16,253.02 ($740.98 under invoice) plus $198 for registration and doc fees. Total out the door $16,451.02 (plus tax). The car comes with the floor mats, but they also threw in a $80 set of wheel locks for free.

    I think you're getting hammered on the fees there. The only fees I paid were for title, reg and doc fees of $198. I'm in NJ too (NJ sucks for getting deals ...LOL)

    Good luck and don't let them take ya. Be firm!

    As for accessories, don't buy them from the dealer. You can get any of the Honda accessories at nearly half the price online. I also have a 2003 Honda Odyssey. I wanted the trailer tow package. The dealer wanted $880. I bought it online for $430 shipped to my house and then paid the same dealer 1-1/2 hours labor to install it :)

    Tony P.
  • holden30holden30 Posts: 3
    So I've heard $14,279 - $14,400 + TTL for a Honda Civic LX Coupe. But what about for a 2004 Honda Civic LX SEDAN? Are coupes typically cheaper than Sedans?
  • ...for $16845 OTD (including wheel locks, pinstriping & moonroof visor, 6% tax and all fees) - this sound good?
  • nepenthenepenthe Posts: 1
    I just got a quote from I bet the same dealer (Shackfindlay??)
    Their sales tax is 7.5% I was told, which on 17148.57 should be $1286.14 or $65.29 less than you paid. ??? I'd ask for it back. What kind of theft system do they use?
  • I noticed everyone here is talking about new cars but the title didn't specically say new cars so...

    I just bought a used 2000 black civic ex coupe for 10,675. It has just under 40,000 miles and came with no warranty. Everything about the car checked out. A few scratches here and there, paint had been peeled off about a square inch on the side molding and the dealer agreed to have them repaint the entire molding right there. Its a five speed and not an automatic by the way...

    Good deal?
  • Hey holden30! According to Edmunds, the sedan is $14,771 invoice (without side-impact airbags). So I guess Civic sedans do cost more than Civic coupes. Generally - though not always - coupes cost more than sedans, because they are considered "sporty."

    There is one thing I should point out about the Civic coupe, however. You may be able to save a few hundred dollars at the dealership, but you will pay a bit more for it in insurance premiums (at least in California).

    You may want to research the Civic LX sedan online before you buy it.
  • holden30holden30 Posts: 3
    Well, I ended up buying my Civic (w/o side airbags) for 14,500 + TTL w/ 2.9% APR. Any comments? It took a couple of days, but I think it's a pretty decent deal.
  • Greetings,

    I just bought a 2004 honda civic Ex Sedan with a wing spoiler for $16,100. However, with the fees ($400) & tax (1,200), it comes out to a total of $17,700.00. Did I make a good deal?
  • It sounds to me like that is a killer deal. The wing spoiler retails for $500.00. I dont know what it cost the dealer.
  • tjno1tjno1 Posts: 4
    $14,500 For LX Sedan was a terrific price. Where did you get it? I am living in the NYC area. Does any one know a good honda dealer that would give a good price?
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    Is this a good price?

    The msrp sticker on the 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid v4 sedan with 5 speed manual transmission is $20,140.00.
    The factory invoice cost on that model no.(ES956) is $18,444.73..
    The special end of the month purchase price will be - - - - - - - - - - - -
    $18,239.00 sales price
       $1139.94 sales tax .0625
         $181.05 lic, title
             $45.23 inventory tax
    $19,605.22 complete purchase price
  • Hi Everyone,

    Would $16k be a great price on the Ex w/o side airbags.. Just spoke to a dealership who quoted me internet price of $16495, and I told her I wanted to only pay $16K. (Only other charges she said would be tax; 8.625%,new license fee;$158.00,and NY tire tax of $12.50.)

    Do you think I am better off shooting for $17k OTD, or will dealers think I am out of my mind?

    Any recommendations for dealerships in the area?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  • Dont the dealers in your area charge a dealer documentary charge?
    In the Phoenix and Tucson area, they seem to range from $200-300.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I know I may get in trouble for this. A few years back some one posted a similar list on a web board and got sued for slander. But here it is anyway.

    The bad: Stay away from Paragon Honda in Queens. Rt 23 Honda in Pompton NJ is pretty sad. The most incompetent sales ever, but the most beautiful facility. Bay Ridge Honda is a rip off (they do offer $300 for your old sneakers, $1000 for a used MetroCard, or $5000 for trade-in, but I am sure they build it into the price of the car). White Plains Honda in White plains, NY is owned by the same people as Paragon Honda (see above).

    Neutral: Have not heard anything bad or good about Staten Island Honda. Bob Ciasully Honda in Jersey City, NJ is OK (not bad, not great). Same for Babylon Honda in Babylon, NY.

    The good: D&C in Tenafly, NJ were good to me back in 1999. If you willing to drive a few miles, Fair Honda in Danbury, CT is really good. I have bought parts from their web based parts counter for years ( ) and bought my last car from them last year. The most pleasant experience with the internet sales group. I have heard good things about Brewster Honda in Brewster, NY, and Mount Kisco Honda in Mount Kisco, NY. Mahwah Honda in Mahwah, NJ has a good reputation as well.

    General rule of thumb, the father you go away from NYC proper, the better exprience you will have. But not too far, as they will get cocky. If you have a dealership in mind check with better business beaurau (sp?), or ask on boards like this. Word of mouth is the best advertizement.

    If price is your goal, try buying a manual Civic off the lot, you will get a much better deal, as no one is willing to buy them in NYC area. Driving a Civic with a manual in traffic is not bad. Besides, what else do you have to do sitting in traffic anyway. At least this way you get to move extremities and get the blood flowing.

    Good luck.
  • Hi Holenone79,

    I had the dealer send me an email with all the charges through OTD. I just went through the car buying experience with my mother, who is down in Florida, so I learned alot from that experience. Yes, they all charge their "fees". but they can also work the sales contract backwards.. from the OTD price..
    I also know, that once you get to the dealership, prices quoted can then be a whole differnt story, and at that point I will walk..
    Stayed tuned for an update as this will probably take place towards the end of May.
  • Hi Blueiedgod,

    Thanks for all the info.. I am actually doing the research for a friend, who is buying the car for business, and therefore would need a manual transmission. So of course price is always an issue, but so is dealing with someone reputable.

    I appreciate the headsup on the dealerships you mentioned.. I dont know how far she would be willing to travel to buy the car, but I will definitely check out the ones you mentioned.

    Thanks so much.
  • fuzzy71fuzzy71 Posts: 8
    Just bought the Civic EX sedan Auto w/side airbags on long island for 16,400 + dmv and tax.
  • gerriberrigerriberri Posts: 44

    What dealership on Long Island? And I just wanted to double check, your price was WITH side airbags, correct??


  • fuzzy71fuzzy71 Posts: 8
    Gerri,I got three email quotes ranging from 16,400-16,450 from 3 other places then I went into Millennium honda in hempstead. They started at 17,200 and I said I wanted it for 16,000. I liked everyone in the place and my girlfriend who was buying the car felt real comfortable buying it there so we settled with 16,400 and yes, that included side airbags. I did buy it the last day of the month so that might of helped. I also ordered the consumer report car buying report for $12.00 and they said I should start at 16,673 and go up from there so I felt like we got a pretty good price. Good luck.
  • Is $15975 a good price for a 2004 Civic EX coupe with automatic transmission?
  • carnewbiecarnewbie Posts: 1
    I am a first time car buyer who is very confused. I have the option of getting
     a 2001 Nissan Altima LX( so extra perks such as power seats etc) with 30,000 miles automatic,still under warranty, 1 private owner from a Toyota Dealership .... good records, clean and going for $10,00

    the other a Honda Civic with 80,000 miles (2 owners, the first was a commuter and drove several miles each day), stick shift, new ceramic brakes, car alarm, no warranty....good records and well maintained by both owners( almost immaculate, the last owner works in a dealership) going for $7000.

    Well Money talks, but I want a car that gives no trouble for at least 4 years and I am willing to pay the $10,000 for the comfort and the extra warranty, but I do want a good deal.....

    Any thoughts....?? Help ASAP!! I am trying to decide in a couple of days...
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Welcome aboard. The two cars you listed are completeley opposite of each other. The Altima is bigger and looks like has more options, although you did not list the trim of the Civic. The ceramic brakes on the Civic is probably pure BS. Ceramic brakes alone are a $5000 option on the Porsche. Let alone someone would put those on an 80,000 mile Civic. Just based on that, I would say: "stay away from the guy who is selling the Civic"
    $10K for a 2001 Altima is a little pricey, I remember that the 2001 Altimas had like a $4000 rebate in 2001, because of the new one coming out. I priced one out back then, and with all the options, sans auto, it was $12,xxx. Nissan does not have as good a resale value as Honda Civic. If money is what drove you to the Civic, offer the Altima people $8K and see what they say. If the warranty is your main concern, the warranty on the Altima is probably not manufacturer's, and most likeley not Toyota, because it is not a used Toyota. Read about aftermarket warranties on this site, they are pretty much worthless.

    Good luck
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