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2014 BMW X5 Lease Questions

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
edited May 2015 in BMW
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  • Does anyone know what the residual percentage and money factor are for a 2014 x5 for 36m/10k?
  • MF .00125 and 58% for 36mo 15k miles
  • Thanks for your response. Could you please just tell me what the residual is for 10K per year. I know you said 58% for 15K.
  • add 2% for 12k and 3% for 10k
  • Can you please provide the MF and Resid for a 2014 X5 3.0 and 15 K per year, for both 36 and 42 month leases? Thank you.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    2014 X5 3.0 36mo, 15K/yr lease (assuming AWD)
    .00125 MF and 58% residual.. 42 mo. residual is 53%



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  • marc68marc68 Posts: 54
    I was quoted a MF of .0015 which I guess is a marked up rate. What kind of discount off msrp should I be able to get on a 2014 X5 3.0?
    Do you know what the residual is for a 36m/10k lease on a 2014 X53.0
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    "Do you know what the residual is for a 36m/10k lease on a 2014 X53.0"




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  • al838al838 Posts: 9
    My X5 xDrive35i optino is Base MSRP $55,100 Driver Assistance Package /Lighting Package/ Luxury Line/20" Light alloy Y-Spoke wheels style 451-with performance run-flat tires/Premium Package/Aluminum running boards/Surround View/Destination & Handling/Total MSRP $65,825 10K miles/ year with $1500 down.

    What's the invoice price will be? Please also let me know what's the lease Money factor/residual value for now and if it's worthy to wait till winter sale event? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    2014 X5 35i AWD 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00125 MF and 61% residual..



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  • al838al838 Posts: 9
    HI Kyfdx,

    Can I use this MF and residual to order the car? because the dealer told me there is no 2014 car in the market at this moment.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    BMW will let you "lock in" the current rates for up to 60 days from the end of the current program.. So, if you ordered today, your rate lock should be good until the end of December (which should be plenty of time for an X5).

    Of course, before you order, you still have to negotiate and make sure your dealer agrees to use the base rate, and not mark it up..



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  • al838al838 Posts: 9
    Thanks kyfdx,

    Is there any incentive or any credit i can apply, if i currently have one MB and BMW can provide some competitors credit or sth? I knew they used to have about $1500 credit if you drive luxury car but don't know if they still have that or not.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    I don't see any incentives on the 2014 X5 at this time.


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  • Hi Guys

    I am looking into leasing a 2014 X5 in the MA state. I was wondering if anyone could share their recent experiences and leasing details. Are there any incentives on this model and will the dealers budge at all ?
    Also how much can I negotiate on a 2013 X5 model. If I can get a good deal on 2013 then I will probable lease a 2013 model.

    Thank you and hoping to get some helpful suggestions.
  • garylamusagarylamusa Posts: 9
    edited October 2013
    Hello host,
    Please kindly provide 2014 x5 i6 awd north east residual and MF for terms below. Your insight is highly appreciated.

    12k 36mths
    12k 42mths
    15k 36mths
    15k 42mths

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    2014 X5 3.5 AWD 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00125 MF and 58% residual. Add 2% for 12K/yr

    42 month residuals are 53% and 55%



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  • garylamusagarylamusa Posts: 9
    edited October 2013
    Hi all,
    Is this good deal?

    Price $59730
    42 months
    12k per year
    0 down
    1st month and fees when pickup
    $703 per month + tax

    Vehicle: 2014 BMW X5
    Style: xDrive35i

    Selected Options:
    Glacier Silver Metallic (A83)
    Poplar Wood Trim (4AC)
    Rear Manual Side Window Shades (417)
    Cold Weather Package (ZCW)
    Premium Package (ZPP)
    Driver Assistance Package (ZDA)
    Driver Assistance Plus (ZDB)
    Parking Assistant (5DP)

    Thanks for your insight.
  • marc68marc68 Posts: 54
    It appears to be a very good deal. What is the msrp? It appears to be around 65,900. If that is the case, you would be getting around 6000 off msrp. Please let me know what msrp is.
  • ny2cany2ca Posts: 9
    It sounds like you are pondering a "basic" (not a Luxury, X, or M - line;) Park Assistant (and I assume Glacier Silver) are a Dec option. Assuming your MSRP is ~$63900 - it is a decent deal assuming the above and MF is .00125 and residual is around 55%.
  • tomc20tomc20 Posts: 3
    2014 Packages
    A96 - Mineral White Metallic
    ZLL - Luxury Line
    ZCW - Cold Weather
    ZDA - Driver Assistant Pkg Incl Backup Camera and Heads Up Disp
    ZPP - Premium Pkg
    Total MSRP - 62925.00

    Lease - 12K Miles
    Total Cost of Lease Down + Monthly including Tax / Fees / License / 5K Lease end Damage Protection. $27,000.00.

    I put 6K down and got a $577/Month Payment

    2013 - X5 Lease offer I got but went with 2014
    Premium, Cold Weather, Convenience, Running Board, Harmon Premium Sound - 12 K Miles
    $659/Month Including Tax, Title, Reg - 0 Down. Just 1st month Payment

    Dealer was JMK BMW in Springfield NJ
    Talk to VP -- Great Sales guy.
  • MSRP $63,875
    final price $59960
    $3915 off MSRP.

    Acquisition fee $925 (I know $725 but didn't negotiate)
  • tomc20tomc20 Posts: 3
    If you have not bought the car and assuming it is 2013... You can do a lot better..

    You should expect to pay Invoice minus at least $2000. For the car MSRP you are buying Invoice will be approx $59340.00. BMW is doing the Build Out cash credit which should be taken off from Invoice -- so bringing that to 57340. If you already have a BMW then you get another 1000. So you should be negotiating down to $55k to $56k. There should be other things like Drive event. So, I have seen people quote even lower for 2013 models. Depends on which location and how much is the competition.
  • It is 2014 and I don't own BMW currently.
    Truecar says invoice is $59,360.
    Is $600 over invoice OK for 2014 model?

    Your insight is highly appreciated.
  • tomc20tomc20 Posts: 3
    It is a good deal, the best you have gotten or will get is another $300 more that too after haggling and you risk missing opportunity of somebody else buying the car. I leased 2014 2 days ago. MSRP $62925. Invoice. $ about 57990.00 and they priced it at 58295 about 300 above invoice. If you have not bought the car ask them to knock off another 300. If they will not , ask them to throw in some extra goodies such as all season mats (your car comes with regular mats) and nice BMW keychains for each of your keys - the BMW branded keychains are really nice and cost about $75 each.

    If you already bought it -- then don't worry about it -- you did good. couple of 100s here and there does not matter on such an expensive car. Especially 2014s are hard to have in stock -- given that it just got released. My dealer sold all the 2014 in one weekend. So just enjoy the car.
  • Hi can you let me know which dealer gave you this deal. I went to a dealer ship today and the dealer was only willing to give me 2200 off a car with a MSRP of 62695.

    Thank you.
  • I went to to get the lowest quote. I figured $4000 off MSRP ($600 over invoice) is reasonable so took it to my local dealership and they price matched. My car will be here before year end. If you want it now may be difficult to negotiate because of low inventory since this car is new.
  • al838al838 Posts: 9
    HI Garylamusa,

    I tried to use mentioned website and see what's the price i can get but it didn't reflect the price you listed before. Can you let me know what's the dealer that you bought the car because I went to the dealer yesterday they asked me to show the written proven the price is real from other dealers.
    Can you help me on this?
  • I just got a call from the dealer saying that I can order the 2014 diesel. Are the residuals the same for the diesel? Does anyone have any data to share re: discounts/pricing? Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    No lease numbers out, yet...


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