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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • I have a 2002 GLS Santa Fe and I love it! We took the first road trip in really cold weather a few weeks ago. The driver's side had hot air coming in on the left door side on the floor - the passenger had a blast of cold air on the right floor = all with heat in off position. My husband was roasting - I had two coats on my legs and freezing. The dealer can find no problem with this. Has anyone else experienced a problem with hot/ or cold air when the heater is in the off position?
  • kspineapple,

    Not sure about the hot and cold at the same time but was your outside vent closed when this was happening? I had a problem with the damper that closes off the outside air from comming in and it had to be replaced. It was all electronicly controled. Maybe yours is stuck half way and it is allowing the heat from the heater core and the cold outside air to come in at the same time and directing one to one side and one to the other. Just suggestion.

  • My wife hit a post and smashed in real good the front bumper below right headlamp of My 2002 Santa Fe. No damage to headlamps but bumper is a bit dislodged and will have to be replaced.
    In California, how much do you think a reputable body shop will charge to replace?????? From where would they get a Santa Fe bumper anyway???? I may decide to pay out of pocket and not go to insurance. Any thoughts would be appreciated....
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    Cost of the bumper cover (part number:86510-28000) is $182.00. This is less tax, labor to remove old and install new and paint. Also, there may be damage to underlying parts like the absorber or supports. No way to give a good price without looking at the car. The parts will have to come from Hyundai.
  • In 2001 I had the same thing. No damage except for the bumper. I do not have the exact figures in front of me. But, it was in the $400 range. The biggest expense was the labor to have it painted.
  • I just bought a 2003 sante fe LX and love it so far.
    One thing that i cant figure out is that the manual say parking lights will go out if left on when driver door is open but this is not happening. I am just afraid if i leave lights on by mistake I will have a dead battery. am i doing something wrong?
  • I don't have the manual in front of me. But the lights should go out when you open and then close the door. You would not want to leave your door open with the lights on for an extended period of time anyway, would you?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Parking or interior lights?

    My interior lights go out after 30 minutes if I leave a door open, but parking lights doing the same thing is a new one to me.

    Steve, Host
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    Exterior Lights on 2002 SF:

     The lights will go out when the driver's door is opened, if the lights were 'on' while driving and you did not turn the light switch 'off' when you shut off the engine/ignition.

     If you turn 'on' the light switch while parked and the engine/ignition 'off', the lights will remain on, no matter what door is open or closed.

     At least they did today. =;-)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Like I said, that's a new one on me!

    Steve, Host
  • Its my Parking Lights and they do not go out when i leave them on. heres what I do 1. shut car off 2.Leave lights on 3. pull key out and 4. open the door. They still stay on. The manual says when door is OPEN, (NOT CLOSED) lights go out. Its sounds to me like they forgot to wire lights to door. Im going to bring it back to dealer I sure hope they dont screw it up worse
  • terawagterawag Posts: 2
    I've had the same problems as you have, kspinapple!! We were driving in cold weather on the highway and had to stuff a blanket up into the passenger side area on the right so our legs wouldn't freeze! I've talked to my service department several times, and they have no explanation. The only thing that turns off the cold air is if you recirculate the air -- but then the windows fog up and the air gets stuffy on long trips! I'm going to be meeting with the regional service representative when he comes to town soon. I think it's a flaw in their design, or maybe a stuck vent as Mark (#416) suggested. I'll keep you posted.
  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Posts: 40
    I am so glad I checked the board this week. My wife drives our Santa Fe so there is rarely anyone on the passenger side. This past week, I was driving and she was saying that there was cold air just pouring in on the passenger side! It seems obvious that this is a design flaw, based upon the number of people having this problem. It seems pointless to take it to the dealer who will claim ignorance. I guess we should contact Hyundai directly?
  • lexconnerlexconner Posts: 25
    I'm not sure I understand you.
    Let me type it again.
    If you leave the vent open, cold air comes in the passenger side vent. And if you close it by setting the air to recirculate the cold air stops, so it don't work right? So its broken or a design flaw?
    Not much more to type here.......
  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Posts: 40
    The problem with closing the vent is that in cold-weather states, where you run the heater all of the time, you can't do it without causing major problems with the windows fogging up. Having driven well over 600,000 miles in my three decades of driving, I can honestly say that I have never had a car in which I had to close the vent to prevent such a problem. I (or any other owner) should not have to constantly switch between vent open and closed because of this, so yes, this is a design flaw.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    I can have my air intake control set to 'fresh' or 'recirculation' and have heated air blowing into the cabin, in either position (with the temperature control 'on', of course). If you cannot do that, have the dealer repair the unit.
  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Posts: 40
    Thanks for responding to my plight. Unfortunately, getting hot air to blow is not the problem. The heat comes out fine. The problem is that cold air also comes in from the upper right corner of the footwell on the passenger side. We traveled about 600 miles this weekend and the problem does indeed seem to be lessened by using the recirc setting, but (as I said before) this causes problems both in fogging of windows and air quality for breathing. It seems that at least a few of us are experiencing this problem. I am going to try to contact the dealer this week and see what kind of a response that I get.

    To all others, please understand one thing: I LOVE MY SANTA FE AND I WOULDN'T TAKE ANY OTHER SUV THAT COSTS UNDER $30K FOR IT'S REPLACEMENT!!! I simply want to find out what the problem is so I can get it fixed.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
        There's a door behind the glove box where a cabin filter can be inserted into the incoming airstream. Maybe that door popped open or an air duct hose slipped off. Hopefully the problem will be a small one. Good luck!
  • Last night we had the same issue. My wife was freezing. I was burning up. I too would like to know what the dealer says. Please keep us informed. In the meantime I will remember to try the recirculate option. Maybe with it closed and the A/C on I can keep the condensation to a minimum.
  • blusf02blusf02 Posts: 9
    From what I see, what you are saying is with the fresh air vent open not all of the outside air is being directed through the heater core. Therefore some is directed to one side of the vehicle and some cold to the other. This would seem to be a damper problem or maybe some of the duct work is not connected before it get to the damper that directs the air. Just trying to figure this out. Does this sound correct to you?
  • terawagterawag Posts: 2
    Glad to see that others are having the same problem, I guess!! I still haven't seen the regional service engineer ... Maybe Hyundai should supply us with fur lined boots, flannel lined pants, and a Hudson blanket! This would probably be more reliable than waiting for Hyundai to fix the problem. Now, we're wondering if HOT air will be pouring in when we have the A/C on this summer?!!
    It is hard to believe that Hyundai hasn't verified the problem at this point, and come out with a recall and a fix. (I even checked the owner's manual of a 2003 model and the heating/venting system looks the same as mine -- a 2001 model.)
    I did call the 800 Hyundai number in my owner's manual and they assigned a problem number to my situation and referred me to the regional service engineer (who I'm waiting to see). Perhaps if more of you call the 800 number, they'll understand that many of us in the northern climate are having the same problem. What else can we do?
  • lcvulcanlcvulcan Posts: 5
    When I tried to start my 2003 Santa Fe GLS 4X4 this morning the check engine light came on and it stalled out. After 5 or 6 attempts it caught. My wife advised that it ran rough on her way to work. I made a service appointment and will advise on what transpires.

    Purchased 11/02 and it now has approximately 1200 miles on it. Wife loves it.
  • lcvulcanlcvulcan Posts: 5
    Arrrggghhh.!!! Upon closer inspection discovered a large nest of mice under the engine cover. Apparently they thought the wires were delicious. Wires repaired, problem solved. Service appointment canceled. Mouse traps liberally applied throughout the garage.
  • lexconnerlexconner Posts: 25
    Every car I have owned has worked the way you discribed how yours is acting. And i was born and rasied in cold country. So I know exactly what you mean. maybe a hose is off under the dash? Please keep us informed as I plan to be up north with mine before winter is over. Thanks
  • majomajo Posts: 2
    I am in the process of buying a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS/AWD and want to put a remote starter in it. The dealer informed me that Hyundai could deny warranty work if I have this installed. Has anyone had any experience with this issue? My son-in-law is an attorney and he said they could not deny warranty work unless this was specifically excluded. I really want the remote start as I've had it before but part of the great deal with the Hyundai is the warranty.
    Thanks for any feed back on this.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128

     I am in the process of buying a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS/AWD and want to put a remote starter in it. The dealer informed me that Hyundai could deny warranty work if I have this installed.>


     Why don't you have the dealer install it?
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    The dealer's statement doesn't sound unreasonable to me.

    I've heard a number of stories of aftermarket remote starter and sound system installations screwing up the electronics on a vehicle. Why should the manufacturer be on the hook for that?

    harry31's suggestion is a good one - let the dealer do the installation, if they'll agree to it. You'll probably pay more, and might not like their system compared to an aftermarket one, but they'd be more likely to stand behind it if there is a problem.
  • majomajo Posts: 2
    The Dealer I'm going through anyway doesn't or won't install them. They will take it to a business that does do this and have it installed before I pick it up but won't make it part of the contract because of the warranty. My son-in-law is an attorney and he said that Hyundai would have a hard time denying warranty work unless it could specifically be tied to the remote start or the installation of it so I am going ahead with it. I agree if the add on causes the problem that warranty shouldn't be responsible but shouldn't be able to deny needed warranty work that would have nothing to do with it.
  • sanibelsanibel Posts: 9
    I am hoping to purchase a 2003 Santa Fe LX before the end of the month. Am talking with a couple of dealers now re: price. Any word about specific problems with 2003 LX?
  • dougf912dougf912 Posts: 6
    i have a 2001 GLS with 24,000. the cd player bit the dust... er2 error code reading and cd wont play or pop out. Anyone else have problems with cd?
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