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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • smiley3smiley3 Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me how to get statistics on all Grand Cherokee Jeeps that have had a gas petal stick causing the car to leap, increase speed and go out of control? The excelerator stuck on my 2004 grand Cherokee while I was in reverse, I was propelled over a hill and down a ravine nearly rolling 3 times, all while going backwards. Has anyone had problems with the excelerator sticking? Thank you for your response.
  • rtidwellrtidwell Posts: 2
    Our 2005 GCL was built in February of '05. With less than 1000k we are having the same problems with bucking and stammering. Took it in to the dealership and they flushed out the system Did not help. We are taking it in tomorrow for a new torque converter. Will post again after we see how this does. :lemon:
  • statesstates Posts: 1
    I've have had a nightmare of a problem with my 95 JGC laredo 4 Dr 4WD 5.2l 8cyl w/ 120k miles. About 2yrs ago, I started having problems where it wouldn't start sometimes and other times it would cut off while driving it. After replacing everything from the battery, starter, ignition coil, plugs/wires, crankshaft position sensor, fuel pump, EGR valve, fuel pump auto relay switch, auto shutdown relay switch and so on; it still seems to give me the same problems, I've taken it to two dealers and two mechanics and no one seems to know what the problem is. Would this be considered a manufacturing defect? After hundreds of dollars of parts and labor, what do I do? The closest guess has been that it has something to do with the auto shutdown feature (which is tied into both the anti theft and fuel systems) when the problem happens though it seems to cut power to the fuel system (pump/injectors etc;) Its always been tempormental, I'm currently pursuing replacing the brain box (PCM or ECM) hoping to fix the problem. CAN ANY ONE HELP ME PLEASE!?!
  • asiandudeasiandude Posts: 13
    You just need the refridgerant topping up (R134) but find a place that looks like they know what they're doing (low side pressure = 20 to 30 psi, high side = 250 psi approx) Good luck.
  • padofarmpadofarm Posts: 1
    Proper maintance to the 5.7 hemi is to change the oil at 3000 miles on the 8-4 displacment engine. I put a quart of rislone with every oil change to keep the oil lines in the block clean. I never have had any missing, bucking on take off. I also put a can of seafoam in the gas tank to keep the fuel injectors clean. I use 5w-20w oil sythetic blend. I have 9k miles on my grand cherokee and it runs smooth.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    That sounds like you're not coming out of 4WD. Check the linkage to make sure it is shifting out of 4WD.
  • jkramjkram Posts: 17
    My wife has a 2004 GC Freedom edition likewise a real nice truck.
    My 2005 JGC has the Hemi, the Hemis and 4.7 engines share the same drive train components. So it does not suprise me. I want to hear from someone or anyone who has had a successful repair done. To make the bucking, stumbling, or stuttering go away. The 2004 and 2005 are totally different vehicles mechanically.
  • i have a 95 gcl and at times it will start and times it wont. u can turn the key on and the lights will come on but it wont turn or crank or anything. we checked the fuses and there good. bout a month ago we had problems wth the crank postion censer. it seems like every month we have 2 replace something on it. we have only owned it for about 4 months. its auto matic, 4x4, 4.0 engine. if anyone has any ideals please help me!!!!! i beginning 2 think i bought a lemon. :lemon:
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I don't see any other replys to this 18 month old query, but just had the rear window smashed on a Sunday afternoon (busy street in medium sized midwest city ... I won't name it here as based on what I have heard from others the past few days their crime is way up in the past 10 years since we have been going there). We have a loaded 2001 JGC and had the security system armed, but it does not trigger with glass breakage - you must open a door or hood to trigger it, no pressure or motion sensing in this factory system. Luckily not much was taken, but think again in relatively "safe" areas how much you can trust these basic security systems (the cops said we should feel lucky they did not peel back the steering wheel and steal the car)! When the tech was replacing the window glass he commented even in our smaller city, there are daily smashings to get car stereos and other items in cars .... SUVs are not safe for valuables, computer laptops since all the jeep has is the flimsy pull over on the rear. You can't even lock the glove box or center console, although I may look into a way to add something (I tried to take out the full size spare tire and that would be a good spot since you can't open it without opening the hatch, but that is NOT easy to do).

    Net: don't trust the basic security systems for much.
  • i have a 95 jeep grande cherokee with 4.0 engine automatic 4x4. i love my jeep but hate the problems that i have been having wth it. sometimes it will start perfect and other times u can turn on the key and the lights and all will come on but the engine wont turn or crank or anything. we checked the fuses they are good. so if u have any ideals please tell me.
  • mellis1mellis1 Posts: 12
    It sounds like you have a dead spot on your starter. It maybe that when the engine is shut off on this spot the magnetic filed does not make contact. A cheap trick would be to tap the starter with a hammer next time it won't start. Then retry starting it again. If this does a quick fix, it's your starter. Other than that it could very well be an electrical problem, from your ignition wire. Hope it's the starter, that's cheaper then searching for an electrical problem. Good luck.
  • loudjeeploudjeep Posts: 2
    my 96 limited does the exact same thing , did u ever find out how or what to fix?
  • loudjeeploudjeep Posts: 2
    my 96 limited interior lights come on after the vehicle is shut off ,all doors are shut and the factory alarm wont arm, lights stay on .....forced to pull fuse real bad ........can anyone help?
  • thank u for that tip. i will try it the next time and hopefully thats it. i hope its not an electrical problem. i have already spent so much money on it. i was thinking the starter but i wanted 2 hear from some other people first before i go buy a new one. thank you if u think of anything else please let me know
  • carantcarant Posts: 1
    Are you sure the crankshaft position sensor was changed??? I had the exact same problem(it is common). the part is $50 from Autozone. It is in a tricky spot. If this sensor doesn't think the crankshaft is turning, it assumes the engine is not running and therfore no fuel, spark, etc is required. I would change it again myself, or watch somebody do it!!!
  • 2ejohnson2ejohnson Posts: 2
    THANK! I was afraid you would say that. My wife told me to do this several hundred dollars ago. :(
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Also check your battery. Buy a battery terminal cleaner and pull off the cables and clean the terminals and the cable ends really well.
  • im looking into the factory alarm mod i herad its behind the glove box i cant arm my factory alarm either im on vacation wont get to it till end of july if if you figure yours out get back to this thread unplug the plug or cut the yellow wire this goes to the light mod
  • i found this on the security
    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Security Information
    Constant 12V+ Pink/Black Ignition Switch Harness
    Starter Yellow/Blue or Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
    Ignition Dark Blue/Gray Ignition Switch Harness
    Ignition 2 Red/Black Ignition Switch Harness (for AC)
    Accessory Black/Orange Ignition Switch Harness
    Tach Gray/White Coil
    Brake Switch White/Tan Brake Switch
    Trunk Pin n/a Works with Dome Light
    Parking Lights Blue/Red (+) Left of Steering Column or Light Switch
    Head Lamp Tan/Black Light Switch
    Factory Disarm Purple/Yellow (-) Driver's Kick Panel Black Connector at ECM
    Door Trigger Yellow (-) Driver's Kick Panel see notes
    Door Lock 5/Wire in Driver's Inside Driver's Door Orange/Purple Lock Pink/Black Unlock
    Door Unlock and Passenger's Doors Inside Passenger's Door Black/White L Pink/Black Unlock
    Horn Wire Gray/Orange (-) Steering Column
    Windows Up LF=Light Blue, RF=Brown/White, LR=Blue/White, RR=Gray/Black Doors
    Windows Down LF=White, RF=Purple/White, LR=Red/Black, RR=Green/White
  • rtidwellrtidwell Posts: 2
    Well, we got the Jeep back and it is better, but I am still feeling the hesitation and some stammering. We only drove it a short distance, but are leaving on vacation today. Pray we make it there and back.
    This was our third attempt at repair and according to AL lemon law we now have to contact the manufacturer for a final attempt at repair before we can start a lemon law file.

    R Tidwell
  • davismandavisman Posts: 1
    i had similar problem with my 99 jeep.... ended up being electrical... the electric fan was not coming on (mechanic said something about a relay or modulator or something like that)... check your electric fan to be sure it comes on as the engine temp goes up...
  • smiley3smiley3 Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me how to get statistics on 2005 Grand Cherokee Jeeps that have had a gas petal stick causing the car to leap, increase speed and go out of control? The accelerator stuck on my 2005 grand Cherokee while I was in reverse, I was propelled over a hill and down a ravine nearly rolling 3 times, all while going backwards. Has anyone had problems with the accelerator sticking? Who do I contact about this defefct? Thank you for your response.
  • mstoverinkmstoverink Posts: 22
    I know a lot of people have had a problem with this and this is the most common/best fix I've heard of. There is a picture attached (hopefully it works)...sorry I can't remember who sent me the picture, I've gotten so many emails about this. Anyway, good luck.

    Pull back the top of the carpet under/behind the glove box of the front passenger floor board. You should not need to remove any molding for this. You should find a black/grey plastic piece with a circular shape at the bottom with a V shape coming out of the top (as shown in the picture). Drill a hole through the center of the lower circle part and you will be looking straight out the front (through the firewall) where the drain ends. You should be able to run a wire of some sort up through the drain hose to try to dislodge any blockage. Once any blockages have been removed, repair the hole that you drilled with some type of moldable rubber, plummers putty, or silicone, but make sure your make-shift plug doesn't block the inside of the drain tube.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck. -Mark.

  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Did it get caught on the floor mat?
    You can report the problem at
    I will caution you on this however. There was a huge deal with Audi several years back and it was determined that people were pressing the gas pedal and brake pedal simultaneouly resulting in "unintended acceleration".
    This problem has been reported on numerous different vehicles since then and no vehicle has ever been found to have a problem.
  • we already checked the battery and its good. i dunno what it is i'm thinking the starter but i maybe wrong but thank you 4 the advice. hopefully i will find out soon. its driving me crazy.
  • mdaymday Posts: 5
    it is not the oil changes, or maintainance causing this problem i have had the oil changed at the dealer every 3000 miles, i even did it myself once with bottled dealer oil, i used to work at the dealer, and the mechanics said this is probably a computer program issue, and to wait until they fix it, i now have 13,000 miles the missing,surging is always there under even the slightest load just driving, one thing is i cant seem to get it to do it at all in first or second gear in all the 13,000 miles, and it only seems to get worse when its hot or when it rains dont ask me why just what i seem to have noticed.
    there is a different air sensing system on the 05 i dont know if this has something to do with it its not a mass air flow sensor its something else thanks for your input, although the people that do have this problem have already been through the oil issue thanks, mark
  • smiley3smiley3 Posts: 3
    Thank you Paule, I will keep your comments in mind. Thank you for the email address of where to send my complaint.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    You're welcome. I hope everything turns out ok for you.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    It could be the starter. The reason I mentioned the battery is that it is not uncommon to put a meter on the battery terminals or do a cell check on the battery and it will appear fine but you could have corrosion between the terminals and the cables and it will cause problems even though they look fine.

    Man, how's that for a runon sentence. :P
  • yea we did that its all clean. i dunno what it is. all i know is that when i leave home 2 go 2 a store i'm always praying that it will start back. thank u again. i apperciate the help :P
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