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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • minnbillminnbill Posts: 28
    A loose wire in the driver's side door was in contact with the metal door frame, causing the short. Dealership re-secured the wire, installed new fuse and everything is A OK. If that's the worst problem we ever have with this vehicle, we will have made our best car purchase ever!
  • I want to purchase a 2003 Santa fe v-6 gls all wheel drive. I have driven 7 of them and when on the freeway or at speeds of about 60 to 70 mph the steering wheel has a slight shimmy. This does not seem normal to me. Hyundai does not seem to know what it is. This is the only thing stopping me from purchasing this vehicle. Someone please respond with an answer. I want to purchase it this weekend, HELP!!
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Well, if you buy one and it does that, you can't argue with the service manager if he tells you "They all do that."
  • taylor809taylor809 Posts: 2
    Recently I add a Check Engine Light come on. I have a 2002 Sante Fe, 4 cylinder-2WD. This happened 2 or 3 times. The dealership kept telling me it was that the gas cap was not tightened properly after I put fuel in. After a couple times of hearing this I told them to find the problem or replace the gas cap. The problem turned out to be the Fuel Check Valve in the top of the gas tank. This was determined during some kind of a smoke test the mechanic did.

    Just thought I would pass this on for information purposes only.
  • wtap2wtap2 Posts: 8
    I have a 2002.5 Santa Fe (7700miles) with factory installed sunroof/moonroof.There is no interior noise until I drive with the roof open. Then there is a very noticeable "rattle" comming from the headliner area whenever I hit a bump.The service department have:
    First Visit.
     R&R Sunshade Assembly Reinstalled correctly.
    Second visit.
    1.R&R Headliner and insulated both drain tubes.
    2.Resecured all hardware associated with sunroof and realigned glass.
    I will be taking it in again next week for them to try again.Can anyone suggest what may be the cause of the rattle? They didn't completely drop the headliner.Except for this problem, the Santa Fe is one solid,comfortable driving suv!
  • jreidell1jreidell1 Posts: 4
    I am now driving my second Santa Fe. My first one was a 2001 2WD. I do a lot of traveling, and put 50K+ miles on it in a little over a year. I had absolutely NO problems, never had it in the shop, etc...The second one, a 2002 4WD has 26K miles on it, and has begun making a terrible screeching noise.I took it in to be checked, and they say there is nothing wrong with the brakes. When the brake pad is depressed, the screeching stops. It is terrible. Has anyone else had these problems? The service dept claims the pads and rotors are fine. I am so upset, because I was so pleased with the first Santa Fe. I would appreciate any help. Thanks so much.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    A friend of mine bought a 2002 Honda Accord coupe new, and soon after the purchase I took it for a spin. The headliner in that car did the same thing -- a VERY noticeable rattle when the sunshade was opened.
  • mizziemizzie Posts: 3
    I have this noise when I driving, but not often, it also goes away when I step on the brake. I've had my brakes checked and they are okay. Anyone know what this is?
  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Posts: 40
    Mizzie, give us a better description, please. Is the noise continuous or spotty? Does it happen at all speeds? On the highway, in the city? Will try to help if I can. :)
  • mizziemizzie Posts: 3
    The noise happens at all different speeds, it doesn't seem to start at any special time. If you just tap the brakes it stops. Sometimes it will start up again right away and other times it won't do it for days. It's very confusing. My husband thought it had to be the brake pad warning signal but the brakes have been checked and are fine.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Does the squeal get better for a little while if you wash the wheels? Mine do that sometimes and it seems that rinsing out some of the brake dust helps.

    They also make an anti-squeal grease that you put behind the pads that fixes a lot of squeals.

    Steve, Host
  • william49william49 Posts: 2
    Anybody know anything about why my 2001 GLS rear seats don't fold flat? Is this the way they all are? It makes it inconvenient, to say the least, and poorly designed. Generally happy with everything else after 37,000 mi.
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    I purchased my 2003 Santa Fe LX with moonroof just over a week ago. Cracked open the moonroof for the first time on the highway just the other day. Between 20 & 50 MPH I get this deafining low frequency vibration which only goes away if you slow down below 20, speed up over 50 or stick your hand out the opening and disrupt the air flow. I do not have an air deflector installed and would hope this would fix the problem. I am wondering if others had this same problem, and if you feel the dealer should install an air deflector (at their cost) to fix this? Your help is appreciated!
  • Richie, try opening the rear windows slightly to allow for airflow through the cabin. That should stop the disco beat in your ears.
  • meeeepstermeeeepster Posts: 10
    Just wondering if anyone else is disappointed with the reception of the radio. (I have the Monsoon radio in my 2003 LX) Especially the FM band?
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    In a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) Hyundai informs that on earlier models of the Santa Fe they used a single pole antenna for both AM and FM reception. They have since changed to a double antenna setup, one for the AM band and one for the FM band. Both setups make use of an antenna amplifier mounted in the quarter panel beneath the window. TheTSB addressed the problem of insuring that the FM and AM antenna leads are not reversed on antenna or amplifier. You may want to address this with your dealer. The TSB # is 03-90-002. Copying and pasting this link may or may not work. It has all of the service info: 672

    Good luck!
  • meeeepstermeeeepster Posts: 10
    I printed out the TSB and will bring it to the dealer when I have the service call.
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    I contacted the Consumer Affairs department at Hyundai and told them of my problem with the moon roof and of my dealer's position that "they all do that" and that I would have to purchase a wind deflector myself to fix the problem.

    They opened a file on this and agreed to reimburse me for the $50 cost of a Hyundai wind deflector upon sending them a receipt. It does not cover the installation, which I'll do myself anyway.

    Two comments about this. One, my dealer will most certainly hear about this, at least from me if not from Hyundai as well. "They all do that" is not the right answer to give a customer when dealing with a vehicle problem, regardless if it is by mechanical failure or design flaw. Second, this is not the first time Hyundai has helped me out when a dealer either wouldn't or couldn't. One more reason to purchase a Hyundai.
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    Anytime. I encourage everyone to visit the Hyundai technical website. There is a wealth of information there on 2000 - 2003 Santa Fe vehicles. Everything from Technical Service Bulletins to diagnosis codes to schematics. They haven't quite caught up to the 3.5L 2003 models though.
  • meeeepstermeeeepster Posts: 10
    I received a letter from Hyundai with the following suggestions on how to reduce wind noise.

    1- Be sure the cross rails are not installed backwards.

    2- Move the front cross rail rearward aprox 19.5 inches from the seam line on the factory side rail. Positioning them in this manner will reduce wind noise, especially in sunroof-equipted vehicles.
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    While negotiating my purchase, my salesman kept assuring me that ALL Santa Fe vehicles came with the roof rack cross rails. When they had prepped the car, I noted that the cross rails were not anywhere to be found. He then back tracked and said that this particular one did not come with them. I guess the look I gave him was enough... he went into the shop and came out with a brand new set in a box (I had already walked away from the deal once).

    Upon reading the directions, I noted that mounting in accordance with Hyundai's instructions would have placed the front cross bar right across the moon roof opening. Hence I have figured out that if your vehicle is equipped with a factory moon roof, you will not get cross rails as a factory supplied accessory.

    Be careful if you actually use the cross rails to carry a load and hang on to your letter from Hyundai. If something happened while carrying a load on the roof that caused the center of gravity to contribute to a crash, you can bet Hyundai might try to use "improper mounting of the cross bar" as a contributing factor.

    To contradict myself, if that were so why do they make the cross bars/roof rack in such a way as to allow random positioning of the cross bars?
  • robo13robo13 Posts: 2
    Guys and gals, I found the reason for the drum-beating noise when the moonroof is opened.

    On the tiny deflector in the front of the moonroof, there is a thin, blue protective covering (put there for when the Hyundai was shipped). Peel this off and and the problem will go away. This covering restricted the air flow by covering the openings on the deflector.
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    I'm definitely going to check this out this afternoon. If that is the case, I'll let my service manager know. Thanx!
  • robo13robo13 Posts: 2
    hopefully this is the problem because you can easily peel it off yourself. it's easy to see as well since it's blue. once i took it off, the difference for me was like night and day. now i drive with it fully open and it doesnt matter whether the windows are up or down - it's quiet.
  • 1234693112346931 Posts: 17
    can anyone give me the hyundai technical website and advise me as to whether I can access it through the web. (I don't have a compute, I am on the web) thanx in advance
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This is the link I think you are looking for:

    link ( Then go to the WebTech section I guess.

    I'm not sure how you get there using your WebTV account.

    Steve, Host
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    I took the blue shipping plastic off of the factory wind deflector, and still have the deafening low frequency noise/wind noise. My plastic air deflector should be in at the dealer Monday and I should have it installed by Wednesday.
  • jreidell1jreidell1 Posts: 4
    In reply to mizzie #487--I am having the same problem with screeching noises with the brakes of my Santa Fe. I have had it in for service, and they claim the brake pads and rotors are fine. The dealership was suppposed to get back to me after conducting a search to find out what can be done, but it's been 2 weeks, and no answer. It is very frustrating and annoying, so I can sympathize with you, Mizzie. Let me know if you hear anything. Thanks.
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    For those that have developed noisey brakes... do you live or drive on any gravel roads? I'm wondering if there is a possibility that a rock chip got embedded on a brake pad. Some brake pads have a groove (water channel?) cut in them, and maybe a small rock has become stuck and is scraping against the rotor. Unfortunately if this is the case the damage won't be seen for some time, IF it stays there long enough to score the rotor. Did your service department take the pads off to look at them? It is a very easy thing for them to do, about a 15 minute job. Keep insisting that they at least examine the pads!
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