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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Write to me: - I'll give you the number who to talk to. It's a lease with my dealer - Dana Lincoln/Mercury of Staten Island. Taxes upfront. 800 down. 4 years. V6 with convenience package - moonroof, running boards, leather, everything power, 10,500 miles. Since I need 15,000 miles, I'll pay $320/month. I don't know, if it is really a good deal, but it doesn't look bad. What do you think?

    P.S. Sale is over on the 2nd of February.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Ok, that explains a lot. I'm going for a loaded up model, no down, so my price is higher. That sounded like a killer deal at first, it still sounds good though for the truck you are getting.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Meaning the deal sucks? Now you can get a Pathfinder for the same money/no down 39 month. Less leather and roof, otherwise the same deal.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yeah, my problem with the Pathfinder (other than the bland looks) has always been headroom. No, I don't think the deal sucks at all!!!! I was just wondering why it was so much lower than my price will likely be....that's all. When you explained the Convenience model was your choice, and the wifey wants the Premier, it made more sense.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    As of today I am owner of Merc Mont for next 4 years.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Congrats!! You'll enjoy it!!
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    That you can put a washing machine in its box in the back of a 2004 Explorer with only one side of the back seat laid down?? There is even room to spare. I'm impressed. How do I know this?? My Explorer did double duty today and acted as a truck.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Hope you are right. Got 4 years/60,000 miles bumper-to-bumper warranty - somehow ratio of posts in discussion:
    - Ford Explorer: Problems & Solutions 2373 -
    - Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer 1787 -
    got me out of balance.

    What do I do now - I mean it maintanancewise - what shoud I pay attention to, and expect what at what mileage and do what? What stuff should I get not to get stranded on the road? That's my first truck. Had sporty cars my whole life.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    There are many things our there to back up that the new Explorer and Mountairneers are good reliable trucks. Don't let those difference in numbers fool you (posts). I have probably posted on the Explorer's problem board 50+ times myself, but maybe only 6 times for personal issues. Most of those other times were for suggestions and the like. I know Nvbanker is also a large part of both boards you mentioned, but just for help and support 99% of the time. Look at Consumer Reports if you must and see how the reliability has climbed dramatically from 2002-2003 models. By those readings, one would guess that 2004 should be even better. Drive with confidence and peace of mind my friend.

    Nvbanker-When I mentioned the memory mirrors I was aware that the Gators were much less trouble prone than those found on the GM products, which is what I was refering to hehe ;-)
  • You will love what your truck can do. I am on my 3rd Mountaineer (1997, 2000, 2002.5) and everybody is impressed with the truck. My wife loves to tell the minivan moms that she can carry just as many folks, in just as much comfort and not worry about getting stuck in the Cleveland snow.

    I picked up a new kitchen stove in the box. The guy at the warehouse said "no way it will fit in an SUV!" Wrong. Also picked up a new 42" Plasma screen. Again, "won't fit!" Wrong.

    The best is when you help someone move, like my in-laws, with their "Grand" Cherokee. A couple of trips out of the house and their full. I just keep going and going and going (like the bunny!). I love hearing "how is all that fitting in there, our trucks are the same size!" Wrong.

    But the best part of owning a Mountaineer is giving U-Haul a hard time. I rented a 6' x 12' trailer a couple of weeks ago. When the kid asked what I was pulling with I answered "a Ford Explorer." He got a look on his face that said "I don't want to have to deal with this again!" Then I said, "Oh, but it says Mercury on the back. Is that okay?" He laughed and said "Yeah, I don't know what's up with U-Haul?"

    Anyway enjoy your truck.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Does anybody definitively know why U-haul has their heads up their butts about the Explorer? Somebody sue them for renting a 35 foot trailer to someone with an Explorer with a class II hitch or something?
  • My 03 Mountaineer Premier has a auto dimming mirror which needs to be constantly turned off in order to "see" behind , especially during the daylight hours, is this a defective mirror or does this always need to be on off? Every time I start the truck I have to shut the mirror off, any solution
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sounds defective to me, like too much current is being supplied to it and dimming it.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,781
    you don't have anything hanging in front of the mirror do you?
    i had a parking tag from work that was blocking the sensor.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Many of you will find this article to be very informative:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Old news - see #1714.

    Today's rollover test results (and retesting to be done) didn't sound too good though.

    U.S. to retest Ford Explorer SUVs for rollovers (Forbes)

    Steve, Host
  • I'm considering a new Explorer. I have a '98' and it has been a bit problematic but had a chance to drive a new one a bit and was very impressed with the new vehicle.
    I do a lot of highway driving and wondered what other owners have experience with gas mileage with the V/6 4x4.
    Any owners with the stabilization option?
    thanks for any help
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I traded in my 97 Explorer Limited V8/AWD for a 2004 Explorer XLS Sport, V6/Control Trac. First thing I noticed is the handling on the 2004 is amazing, very secure, its peppy, and so far the gas mileage has been around 15 mph mixed driving and idling. I really like it, neat truck and perfect for our family.

    We are going on a 700 mile trip in another 2 weeks, so lots of highway, will get a good feel for gas mileage then. I have about 2600 miles on the truck and will have had it a month tomorrow.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,781
    my '02 explorer(v8) has been on a lot of road trips in 18 months. four people, coffin on the top, 4 bicycles hanging off the back(like the beverley hillbillies), it does 80 real easy.
    don't recommend that to anyone else, though.
    kind of vibrates at 65, though.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    My wife gets 17mpg in town on her 02 Mountaineer. Don't ask me how. But this has been a particularly good vehicle all around. I hate to let it go! Lease it up in May.
  • I have a 2003 MM AWD that has 38,000 with V8 and 3:55 rear end (lots of highway driving it just turned a year old this month) and I can get 19-19.5 mpg on my road trips. If you dip into the throttle with a heavy foot it will effect your mpg. On the highway I am usually driving at 70 mph too. Hope that helps.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Picked up my MM on tuesday at 8 p.m. Already have 150 miles on it.
    It is a truck. Independent suspension is great, but the ride is a truck ride.
    CD-player skips on some CDs - my Accord doesn't have any problems with the same CDs.
    Windshield - rain stays on the windshield even at 65-70 mph - obviously beacause it is too steep. On the cars water rolls over ther windshield and is not a proble. On MM it looks like you take rain with you.
    The backrest is not comfortable, unless you nearly laying in the seat. Will try to go on a long-distace ride; will post my observations re. this.
    Though the car went only 120 miles - and the tank is 22.5 gallons - MM it burned 1/3 of the tank in mixed highway/city driving.
  • Although Edmunds advises that Stability Control is an option on the Mountaineer, the dealer I went to today said that no such option exists. Given the reports this week about the Explorer/Mountaineer faring badly in rollover tests, a dynamic stability system (yaw control) is a pretty important option. Does anyone know who is correct, Edmunds or the dealer? Thanks very much.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    is bundled with (or a part of) the AdvanceTrac option. RSC was a late availability feature of AdvanceTrac and has only recently become available. Even though AdvanceTrac has been available for quite some time now, RSC is a relatively new enhancement. My week-old Aviator has RSC and was one of the first equipped this way in Arizona. Hope that helps.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    won't be good until the vehicle is broken in. Somewhere around 10,000, them seem to hit their stride.
  • Thank you very much, Iolaj42. The dealer said I would have to get an Aviator if I wanted to get AdvanceTrac, stating it was not available on the Mountaineer. AdvanceTrac is listed in the Mountaineer brochure as an available option, though. Does anyone know whether a Mountaineer can be ordered with AdvanceTrac? Thanks.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    Per my 2004 Ford Explorer brochure and Edmunds new car info for the MM, AdvanceTrac is an available option. Whether the AdvanceTrac system also incorporates RSC is another question that I cannot answer at this time, though I can't understand why it wouldn't if Aviator gets it. I think your dealer wants to sell you something he already has on his lot, and isn't giving you a straight answer. Good luck.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Should I get Mobil 1 in the engine and Syntetics in the axels/differential etc?
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Should I get Mobil 1 in the engine and Syntetics in the axels/differential etc?
    Any way to drive it somehow specially to break it in better?
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Actually everything that you have mentioned already has synthetic in it, save for the engine. I use Valvoline Full Synthetic 5W30 (Ford recommends 5W20 now) in my wife's Explorer, however Mobile 1 is a good oil as well. I just get a discount on the Valvoline ;-) The main reason for the use of synthetic oil in our cars is so I don't have to change it as often. I feel more comfortable going 7,500 miles in between changes with the synth. Also worth mentioning is that I get about 1 more MPG, which is always welcome with gas prices @ $1.75 A GALLON!!! ARG!
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